Nikon LPG-001 LCD glass protector for the D850

Nikon LPG-001 LCD glass protector for D750, D810, Df and D4s cameras
A reader contacted me to inform me that the older Nikon LPG-001 LCD chemical tempered glass protector is a perfect fit for the Nikon D850 camera and there are no issues when using the touchscreen.

The Nikon LPG-001 can be purchased at eBay for around $30-$40. There are also several third-party options listed for sale on Amazon.

Some additional info and pictures of the Nikon LPG-001:

  • Features Chemically toughened glass that is scratch resistant. An internal anti-shatter film prevents the glass shattering into fragments
  • Fluorine-coated surfaces makes the glass water and oil repellant, allowing easy removal of fingerprints and other stains
  • 90% transparency on all wavelengths ensures that the protective glass minimizes dimming of the LCD monitor
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  • teteouu

    It’s more easy to get the Nikon LPG-001 LCD glass protector than a Nikon D850 … T__T

  • Rich Poinvil

    Another overpriced camera manufacturer’s accessory. The 3rd party manufacturers are catching up fast; especially in the speedlite department.
    Just about everything I own is Nikon branded but I will start looking eslware for some accessories. I already have 3rs part hoods for my bigger glass and my next speedlites will be Godox branded.

    • I actually like it. And it’s not that expensive.

      • humenbean

        Nice try screen protector manufacturer… Seriously though, these are $2-4 each for cell phones. This is a cash grab.

        • Yah, but here’s the thing. I won’t cheap out to protect a large and delicate area of an expensive equipment. 30-40 USD is nothing compared to a repair cost.

  • HKer

    I found out also the D810 back and top LCD protectors fit on the D850.

  • Synono Maus

    Pointless? I’ve had no ‘protection’ on my cameras, ever, and despite giving them all a professional beating, the screens are fine. I guess if you’re the type that cries themselves to sleep over cosmetic scratches on your gear, this is a great way to separate you from some more $ though…

    • I wonder if D850 screen has gorilla glass. Or for that matter if the scratches affect the touch ability to some extent. Can we compare the phone screens here.

    • br0xibear

      It’s just a personal thing, like your phone…some use cases and screen protectors, while others prefer their phones naked.
      Each to their own.

      • SteveWithAnS

        Just don’t buy an iPhone because they have incredibly weak screens…I say that judging by my gfs shattered screen, lol. It helps to have a case with ridges that extend past the screen in case you dropped it on a flat tile floor. Dropping a phone onto rocks, ain’t no case going to protect it. I wouldn’t waste money on a camera screen protector though.

    • AnotherView

      Not all of us are so lucky. I busted the protective rear LCD shield I put on my D810….if it had been the LCD screen that would have been an expensive repair.

      • +1

      • JXVo

        The toughened glass protectors are great. Touch screen compatible and scratch resistant. Fit and forget. So much better than the old clip-on covers.

      • humenbean

        The screen on the back of a D810 is insanely stronger than the crap shields you put on them. I went through 5+ sets fo ‘shields’ before saying, screw it!’ and that was 3 years ago on my D800. Broke all the LCD screens working weddings within a few months each.

        The screen still looks just fine after I stopped using the dumb ‘protectors.’

    • Well if you bother to look on any shops site selling used camera many will have “marked” or “scratched” screens.

      ALL of my cameras have them, big deal, it is like insurance, YOU may never claim but you are not everyone

    • PhilK

      I don’t think it’s much of an issue on the older cameras that not only came with their own (thick plastic) “screen protectors”, but had no touchscreen capabilities at all.

      Whereas on a device where you are fingering the screen constantly, I definitely want a screen protector on there. (Preferably a high-quality tempered-glass one, like the Nikon one described)

    • TouchmymonkeyUK

      Pointless ?

      Ask my old D3200 how it would have ended up without the protection on the screen.

      • humenbean

        Would have been fine. Those screen protectors aren’t nearly as strong as your actual camera screen.

        • TouchmymonkeyUK

          I can guarantee the screen would have been damaged if the protector wasn’t on there. It took most of the impact so did its job.

          Not going to test it in the same situation without it on there.

  • bought AFUNTA screen protector for D7100 D7200 D800 D600 D610 on Canadian amazon for $12.99 CAD. perfect fit. zero issues. touchscreen works great. Looks like it’s $8.99 on US amazon. No point spending more than that.

    • I am thinking same. But this nikon one has shatter protection film inside as well. That is useful. Does afunta one has it?

      • MB

        Also I doubt they have fluorine coating…

        • ninpou_kobanashi

          The coat on my 105mm f/1.4E is very sweet.
          I’d love that tech elsewhere.

        • It does.

          • MB

            How do you know that?

            • Not scientifically proven, obviously. I used it on my D810, and now on my D850. You can wipe the smudge really easily. Also, if you do have one, you’ll quickly notice it’s [good] quality.

      • doesn’t seem to mention that – Anti-scratch 9H LCD Tempered Glass, Scratch, Dust, Water, Oil, Fingerprints and Shock resist.

        still – no way I’m spending $30-40.

    • Color Crush

      That brand is great. I got one in for the D500. Goes on bubble and haze free.

      • indeed – very easy application, no bubbles.

    • ZoetMB

      For my D800, I bought the GGS 0.5mm Self-Adhesive Optical Glass LCD Screen Protector for around $13. Seems fine. Up until then, I kept the plastic cover on it almost all the time.

  • Marian Pricop

    Is also right for the D500?

  • Kob12

    But what is the point of this protector – since the D850 LCD is touch-sensitive?

    • How does being touch sensitive have anything to do with wanting to protect the display? It’s to protect against scratches. I have scratched a almost all of my camera displays with metal buttons and similar on my clothes. A screen protector is definitely worth the investment.

      • Kob12

        If the screen is touch sensitive you must remove the protector whenever you use the camera and wish to engage the selections on the LCD (for older Nikons, you leave the protector on all the time since you can view the display through it).

        This means that the protector will be used only when transporting the camera, where a padded carrying case may do a more appropriate job.

        • disqus_1iScvF733l

          It says in the post “there are no issues when using the touchscreen.”

        • Captain Megaton


        • Allen_Wentz

          Why do you assume the protector must be removed? I do not use them, but cell phone display protectors do not require removal.

        • Aren’t you talking about the earlier external type of screen protectors? These ones can also be uses with touch screen flawlessly.

    • Not to scratch the screen.

  • David L

    I just use one from an iphone screen protector cut to size to fit the D850. It’s cheap plastic but for under $3, I can keep replacing it annually if it gets scuffed up. It’s absolutely transparent.

  • Other supplers offer better value ones on amazon

    • Captain Megaton

      Depends what you value.

      The really cheap ones are just plastic film, not glass. The thickness of the glass also varies, as does the quality of the anti-reflective coating. The thin, least-reflective ones are well worth the premium.

  • Polsloe

    I bought a third party glass screen protector that was marketed for the D500 from Amazon fits and works perfectly on D850

  • Matt Comerford

    I’ll buy one of these *next year* when B&H ships my early Aug 24th D850 preorder 😀

  • rex360hype

    This is what I have on my D850. There are different models but I chose the glass one. Comes with a smaller one for the top LCD. So far looks good and maintains full functionality.

  • Captain Megaton

    I bought this for my D750. It was about 2000 yen on, so not that much more than off-brand glass-based protectors and I figured the premium for the Nikon brand would at least guarantee a perfect fit and high quality coating, even if its oem sourced.

    And yeah, it’s really good so I have no complaints. I no longer notice it’s even there.

  • Chris Martin

    Yep, now if I can just get my D850 finally!

  • I wonder if this super typhoon will delay the d850 even more.

  • Never need any and never will.

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