A new Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary lens to be announced this week

The upcoming lens Sigma was teasing for the PhotoPlus show will be a new 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary that will most likely be announced on Wednesday. DC and DN indicate that this will be an APS-C mirrorless lens. I am not sure if this lens will be available for DSLR cameras.

Sigma recently introduced a new 14mm f/1.8 DG HSM Art lens ($1,599).

I have no information when Sigma will release their rumored new 70-200mm f/2.8 Art lens.

Additional pictures:

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  • Eric Calabros

    well.. finally. somebody made a 24mm equivalent for DX massive desperate crowd, but.. you guessed it.. its heavier, bulkier and more expensive to be that 16mm lens they waited for all these years.

    • Mistral75

      In addition, it’s for mirrorless cameras only.

    • El Aura

      Samyang had a 16 mm f/2 (for APS-C DSLRs) for a couple of years already.

      • Eric Calabros


        • Fry

          you don’t really need AF on a 16mm lens…

          • Eric Calabros

            Its equivalent to 24mm on FX, and you need AF on a 24mm lens on FX

            • Fry

              depends on what you’re shooting… you don’t need AF for landscape shots

          • Lee Smith

            You don’t need it, but I want it…it’s 2017.

            • Fry

              the year has nothing to do with it… MF lenses are actually really easy to focus manually – unlike modern AF lenses where the focus ring is nothing more than a useless gimmick due to its pathetic throw

    • TurtleCat

      Well, it doesn’t really indicate anything. It’s not for Nikon DX. A Fuji 16 1.4 already showed what a mirrorless lens of this type could be and Sigma lenses tend to be a bit larger anyway.

    • Thom Hogan

      And you’ve already compared this to the 24mm f/1.4 lenses and come to that conclusion?

  • Ash Mills

    Pictured on an Olympus EM1

    • Eric Calabros

      to emphasize the size

      • Ash Mills

        Make it look bigger than it will do on most cameras?

    • yes, this appears to be a mirrorless lens, but I assume they will release it also for DSLR cameras

      • Mistral75

        No, DN lenses are for mirrorless cameras only.

        There is currently only one DC DN lens, it’s the 30mm f/1.4 DC DN | Contemporary (not to be confused with the 30mm f/1.4 DC HSM | Art). It only exists in µ4/3 and Sony E mounts.

        • br0xibear
          • Lee Smith

            All lenses are too big now whether mirrorless, DX, FX, etc. It’s gotten way out of hand. Since when does a prime need to be so damn big?

        • KnightPhoto

          Interesting – How much size/weight and resolving difference is there between the DN and non-DN Sigma 30 f/1.4?

    • Orange Elephant

      The timing seems odd picturing it on a mFT camera. Olympus are due to announce their new 17mm f1.2.

      • Ash Mills

        Will probably be 2/3 the price of that lens.

  • Lee Adam Cohen

    Ugh – the lens announcement was supposed to be the 70-200mm art (or contemporary or sports) lens. Any news about the new Sigma 70-200mm?

    • I know, I was also expecting the 70-200. No idea when it is coming.

      • CERO

        I want to know, I only need 2 more lenses to fill my gaps.. a wide (probably going to get the 15-30mm from tamron) and a 70-200 2.8

        • KnightPhoto

          There’s only 1 reason not to get the Nikon 70-200E 😉

          • CERO

            money.. I value my kidneys so much.

  • here is the meaning of all Sigma lens labels:


    • Mistral75

      Better refer to Sigma Japan than to the US subsidiary.


      DG 35mm full-frame
      DC APS-C size
      DN mirrorless

      • decentrist

        also DF, doesn’t focus reliably

  • Jacek Siminski

    Since it is a C lens, maybe pricetag would be a bit lower…

  • MB

    So … is this for a new Nikon DX mirrorless?

    • Mistral75

      This is primarily for µ4/3 and Sony E-mount cameras.

      If Nikon launch DX mirrorless cameras and if these cameras are successful, Sigma could propose a ‘DX mirrorless’ version of their DC DN lenses.

      For the time being, there is no DN lens in Canon EF-M mount.

      • yes, I already updated my post

  • MonkeySpanner

    Love it. Dont know why Nikon neglects wider primes for DX.

    • Allen_Wentz

      Because most of the folks who own DX and need the captures available from a heavy, expensive UWA prime like this Sigma will also own a (far superior for UWA) FX body like I do.

      Or they would have settled for the good 10.5mm DX f/2.8 fisheye plus the good DX 12-24mm f/4 a long time ago like I did before Nikon gave us the FX D3.

      Nikon did just release the US$300 DX 10-20mm zoom, which seems to me like exactly what the DX market segment probably wants.

      • MonkeySpanner

        I agree that the 10-20 is exactly what the DX market wants. That along with a cheap, small 22/2 would be fantastic.

        • TurtleCat

          Nope. You are making one grand assumption.

          • Allen_Wentz

            I think you may be the one making the wrong grand assumption. Fact is that the primary volume of DX sales, by a lot, is D3xxx, D5xxx and the lower end of D7xxx; not D500 buyers like me.

            • TurtleCat

              Yes, and does that mean the people who buy those would not buy DX lenses, especially primes? No, we have no idea since Nikon never bothered to make them even when there was no FX camera. And now that the market is smaller and being pushed to high end it makes even more sense to make higher end DX lenses. Thom’s surveys have shown this year in and year out.

            • Captain Megaton

              Why struggle and buy a $1000 24/1.4 for DX when you can get better results with a $500 35/1.8 on FX?

              Allen is right. Carping about the lack of high end DX prime lenses is pointless, better performance is already available for less money on FX across the board.

            • TurtleCat

              Struggle? I mean, come on and be serious. Even the 23 1.4 for Fuji doesn’t cost that much. And why should I be penalized for the camera choice I make? I have had FX cameras in the past so I’m quite familiar with FX lenses. It’s my call whether the trade off is in my benefit or not.

            • Captain Megaton

              A crop format SLR mount is not going to be able to offer competitive fast, wide prime lenses with a modern, native mirrorless mount. You deserve to be penalized because you didn’t understand this basic point and buy yourself a an X-mount camera if you hate FX so much.

            • TurtleCat

              Such a reactionary and predictable comment. You acknowledge that there is a market for APS lenses at least. And if Nikon had made more quality APS lenses before there probably wouldn’t be a Fuji X. You deserve to be penalized for undermining your own argument.

            • Captain Megaton

              Demand? Of course there is demand, there is also a demand for unicorns. The kind of lenses Fuji can make for X mount cannot be implemented on an SLR mount. How many years have to pass before you DX guys come to grips with this basic fact?

            • TurtleCat

              Who is asking for mirrorless designs? Who said it has to be small? I’m drawing the analogy that there is demand. Nikon should produce it. Indeed they should have even before FX. Perhaps there would not be Fuji or others if they had. Thom’s surveys have shown this.

            • Captain Megaton

              If size and cost are not constraints, then Nikon already makes a full set of primes for DX cameras.

        • decentrist

          don’t hold your breath

      • TurtleCat

        Yeah, all those D7500 and D500 people are after the cheap stuff. Yep. You speak for all of us.

        • Allen_Wentz

          No need to get your panties twisted, I said “most” not “all.” Also note that neither the 10.5mm fish nor the 12-24mm zoom that I mentioned and own are “cheap stuff.”

          • TurtleCat

            You specifically said most already have a FX camera, not that most would not be interested. Two separate things. The 12-24 isn’t cheap but also more than a decade old and not exactly matched to modern sensors. The 10-24 and new one are also not aimed at the D500/7500 crowd.

            16mm is but one prime example and certainly not the only DX prime of interest. And 2.8 from a zoom is not the same as a 1.4 prime.

            And if we are talking about limited number of photographers then a number of FX lenses certainly fall into that range.

            In any case, Thom’s surveys have shown year in and year out that people would buy more DX lenses if good ones were available.

  • EnPassant

    This will be a perfect addition to Nikon’s DX mirrorless system! Oh wait…

  • Aldo

    contemporary = it won’t cost a leg

    • KnightPhoto

      It’s a bit of a monster though and probably weight too :-/

      • As long as it weighs and costs less than a full-frame 24mm f/1.4, its got a chance at success.

        • KnightPhoto

          Weird that they went Contemporary. I guess if they have a really good price performance ratio it may be of interest to more people. Personally I have the Tokina f/2 14-20mm and am very happy with that lens.

          I recommend the Tokina 14-20 f/2 be considered as an alternative to people that might consider this Sigma 16mm. The Tokina f/2 is very sharp and delivers professional results.

          Can’t remember if you reviewed the 14-20, I enjoyed your 11-20 review!

          • https://www.slrlounge.com/tokina-14-20mm-f2-review-even-impressive-f2-zoom/

            Definitely a good recommendation! The 14-20 is a fantastic APS-C lens. I guess we’ll have to see how good this Sigma is wide open at 1.4…

            Yeah, there’s two ways they could go with this “Contemporary” label.

            Sigma either knows that the lens itself isn’t optically good enough to qualify for “Art” status,


            …they made a plenty-good lens, but are simply putting a “C” on it instead of an “A”, so that they can sell it slightly cheaper and go for volume sales. In other words, the lens may very well deserve an “A” label, and this was just a business decision.

            I’m hoping for the latter, of course.

  • FountainHead

    This is for mirrorless only (DN).

    (Did I mis the launch of the Nikon mirrorless?)

    • The post says that this is a mirrorless lens, the post also indicates that Sigma will not announced the rumored 70-200mm f/2.8 Art lens.

  • DN stands for mirrorless, indeed, so let’s hope that Nikon has a DX mirrorless system out soon!

    Unfortunately, the lens is Contemporary, not Art, so I don’t have as high hopes for the optical quality as I would if it had said “A” on the side. 🙁

  • THIS JUST IN: If you look up Sigma mirrorless-only lenses, it doesn’t seem like they *always* bother using the term DC in the name, even if it’s an APS-C lens like the Sigma 30 2.8 DN.

    Meanwhile, lenses like the Sigma 30 1.4, do have both DC and DN in the name. However, I don’t think that DC+DN Sigma 30 1.4 has the same optical formula as the original 30 1.4 DC…?

    TLDR: I still think this lens is probably mirrorless-only. I think that APS-C DSLR users are going to continue to get hung out to dry, unfortunately.

    • Mistral75

      ‘DN-only’ lenses are first gen. lenses that don’t take advantage of in-camera image correction (distortion mostly). DC DN lenses are second gen. lenses that do.

      The two 30mm f/1.4 lenses, DC HSM Art on the one hand, DC DN Contemporary on the other hand, have different optical formulas.

  • Mateo

    Sigma please make a 28mm f1.4 FF lens 🙂

    • Matt Comerford

      They’ll copy the Nikon 28mm f1.4E eventually

    • Or, just re-make the 24 1.4 and make it have no coma, and NOT de-center incessantly…

  • Lee Smith

    What is the point of this lens? It’s huge and not wide enough. I would rather a smaller F2.8 DX lens since you can hand hold a 16mm lens at 1/5th anyway negating the need for F1.4.

  • Kind of an odd aperture setting.

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