Underwater housing options for the Nikon D850 camera

Here are the first six underwater housing options for the Nikon D850 camera:

Subal ND850 ($3,949):

Nauticam NA-D850 ($3,800):

Aquatica AD850 ($2,895):

Ikelite IKE-D850:

Sea & Sea MDX-D850:

Isotta D850:

Via Backscatter

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    • Bob Thane

      Why buy a ziploc when you can use a bag from the grocery store?

      • Bob, I’ve seen holes in those bags. Now is not the time to be cheap. Spend the 69¢ brutha

    • BlackRipleyDog

      What are the specs on the crush depth?

      • 1 fathom. Any deeper, double up the bags.

        • doge

          How many leagues is that?

          • Your answer is the same as the coc (circle of confusion) for a 100mp Sony MF sensor….give or take.

          • CERO

            approximately 3 dirty toes stacked on top of each other.

    • Allan

      Do you have a suggestion for the brand of duct tape?

      • Gorilla brand, if you NEVER plan on removing, I mean NEVER. Flea market duct tape, if it’s an occasional thang.

      • Fly Moon


    • Erick Tessier

      The 6 very pricey options don’t offer the option to swap lenses underwater… Can you do this with a Ziplock?

      • Absolutely. You only need a second identical ziploc setup as pictured above, but larger. Human sized, with you in it, you can easily swap lenses with no worries… ( be sure to get the model where the zip tab is on the inside for easy sealing ( and exit ).

    • Valentin Thalmann

      is the cam enough strong for the compression under wather?

  • It’s almost like buying a second camera.

    • ITN

      That is why the housing is so expensive so its manufacturer can afford to pay for all the destroyed cameras after water leaks.

      • Rick Francis

        It doesn’t work that way, unfortunately.

  • Max

    I’d buy one just to make my D850 look more badass

  • Ikelite makes the worst housings I ever used, Subal makes the best. Sad thing that every next camera model need another housing. I have 4 different housings now.

    • Robert

      For my understanding (out of curiosity), could you please explain the differences, i.e. why you prefer Subal and what you find important in an underwater housing?

      • Every Subal housing is built like a tank, manually adjusted and checked few times. It has great ergonomics (mostly, some old models are not as good as recent ones), full control over the camera, additional holes for hdmi or remote cables, and you don’t even need to care about the housing – I used them in quite harsh conditions and crushed ice with it. Subal also makes dome and flat ports with optical glass, not acryl. Ikelite has worst ergonomics, very strange fitting and a few weird solutions, like port-housing connection. I sweat every time when I need do it. And yes, every third dive I had water inside) In my team we have a joke about plastic housings (Ikelite made transparent housings few years ago) that they have only one advantage – you always can see if there is water inside.

        • I like that

        • Robert

          Thank you for the information. I usually follow the saying “quality pays itself”, so if I would buy an underwater housing Subal would be the way to go.

        • Allen_Wentz

          In the past Ikelite was less good because Ikelite was hella less expensive.

          Y’all laugh, but it actually IS an advantage to be able to see a little water in the housing. Most dive locations are far from support, and one does not just end a professional project because of every gear issue that presents. And not every shoot has huge expensive gear resources.

          I shot an entire project with a (tiny) leaking Ikelite housing (turned out to be a bad strobe connection). I could only do that because I could observe the leak consequences and ascend if more than couple of cc of water presented.

          Not ideal, but one of the reasons I shoot Nikon. The camera survived fine.

    • fanboy fagz

      Ikelite is garbage.I agree. all of these cases are ripoff overpriced housings. like @mattandersonphotography:disqus said, ziploc is good.

      Ive used those and it works fine. I also have an inexpensive dicapac which is $60

      but these vendors are nuts. to pay $2500+ for a case? and thats only the beginning as you need the front lens ports as well which cost a lot as well.

      you be crazy!

    • Allen_Wentz

      Sure Ikelite is often the least good, because it is the cheapest, by a lot; like comparing a D600 to a D4. This photography and we almost always get what we pay for.

  • Fly Moon

    How’s a housing more expensive than the high end FF Pro camera? Is it because of R&D? I am sure it doesn’t have as much technology as the camera!!

    • destroy2153

      For high end housing few of them are sold so yes you pay for R&D. I have Subal housings (for F100 and D70s) and yes they were expensive, but they worth it.

      • Fly Moon

        I was just curious. Thx

        • Next time, don’t ask so many questions. 🙂

    • ITN

      Water leaks through the housing, camera is unrepairable, housing manufacturer pays for a new camera. Assuming that not every housing leaks in use, the housing can be of comparable price with the camera that it houses; otherwise it would have to be significantly more expensive. The cost of making the housing is not that high. When you buy a housing you are also paying for the replacement camera.

      • Fly Moon

        I didn’t know that. Thx

      • Rod P

        That isnt true in Europe, when you buy a housing they go to pains to inform you, it is your responsibility not the housing manufacturers to ensure all seals are maintained and if any leaks occur they will not be liable.

        • Rick Francis

          Same here. Maybe someone can name someone who successfully argued that a housing manufacturing error caused a flood, but it’s usually user error.

          I was able to collect after a flooded housing because I had a separate sports equipment rider with State Farm. Of course there are other insurance options, e.g. through DAN.

      • Rick Francis

        Sadly, this is not true. The tiny size of the market keeps the prices high, and the potential loss of equipment in the middle of an expensive dive trip keeps people paying it.

  • Dennis Luo

    Can you believe these freaking plastics underwater housings are more expensive than much more sophisticated cameras?

    • TurtleCat

      Um, yeah, easily.

    • Rick Francis

      Most of the ones in that lineup are machined aluminum, not plastic.

  • thundrrd

    Sounds like a wiener

  • Spy Black

    I wonder if Nikon will ever make a digital Nikonos. Probably not, but it would probably go for the same as one of these housings.

  • PhilK

    I wonder how long before a camera is announced/released these companies get samples to design from.

    Because it’s surely not a trivial matter to design and produce something in a short span of time that fits close enough to work reliably with all the various controls and also be reliably water-tight at depth even after much usage.

  • Bernie Campoli

    Upgrading my SEACAM Nikon D3 Housing to SEACAM Nikon D-850 Housing,all Ports and Finders fit.

  • Photoman

    What’s a good housing for jacuzzi or swimming pool?

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