Nikon D850 QDSLRDashboard connection workaround (Wi-Fi without SnapBridge)

A reader sent me this video demonstrating how to setup a Wi-Fi connection between the D850 and an Apple iOS devices:

Once the Bluetooth connection between the camera and an iPhone/iPad has been established using Snapbridge, use Camera - Remote Photography and the camera starts WiFi and asks the iOS user to go to Settings and establish the WiFi connection on THIS device. Remember that Snapbridge needs to run in the foreground and that Nikon cameras support only on the device per WiFi at a time. Leave the iPhone as it is and connect to the now visible WiFi of the D850 with another device. Once you have done this, you can open another application, e.g. qDLSRDashboard and connect this application to the camera. This connection uses a TCP socket and the iPhone with Snapbridge can even be turned off - shown in the video - and the WiFi connection persists. This workaround does not work on Android as Android start WiFi automatically.

Connecting the D850 to a Mac using Snapbridge on an iPhone using Snapbridge as an interim connector.

Once you have connected the D850 to the Mac or any second device, you can even turn off the device that runs Snapbridge.

1. Prerequisites

  • An Apple mobile device running the Nikon Snapbridge App. Android doesn't work as it connects directly to the Nikon D850 on the first device
  • A second device running qDSLRDashboard that is able to connect via WiFi

2. Camera setup

  • Increases C2 value to 1 min
  • Increase the C4 values Menüs and Information display to 1 min

3. Start the Snapbridge app on the iPhone/iPad

  • Before clicking on 'Camera' to enable WiFi, check if the camera has recognized the connection, as well. Setup Menu - Bluetooth.
  • After clicking on 'Camera' in the app, select 'Remote photography' to turn on WiFi on the camera.
  • This should take no more than 15 s. You're getting a screen "The device will connect to the camera via Wi-Fi...." Stay on this screen.
  • Once you got this screen, you're done on the iPhone/iPad. You have successfully turned on WiFi on the Nikon D850 and your second device is ready to connect. Stay on this screen until the second device has connected to the D850 WiFi and you have opened and connected qDSLRDashboard.

4. Set up the second device with qDSLRDashboard

  • Connect the device to the Nikon D850 WiFi.
  • Open qDSLRDashboard
  • Click on 'Nikon' and qDSLRDashboard connects
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  • Spy Black

    It’s so sad to have to jump hoops like this just to use DSLR Dashboard.

    • totally agree, its worse when it can be done officially also, such a shame, I pray for a good future for this camera

      • Allen_Wentz

        Not to worry about the future of the D850. If praying for stuff is your thing pray for SnapBridge…

        • well a long life of firmware upgrades and snapbridge fixes would be good

  • Alyosha Karamazov

    I’m trying it out now.

  • Saul G

    Hahhaha I use that app with my d610 and wu1b why people dont think of it lol

  • Aldo

    Need the 9fps with no grip hack… no Russians in NR?

    • Simon Narquist


  • Mehdi R

    Works like a charm.. Thank you!

  • Qdslr with tp link mini router is the best thing I ever bought for my photography, works like a charm with my d800. If it works without the tp link router it will be so liberating.

  • ipdouglas

    Did Apple issue this ‘workaround’ – a requirement to own two IOS devices? 🙂

  • RalfenStein

    I have an old Samsung Galaxy S5 and I had no problems to connect to my D850 using the latest version of qDSRLDashboard.
    I guess the trick is to put Snapbridge into the camera remote control mode. This starts the WiFi on the camera. After this connect you Android device in the WiFi settings to the D850. Then start qDSRLDashboard and the connection should be working after (maybe give it a few tries).
    I can access all camera funtions and Zoltan already integrated the new D850 functions. Zoltan has done a great job!!
    I tried also a connectin of my old Galaxy Tab S but had some problems there. It seems here Snapbridge figured out that it was running in the background and stopped the connection.

    The WiFi functionality Nikon is offering here is such a lousy mess (replace mess with to most drastic word you know 😉

    There is one more reason you may not be so fond of the WiFi connection. By testing the qDSRLDashboard connection of my Samsung S5 to the D850 I observed that the camera battery was sucked empty within a very short time. When I used my good old reliable TP-Link the camera battery lasted a lot longer.
    Happy testing 😉

  • Nobody Cares

    Should I be able to find this in the App Store? I’m in the USA and it’s not their. Do other countries have it?

    • Spy Black

      What planet are you on?

      • Nobody Cares

        The one where it’s not in the app store. Are you on a planet that it is in the appstore (screen shots as well as the country are appreciated).

        • Spy Black

          I guess you’re in North Korea. 🙂 That was a Google search I posted. If it not available at the app store where you are (and I wouldn’t know why), you can probably download it from the site and sideload it.

          • Nobody Cares

            No, I live in the USA and it’s not available here AFAICT.

            • Spy Black

              Hmmm, must be an Apple thing then. Apple screwing their users up as usual…

          • Albert

            Android and iOS versions have not been free downloads in a year.


  • Spy Black

    I can’t say, but can you rent where you live?

    • Fernando Costa

      maybe i can rent one, or try one in the store, renting will be expensive, and then would prefer spend the all many in the nikon one 400~500€ more expensive.

      • Coffee

        Are there any material price difference in your area? Also, do you have a pro photography club in your area, they are usually good for honest feedback and most club members will have a combination of those lens. If they don’t they might be able to tell you why to stear clear.

        Per specs, I would not consider the sigma since it is an f4, while the others are f2.8, but that is just me and I own 1 sigma lens that I love.

  • Fred

    Just to stir a little…..Enable Wifi and NFC on A7RIII, download Sony PlayMemories and start the app:

    DPR : ” with zero set up at all (besides downloading the app), you can tap your Android phone to the a7R III when it’s in playback mode, and the two will connect, transfer the image that was displayed at the time of pairing, and then the two will disconnect again. It’s pretty slick.

    Other functions include full camera control with a live preview, the ability to download images in batches or by date range, and location tagging of your images.”

    Of course iPhone is more elaborate than this.

    Just a stir 😉

  • Fred

    Check out FredMiranda and PhotographyLife for opinions.

  • Saul G

    So ridiculous that “iOS” required , this is about d850? DSLRdashboard or iOS ??

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