Macphun Luminar 2018 update released with Nikon D850 support

Macphun released a new version of their Luminar 2018 photo editing software with added RAW support for the Nikon D850 DSLR camera.

Luminar 2018 is available for both Mac & PC. The latest version includes new filters powered by artificial intelligence, speed improvements, a dedicated RAW module, new intelligent Sun Rays filter, LUT support, real-time noise removal, new user interface, full support of layers, masks, blending modes and photo composites. A new DAM (Digital Asset Management) platform is coming in 2018.

Today is the final day to get the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal on Macphun Luminar 2018:

→ Current Luminar users can upgrade for $49 ($39 with coupon code PHOTORUMORS)

→ New users can buy Luminar for $69 ($59 with coupon code PHOTORUMORS)

A collection of bonuses is included with every purchase ($130 value):

  • The Ultra-Wide Landscape ebook by Ian Plant
  • A Special pack of LUTs for use in Luminar 2018
  • 2 Full Luminar preset packs from Contrastly
  • Aerial Photo & Video training by Matt Granger

Top 10 Luminar 2018 features:

  • Scalable, adaptive user interface with custom workspaces
  • Raw file conversion & non-destructive editing
  • Over 100 one-click presets
  • Over 40 image enhancement filters
  • Stackable layers with brushes and an advanced layer masking system
  • History panel with multiple undos and exportable history for resumable editing
  • Real-time noise reduction
  • Object removal and clone & stamp (available for Mac, coming soon to PC)
  • Operates as a standalone or plug-in
  • Complete digital asset manager with support for Lightroom catalogs (coming in 2018)

Via Imaging Resource

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  • Thorndike

    Although the last update on windows made some improvements and shows some promising features, I recon that Luminar on Windows will need at least another year to be useable. The software was just not ready to be released and still isn’t.

    • tomherren

      Indeed,the windows version doesn’t even allow to select WB from a catalog of presets or manually with the pipette. When the most basic tool in (RAW) image processing is missing, then the software is unusable. It is insolent from Macphun to sell it at the same time and the same price as the Mac version.

    • Coffee

      So it was not just me that found the luminar on windows lacking. Good to know.

    • Rob

      I have Luminar for Windows and it does need some work. The erase tool slows my computer to a crawl and on two occasions the program has crashed on opening, requiring a total uninstall/reinstall. On the other hand I have Photoshop Elements 2018 which runs just fine. I think Luminar would be a great piece of software if I could just get it to work. I’m hoping that future updates and bug fixes will help but right now I think Windows users should consider themselves beta testers.

  • mok

    it will take some time before you can really call it a Lightroom replacement

  • AKH

    Is there a link to a trial version? Suppose they don’t expect us to buy before trying.

    • NoNonsense

      There was a link for a trial in the recent past when it was still a beta for Windows. I don’t see the link anymore. I tried it came away with a ‘no thanks’ opinion (compared to Lightroom). Capture One Pro 10 is the best thing I’ve seen so far to compare to Lightroom. I’m getting tired of seeing the Luminar ads. I assume this is being paid for because surely all the rumor sites aren’t THIS in love with Luminar to keep posting about it.

      • AKH

        Thanks for the info. Maybe I should try Capture One. I’m currently trying out Acdsee Photo Studio Ultimate 2018. It is really nice, but has the problem that it generates large jpegs in a hidden folder named Developed when developing raw images. The problem is that disk space space will be growing very fast when having a couple of terrabytes of images (depending on how many are developed of course).

        • NoNonsense

          They have a lot of great training videos on YouTube as well (from Capture One). I installed it and played with it a little and it’s certainly different than LR, but most of the features LR has are there and of course more/other stuff too. It would take some getting used to, but so far from what I’ve seen, if i HAD to change (I may not), I’d go with Capture One for myself. it even handle the Fuji X-Trans files great too. Very good details and NO mush/watercolor effect like Adobe has with the X-Trans files. I was surprised.

          • AKH

            Thanks again. I’ll definitely try Capture One. Heard and read a lot of good things about it.

            • NoNonsense

              I thought people were exaggerating about how good it is with the X-Trans files until I tried it for myself. I was surprised. Overall it just seems like a very good, high quality product with lots of support and documentation available.

            • AKH

              One of my friends use Capture One and has been quite satisfied. Can’t remember if his Fuji has the X-trans sensor though.

          • Allen_Wentz

            To my eyes/brain NEF conversions by C1, NX or Apple have always been superior to Adobe ACR that LR uses. Small differences, but still…

  • Fly Moon

    Nikon updated SnapBridge. It looks nicer and they added more functionality.

    • TurtleCat

      Yep, I saw that. Hope it works better. It’lol work for a while and then die and won’t work again for that day…

      • Fly Moon

        It was actually working fine with my D850. My D500 had issues.

        • TurtleCat

          My D500 will start off working and after about 10 shots it will usually stop transmitting anything. It’ll still geotag images but that’s about it. I haven’t figured out how to get it to work again, either, even after turning things on/off, repairing, etc. Seems to want to work whenever it feels like it.

  • karayuschij

    The image treatment of Luminar is not so good, many filters generate artifacts or noise. To use sparingly…

  • mok

    It will take some time before you can really call it a Lightroom replacement. At least Windows version.

  • Serena Hennessy

    It’s ok but IQ isn’t very good if that’s important. Made it a mission to tell mac users about Picktorial. Way better, both experience and price.

  • MY OB

    Luminar screwed all the people who recently purchased their product before announcing the next upgrade. So, you have to BUY IT AGAIN, albeit at a discount. PASS. Learn some customer service dip wades!

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