Third-party battery grip options for the Nikon D850 camera

Since the original Nikon MB-D18 battery grip is still impossible to get, there are several third-party alternatives currently available for sale on eBay. There is also one listing on Amazon (Mcoplus MB-D18 battery grip) but is currently not available.

Check out also this Nikon MB-D18 with EN-EL18b battery kit currently listed for $940.85:

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  • As much as I really want a grip, I think a $300 or so premium on that kit is enough to make me OK with having patience. Especially since I am waiting on the film adapter, too. That is the name of the D850 game: patience.

    • marymig

      Get a third party charger but the Nikon grip.

  • kino13

    There is not much detail in the ebay articles. It also does not specify if it will allow the 9fps. Still, it’s always good to have options.

  • Wilson

    Hey Peter, just so you know the amazon link takes you to a Fuji product instead of the grip

  • Wilson

    From what I can tell from all the current 3rd party items on eBay, they haven’t been able to get compatability with the EN-EL18b batteries so they have probably been blocked from using the 9fps by Nikon. If they had been able to get compatability there would be a clearly marked 9fps kit that includes 3rd party charger, battery and grip that would be selling like wildfire

    • d2xman

      • arttext

        Not true; this one does the job too:
        In combination with this:
        The latter is 3900mAh
        For the rare occasions I need 9FPS, I am fine with aftermarket stuff. The manufacturer is DSTE

  • ok

    The Battery grip listed on ebay will not accommodate the MB-D18 battery
    that is required to increase the FPS(frames per second) to 9.

    • marymig

      Suspected that.

  • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

    I can’t wait for someone else to try it. 9fps would be nice, but I really need the extra weight to balance my last my lens on my gimbal.

  • bobgrant

    Many more 3d party options are coming. Just wait a bit more and don’t get robbed by Nikon. Pixel and Vello make excellent 3rd party grips and they’ll release soon.

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      fingers crossed, £360 / $360 is a bit of a price tag charged by Nikon

    • ITN

      It’s not a robbery; all purchases are voluntary. Nikon uses the money to pay its investors some return for their investment as well as develop new products which benefit Nikon users. If you give money to a no name grip manufacturer, it doesn’t help Nikon come up with new cameras, lenses etc. that you might want to buy in the future.

      If you never intend to buy a new Nikon product and just need a grip, by all means by it from whoever makes the best fit for your needs.

  • animalsbybarry

    What I find upsetting about the D850 is that the battery grip and bigger battery are REQUIRED to get the full 9 FPS the camera is desighned for (otherwise only 7 FPS
    In addition to a $300 for the grip
    2 batteries at $140 each
    An expensive charger
    And even a special battery cover door
    Are also required

    And the battery grip fits no other camera

    • Allan

      Is that an eye of a lizard? I like that shade of red.

      • animalsbybarry
        • Allan


        • Allen_Wentz

          Very nice Barry. I would call that color Titian Red, would that be inaccurate?

        • Barry, for your work, you really need a high-resolution camera… you know that 45MP > 42MP, right? 🙂

          • animalsbybarry

            Yes , high resolution is my single biggest priority
            The differrence between 42 and 45 MP is very small Less than 8%, and if you consider it as lines pairs per mm only about 3.5 %

            So in the particular case if comparing the A7Riii to the D810 the features are actually more significant than just the resolution

            Nikon has the long lenses I need, Sony does not !!!

            Nikon also has longer battery life

            I am not sure which camera has better AF, particularly with the long lenses

            Most of the other features favor Sony

            So unless Sony (or third party) comes out with a suitable long kens for Sony (200-600 f4.5-5.6 it faster) or even something close to what I am looking for….Nikon is the only choice available to me

            I will wait as long as I can to decide but will get something for spring

            • Roger S

              Barry, your amazing paintings and your equipment selection process both reveal an effective combination of patience and attention to detail.

            • I agree

            • Luca Motz

              You just wondered if the Sony has better AF..Like..Seriously?

            • In some areas Nikon is better, not everybody needs eye detect AF, but who am I to make such statements – here is what dpreview has to say about action AF (which for me is more important than eye AF lock): The Sony does a great job of keeping things in focus if you can keep the AF point over them, but its subject tracking isn’t as surefooted as the D850’s. Worse still, unlike Nikon’s system, you can’t specify which part of the subject you wish to track: the camera tries to identify the subject and then tracks all of it. This usually means focusing on whatever element is closest. Depending on your subject, that may not be good enough.
              Verdict: Nikon D850 wins

            • Luca Motz

              Yeah I recently had the chance to use my father‘s new A9. It’s a remarkable camera in terms of features and AF is certainly amazing.
              For static subjects I would always choose the A9 for convenience. Something funny happened though:
              I thought I would end up having more trust in the AF accuracy of a mirrorless system. After using the A9 I pulled the trigger on a 300 2.8 VR2 and a 500mm f4E because I realised that for trust and reliability Sony is not going to beat my Nikon gear anytime soon.
              What I don’t get is why Nikon (or Canon) don’t use that for marketing..
              Sonys are exceptional toys for rich hobbyists that want to have fun with all of those (amazing!) features. Nikons and Canons work.

            • That’s right – Sony’s marketing department is just very good while Nikon’s is basically non-existent.

            • marymig

              That describes it – “non-existent”

            • yes, unfortunately

        • Proto

          wow!… how long does it take to paint with such detail?

      • You should try to use the red eye reduction on your flash! 🙂
        I love the colors in the feathers. They set off the red and yellow with a beautiful subtlety.

      • Aldo

        I thought it was Hal for a moment

    • Allen_Wentz

      Personally I do not consider the grip add to be “required.” 7 FPS from a not-huge 45 MP DSLR seems excellent to me, and by using XQD-only (avoiding slow SD) the buffer performance is excellent.

      Adding a grip is (obviously) an add-on, a bit of an ergonomic kludge IMO. Demanding +2 FPS = 9 adds weight, changes balance, reduces buffer competence and kludges the body. Especially given the big extra cost you point out, if I want higher frame rate or bigger body I would choose a single-digit body.

      Just my 0.02. After using the 10 FPS D500, I do understand the benefit of that extra 2 FPS and why many photogs will tolerate the expense and other downsides of the grip.

    • IronHeadSlim

      That the battery grip isn’t shared between D500 and D850 mostly sucks.

      I love your work!

      • animalsbybarry

        I have a D500 and battery grip…which I plan to retire if I get a D850

        So the fact that I cannot use the old one and need a new one, just to get the full use of the D850,is definitely (in my opinion ) a strike against the D850

    • fanboy fagz

      if 3rd party mfr sells decoded batteies, why cant they make a grip that holds an en-el18/a/b which will make it work in 9fps?
      why dont they just make the shape of a nikon OEM grip. I wonder if the nikon grip itself has a chip which is proprietary to nikon to make it run 9fps..

      • Proto

        Yes, battery performance can be functionality enhanced by software control of the individual cells in the battery chain. If the 3rd party battery is structurally different (beyond the stated power rating) then there is a possibility to not reach Nikon’s threshold.

        Has anyone not gotten 9fps with 3rd party grips?

      • marymig

        Possibly. I expect Nikon has one or more design patents on their D850 battery grip.

        • harvey

          I think it might be more in the firmware used to operate the system.

    • Aldo

      It’s an obvious scam… they should just be more open about it like SONY. They make you pay for a firmware update to add features. It would be cheaper for the consumer and it won’t force you to carry the grip if you don’t want to.

    • marymig

      Get the wasabi charger. It works just fine with the bigger battery.

    • ITN

      Would you prefer the battery grip to be integrated and the camera to cost 7000-8000€?

  • br0xibear

    If you’re in the UK and want a MB-D18 D850 grip, Wilkinson cameras have stock £369…

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      thanks for sharing – still think that £369 is a big steep that Nikon is charging for a few buttons, couple of electronics, caddy and a piece of plastic.

      • Vinnypimages

        The Nikon one is mag alloy,
        But still a lot of money if you are just looking at materials.

        • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

          Thanks Vinnypimages.

  • I really cant think of anything worse than taking 9fps

    • Roger S

      Maybe taking 0fps 😉

    • Vinnypimages

      The worst thing you can think of is taking 9FPS!!! even worse than the restaurant running out of the 2010 Robert Chevillon. Welcome to 1st world problems.

      • Wow, I haven’t met too many folks that know the wines of Robert Chevillon. Les Roncieres or Les Vaucrains?

  • Allen_Wentz

    :~) I expected you to respond something like that!

  • Art

    I miss the grip from the D200. It had two batteries in the grip and a stove pipe (of sorts) that went up the battery hole. This made it extra ridged. Once you take that post off the battery grip, you might as well design it so you can put two in the grip and one in the camera.

    • With my D300 and D800 the battery handling was the only real thing that bugged me was having to remove the grip to charge the battery in the body.

    • marymig

      The added life in the big battery is phenomenal

  • Aldo

    Key with the battery grips is (if you wanna pass on the nikon brand) go with a reputable third party brand like vello phottix etc… don’t go for the extremely inexpensive ones… you may regret it. For such you may have to wait a little.

    • Spy Black

      Yeah, some Chinese vendors are better at others at reverse engineering. There’s probably brighter kids working at it.

  • AnotherView

    The MB-D18 is readily available here in Canada, and will likely continue to be considering the price ($530) which reaches nearly $600 with tax depending on where you live. Plus the battery door, battery, charger yada yada. In my experience add-on grips have never come close to that of an integrated pro camera, OEM or not, so I’ll wait for the Vello version, thank you very much. Sorry Nikon.

  • Eric A

    If someone came out with a grip that would use AA cells. Those would deliver the 12 volts that the Nikon battery uses to get to 9fps.

    • T.I.M

      That’s what I have on my Nikon F6 grip (MB-40) it hold 8 AA lithium batteries (12.8v).
      It’s so cool, I can waste a whole 36exp velvia roll in 3s !

  • T.I.M

    $1000 for a grip, Nikon need to stop smoking pot.
    I love Nikon grips and have it on all my cameras, but $1000 is just too much, you can have a D7200 for that price.

    • I agree, they should not offer this kit – it just looks ridiculous.

      • marymig

        You can use a third party charger like wasabi which works great on the big battery.

      • Proto

        its priced high now, so they can give it for free later (aka D500 grips : )

    • Maybe they need to START smoking pot. Anyway, yeah, a grand for a grip is my gripe.

  • Todd

    lol not a chance… No way in hell im putting some child-labor product that a company attempted to reverse engineer a cheap knock off for… on my $3300 camera…

    if you can’t afford a real grip, get a D3400… i hear they are cheap

    • harvey

      the Nikon grip is also made in China, I believe. But maybe they use older children.

    • fanboy fagz

      hahaha! not a chance huh? im certain a huge amount of the chinese/taiwan stuff you own are made by younglings. you got your head in the sand. the nikon grip is chinese. even your phone. probably made by some children.

  • Todd

    BTW, I pre ordered the grip the same day I pre ordered my 850… on the day of release… From Adorama… I have had my grip for over a week now..

  • marymig

    Got D850 battery grip from Best Buy delivered in a little over a week after ordering it in November. Glad I did.

  • marymig

    BIF…you need it.

  • Wow, $950 for a plastic battery grip “kit”. Of course, it’s Nikon plastic, so…

    • marymig

      The Nikon charger can be replaced with a much cheaper 3rd party charger.

      • Vinnypimages

        I think the battery charger is really expensive. However 2500 mAh @ 10.8V is almost 100000 Joules which is the equivalent of 200 max strength firecrackers if something goes wrong.

      • Oh, I get that. I was just in my usual smart-ass mode. An excuse to use the phrase “Nikon plastic”…as if it’s different than any other plastic.

    • KC

      This kind of pricing will be the new norm going forward, since the majority of the camera manufacturer’s business has collapsed profits are going to have to come from high margin items like these… Not just Nikon but all the manufacturers.

      • ITN

        The MB-D18 costs the same as the MB-D12 in 2012, so no change in pricing.

        • KC

          I am not suggeting that there was a price change, just very high prices (and margins) for accessories…

  • saywhatuwill

    And to think in a year or two the grip will be part of a bundle with the camera body.

  • I can never decide. Used to drink those all the time until the prices went crazy. Now just once in a great while. Ho hum.

  • I am still waiting for mine. I am next in line.

    Let us all remember that the grip is $400 at B&H. For $940.85 you get the D5 batteries.

    For just the grip, I get a healthier wrist and more pleasant shooting experience, as I shoot in portrait a lot. I also like the weight and feel of the camera more.

    For the extra $540.85, you get insane battery life and the extra frames per second. I will appreciate the insane battery life and will never worry about running out again. The extra 2 frames per second are nice to have for me.

    Both of these upgrades are worth it to me, so I am making both upgrades.

    • marymig

      Battery life is fantastic.

  • It’s still funny that people complain about the price of an OEM battery grip, not to mention, this full D850 9FPS package.
    First of all, there’s probably a Chinese knock off around the corner (which I never considered buying). Despite of people saying one is better than the other, I don’t wanna gamble. The build quality of an OEM grip is mostly better.
    Getting the 9FPS grip combo is still cheaper than getting a D5. And if you’re currently a D4/4s/5 owner, you probably own a couple of EN-EL18/a/e and your safe on that hefty priced charger.

  • Jean Fotomode

    Just had contact with Pixel Vertax and the D18 will be available very soon, in 2 week or less.

  • Ilja

    Last night I got my third party grip here in China and it works well, even with the EN-EL18 the 9 fps are possible. The grip was shipped within 2 days and two different brands are available for 53 or 59 USD incl. shipment.

  • Foq

    Meike really needs to hurry up

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