Lexar XQD 128GB memory cards now in stock at Amazon US (with a price drop)

Lexar XQD memory cards have been hard to get in the last few months and the 128 GB version is finally in stock at Amazon US (update: sold out now). The price has also dropped from $159 to $123. Sony XQD memory cards are available in limited quantities.

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  • Amazon does not allow you to add to cart. It says not available from this seller.

    • Update: Amazon now showing status as “currently unavailable” again.

      • wow, that was fast…

        • I don’t think it was actually ever available. It showed as available (shipping January 6th), but it never let me order or add to my cart. I suspect it was a mistake on Amazon’s part that it made it appear available.

          • Could be, sorry about that – I know that many readers have asked me about the Lexar XQD cards. I think they will announce new models at CES next week, so it’s probably better to wait anyway.

            • PhilK

              And I remain suspicious that the new Chinese owner of the Lexar brand will eventually start selling relatively generic stuff with Lexar’s brand on it.

              It was a surprise and good news that they made some kind of deal to restart production on the existing SKUs designed/produced by Micron, but it’s a very open question how long Micron will want to keep those production-lines going. I suspect it is a money-losing proposition for them especially since another “middleman” is involved now.

        • Kevin
  • I actually have a big problem with Amazon over this product. I ordered a 128GB Lexar XQD back in early September. They said that it was shipping last week. When the item arrived, what I got in the box was a cheap, no-brand lens cap. I contacted Amazon customer service and the only option they gave me was to receive a refund. I could not request a replacement and they would not allow me to get the refund and remain on a wait list for when it would be back in stock. I suspect that–and even confronted customer service and a manager about it–they intentionally shipped the wrong product, knowing that they would only give a refund option, thus giving them an out on shipping me an item that I purchased at a discount back in September. I know that Micron bought out Lexar and that supply is next to none, but I don’t mind waiting. I don’t like being sent a wrong item and not being able to return to my previous waiting status. I jumped on reordering as soon as this post was made, but can’t seem to add it to my cart. Amazon needs to get its act together!

    • marymig
    • markdstump

      My GF simply had her order cancelled because Amazon did want to sell the item at the promised price.

    • PhilK

      Micron (a US-based company) was the original producer of Lexar-branded storage products.

      What happened recently is that Micron sold the rights to the Lexar brand to a Chinese company. See my comment above to Peter.

    • But, has anyone confirmed orders going through? It showed availability, but wouldn’t allow orders (for me at least).

      • Yes, somebody was able to purchase – see the latest comments

    • Spy Black

      Ghosts. Not surprising for a dead format. 😉

    • WoodyM

      We all should just send money to Peter, along with our wish list of products. plus his 10% buying commission

  • WoodyM

    I have Sony XQD 128 at Amazon backordered @ $135 plus tax and Lexar XQD 128 at Adorama @$146 both ordered late October. Called Adorama this morning and they have no date on the cards, but they are still selling them.

  • cliburn

    I order right when this post went up… I have an order number and a Monday arrival estimate. We will see…..

    • marymig

      Keep us posted..wonder how many Amazon had in stock?

      • cliburn

        Just got my shipping notice…. hopefully it is not a cheap lenscap!

        • Cool, so they did have them in stock.

  • br0xibear

    It’s weird, XQD cards seem to always be low in stock or out of stock.
    For several months there have been no XQD cards available at WEX (the biggest UK photographic retailer and one of the biggest in Europe).
    I don’t know if Sony are not making enough, have cut back production or what…something is going on.


    • PhilK

      The fact that Sony recently announced its intention to produce C-Fast cards does not bode well, I’m afraid.

  • Allan
  • Meanwhile, in my place. The D850 and sony xqd 128GB cards are widely available.

  • WoodyM

    125.11 now. link went live again with in a minute it was out of stock.

    • yes, not sure if this was mistake or they got another batch

  • spamdie

    I’d assume it’s all old stock that trickled in. If B&H doesn’t have it in full stock. Amazon won’t. Lexar will hit it’s major outlets being the photo supply sector first with new stock then figure out how to supply regular retail outlets.

  • PhilK

    At the moment, I see at least one other US online reseller which claims to have inventory of the 128GB Lexar 2933x cards. (through a reseller partner)

    But B&H shows all the Lexar XQDs as discontinued.

    (EDIT: It appears that this reseller partner is actually located in the UK…)

  • Brian Arndt

    Well i got a $2 lens cap when I opened my amazon bag. I guess the lesson is if sounds to good to be true it probably is.

    • cliburn

      same here!! everyone is lucky if they misssed out.

      • Brian Arndt

        Amazon said they would refund my money, I’m ok with that. The lens cap was not worth $130 😉

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