Order the Nikon D850 today at Amazon, get it in two days

A friend of mine just ordered his Nikon D850 from Amazon and we were both surprised to find out that he will have his camera in 2 days (delivery estimate: Thursday, December 7th). I am not sure if this is a glitch in the system or Amazon just got a large D850 shipment that cleared all of their existing pre-orders.

If anyone is still looking for a D850, maybe it is worth trying to order one from Amazon - please post in the comments section the delivery date you got.

Update on the latest Nikon D850 shipments in the US

Check D850 availability: B&H | Adorama | Amazon | BuyDig | Cameta | Focus Camera | eBay | WEX | Jessops

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  • Roger S

    Yikes! I just signed on to Amazon and already they are listing the D850 as temporarily out of stock.

  • Ralph La Forge

    This could not be confirmed 2 minutes ago: Nikon RUMORS!

    • Vinnypimages

      Heisenberg was right.

      • TurtleCat

        Are you certain?

  • local_haole_boy

    I ordered mine on Nov 30th and what I read just now is: “We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate. We’ll notify you via e-mail as soon as we have an estimated delivery

    I was going to wait until they were routinely in stock, but then I figured I might as well place the order. I waited months for my D800 but for the D810 I just waited until they were in stock everywhere, and then got it as soon as I ordered it. The D810 is doing fine so I’m not too worried about waiting.

  • Michael Jin

    Ordered mine from Amazon on November 19th and I still haven’t received a delivery date so glitch would be my guess unless it’s a regional thing.

  • bobgrant

    I ordered from B&H October 19 and Amazon on November 21. Not a peep from either of them.

  • Patrick Jones

    I ordered the D850 from Amazon yesterday and its still listed as “delivery date pending”.

  • ToastyFlake

    I’m never mail ordering a camera or lens again. I got my D850 quickly from my local camera store where I can easily return it if something goes wrong. I’m glad my B&H order didn’t ship.

  • Aldo

    I’m still waiting on my D800 from B&H…

    • I’m still waiting for my D400…

      • Allan

        T.I.M is still waiting for his …

  • Alan Fullmer

    Ordered from BH back in August. Just showed up yesterday.

  • Dan Dunnum

    Temporarily out of stock…

  • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

    If you want a D850 before Christmas, call your local dealer…

    • Dennis Miller

      Buy local – highly recommended. Amazon plans to put all other stores out of business then raise their prices (it’s in Bezos’ stated game plane).

      • In our case the prices are set by Nikon. Retailers cannot raise them or reduce them.

        • Joe Smith

          They can raise them.
          Dealers can sell over MAP all they want.
          Just can’t sell below MAP, which places like BH do all the time.

          • B&H sells below MAP? Have not seen that.

            • Joe Smith

              On an 850? No, but many many other products.

            • Nikon products with US warranty? Please send me a link.

      • IronHeadSlim

        Yes, they are surviving on cash flow, as they grow more money flows through. Their margins are low to put others out of business like you said. Then when they have an effective monopoly folks will say WTF.

        • Michael Turner

          Doesn’t Walmart already make way more money than amazon doing just that? I could be wrong but I thought I saw it on a chart once and it was mind blowing.

          • yes, they do – Amazon is actually still not making any money as far I know

          • IronHeadSlim

            Yes, Walmart was instrumental in using Chinese labor to make USA consumed products and the Walton siblings collectively have been the richest Americans. But, Bezos is surpassing everyone in net worth and I don’t think this is good for anyone. I do not shop through Amazon nor at Walmart.

      • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

        Off topic, we buy a lot from Whole Foods because my daughter is allergic to dairy, eggs, nuts, and all treenuts… as soon as Jeff Bezos took over, we lost 4 big meals we used to purchased weekly.
        God knows what he would do if he took over all the “little” people…
        Alexa Speedlight, Echo Strobes, Prime Zoom lenses… lol (couldn’t say Prime prime lens)

        • PhilK

          What do you mean by “we lost 4 big meals we used to purchased(sic) weekly?

          As soon as Amazon took over they discontinued selling all those products at Whole Foods, or what?

          • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

            Sorry for the off topic, they no longer sale certain products that my daughter would eat weekly. They were already made meals in a box with no allergens. We been buying them for over 6 years and it was funny that as soon as Amazon took over, they stop all four “different brand” products.
            They were all pasta related, like free allergens Raviolis with sauce or Pasta with sauce… If we went out to a restaurant, we could bring these already made meals for her.

            • PhilK

              Very interesting.

              I wonder if this was an isolated example or whether this happened with various other product lines.

  • TurtleCat

    Only if the lenses are made in the same place so the power frequencies match up to prevent AF issues… 😉

  • BeakerCasual

    LOL… why even bother???

  • Michael Lee

    Er, if it means I have to pay $292 in state sales tax, I’ll wait three months to get it from Samy’s or B&H.

  • Sam Werkmeister

    My d850 shutter failed after less than 1000 photos. Returned to Adorama and now have to wait again for a new one.

    • thundrrd

      Did they at least refund your money while you are waiting?

      • Sam Werkmeister

        Store credit, but put me at bottom of order wait list. Won’t order from them again.

        • thundrrd

          So Sam, just curious, they actually told you they are putting you at the bottom of the list?

          Since they have your money already, they should move mountains to make sure you get the next camera that comes into the store.

          If it were me, I think I’d call them back and ask them to put you at the top of the list. Actually, I think you really should demand it.

          • Sam Werkmeister

            Correct. They said everything goes by order date and since they created a new order I am at the bottom of the list. I called and email 4 times with no luck. Other option was to send in to Nikon for repair, but they said they had no idea when parts would be available.

            • Michael Turner

              Nikon takes 7 to repair anything in the US. You here?

            • 白大福

              I heard a lot of bad story about Nikon repair service in US(NY). Like lens broken during shipping because of the packing. Is that true?

        • HelenOster

          Please accept my deepest apologies for the frustration and disappointment caused, Sam – this was certainly caused by an administrative error or misunderstanding. Please email me: Helen@adorama.com, with your order #, so I can help.

          I very much look forward to hearing from you.

          Helen Oster
          Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

          • Rik Scarce

            Uh, WOW! Kudos, Adorama! And thank you for being here and monitoring the site. The stores need to know what folks are saying. As does Nikon, of course, but there’s no evidence NUSA knows or cares….I ordered from a local shop (upstate NY) 7 weeks ago, hoping to have my D850 in time for a major video shoot in Arizona. I leave tomorrow with a rented camera and no clue when my pre-paid D850 will arrive. Frustration at every level in these parts.

  • Vlad Dusil

    I am the one who provided Peter with this screenshot. Sadly, there won’t be a followup to the story, as I cancelled the pre-order shortly after I made it in favor of the A7rIII.


    • Allan

      It would be interesting to know what you are presently shooting, and why you are purchasing the A7rIII instead of the D850.

      • Aldo

        He likes a challenge!

        • Allan

          It is not a good thing for us and Nikon if more than a certain number of Nikon shooters buy a Sony instead of a Nikon. I don’t know what that “serious” number would be for us and Nikon.

          It is good to hear from people like Vlad and KC; they are representative of how large a group?

          • It seems a bit capricious to rotate through so much equipment. Then the irony of telling everyone to not sweat the small stuff and get out and shoot. The D850 has some capabilities that would be compelling if you are a professional and will enhance your income by having them. Otherwise, I’m not sure why very many people would need to trade up from a D810. If you need a new camera because you wore out your old one, I get it.
            It’s all good for Nikon who are happy to accommodate the quest for an empty wallet.

            • PhilK

              I don’t think there’s any kind of automatic distinction between what a “professional” wants/needs vs a “non-professional”. (Just for starters, I’ve met quite a few professional “hack” photographers whose work is far inferior to many “non-professionals”.)

              The D850 has quite a few nice updates from the D810 besides the moderate MP bump. Many of which Nikon users have been asking for for years.

            • If you say so. My point is that for many of these people, photography is not the aim. It’s about owning equipment. And, your value judgement about professional photographers is irrelevant. What matters is a) are people buying their services and b) are those services sufficiently enhanced enough by a piece of gear such that they make at least enough money to pay for it? Now, if you want a piece of gear because you just WANT it, OK, I get it. But, that’s not a business decision.

            • PhilK

              I’m actually not making a value judgement about pro photogs (defensiveness noted), I am making a very simple, universal point that also happens to apply to photography: sweeping generalizations are rarely accurate or useful because there are simply too many exceptions even for the ‘good’ generalizations to be very accurate.

              Regarding cameras, there are few camera features these days that are exclusively useful to “professionals”. Especially since the entire photography profession is in decline anyway, and the vast majority of cameras are in the hands of “amateurs”, and they take the lion’s shares of “[not] photos” too.

              Once again, your attempt to dismiss the usefulness to “amateurs” of a so-called “pro” camera that you claim the D850 is and malign those “non-professionals” for desiring one is not only absurd, it’s also kind of elitist snobbery. Especially the part where you attempt to claim that people who desire such a camera are not actually interested in “photography”. (“…photography is not the aim…”) How ridiculous.

              The only person trying to claim that everyone’s decision to buy a D850 should be a “business decision” is you.

            • Phil, you made a value judgment by claiming that you’ve seen amateur’s work that was better than some professionals and even decided that some were “hack”, whatever that is. I’ve seen the same thing. But that wasn’t my point at all. You’re reading a lot into what I said that isn’t there. I said there are “many people” who are more concerned with equipment than photography. I think that’s a fair and likely accurate, statement. I went on to talk about how professionals look at equipment purchases vs. amateurs. It doesn’t matter if that professional is a hack, a world famous fashion shooter or anyone in between. If you’re making your living doing it, you have to look at the costs and decide if it will allow you to charge more or get enough additional business that it will offset the cost. That’s true for any business, not just photography. I’ve been employed with something to do with photography for 40+ years. I’ve seen a lot of amateur and professional photographers chase the equipment dragon and end up forgetting about making photographs. That’s my personal experience. The guy above about whom I was talking is not unlike many I’ve seen over the years. It sounds like he bounces from camera model to camera model and now he’s selling all his gear and getting into another brand and so on and on and on. It also sounds like he’s NOT a professional. I concluded my last comment by saying that if you just WANT a piece of gear, then get it. What I certainly DIDN’T say is that I think “everyone” should decide on camera purchases as a business decision. I’m not sure how you would read that into what I stated. I also stated that I think the differences between a D810 and a D850 are pretty small relative to the way most people will be using those cameras…whether they be amateur OR professional. I’ll stand by that statement all day. At the very least, Phil, I didn’t resort to name calling.

            • PhilK

              The only value judgement I made is the simple (and obvious) observation that people who call themselves professional in any field does not automatically mean they must have superior skills or ability or creativity or vision or equipment needs or any other characteristic compared to those lowly non-professional proles.

              Define “many people”. If your intent was not to suggest that a “large proportion” if not “majority” of people buying the D850 are doing so simply because they want “new stuff”, then state that unequivocably now. Otherwise you may as well have made a pointless comment like “‘many’ grains of sand are purple” and I’d be surprised if anyone bothered to read such a comment.

              Once again, your deigning to describe what you think describes “how professionals look at equipment purchases” is just as I wrote before: not only off-topic but elitist snobbery, as well as a presumptuous sweeping generalization. No one before you was attempting to claim that buying a D850 should be a “business decision”. (And once again, given the decline of the photography profession in general these days, Nikon better hope that quite a few of those lowly “non-professionals” buy their products – for whatever reason they want – or else the company is likely doomed going forward)

              Neither do I think many people here on this “Nikon rumors” site really care much about whether or not Pete G. thinks the world is going to h.e.double-stix because they are too obsessed with equipment. (Yanno, enough to regularly read the “Nikon Rumors” blog which is about nothing other than…. a particular brand of camera equipment… LOL.)

            • Must be a chore being you.

            • PhilK

              “The unexamined life is not worth living.” 😉

            • Allan

              Many economies would slow down considerably, if not dangerously, if people didn’t buy stuff they didn’t need.

              The economists must have studied this. Do we have any economists on Nikon Rumors who can enlighten us?

            • Well, I’m not an economist, but I don’t need to be to know that capitalism’s need for continual growth is partly to blame. We’ve had this discussion on here before about how, back in the Bronze Age, we used the same camera model for YEARS. Nikon F, F2, F3 all lasted many years each. I’d admit that what we’re witnessing in terms of DSLRs is an evolution and maturity of technology that has seen some pretty dramatic performance improvement over the last 15+ years. We’re already seeing that situation slow into a succession of incremental rather than revolutionary changes. But, what companies need to do is find ways to grow their business and doling out ever more impressive technology is what they do to get there. It’s our decision as to whether we buy into that strategy (sorry for the pun).

      • Vlad Dusil

        I am a long time Nikon shooter and, until recently, shot with both a D810 and the A7RII and have a nice array of lenses for both systems. I feel like they improved the Sony in areas that I found most annoying in the Mark 2, namely the sh*t battery life and shooting speed. The ability to shoot from the hip, the smaller size and the built-in IBIS tipped the scale towards the Sony.

        At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with either systems. Don’t sweat the small stuff, get out shooting.

        • Connor

          I went the opposite direction and sold off my A7Rii’s and all the glass and went with the D850. Enjoy your new camera 🙂

        • AYWY

          How do you find the finder latency of the latest premium-level MILC? And how well do they handle high contrast? I.e. if the sun is in the finder does everything in the shade go black?

          Thanks for any sharing.

          Curious to know how tech has progressed since the last time i owned an MILC. Finder latency and strong light sources are instances that resulted in being unable to get any picture in the past.

    • KC

      I still have some Nikon gear but over the last couple of years I have been transitioning to Sony mirrorless as well. The A7rIII is my next body…

    • Aldo

      sorry for your loss…

    • 白大福

      Do you have any experiment with the Sony Customer Service? I heard it is awful…that really stop people.

  • If you want your D850 to achieve 9 FPS, in addition to the grip, battery, and charger you will also need the little grip compartment door for $24. It’s extra after you’ve already spent 4 grand. At least they’re in stock.

  • Patrick Jones

    This whole thing smells like fake news.

    • PhilK

      That term has been hijacked to mostly mean now “stuff I don’t like”.

      I have no doubt it was true as of the moment someone sent Peter the screenshot of what Amazon quoted them for their order.

      It could could also be a site glitch.

      But in the case of Amazon in particular, it’s possible that the customer just got lucky with the selected vendor for the D850 (Amazon is also an order portal for many resellers that are not Amazon itself) which happened to have a D850 in stock at that particular moment.

      • TurtleCat

        Yes, that phrase has lost any meaning it might have had.

        • Al Eisen

          Sadly, fake news is still alive and well. Turn on CNN, NBC, MSNBC, etc….they are all full of it.

        • Allan

          By the time I responded to Al Eisen’s comment from 3 hours ago about mainstream news services, his comment was deleted (Peter did you delete it?).

          So here it is, for what it’s worth. 🙂


          Two things:

          If several, reputable, news services report the same thing, it is probably true. Nevertheless, reputable, news services will inform you when they have reported incorrect information, and why the “facts” were incorrect, or their interpretation of the “facts” was incorrect.

          Out of curiosity, which news services do you use, and would recommend to a young person?

      • Patrick Jones

        A single case scenario and a multiple case scenario are two completely different situations. Regardless if you do or do not like my fake news comment, these delivery updates are very misleading and lowers this website’s reputation.

  • bobgrant

    D850 ordered from Amazon November 22nd, shipped today (Dec. 08). Not too bad.

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