Nikon D850 now in stock at BestBuy

The Nikon D850 camera (body only) is currently in stock at BestBuy online. Update - sold out now:

As I already mentioned last week, there was a new D805 shipment in the US. B&H and Adorama were closed last week and I expect to the start shipping this week as well. The next shipment is expected in two weeks.

Check D850 availability: B&H | Adorama | Amazon | BuyDig | BestBuy | Cameta Camera | Focus Camera | eBay | WEX | Jessops

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  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    send some more stock to UK and Europe – hopefully Nikon doesn’t jack up the price of it – like they did with the D800.

    • br0xibear

      All the D850 UK stock was taken by tomato photographers, lol…

      • Aldo

        I dont know whats worse… the waste of camera or tomatoes

      • Cynog

        Hey, don’t knock tomato photographers. It’s a tough job, and some of those tomatoes are pretty sexy. Anyway, I’ve got one of the UK D850’s and I photograph potatoes. So there!

        • Allan

          Why do you photograph potatoes?

          • Cynog

            Because they are there (I was joking, by the way).

    • Tony

      Don’t despair yet. Grays of Westminster are advertising: “WAITING LIST IS OPEN FOR ESTIMATED DEC/JAN DELIVERY.” So perhaps there is some hope of receiving early pre-orders this calendar year.

    • timthewinn

      I got mine from Digitalrev, in stock now, ships to U.K. in 48hrs and £350 cheaper! I didn’t preorder and decided I didn’t want to wait! Never bought a grey import but all is good! Digitalrev do have a stellar reputation though!

  • already gone.

    • it still shows in stock for me

      • Nikon Fans

        Just purchase it on 7:16pm from Best Buy today. See when I can get that. I had preorder from B&H on 08/25 and still waiting! Hope get one of them before Christmas. ; )

        • Let us know if BestBuy will ship it in the next 2 days. The last time they opened their orders, they shipped the next day.

          • Nikon Fans

            Sounds exciting, I will!

            • Thanks!

            • Nikon Fans

              Just check Best Buy order status “ In processing”. Hope they are serious ; )

            • vipmediastar

              Usually that means they have your paperwork. I have pre-ordered from them many times (phones) and unless preparing or shipped turn green its just in pending mode.

            • Nikon Fans

              Just check with Best Buy Store. I has been told the item is not in stock and need to wait! Hope will get one from either Best Buy or B&H before the end of this month.

  • Ali Moradi

    I ordered one and it said available for pre-order. I’m not sure what that means.

    • I think this is what it said last time and then they started shipped it a day later.

      • Ali Moradi

        I ordered from 5 different places. Just my luck, they’ll all decide to ship at the same time haha

        • Yes, I am sure this will be the case.

        • Amir

          Do you live in one of the gulf countries as a royal highness prince? Wow! Five pre-orders! Lucky you.

          • ZoetMB

            He only intends to keep one.

      • RES

        I ordered mine from BestBuy 9/9 when it showed just like this and it hasn’t shipped yet. I think they are just taking preorders again.

        • But many people got theirs shipped the last time I posted that.

          • RES

            Yep – not debating that. Just saying that this time around they still haven’t shipped an order from 9/9. If someone does have one shipped that orders today, would love to know so I can make some phone calls. Otherwise, guessing perhaps BestBuy wants to keep a maximum number in backlog, stopped preorders for awhile, and after having filled some from this last round is taking more preorders again but still backlogged pretty good.

            • I think the same thing happened last time – BestBuy shipped to people who pre-ordered on the day they got the shipment, while other previous pre-orders were still open.

    • Roy Amatore

      Same here as of 6:24 CST

    • Did they hit your credit card already?

  • How long do we have to wait?! Nikon- there’s a demand of D850 and you can’t deliver 🙁

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      one upside is that for the later batches – any errors should have been surfaced and hopefully addressed.

      • ninpou_kobanashi

        Not if no one complains in the first batches 😉

        • HD10

          Nikon D850 locked twice … “cd” error message … removed battery to restore functions,

          • ninpou_kobanashi

            Might provide some insight.


            The only real thing I ran into was Snapbridge. Ouch!

            • HD10

              Thank you kindly for the link. I am using a 128GB XQD and a 128GB SD card which I formatted in a notebook (not a quick format). Perhaps I should just try formatting these again in the Nikon D850.

            • nolan

              ya i read the manual the other day
              and it said you should format the card in the camera

  • Ordered as soon as I received the in-stock notification that I signed up to receive. Email arrived at 6:01 EST; completed the order by 6:03. Status currently shows as “In Progress”. Hope that’s a good sign…

    • Looked closer at my order confirmation email: “Item is on backorder”. Dang.

      • vipmediastar

        Sadness. I almost clicked on buy too.

        • the D850 was in stock, it is no longer in stock

  • Alexander Gray

    For the love of all that is good, go into a store to order the camera. You will be able to do an in store pick up.

  • Daniel Dewys

    Little old New Zealand has only had 1 Shipment, which went in seconds. Send more

    • eric

      why would you even need a camera in New Zealand? that country is breathtaking without a lens. lucky to live there.

      • Eric Calabros

        To show to others how lucky they are

  • Photoman

    Screw that. I’ll have to pay tax ordering from California.

    • Eric Calabros

      Screw that state

    • JimJoeBob2

      As has been mentioned in previous posts… You are still required to report the purchase and pay the tax.

      • vipmediastar

        even for hobby? asking for a friend

        • ZoetMB

          In most states, yes, when you file your state returns. That’s not to say that people actually do it. (I don’t know how the states that don’t have a state income tax handle it.)

    • ZoetMB

      “Ordering from California” is irrelevant. A business must charge tax in any state where they have a physical presence. That’s called “nexus”. So when you order from a national chain that has retail or offices in virtually every state, you have to pay the sales tax. When you order from a B&H, which only has a presence in New York and New Jersey, you are only charged sales taxes when delivery is to those states (all aside from any home state requirements to pay sales taxes on anything you buy out-of-state).

  • Curtis

    nice… next time actually read the screen shot… not in stock

  • Wade Marks

    For those frustrated with waiting, cheer up…you can always get a Canon 6d mark ii! Plenty of stock on that one.

    • Barry Braunstein

      Best buy says it will ship “as soon as they can” and aren’t offering in store pick-up. So If everyone orders 5 and they really only want one, then what happens….Nikon needs to have a better plan

      • ZoetMB

        There’s nothing Nikon can do about people pre-ordering multiple times. That’s not the issue. The issue is whether Nikon should have held back the delivery date in order to build up enough inventory to fulfill demand or whether they have enough assembly lines cranking. In any case, within a few months, the ‘rush’ will be over and you’ll be able to walk in anywhere and buy one. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we begin to see some discounting or rebates by mid-2018, if not before.

    • That 6D will be a good door stop…. oh wait..

  • Spy Black

    I’m glad I don’t suffer “first kid on the block” syndrome.

    • Aldo

      But why? It’s so much fun… you get to beta test exclusively with nikon software as you wait for the real software to be updated

      • Black Spy

        Until you find out a software update doesn’t remove the gremlins from the hardware ;-).

  • Aldo

    I bought 4 to scalp…

    • ZoetMB

      How nice of you. Frankly, I hope you get stuck with them and/or lose money on the deal.

      • Aldo

        I knew such comment was coming. Just didnt know who’d take the bait.

  • Zatchmo

    I ordered mine from Best Buy day of release and it was available for pickup on the 11th at a store. I didn’t want to ship it and have to deal with taking time off work to sign for the package.

  • Reilly Diefenbach

    “Sold out.” Still waiting patiently for my ship to store.

    • Yes, exactly like last time.

  • Nesto

    FYI, I preordered from Best Buy on 9/8 and today, 10/3 received an e-mail that my order now has a fulfillment date of 11/18

    • Barry Braunstein

      New orders on their website are showing a fulfillment date of 11/18 as well, which basically means they haven’t a clue…

      • Nesto

        thats good to know ! haha *hoping to get it this month*

  • Jason K.

    Well, I was part of the last wave.. Wave 3? But Amazon shipped me a box of air. Well, not just any air… It did have a complete D850 box in it, but it was entirely empty (at least it showed a serial number?! lol) Maybe this is rotten air? Foul air? I dunno.

    About the only good point of this story, is the Amazon rep didn’t take long at all to believe me once he checked the UPS records and it showed the package was only 1.5 lbs! He knew this could not have contained the camera, and said a replacement would be sent, while they also opened an investigation.

    The worst part of it all, is I’m at the bottom of the queue again! Even the US based rep I spoke with was understanding but pointed out there was nothing he could do about changing my position in the queue. So now Amazon has my money, and I’m supposed to wait till late November. Unless I can locate another one sooner and request a refund from Amazon. I’m rather disappointed that they can’t put me higher in the order queue because this is a replacement and not an actual new order – for a problem that occurred before the camera even arrived to me.

    Either someone from an Amazon Warehouse has my camera, or it’s on the Nikon factory screwed up and never put a camera in the box I now possess. Overall this really stinks.

    • ToastyFlake

      I would dispute the charge with my credit card carrier and go elsewhere to order the camera.

  • Rails to Fails

    I ordered on 9/7. Then last night I ordered another to see what would happen. My original order from 9/7 says Nov 18th and “received”. The one I placed last night says in progress?

  • Michael

    Got Best Buy email that the wait is over. Can add item to cart with ship date by Nov 18.

    • Rails to Fails

      Yep, they say they are in stock and notify by email but the fact remains none of them will ship until the dates they give…so we keep having them in stock…and then out of stock..and back in if they don’t actually even have them??

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