Weekly Nikon news flash #441

→ New Nikon deals:

Godox announced a new cheap XPro-N flash controller (TTL & HSS) for Nikon (more info available here).

Yongnuo announced a new YN720 lithium-powered flash.

→ Classic camera review: Nikkormat FT-2, the poor man’s Nikon F

Macphun Luminar will get a new DAM module in 2018.

→ The previously reported Nikon cashback program is already active in Germany (check the latest prices on amazon.de).

Irix announced a new Edge 100 filter system.

Using Nikon D850 "focus shift" feature for landscape photography.

→ Nikon Canada is the official camera sponsor of Alpine Canada National Teams for Alpine, Para-Alpine and Ski Cross Racing, 2017-18 season.

→ Nikon Radio TTL Flash over NYC with Joe McNally.

→ Yongnuo 40mm f/2.8 pancake lens (price around $93-$99 in the US) for Nikon review at PetaPixel.

→ Thephoblographer: Speed Magny backs turns Nikon F cameras into instant or large format cameras.

→ Here is a better video for the Nikon D850 negative digitizer mode guest post.

→ New: Phottix Juno flash announced.

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  • BPhoto

    A better video on the D850 digitizer video indeed. But the results are not so impressive.

  • br0xibear

    Good old Joe, he loves nikonrumors, lol (only long time nikonrumors readers are going to understand)


    • thundrrd

      Well, I guess I am not a long time Nikonrumors reader.

      • Allan

        I also don’t get it.

    • Allan

      I’m not a big fan of video clips that just show you the preparation but don’t show you the end result.

      • Allan

        But I do think he is an excellent teacher.

      • Allan

        Maybe the model fell out the back of the helicopter, and they had to redo the shoot with a different model.

    • Proto

      Good rumor fakery — this made me check Joe’s youtube

      But, did not get the joke about him liking NR…

    • this is golden…. I will use it for April 1st 🙂 unless Joe switches to Canon before 🙂

  • Allan


    Did Joe ever post on Nikon Rumors?

    • I don’t think so, but once he got pissed at NR…. still, a very nice guy

  • Sebako

    But unlike previously reported, the D5 is not part of the end-of-year rebates in Germany. Also, and this used not to be the case, most cameras (D7200, D7500, D500, D750, D810) are only eligible for a trade-in rebate, which is offered on the condition that you trade in an old camera, and then it’s set off against the new price, with no registration necessary, which is actually kind of neat. The only cameras eligible for a classic rebate are the D3400 and the D5600, which makes sense because prospective owners are less likely to own a Nikon camera already.

    Fun fact: The conditions explicitly state that the type and manufacturer of the camera you trade in don’t matter, and it’s okay if the merchant decides it’s worth 0 euros, you’re still eligible. So trade in any old 3 megapixel compact you find in your attic and collect the rebate even if you don’t want to sell anything, or would rather sell on ebay 😉

  • Aldo

    Cheap Lithium batteries are dangerous. When you add flash into the equation you are just asking for trouble

  • Michiel953

    Yeah, the Nikkormat. That beast was heavy! I had one a long time ago. From an FM2n, can’t see myself going back to one.

  • David Gottlieb

    I had a Nikkormat. The weak point in the camera was the shutter speed ring. Why they chose to put the speed dial near the lens mount always puzzled me. I bought it as a cheap back up to my beat up Nikon Ftn and my F2 bodies. I was hard on my equipment, as I used to shoot editorial and industrial work in those early days. The Nikkormat was the only one that always seemed to break down, and it was my least used camera, but still used very hard. I eventually gave it away to a student who was studying photography in NYC with a couple of my dented beat up lenses, but the glass was still sharp. Not sure if she ever forgave me for that gift!!!!!!!

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