Nikon temporarily suspended the shipping of the 100th anniversary edition D5, D500 cameras and lens set

Nikon Japan announced today that they have temporarily suspended the shipping of the following 100th anniversary commemorative products:

Nikon D5 100th anniversary edition (pre-order: B&H | Adorama)

Nikon D500 100th anniversary edition (Pre-order: B&H | Adorama)

Nikkor triple f/2.8 zoom lens set 100th anniversary edition (Pre-order: B&H | Adorama)

Shipment is scheduled to resume in late October. The reason for the delay is a problem with the logo printing process (Google translation):

Notice and apology for temporary suspension of camera / lens product of Nikon 100th anniversary commemoration model

August 23, 2017
Thank you very much for your continued patronage of Nikon products.

We shipped the shipment because it turned out that the logo printing of the attached special metal case was peeled off in some camera / lens products currently on sale as a model commemorating the 100th anniversary of Nikon.

Products that temporarily stop shipping will be three products, "D5 100th Anniversary Model", "D500 Centennial Anniversary Model", "NIKKOR F 2.8 Zoom Triple Lens Set 100 Year Anniversary Model". The ordering period started from 15th June to 31st August 2017, and started selling on July 28th ("D5 100th anniversary model only" August 5th). In either case, we shipped the shipment because the special metal case with the 100th anniversary logo and serial number engraving plate is attached.

Resume of shipment is planned for late October 2017 to ensure thorough quality improvement. Regarding your order, we will accept it until August 31 as planned.

If you have already purchased this product and have it at hand, we will replace the attached special metal case. We will notify you as soon as details on the replacement method are decided, we appreciate your patience as we wait for a while.

The Nikon D5 special edition was already delayed once. A list of all Nikon 100th anniversary commemorative products can be found here.

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  • Steve

    Oh no, how will I live I was waiting to get out there with my D5 that has a 100th anniversary written on the strap. #tears

    • ランギ マコール

      It’s a different color too FWIW…

      …what will I do with my GOLD 100th anniversary hot shoe cover already got here! (I didn’t actually buy that lol)

  • silmasan

    D850 100th anniversary edition to join the lineup soon? :-p

  • Régis Ecochard

    perhaps ready for the 101st anniversary (don’t forget to update the logo) :-))

    • Sports

      You mean, let the early adopters of the 100th anniversary products find the bugs, so that we can safely buy the 101st anniversary products?

  • Steve

    They’ve had 100 years to plan for their 100 year anniversary and couldn’t even get a new product out or announced on that date. Enough said.

  • Eno

    For that money they could have hired an artist to manually print the logo.

  • Sandro Campanelli

    Oh my God Nikon. Each product has a problem.
    Check it out first?

  • FountainHead

    For christ’s sake… Nikon can’t even get a paint job right in the first release.

    My next body is likely the 5s… but only after the inevitable bugs are worked out by early adopters.

    • This was embarrassing.

      • GeoffB

        Nikon has to recall the commemorative box – is that funny or sad?

        • Thom Hogan

          Sad, because it just joins a long list of things that they haven’t QA’d properly.

          It would be funny if it were the first product to have a QA problem.

          • Steve

            Yeh, I think I’ll let others beta test their new camera…

    • Steve

      Exactly; still wanna beta test the D850? 😉

  • Allan

    Any problems with the T-shirts?

    • John

      Yes. One side of the shirt is soft.

    • New Yoko

      Nikon site had a wrong description on Women’s blend, Nikon changed it after I notify of it and they gave me a free shirt.

  • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

    I wish the D850 came with a 100th year sticker on it.
    It only makes sense because it is the only true new camera to come out in 2017.
    Specially when is a top tear high tech dslr.

  • Geoff Mountfield

    For the price, it should have been engraved!!

    • Eno

      ….engraved in gold!

    • Luboš

      It is not engraved? hmmm, maybe a sticker from Aliexpress.

    • John Alexander

      Gold inlayed

  • MB

    This is really embarrassing … Nikon really shouldn’t have been so cheap with these 20$ worth cases … not only they look bad with expensive 100th year anniversary series but now they will have to replace them all … buy cheap, buy twice … but in this case they will loose a bit more than just money … reputation … confidence … lets hope they did a bit better job with that unique metallic gray finish paint job …

    • animalsbybarry

      Nikon already has a firmly established reputation of releasing new products with defects and fixing the defects later

  • animalsbybarry

    I plan to wait till spring to decide on my next new camera
    If this is the D850 than having waited will allow Nikon to fix the defects that most new Nikon cameras seem to have before I dry mine

    When I said something like this in an earlier post you asked me how I know the D850 will be defective when it first comes out….
    The defective anniversary set is just one more example that makes me confident that any new new Nikon camera will have defects to fix when it comes out

    This is not an issue unique to Nikon, but certainly Nikon has been plagued by this problem

    • abortabort

      Tell that to the D750 getting ‘fixes’ years later. Waiting doesn’t seem to be a fix.

    • BillK

      Typically most of their issues can be fixed via firmware, which is common these days.

  • Claude Mayonnaise

    I own Nikon gear. This is beyond ridiculous. Sorry, but you can’t trust this company to get it right at the moment. Hopefully they can sort out their team and rebound in a few years. such awful timing with the release of the D850. While a logo peeling off is a small petty flaw, the price tag for this gear warrants a flawless release.

    • Thom Hogan

      Repeated problems like this are because of management.

      • Claude Mayonnaise

        It sure is. In most cases, if you or I or anyone in any field had the job performance failures Nikon has had lately we’d all be searching for s new position.

  • Eric Calabros

    Exactly a message a sinking ship signals

    • Eric Calabros

      Of course even advanced ships are in danger of sinking in Japan shores these days.

      • FountainHead

        Then you’ve got the N. Korean fleet specifically chosen to sink the US Navy: Two trawlers, three tankers, and a handful of crab-fishing boats…

  • animalsbybarry

    Nikon has created a real problem for themselves
    By consistently releasing defective products, then fixing them later…
    People have learned that the best way to purchase a Nikon product is to wait till they have been out for a while before buyin them

    The problem for Nikon is that by the time people have waited to buy the now fixed Nikon product the competition has already produced newer more advanced competing products

    So do you buy an old Nikon camera or a new competitor camera ?

    Clearly more and more people are choosing to buy the newer competitor product, and Nikon market share has been dropping

    This is not the only reason for Nikon’s difficulties, but it is certainly one of them

    • Sports

      Canon will probably release competing 100th anniversary products soon.

  • DSP~

    Pathetic. Just pathetic. Why not skip overpriced shit in the first place and put the money into development or marketing? …
    “Nah, just please some retired rich guys with overpriced collectors items. It’ll be just fine”

    • Eric Calabros

      But now even retired rich guys feel hesitation

    • Sports

      Retired rich guys will switch to Sony now.

  • Luboš

    Well, we should all appreciate this time. After some years to come, we are going to talk about this time, laugh and talk about the way Nikon really screw thinks up, and only after firing whole top management including el presidente, Nikon actually make remarkable recovery and everything is OK. And the products are the way Nikon deserve it.

  • Steve

    Nikon’s new slogan:

    “I AM…really bad at quality control”

  • Luboš

    Thom should put on his web side the questionnaire for “how many recalls this D850 would have”. Give it six months and winner would get some T shirt or something 🙂

  • Vil

    Fail! Nikon can’t seem to get anything right!

  • Vil

    A red flag to say don’t buy the first batch of D850s. Good one Nikon!

  • sickheadache

    This is truly sad news for the Ten’s of People who bought into this wonderful deal at Nikon. Keep Hope Alive.

  • Lladnar

    Tick, tick, tick…

  • Davo

    What if D850 announcement (originally slated for anniversary month) was delayed 2 months because they found a last minute glitch that they’ve fixed now.
    Not sure to be sad or glad if theoretically that was the case.

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