Nikon ViewNX-i version 1.2.10 released

Nikon released ViewNX-i version 1.2.10 with a fix for an issue with the Map workspace that resulted in maps not displaying correctly:

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  • Love Nikon software!
    Today is a good day.

    • Allan

      … and today’s award for best sarcastic comment goes to … (sound of envelope opening) … Matt Anderson!!

      Thunderous applause. The audience goes nuts.


    • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

      I don’t have any Nikon software in my Mac, I used CC but I was always interested in Nikon software.
      Which software do you use from Nikon and what do you use it for?

      • Jean Fotomode

        i use View NX-i for display and tag my picture directly on the folder where they are. And Capture NX-D for adjusting the Nef. From Capture, you could send after developing your Nef to Lr if you need it. Yes Nikon’s software are not the best but l can keep all my setting and recipe that l put on Picture Control on my cameras.

      • IF you want the absolute best quality, use Capture One 10. Nothing beats it for IQ.

        • Marek Jeznach

          My trial for C1 expires today. I tried to figure out all this “import”, “session” etc. stuff. I have no idea what logic was used. Developing engine looks promising but workflow is horrible. Uninstalled.

          • It only takes a few hours to figure out the Capture One workflow. You can import to a Catalog system just like Lightroom, if you want.

            • Marek Jeznach

              “It only takes a few hours to figure out the Capture One workflow” – that’s the point! 😀

            • I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent hundreds or even thousands of hours on raw processing over the last 10+ years, so a few hours spent to dramatically improve the quality of my photos is no different than spending a few hours to take a post-production workshop, or something.

              If you don’t have the patience to learn a superior solution, then capitalism itself will chew you up and spit you out, eventually, depending on your career choice.

            • Marek Jeznach

              “I don’t know about you” so don’t patronize me and keep your bullshit about capitalism for yourself.

            • Wow, okay… You were the one that started with the patronizing / sarcasm.

              If you don’t have a few hours to invest in such an important aspect of your workflow, an investment that is a fraction of 1% if you’ve edited 1-2M photos over the years, …then that’s your own choice. Just be careful to avoid “old dog, new tricks” syndrome in the long run, and you’ll be fine.

          • jimh

            The whole ‘session’ concept is a big ball of unneeded complexity. Fortunately, we can sidestep it. Google on Capture One and “dummy session”.

            • Marek Jeznach

              I’ll check it out. Thanks.

            • jimh


              Skim that thread – in which an obstinate former software engineer (me) gradually comes to understand how to run C1 without messing with sessions or catalogs.

            • Marek Jeznach

              Thank You 🙂 Appreciate it.

          • They have tutorials online which you can use to learn basics.

    • “Loved Nikon software!” I would say.

    • Fly Moon

      You didn’t put the sarcasm sign!

  • Capture and View are updated to support D850 files, as IF anyone is THAT suicidal to use them to work with D850 monster files when Nikon software can’t acceptably cope yet with 25Mp raw files. By the way what is the purpose of View again ? 😛

    • If you don’t know, then you don’t need it. Unless you know what Photomechanic is…?

      BTW, it works plenty fast with 24-36MP files, in fact it works faster than Lightroom if you count generating 1:1 previews.

  • Tagum Jamoh

    Nikon Capture NX-D and ViewNX-i are very sluggish apps not even useful to novice photographers.
    It crash and hangs on and clogs the system. If Nikon can’t develop reliable software, they should scrap all these software so that people does not waste their precious times using those rubbish apps.
    RIP Nikon

    • Merv S

      The software is good enough for casual users like me, where the main corrections I make are sharpening, white balance and straightening.

    • DSS

      I thought the same thing until I upgraded my laptop recently. Now they run just fine. My new problem is that View NX-i is not compatible with 4K screens! All the menus are super tiny. Can’t read unless I pull out a magnifying glass.

      • Photobug

        True….NX runs fast on a SSD with lots of RAM. No complaints here.

  • DieMusik

    Nikon, please come up with a real successor to Capture NX2. Or make NX2 compatible with your latest cameras.

    • Merv S

      Nikon can’t make NX2 compatible with their latest cameras. Google bought out the company that made Capture NX2 for Nikon, and then discontinued support for Capture NX2.
      That’s why the successor is Capture NX-D.

      • DieMusik

        I know what happened…I am hoping they could still possibly get necessary patents to revive support. NX-D is such a huge step back for us who have been using NX2 extensively. It’s not just the U-Point technology. The UI and everything else got just so clustered and less usable.

      • That’s not true. They can add new camera support to the old interface and keep NX2 alive indefinitely. But how well that will work with newer big and heavy files is anybody’s guess.

    • JXVo

      you can make all your overall WB, ADL, distortion control and Exposure adjustments in NXi or NXD and then with a single menu click, export the adjusted image as a TIFF into NX2 for further workup. You can save that image as a new NEF in NX2 and all the control point features still work.

      • DieMusik

        I know you can do that, but TIFF to NEF conversion makes the file much larger than a native NEF. Even after conversion to NEF you don’t get exposure, contrast, and all the rest of basic adjustments in the quick menu. If they can at least make NX-D more like NX2 without U-Point capabilities that would be so much better than the current NX-D. NX-D is a big step back not step forward. Nikon could at least implement changes to NX-D to be simpler and more intuitive like NX2 was.

        • Allan

          Because Nikon doesn’t make money from NEF processing software, Nikon has decided not to invest in a Capture NX2 replacement.

          • DieMusik

            NX2 used to be sold for about $150 or more. If you are saying that NX2 was free (like NX-D is right now) that’s not correct. If you mean that they didn’t make profit from NX2 may be. I would have to look at their past annual report.

            • Allan

              “… they didn’t make profit from NX2 …”

              That’s my assumption by their subsequent actions.

            • ZoetMB

              That’s not looking at the whole picture (which Nikon obviously didn’t either). Nikon has to maintain the ecosystem or it has to give third parties the “formula” for their raw files. They can’t have it both ways. If one can’t easily process NEF files, then no one is going to buy Nikon cameras, except those people who only use JPGs.

            • Allan


              But it now has been 2-3 years since the demise of NX2. Many (?most) people who process their NEF’s are not using the Nikon RAW converter. I don’t know how many people have already switched to other camera brands because of poor Nikon software, probably very few.

              I purchased the Nikon P330 for my wife because I could process the NEF’s in Capture NX2. If I replaced this camera today, I wouldn’t buy a little Nikon. There are other low-weight, little cameras that capture RAW. So Nikon has lost my wife as a customer.

            • Allan

              Maybe, Nikon will come out with little cameras and called them DL. (heavy sarcasm)


            • The thing is, the people who never used nikon softwares to process their files will never know how good and natural their images can look. They will be happy with their third party processor(nothing wrong in that) but that’s not the real thing. LR comes close to the look with camera profiles but still misses something.

            • Allan

              I agree that Nikon’s converter gives one the best, initial rendering of a RAW file. But then the workflow with Nikon software becomes slow, awkward, and frequently incomplete (e.g., local adjustments).

              Capture NX2 with the NIK plug-ins made for a relatively, smooth workflow with infrequent need to further use other software. Yes, it had lots of room for improvements. But with Capture NX-D, we got worse software.

              Nikon’s iteration from Capture NX2 to Capture NX-D was a step backwards. Paraphrasing Thom, Nikon did not solve customers’ problems, but added to them.

            • tomherren

              I switched to LR 5.7 but the more I am shooting portraits the less I like colour rendering in LR. So I have started to make basic RAW development in CNX-D and export as TIFF to my old CS5 with Nik Collection for the desired result. A bit complex, but it suits my needs.

            • Well said.

            • And how is making a new software and giving it for free going to help the cause? The real thing is that we have no idea how Nikon thinks.

            • Allan

              I respectfully disagree.

              By their actions, you can see how they think.

              I don’t care how they think. I do care when they replace a good product, NX-2, with a bad product, NX-D, and make my life more difficult.

            • “I don’t care how they think. I do care when they replace a good product, NX-2, with a bad product, NX-D, and make my life more difficult.”
              This is what makes us irritated with nikon and is beyond dispute. I was pointing out the ridiculousness about the financial side of nikon cancelling out a paid and decent working software and coming out with a free and bad software which had to be made from scratch ( ok it is silkypix but still it had to be adapted).

            • Allan

              Thanks for the clarification.

        • JXVo

          I would have far preferred if Nikon dug deep to retain NX2 …but they didn’t. I still prefer doing the two-step into NX2 via NXD rather than using Lightroom because this way I can retain all the in-camera raw settings and still make raw adjustments in NXD. The look of these is adjustements is baked into the TIFF passed to NX2. I then make all the control point adjustments like selective sharpening, resizing, color profiles depending output destination and so on. I normally retain the original NEF and then save the final outputs to NEF or Jpeg depending what they will be used for. I like to print from NEF to my A3+ photo printer but for larger prints the commercial guys prefer jpeg with their colour profile added in. I never save the humungous TIFF files that pass between NXD and NX2

          • If you don’t need to make any local adjustments, why not just Edit from View instead of Capture?

            • JXVo

              Because I shoot a lot of wildlife I am often doing selective sharpening and sometimes dodging/burning certain areas using control points. Global sharpening tends to crystallise noise in the oof areas. NXD and View can’t do the control point stuff, only global adjustments over the whole image.

            • Oh yeah, I hate the sharpening in Nikon software, I always take a TIF into Lightroom or Photoshop for that. Sharpening and noise reduction are the two things that Nikon is far, far behind Adobe and Capture One at doing.

          • Marek Jeznach

            I have exactly the same workflow. Mainly because my D810 was first DSLR not supported by CNX2.

    • jimh

      Wouldn’t that be great? The chance of it happening is zero.

  • DSS

    They need to make View NX-i compatible with 4K screens. It’s nearly impossible for me to use due to the tiny menu and slider font, and I don’t see any options that would make them larger. Can’t see what I’m doing!

    • Stephan

      Mh, I run View NX-i on a 27″ 5K iMac. Can’t complain. The main reason I use Nikon software is that I think they know best how to deal with there raw files. But I am no pro, no need for fast processing of bulk photos.

      • DSS

        I think a 5K 27″ screen is where that makes it possible for you. Mine is a 15.6″ 4K screen.

        • JXVo

          DSS have you already changed your Windows icon and font sizes to medium or large?
          The medium setting makes the Windows icons and text 25% larger but I can see that 4K on 15.6″ monitor would still be very small.

          • DSS

            Haven’t tried that for this particular program, but I’d rather not, since it would change everything on my screen, not just the program. Would prefer if Nikon addressed this issue instead.

  • Glenn Koppel

    Gee, I downloaded the newest version and View NX-1 STILL does not work on my MAC, running Sierra 10.12.6. Would be really nice if Nikon could make it’s software compatible with current operating systems. Capture works ok but is slow, View is useless to me. I had used View for the slideshow function as Capture does not have it and Finder in the MAC is not that great for slideshows either.

  • Achilleas Menos

    what about a new View NXi compatible with MACOS SIERRA 10.12.x ????

  • I’m still using Nikon View NX 2, because the first couple versions of NXi were too buggy and slow. I guess I should try again…

    People laugh at Nikon Software, but View NX is a fantastic workflow tool, it’s like Photomechanic but free! Then again, I suppose if you don’t know what Photomechanic is, or don’t need what it offers in terms of high-speed culling, then Nikon doesn’t have much else to offer you.

    • Allan

      I still use View NX2 and Capture NX2 for my D7100, D90 and P330.

      • Both NX2 work great. They are different story than -D & -i

        • As someone who processes high volumes of images, Capture NX was never an option for me. I either do what I need to do in View NX and then batch from there, or I go to Capture One Pro…

      • DieMusik

        Capture NX2 is a great tool. I still use it for all my Nikon DSLRs.

  • jimh

    Funny because I just installed ViewNX a couple of days ago – I needed a new way to manage IPTC and keywords. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen software crash that fast or that often. After a half-dozen attempts to do anything with it, all of which ended in crashes, I uninstalled it.

  • Jørgen P.

    After updating to 1.2.10 I can no longer convert NEF files. I get the message: “You cannot apply this operation to unsupported files. Please re-select files and try again.” But NEF-files is very much supported. Anyone???

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