Nikon D850 updates: no EVF or hybrid viewfinder, even faster than 8 fps

Two quick but important updates on the Nikon D85o specifications I published yesterday:

  • The Nikon D850 has no EVF or hybrid viewfinder, the D850 is "regular" DSLR camera
  • The Nikon D850 will be even faster than 8 fps (still do not have exact fps number)

The D850 will be a very fast camera. Remember the words used in the official press release: "high-resolution", "high-speed", designed for shooting "commercial sports" and "powerful new FX-format digital SLR camera".

Additional D850 coverage can be found here. Like also the new Nikon D850 Facebook page.

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  • Phenoy

    It will have 8.5fps.

    • John

      Sure, in cropped mode requiring the battery/vertical grip

  • superdan_x

    I’m throwing this out at a litmus test. If Nikon uses usb-c, they are finally looking to the future. If they are still stuck on USB-3, they are stuck in the past.

    • Would be nice to have USB-C but is it really so crucial to progress?

    • MB

      You do realize USB-C is connector type and USB3 interface soecification,,,
      Devices heaving USB-C connector can, and usually do, support USB3 specification … what you want is USB 3.1 gen2 interface that supports 10Gbps using USB-C connector…

      • Allan

        We all knew that. 🙂

        • John Alexander


  • Giano Art

    Nikon should take care of Video as Canon do. Video is the future. Now you can take 36Mp still with a RED camera at 75fps with 17 EV of dinamic range. of course a weapon 8k costs 50k$ now but in a couple of years the technology will be in the target of many mainstream company. Led technology for lighting is growing and advantage to shoot video and still in the same time is undeniable. more and more clients ask for Photos and Video in my professional experience. Canon and Sony are all ready on this train because their video division. Hope Nikon is building something that will last.

    • Baris

      Best reply ever,video is future I totally agree

    • Tony

      I wouldn’t dispute that video is part of the future, but you should not discount the importance of stills. There are many static subjects (landscapes, portraits) to which video will usually add nothing, and many dynamic subjects (sports, wildlife) for which freezing the right moment can have greater impact than a video.
      I assume that the D850 will be primarily a stills camera which can shoot video, and most people (myself included) will probably buy it as such. My guess is that the distinction between “primarily stills” and “primarily video” cameras will persist for a very long time – at the moment the differences in price, size, egonomics, etc. are too huge.

      • Giano Art

        I’m totally agree with you. I was meaning to use video to take still by a single frame of a video take.

    • John Alexander

      funny Nikon was the FIRST DSLR to shoot video in the D90
      look how far they have come

  • animalsbybarry

    We now have good rumors about many of the D850 specs…but other than faster than 8fps no rumors on burst rate

    So I have decided to try to guess, and here is my reasoning for my GUESS
    D500=10 fps
    D5=12 fps
    Sony A99ii=12 fps

    The D5 has a full frame mirror and can do 12 fps
    The A99ii has 42 mp and can do 12 fps
    The D850 will be like a big brother to the D500 which does 10 fps

    So 12 fps is possible, and in order to match the A99ii Nikon would need to go 12 fps
    Nikon needs to at least match the speed of its little brother at 10 fps

    Therefore my best GUESS would be 10-12 fps, and I would lean towards the 12 fps end of my guess……since Nikon would of course preffer to be the latest greatest camera available

    Now perhaps part of that is wishful thinking, but Nikon does describe the camera as fast

    • Max

      Nikon has never tried to compete with Sony’s specs as far as I can tell.

      They leed where it matters more: ergonomics, ruggedness and dependability, lens selection, responsiveness, and other factors that come into play in real world shooting.
      Also, speed comes down to more than just fps – the immediacy of an OVF, no shutter lag, the dedicated phase detect af system.

      If anything, they are more likely to emulate or beat Canon. I’m thinking 5D in this case.

      Regarding fps I’m guessing 8,5 fps and 9-10 in dx mode.

    • JXVo

      D5 has a much more powerful battery with both higher voltage and capacity than the previous small body FX cameras…so it has the juice to drive higher mirror and shutter speeds and related demands. I doubt we would see fps performance equivalent to D5 in the new D850 because there is nowhere to fit that big battery ( except in a grip) and you would need double the data processing capacity for a sensor reputed to be more than double the D5’s resolution.

      No matter how its done the D850 needs a lot more battery and processing power to drive anything faster than the current 5fps in D810. Removing the flash and its large internal capacitor buys some space but is it enough considering the D500 style body may be smaller than D810 and the larger FX mirror box also consumes some of that space.

      • animalsbybarry

        Confidently Nikon has just anounced a new EN EL 18B battery
        A replacement for the EN EL 18A battery
        This battery works with the multi battery grip on the D500 ( and other Nikon battery grips) and is about twice as powerful as the battery that goes in the camera now
        Perhaps it is for the D850 ????
        I will post the link separate because links go to moderation

    • John

      Why would Nikon make the D850 a camera that would make the D5 completely obsolete at 1/2 the price? Most likely it will be 8fps and the “faster than 8fps” comment was probably a poorly translated statement that meant as fast as 8fps(meaning at maximum with either battery grip or in a cropped mode). The A99mk2 is not a model Nikon is worried about competing with. If the D850 has the new AF system at 42mp+ that would leave the D5 as a paperweight, Spending 3k more on the D5 for what?

  • Rich Murray

    They’ve bumped the D5 to 24MP. WOW! 🙂 🙂

  • Antonio

    Isn’t mirror shock absorption also important or is it just the fps?
    I find it rather strange that nobody refers to it and it’s an important factor to allow shooting at lower exposure times with a so high Mpx count.

  • be realistic, i say 10fps according to my analysis and they have to engage two Expeed 5 at least. If there is no Expeed 6 yet 🙂

  • Definitely i agree that flapping mirror at this resolution is an issue. It was already with D800, then they made new design of mirror mechanism for D810 and it helped a lot to get sharp images…

    • Michiel953

      So they’re probably keeping or improving that mechanism, which is excellent btw, for the D850.

  • Antonio

    Congratulations you just almost revolutionized reflex cameras design and construction!..and I say “almost” because you didn’t go far enough and still kept the prism ( I wonder why!?!).

  • John Alexander

    in 1984 Canon had the F! which did 15 FPS and thats with film advance LOL

  • John Alexander

    canon F1 1984 did 15 FPS with film advance lol

    • John Alexander

      OH my bad only did 14FPS
      but that’s in 1984

      • C-M

        Nikon F3H only did 13.5 fps in 1986

        • John Alexander

          Yeah after 30+ years looks like 14 FPS is the limit to a mechanical shutter/mirror

    • Phenoy

      Isn’t that with a pellicle mirror, like Sony’s SLT?

      • John Alexander

        yes it was Canon was the first to use that tech

  • animalsbybarry

    The D5 is a more relevant comparison because it is already in a Nikon camera currently in production, so Nikon is clearly capable of building it.

  • Jean Nadeau

    Time will tell, but I worry that the features which made the D500 great (at low light) might ruin the D850 as a landscape camera. I also hate to admit, but if the price is too high, as an amateur/enthusiast, it might be better to go with the xt2 with a couple of lenses even if all my lenses are for Nikon, although I still think the D500 would be a better option over the xt2 for my situation.

    I also think the enthusiast market for the D850 might be larger than professional since it is getting harder for professional (especially those not already established) to make a living (some enthusiast do it for free, and people are happy with phone pictures). I would love to know how many D500 and D810 where sold since its release worldwide, and if possible, the percentage of non pro who bought them.

    I just hope that the D850 come in with good specs and a reasonable price, because I don’t want to see another flop from Nikon. The D7500 was bad mostly because it was priced too high (maybe because they want to sell the remaining inventory of D7200 and D7100?) or to reinforced people to buy the D500 instead since the D7500. The D500 is only marginally more expensive but you get so much more. Hoping the D850 isn’t a meh!

  • Mike A

    It’s a shame, an EVF or hybrid viewfinder, was a great opportunity for Nikon with the D850 to start/continue helping change the narrative of Nikon Senior Management incompetence…

  • John

    What Barry thinks Nikon should do and what Nikon does are two different things. Reality is a bitch but Nikon isn’t going to produce a 3500-4000 camera that renders it’s 6500 model obsolete. Trying to use logic and reason are moronic when dealing with these companies. The D850 most likely will be 8fps cropped and with the battery/vertical grip. If I ran Nikon yes I would drop a D850 in a mirrorless and SLR models with great FPS, hybrid EVF and all the things we all want. If that was done people wouldn’t need to buy a camera for a long time and long term sales would drop and their stock price which is the long term goal of any business. Like the iPhone year by year small upgrades are released, people buy new models out of desire. Producing a product lauded as “the only digital camera you’ll ever need” sounds great but bad for the camera maker.

    • Steve Timman

      Nikon may be at a point where they need to think now-term or there will be no long term to worry about.

    • animalsbybarry

      If Nikon does not build the best camera for me, I will buy the best camera for me from someone else.

      • John

        What current Nikon camera does not suit your needs?

        • animalsbybarry

          I want a super high resolution camera with super fast autofocus to track stuff like birds in flight, and a fast frame rate and good high ISO performance
          I also want electronic viewfinder with rapid refresh and no blackout and the availability of good light long lenses

          Currently no camera out there fully meets my needs

          When that camera is made I will buy it….until then I will settle for the best currently available

          • John

            That camera exists, the Sony A9. You don’t need more than 24mp unless you are printing larger than 60″ wide which I’m sure you are not. I’ve seen plenty of billboards shot on 24mp.

            • animalsbybarry

              You are arguing just to argue at this point
              No 24mp is not enough
              And yes I print bigger than 60″
              And I have no use for a 24mp ff camera….with no available long lenses ( despite the fact that I like the cameras performance)

            • John

              What’s your website Barry?

            • animalsbybarry

              I have not updated it in a very long time so everything is at least 7-8 years old but….

            • animalsbybarry


              I have not updated it in a long time so everything is at least 7-8 years old

            • KnightPhoto

              You are a true artist Barry – well done!

            • animalsbybarry
            • John

              Nikon D1X 5.3mp prints beautifully on a 36″, I’m quite sure 24mp is enough, again like I said I’ve seen plenty of 24mp work on billboards, the larger the print the farther you stand away from it to view. Please share these prints you have larger than 60″ in high dpi.

  • Wildness

    I, for one, am thankful they aren’t going to bastardize the DSLR with an OVF/EVF combo. I look forward to how they do the EVF on a mirrorless camera, but until then let’s leave the hybridization experiments to the smaller companies.

    • John

      Because having a switch to choose OVF/EVF is such a terrible thing, putting a screen on the back side of the pentaprism is bastardizing the camera. I, for one, think your commment is ridiculous. I’m sure a hybrid system would just ruin your day, of technology isn’t your thing you shouldn’t be looking to upgrade, I’m quite sure the D810/D5/D500 will fulfill all your needs.

      • Christopher Eaton

        I hope you feel better after that outburst.

        • John

          And to what purpose does your comment serve? Do you feel better commenting on mine? Some idiot whining about adding technology would turn him off from buying a D850 when he hasn’t even tried it is pretty ignorant. All these people so interested in the D850 but not wanting new technology, just stick with your D810/D5 then. But Christopher thanks for chiming in for no reason

  • Baris

    They never meant evf or hybrid but all are talking like they did it 🙂 funny

  • Marek Kunicki

    So much whining in the comments, yet thousands of photographers are still earning a decent living shooting Canon, who seems to be innovating less than anyone else right now.

    D5 focus system, tilt screen in a pro grade camera, and anything else is certainly welcome in my book.

    Nikon will be working on a mirrorless line, but in the meantime advancements in their dslr line is absolutely welcome.

    Most of the photographers I know that are making the most money are using older, beat up equipment that’s been to hell and back. If you’re just a hobbyist and want the most advanced technology there’s nothing wrong with that, buy an a9. But please stop complaining about Nikon for continuing to improve their dslrs. Those of us that make a living from this stuff can take great photos with whatever we have in our hands, and being a good business person is way more important than what gear you’re using.

  • Ed Hassell

    I had a thought: there have been several threads about the capability of Expeed 5 and whether or not it can be tweaked to run faster and/or in parallel. However, Expeed 6 already exists — it just hasn’t appeared in a camera to date. It, or a version of it, was to have been in the three dead- before-released DL bridge cameras. It is quite possible that a version of Expeed 6 is slated for the D850 and that it has the increase in processing power needed to handle the D850’s 4K video requirements.

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    Exactly my thoughts : Guessing similar noise behavior to D500. If one for one reason or the other would have to crop to aprox. DX size they would have essentially D500 results

  • John
  • John

    Your website is for painting of animals not photographs? So you don’t print photographs larger than 60″. You speak about yourself in the 3rd person on your “about page” that’s strange. So you aren’t a professional photographer, you paint animals on canvas and need more than 24mp for what exactly?

    • animalsbybarry

      You keep arguing …it is getting tiresome…this is my last comment on this thread

      I use my photos for reference and make large prints ( up to 72″ ) for to work from as well as multip prints of detailed close ups for more detail

      • John

        I keep prooving you wrong. You could have mentioned you print larger than 60″ because you use them as a reference to paint from not to sell as a print. You don’t need high definition to work from so again your comment about requiring more than 24mp is complete bullshit. You WANT a D850 you don’t NEED it for work. Your paintings aren’t even that detailed anyways. Barry you have skills painting I agree but don’t give me a line of crap needing more than 24mp. What kind of artist needs the same size photo print as the painting they are working on? Your arguement holds no water

  • pest

    It’s okay my friend. OVF is the future 😉

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