Confirmed: the Nikon D810 replacement will be called Nikon D850

In the past few months, I have been going back and forth on the actual model name for the Nikon D810 replacement. I am now certain that the new camera will be called Nikon D850 and not Nikon D820. I am still not sure if the official announcement will be next week, but the fact that I got confirmation for the name, gives us hope. Stay tuned.

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  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Just as the D800’s sensor was a full frame version of the D7000’s DX sensor, the D850’s will most probably a full framed version of the D7500’s, which should give the D850 a nice improvement in DR over the D800/D810. Having said that, a full framed version of the D7200’s sensor would have given it even better DR, while giving Nikon 54Mp to brag about, but if they didn’t improve the pipeline it wouldn’t even be able to do cropped 1080p properly, much less 4K.

    • paige4o4

      Isn’t the D7200 a Sony sensor, and the D7500 is a nikon sensor (or as much as “Nikon” sensor as they can make)?

      • silmasan

        These are from previous NR articles:
        D7200: “Sony IMX-193”
        D500: “Sony IMX321” (assuming D7500 uses the same)

        Their DR don’t actually differ that much (better than “Nikon”/ex-Toshiba ones) and are among the best of APS-C, so either one would be a pretty safe bet.

      • CaMeRa QuEsT

        D7100/D7200 use a Toshiba sensor. Toshiba’s sensor business was bought by Sony. D500/D7500 use a custom Sony sensor made to Nikon’s specs,

  • Wonil Suh

    What are they going to do when the model number reaches D890? It become D900? What about D700 series — does it get “promoted” to D800?

    • toinks

      this is where canon is better than nikon. they can use the “mark xx” name for many many years

      • Stevie Jay Elmm

        Agreed. In a weird advertising way I also feel it makes the Canon 5D stand out as that big camera attraction. Canon 5D has a legacy behind it. Nikon needs to make that change

        • Bob Thane

          Yeah, similar to the Nikon F.

          I think Nikon will move back to letters at some point.

          Nikon ML for a mirrorless camera, Nikon S for a sports camera, Nikon Q for a high res camera, Nikon E for the entry level camera, whatever.

          Then you can just append numbers to your heart’s content – Nikon Q 1, two years later the Nikon Q 2, then the Nikon Q 3 – limitless.

          • Captain Megaton

            Canon borked their own scheme by jumping to the 1D mk X.

        • Rich

          Interesting point. A D800 mk3 might carry more heritage than a D850. One feels contemporary – the other a traditional and improved

        • PhilK

          Either that or it just sounds like a boring, slightly-different spinoff of the original.

          Nikon is widely thought of as a ‘conservative’ company but I actually think Canon’s DSLR naming scheme is much more conservative than Nikon’s.

          • Stevie Jay Elmm

            Good point as well. I picked up a Nikon D7500 the other day in the store and I liked it. I like Nikon’s new grip. I’m thinking of selling off the little Canon gear I have besides my original 5D (love that old camera) and going Nikon. I got tons of Nikon film cameras but never did digital sadly.

            • PhilK

              Well you can get a lot of bang for the buck now that you’ve waited all this time. 😀

    • ToastyFlake

      They will call it the Nikon Ocho.

  • unimo36090

    i hope they release the d750 replacement along with it.

  • Bob Thane

    Nah, 3MP, 100 fps.

  • Shutterbug

    I don’t think anyone ever actually thought it would be a D820. You don’t have to look very hard to see that based on their recent numbering scheme,

    • ToastyFlake

      Plenty of people thought it would be D820. More so than any other number. A web search of “D810 replacement” will show you that.

  • AkaruiHotaru

    It is 20 minutes past noon, July 24th in Tokyo. There is is no announcement by Nikon or any major japanese photography website about an event hosted by Nikon tomorrow, so I have no idea what makes you think that there will be an announcement about a product tomorrow. Nikon is clearly not focused on its imaging business and they already expected losses to continue until March 2018. If D850 was to launch they would have factored that in.

    • geofflivingston

      You don’t need an event to make an announcement. Welcome to the 21st century. The press conference is dead.

      • AkaruiHotaru

        So you think that that a marketing person, would sit in his office and say: “Hmm, it is our 100th anniversary and we have this ultra cool product to launch tomorrow. What shall we do? Well, we’ll just send a PR and let’s not bother about it. People can read about it anyway.”

        • geofflivingston

          See above response.

      • Salty-snack

        Lol. Please tell that to Apple, Microsoft, Google, Tesla, etc etc etc.

        Do you really think that the launch of a flagship product with a refresh cycle measured in years rather than monthly and during the 100th anniversary of a hugely influential company will come in the form of a simple press release?

        I don’t think so.

        And if that’s what happens then Nikon might as well close up shop.

        • geofflivingston

          Yes, I do because I have been in PR and marketing for 25 years, and Nikon explicitly stated that they were intending a surprise for the 100 year anniversary. If you want to keep a surprise, then don’t broadcast it with a thousand invites to people with pens.

          For every Apple, Microsoft, Google, Tesla, etc. etc. etc. there are thousands of companies who simply issue announcements. Most embargo them with friendly media who agree not to publish until that day. I have personally done this myself with Nikon Rumors when I represented a lens company. Don’t underestimate the power of the embargo or NDAs.

          There are three real possibilities for the next 24 hours with Nikon:

          1) They completely whiffed and everyone is going to say they suck.

          2) They are operating under embargo/NDA with select reporters or one very big publication.

          3) They have withheld the news successfully without telling anyone, pulling off the actual surprise.

          My money is on 2 or 3 having read enough little teases her on Nikon Rumors. And if it is 2 or 3, my hat is tipped to Nikon marketing. I really hope it is not 1.

    • Captain Megaton

      Don’t expect Kazuo Ushida to exclain “and one more thing” before pulling a D850 out of a paper bag. Nikon product announcements are just promotional materials and a timed NDA.

      All we have to go on is a rumor that the announcement would be timed with a July 25th press release commemorating the 100th anniversary.

      Such a press release would be issued with no warning, and would come out Tuesday, Japan time, either 10 am or 1 pm.

      • ToastyFlake

        So, maybe tonight at 11pm EDT.

    • I don’t know what makes you think that they should be an event that will be announced in advance… Nikon doesn’t announce anything in advance, otherwise this website would not exist.

    • What makes you think that Nikon is not focused on their imaging business? Do you have some inside info you can share with us, or this is just your opinion?

      • AkaruiHotaru

        Peter, have a look at the following English language presos:

        There is another 78-page document in Japanese that was distributed during the Friday meeting in May. I can send it to you via e-mail or even translate the 1.5 page-long relevant paragraph. Just to be clear, I am not saying that Nikon is abandoning its imaging business. All I am saying is that it will not drive the transition, and it is a great transition. The are in the process of a 1 year, restructuring that I do not thin a company this size would have even dared to consider in the US. Japanese efficiency!!! I work for a competitor of Nikon, but I personally use Nikon gear 60% of the time (don’t tell my boss), so I wish them all the best. And even though we are competitors we do collaborate in R&D especially in the area of Deep Learning, so exciting stuff will come in the next 2 years, and that is why I will hold on to my Nikon gear . And here is were I really have to shut up.

  • unimo36090

    i think nikon will build both dslr’s and mirrorless. we have yet to see if their ff mirrorless will be able to compete, dslr’s has always been nikon’s strengths.

  • John Richmond

    It would have been great if it were a D850m, mirrorless in a 7200 body 46 mp and silent shutter at 10 fps. Just dreaming,
    I’m sure the D850 will be just fine.

  • Nikita

    Every model has to be at level 5? Superficial, Nikon.

    • ToastyFlake


  • Nguyên Toét

    Ok..let me guess…D850 with 50mpx, 5fps, iso 50-5000000, 5-axis IS only for video built-in, X-speed 5, 4k with 25 fps in 25 minutes (also 30/50/60fps) in Fullframe mode….you are number 5…:3

    • Iso 32 native for that goodness gracious 16+ stops of DR magic and larger-than-FX-sensor killing performance.

  • It may have a tilt screen??

    • Captain Megaton

      Guaranteed. Think D500 with an FX sensor.

  • Now imagine it comes with integrated OVF&EVF fuji style …

  • triggered

    will probably get one in 2018 after the initial hype, and after any technical issues with the first batch have been ironed out

  • Bob

    Would like to have D850 to replace my current D7000.

    • Shutterbug

      That will be quite the upgrade!

  • Zeckson

    So admin, are we expecting an announcement on 25th? Its just 1 more day only… I’m excited!

    • I expect the D850 if anything.

      Anything more than the D850 would be a surprise.

      • Zeckson

        However, Nikon’s 100th Anniversary… I hope they will not just announce 1 product and go celebrating… Damn, I am actually fixated on my screen now and counting down the minutes! It is 11:30pm, 24 July 2017 over here…!

  • peter w

    nothing wrong with the name. I’ll be calling it Camera anyway.
    Now the camera itself, the pricing, the DxO rating, then the little bugs.

    Are you ready Peter? 😉

    • peter w

      (sorry, I seem to have upvoted myself 🙁 extremely silly… but at least not intentionally)

    • I am always ready 🙂

  • Markus

    So what do we expect from tomorrow?

    • If anything – the D850, anything else would be a surprise.

  • Markus

    D850 will be the high res cam of Nikon. So I can not see this.

    • Ferdinand

      Would be nice if you have an option for speed 🙂 ” Jack of all Trade” hehe

      • Vincent Kwan

        Today is such a long day. I still hope the D850 has a built-in flash, same as D810

        • Ferdinand

          Built-in flash is a great emergency flash.

  • Kévin le Pape

    As I’m most a wildlife photographer than other subjects, I’d like to know if the d850 is real only for landscape ? even if the fps is 5-6 (i rarely use 9fps of my d3s) if the autofocus is good as the d500 maybe I’m interesting.
    Hope to see a replacement of the d750 perhaps.
    Actually my d3s is almost perfect for me except the resolution is not enough sometimes 🙁
    D5 too expensive, d500 is dx format, d750 seems good but d4 technology.
    I think i’ll wait and see what happens next year.

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      Good call,, be good if it is 5 fps in 46mp (as a minimum) but with varying sizes of Raw and cropping sizes the fps can increase up to 8 fps (dx crop) 20 mp matching up with D7500

    • ToastyFlake

      I think this camera will be great for wildlife. Maybe not as fast as the d500, but a big step up from the d810.

    • JXVo

      The high Mp sensors of D8x0 give good latitude for cropping and the AF systems are good so they make quite nice cameras for wildlife provided your lenses are sharp enough to take advantage of the high resolution.
      It would be nice to have higher fps for action sequences though.

  • Winstead

    Hello, i would like to ask, is there going to be some kind of live event that i could watch where they will be announcing all the new stuff, or its only going to appear in news on Nikon website? thanks

    • Shutterbug

      Very unlikely

    • Not that I know of.

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    specs update?

    • Shutterbug

      We already know most of the specs. D5 AF, D5 meter, Expeed 5 or better, D500-ish body, approx. 46MP, etc.

      • Nikos Delhanidis

        I was hoping for news on fps

        • Shutterbug

          Indeed that remains a mystery. A good guess is +1 across the board (in all crop modes too) from the D810.

          • Nikos Delhanidis

            That would be my guess too, although i have a suspicion that the new processor and memory chips used in D500 / D5 can handle quite more than that

            • Shutterbug

              Probably. Processing MP/s has never been an issue for Nikon (the V3 did over 1000 MP/s). It’s more likely limited by the shutter assembly, and in the D850 the balance between a soft, quiet, dampened shutter and speed.

  • Nakayamahanzaemon

    Today (Tokyo time, by the way), Mr. Nobuyoshi Gokyu, the head of Nikon’s imaging division, suggested the release of a new camera.

    “We’ll release the second new product this year after the D7500 which has come out recently. It’ll be a model which pros and enthusiasts appreciate very much. Stay tuned.”

    He didn’t specify further, but it may be the D850.

  • eric

    im content with my d810 and see no reason to upgrade…i will be looking to see what Mirrorless solution Nikon comes up with next year. might end up making the d850 look antiquated.

  • Daniel Han

    I want:
    42~46MP sensor, backlit Sony sensor would be great
    Really good dynamical range
    Really good low ISO, the ISO 64 on the D810 is terrific, hope the replacement is better!
    D750/D500 grip profile
    Flippy screen
    7 FPS burst with an en-el18b, cmon Nikon you can do it!
    AT LEAST one XQD slot. I won’t mind 2 but I think many people will. So let’s just have XQD+SD or CF
    Thumbstick to select focus point
    Focusing engine of the D5
    4k video (I don’t care, wouldn’t care if it didn’t even do 144p aka no video, but it would be laughable in the current year to not have 4k, as Justin Troodoh says: Because it’s 2016… I mean 2017!!!)
    Built in Wifi and GPS could be neat, some people like it, I don’t care really. I would love to use my small wireless shutter release for the D750 on it though.

    Oh and Nikon please keep the AI indexing and screwdrive D-series lens support (in body AF motor). Just don’t do another D7500 on us.

  • Is there anything else interesting in that article? The Google translation doesn’t make sense. Are they talking about a new camera being announced tomorrow?

    • HD10

      Not much else beyond that. Here is a similar translation and comment by a friend, Akira:

      “According to the report, Mr. Nobuyoshi Gokyu, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Imaging Business Unit, said during his speech that they will release a second new model for 2017 which would satisfy “the pro and the
      hi-amateur” segment.

      The word “hi-amateur” should be a Japanese-English word that could be interpreted as “enthusiast”. So, it should be safe to assume that the second new model released after D7500 for 2017 is D850.”

  • He is making up shit as he goes. Not worth discussing him here.


      but he’s witty and funny… I wish you all would get along since you know … were all Nikon Fanboi’s and all..

      • I cannot get along with someone who has been spamming my blogs for months under multiple names to promote his YouTube channel. He is just a troll, nothing more. I usually delete any reference to his channel, should have deleted this one as well.

        • Captain Insane-O

          Maximus is the angry piggy. Who else would call that loon witty

          • MAXIMUS


  • bobgrant

    The new D850 will be a fine and expensive camera. Fine and expensive upset a lot of people, especially if they already own fine and expensive gear that suddenly becomes slightly less fine against new tech. And this the waterfall of nonsense starts, peaks and ebbs. Every time.

  • catinhat

    Why do so many people want very high fps and very high resolution in the same body is beyond me. That would be hell of a lot of data to move around for no obvious reason.

  • Ozzy Guy

    Any information when the first “service” recall will be?

  • Pells

    The best part about the D850? Nikon can update their retarded Japanese home page!

  • Pells

    jeez your pretty sensitive peter

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