Weekly Nikon news flash #433

New Nikon D7500 book.

→ New: Really Right Stuff BD7500-L L-Plate for Nikon D7500 cameras.

→ From Dpreview - The D850 should dismiss the idea that Nikon is on the ropes:

"To be clear, I've not done much more than handle the D850 so far. Until we've spent a lot more time testing the camera, we won't know whether it's as good as its specs suggest it should be. But if it can deliver on a significant proportion of this promise, it'll be one hell of a camera. That would make Nikon look like a company fresh for the next round, rather than unsteady on its feet and heading for the canvas."

→ Pictures from the Nikon Fan meeting in Japan can be found here and here.

→ Turn your camera into a webcam with the new Elgato Cam Link.

→ Sony A9 vs. Canon 1Dxii vs. Nikon D5 flagship epic shootout review (recap starts at the 33:00 mark).

Nikon anniversary products promo video.

→ Nikkor lenses with Lukasz Palka.

Nikon W300 vs. Olympus TG-5 road trip shootout.

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  • Where’s my DL?

    • Antonio

      Have you tried lost-and-found? 🙂

    • TinusVerdino

      Didn’t Launch.

    • decentrist

      it’s hiding behind your flat rendering zoom.

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      A missed opportunity, should have done it sooner and would have led to more market up take of Nikon products.

  • MB

    Nikon Expeed is more of an architecture than just a processor, so I wonder if Expeed 5 as used in D850 is the same as the one used in D5 or D500 (D7500) …
    There is no reason why Nikon could not use faster clocked components or ARM processor with more cores in the same Expeed generation …
    Also I think Nikon should do a better job advertising the fact that Expeed is SMP multicore (ARM processor based) architecture for a some time now as for example Canon does with their Digic …

    • Amir

      They will probably put that newer Expeed on D6;otherwise,almost no one is stupid enough to invest on that semi-doomed D5 body when D500 specifically or D850 in general is more than enough for the job!

  • Wait, is any nikon camera even compitable with cam link?

  • Francis Lou

    I saw DL and click the link…

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