Update on the latest Nikon D850 shipments in the US

Nikon D850 camera with Kerlee 35mm F/1.2 lens

Nikon D850 camera with Kerlee 35mm f/1.2 lens

Here are the latest shipping dates for existing pre-orders in the top three US stores US (shipping dates were last updated on December 26nd):

  • Amazon: now shipping to pre-orders placed on December 11th
  • Adorama: now shipping to pre-orders placed on December 21th
  • B&H: now shipping to pre-orders placed on October 17th

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  • David Lawrance Smith

    I ordered from Amazon on 12/5 but have no date at all yet…maybe I ordered too late and missed it.

    • MMS

      I ordered on 12/5 from Amazon and received ship notice today (12/21) for delivery on 12/26.

      • thanks, will update post

  • Ching Meng

    In one of FB D850 groups, one person reported 10 hours ago that her 8/26 order just shipped from B&H.

  • local_haole_boy

    Amazon. Ordered November 30th. Just got email declaring December 22nd arrival.

  • scott800

    I ordered from my local camera shop in California, got one in 2weeks back in October. Many smaller Nikon retailers get batches of the D850 every couple weeks.

  • Tim

    I visited Samys here in Pasadena, CA on Dec.7 and put down a deposit. I picked it up exactly one week later. I would guess that time frame would be the same for their online ordering as well. I don’t think they prioritize in-store over online order.

  • Photoman

    Wow what a delay. And the A7RIII is now available on B&H.

    • Nikon sold way more D850 cameras compared to the Sony a7r3.

      • Thom Hogan

        That’s not actually the point. I’m seeing people picking up an A7R3 because they couldn’t get a D850 for Christmas. Those folk won’t be back in the Nikon mount any time soon…

        • Who does that… I mean wouldn’t you consider lenses and other factors? Who wakes up in the morning and says: I cannot wait any more for the D850, I don’t care for the thousands of dollars of Nikon glass I have, I am going to buy the a7r3 today because I want it now and I am desperate to get a new cameras. It just doesn’t make any sense unless you are already using both systems.

          • Thom Hogan

            More people than you think. Some have budgets for Christmas and want a latest and greatest toy. But on the business side, I see people doing end-of-year buying for tax purposes. And some are more concerned about the tax benefit of a full write-off of new gear than whether it’s a 42mp or 45mp camera.

            • Ok, but what about lenses? They will switch just because of the tax benefit and will spend another large chunk of money on lenses just to get the tax write off? To me it doesn’t make any sense.

            • Ed Hassell

              I regularly take advantage of the tax benefit but I don’t waste it changing systems. I just augment what I already have.

            • Exactly my point.

          • Ed Hassell

            There would have to be an enormous benefit for me to switch systems. I’m sitting on a Nikon system accumulated over 50 years. Admittedly, some of it could be replaced fairly easily; however, much of it couldn’t.

            My long glass (400, 500, 600 & 800) is AiS; as, shooting Nikon, I never saw the need to upgrade to AF. I’ve got 10 additional AiS lenses as well as 19 D, G & E AF and AF-S lenses. Then there are 3 Zeiss ZF.2’s, a Tokina, 5 Sigma Arts and an 11mm Irix (the only non-Nikkor F-mount lenses I’ve ever owned, all fairly recent purchases). And that’s just all the stuff I still have. I’ve sold or traded another 4 dozen Nikkor lenses over 50 years. Nikon should be licking my boots.

            It is conceivable that I might buy a non-Nikon MILC and a couple or three lenses if I ever found an absolute need; but it would have to be something I could not accomplish easily with what I already have. Sony A7RIII be d@%ned; I’m ordering a D850 come April.

            • The discussion is not about general system switching, it’s about switching to Sony because the D850 is still hard to find.

            • Ed Hassell

              But that’s pointless. If I were to switch to the A7RIII instead of the D850, I’d have to buy duplicates of at least two or three lenses that I already have in my Nikon system to work with the Sony. That increases the cost WAY beyond the cost of the body alone. And, to me, makes no sense at all.

              The existence of the D850 and my lack of having it in hand in no way decreases the capabilities of the D810 I already have. Were I not already locked into a system, it might be something of a tossup. Already being a Nikon system user, then the choice should be: Do I buy a Sony body & lenses to augment what I have with Nikon or do I use what I have and wait a few months?

              I like new toys at least as much as anyone else; however, I am not about to shoot myself in the wallet just to be the first on my block to have one. My wallet already has enough holes in it — it leaks like a sieve.

            • That’s correct, this could make sense for a first time camera buyer but I am not switching systems because I have to wait 3 weeks for my D850. The tax advantage on a $3000 camera is not that big to make me spend another $10k on lenses.

        • Adam Brown

          I’m partially in that boat. I had strongly considered the D850, even had it pre-ordered at one point. But had second thoughts, cancelled my order… and then went to the A7riii when it was announced and I got a good price on it. I’m completing my change of systems. I’m very happy with the change, it’s a better fit for me.
          If both cameras were equally available today, I would take the Sony. As I said, better fit for me.
          But if my pre-order of the D850 had been fulfilled on release date, before I had a chance to cancel it, I probably would have kept it and never considered the change over to Sony.

          • decentrist

            pray that you never need repair….ever

            • Adam Brown

              I’ve owned Sony before…. honestly, I’ve had more difficulties with Nikon repair than Sony repair, but I have heard some past Sony nightmare stories.

  • PhilK

    I think the moral of the story is:

    1) Estimated shipping dates are often fictional and should never be relied-upon

    2) Resellers rarely treat customers equitably on high-demand items in terms of “first ordered, first served” and all have seekrit rules for who gets their products first.

  • George

    My Nikon D850 from Adorama was shipped today. Order placed on November 30th.

  • Ching Meng

    Ordered from B&H on Sept. 24th and got the shipping notice this morning!

  • Lumsters

    Ordered from B&H on October 17th, shipped yesterday 12/21 !

    • Oh wow, this is big jump, will update my post.

  • MMS

    ordered from Amazon on December 5; just received shipping notice (12/21) with scheduled delivery on 12/26.

  • Gabriel Border

    I got on a waiting list at Picture Line in SLC. Got mine just after Thanksgiving. It is very much worth the wait.

  • Al Eisen

    Poor, poor B&H. I’m not buying a D850, but in the future, I will remember to never buy a new-release camera from them. That’s pathetic.

    • decentrist

      it’s only pathetic everyone got in one gigantic line at B&H. There are many other sources than B&H,Adorama,Amazon,Best Buy….. are you posters not creative types? Your actions belie that dynamic.

    • Photoman

      B&h offered free next day shipping that’s why.

    • whisky

      this has been an ongoing issue at B&H for many years. what’s worse is that B&H is comfortably smug about it.

      if i need a supply choked Nikon camera or lens sooner, i simply walk into my local retailer, where they’ll gladly share where i am in line — and provide an accurate estimate as to when it’s available. just try getting such honest information out of B&H.

  • decentrist

    Kenmore Camera has 5 US models on Ebay right now

      • BPR

        Zero now. I hesitated a bit too long and missed it, heh. The eBay history on it showed that they sold 9 copies in about 2.5 hours. I also checked Adorama, and their D850 listing says they have some “on the way to the warehouse” which should arrive “in a few days”. For whatever that’s worth.

        • yes, they went out fast

  • Tom Stites

    Oct 4 order from B&H arrived today…finally!

  • Yoki Lin

    Ordered from Adorama on Dec-11th-2017, They shipped today ( 12-21-2017 ) =)

    • Thanks, will update my post.

  • Naga Gandham

    December 10th order shipping from adorama

    • Thanks, I will update my post.

  • Derrick Hodges

    I ordered from Adorama Dec 5th and it shipped today!

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