Nikkor triple f/2.8 zoom lens set Nikon 100th anniversary edition now shipping

Foto Hans Keuzekamp in The Netherlands received their first Nikkor triple f/2.8 zoom lens set Nikon 100th anniversary edition. The set includes the popular "Holy Trinity" f/2.8 lenses in metallic gray finish. Each of the lenses has a printed 100th anniversary logo on the lens barrel. The set also includes a custom metal travel case and a plate engraved with the lens serial numbers. The US price of the set is $7,999.95 (pre-order: B&H | Adorama). For comparison: the three "regular" f/2.8 lenses currently cost $7,090.85 ($2,796.95 for the 70-200, $2,396.95 for the 24-70 and $1,896.95 for the 14-24).

Aditional pictures:

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  • 杨煜徐

    anyone will buy it?

    • TwoStrayCats

      Sure. The same sort of people who buy commemorative Leica bodies for exorbitant prices.

    • I won’t, but I’ll take one for Christmas! (What? No takers?)

    • Chris

      For $1000 USD more, I think it is not that prohibitive.

      • CERO

        Makes you wonder if they will get valued more as collectibles than lenses as time goes.

        • Chris

          As for investment, i would talk to my banker instead.

        • As collectors items, they will age exactly the same as any other “collectable”. I.e. if they have a special feature, they will be worth more. Since they don’t, they will age worse than a regular lens because they will age out of the number on their side.

    • sickheadache

      What is your address..I will send you these wonderful lenses for your D40x. Salute!

  • Photobug

    What a great way to pack the lens for this special anniversary. Too expensive for my taste but a true collectors item. Don’t think they will make very many of these sets.

  • bobgrant

    Why not buy this? You get beautiful lenses in a great looking case and the price is only a bit more. 30 years from now they might sell for much more than you paid.

    • Fry

      only if you never opened the case

  • My problem (other than the price) is that people who buy them won’t use them. They’re awesome lenses, but would loose value as collector’s items if scuffed at all.

    Kit is meant to be used. All the camera I collect are used. They feel like they have a story of past photographers begging to be told. I guess I’m just sentimental that way.

    • Michiel953

      I think they’ll age beautifully in heavy use, with their anniversary body/bodies.

  • ModifiedJason

    How much do Kidneys go for currently? Hmm…

  • Took me a sec to figure out…three lenses, two hoods? OH right, the 14-24 has it built in.

    • Yes, they just placed it on the wrong spot in the box 🙂

      • Maybe not wrong, just where it fits. Either that, or an unnecessarily bigger box. Of course…the whole product isn’t necessary!

  • ZoetMB

    Nikon is supposedly only making 100 sets, so they should have high value once they’re gone. This is a 13% increment over the prices of the regular lenses separately, so it’s not a bad deal. The 70-200 by itself carries a 43% increment, although it also comes with that model of the lens, but that pricing on the single lens still seems completely illogical.

    • ZoetMB

      I just noticed that the serial number in the photo is #211, so maybe they’re making far more than 100 sets. 100 did seem low.

  • Stan Dibben

    I really can’t understand Nikon’s poor design choices.

    The Nikon Df, despite being an awesome specced and enjoyable to use camera, was a mess in the design department (the old school logo on the front, the modern logo on the bottom of the back LCD, the awful fonts and icons on the buttons, the inability to design a clean and simple dedicated menù à la Leica).

    Now this: three lenses. Two with hood and one with build-in hood. Where do I place one hood? Above the lens with the hood built-in. C’mon… It is evident they started the design from a bunch of cases ready to be used. No custom packaging. The hood should have been placed above the right lens, and the space saved from the third hood above the 12-24 should have been used to host the anniversary plate.

    This little things make me go crazy.

    • The design is balanced and fine to me. It’s because the 70-200 is a longer lens so the hood is not placed there. Would you rather have a wider case where the placement looks imbalanced?

      • Stan Dibben

        If it is fine for you, it must be the perfect product design. Same as the Df.

        Left: 70-200 and hood;
        Center: 12-24 and Anniversary plate;
        Right: 24-70, hood and numbered card

        The should also have aligned the top of the hoods spots.

        Poor design. Poor attention to the customers.

        • I am just saying I don’t have any problems with how this set is designed. If you don’t like it, it’s not for you then. I personally don’t like the Df. I think it’s chunky and not very attractive. I would have preferred a retro Df similar to the F4 or F2 Titan.
          I am personally into design and aesthetics. I own and shoot with a number of beautifully (in my opinion) designed cameras – Phase One XF, Hasselblad X1D, Leica SL to appreciate and understand well tools that are beautifully designed. I don’t find any issue with this lens set. If I didn’t already have this trio of lens, I would personally buy it.

          • Stan Dibben

            And I’m just saying, as a product and business designer that is lucky enough to be paid for some photoshoots, that that kind of packaging for such a great triplet denotes a poor approach.

            Not that the SL packaging is that great unboxing experience, but this is an Anniversary 7000+$ edition.

    • jstevez

      Yeah… the “12-24” makes you crazy.

  • CR

    When you’ve run out of ideas, slap a decal on it and profit!

  • Vinnypimages

    Whilst there are exceptions it’s not a slam dunk with limited editions for Nikon. The 50 year anniversary F5 would have been a very bad investment.

  • Allen_Wentz

    It would seem to me that all potential real-photog buyers of these lenses would have to already own one or more of them. Therefore all set purchases are by people with lots of money just buying because they can. Fine by me.

  • Arthur Meursault

    What no year of the Hello Kitty edition ? Nikon ! You’re losing out to Leica in this game.

  • Hard to understand why anyone would pay Nikon almost $1,000 to become a billboard for the company. I can see Nikon’s side of it, but not in any way would I prefer to pay them to help them sell more stuff. They should be charging $1,000 less for this kit!

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