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More refurbished Nikon gear at: Amazon | B&H | Adorama | eBay | Cameta Camera | BuyDig.


The new Nikon lens-only rebates are set to expire on July 29th.

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  • Photobug

    There are some excellent deals on refurbished Nikon gear. Thanks Peter for summarizing the current deals.

    • Very welcome.

      • Rick Ram

        I would never buy a refurbished body simply because you wouldn’t know what the shutter count is…for example a d810 max shutter cycle is 200k so your refurbished body could have 150k cycle which means its close to the end of the shutters life and then it could cost 1k to get it replaced…a lens on the other hand would be a great deal

        • Spy Black

          “…a lens on the other hand would be a great deal”

          Not if it was decentered.

        • FromTheNorth

          1k to replace a shutter? I just had my D3s overhauled with a new shutter, new command dials, new joystic (or fourway control whatever its called), new bayonet mount plus standard clean and adjust job and it cost just half of that.

          • Rick Ram

            You still could not justify the cost..brand new 810 body cost 2444 and the refurbished unit cost 1999 so even if it was half eventually it would cost the same as something new and of course it really would not be worth it if the 820 body comes out and the now new 810 would drop way below 2k

            • silmasan

              Should be less than $300 for D810, though you may want to check with Nikon.

            • FromTheNorth

              Well actually I could. Even if I had to replace the shutter after 50k clicks, the total cost would still be lower vs. buying one new today. Thats money (and exposures) in the bank as far as Im concerned.

              As to the D820 I have never seen the kind of sale youre describing. The 820 will launch at well over $3k and the remaining stock of 810’s might get a small markdown, but its not like stores will start throwing them out the door for $1699. If you can wait and wanna save a few bucks, sure, why not. But for someone who needs a well proven tool today to make money with the refurb is a nice deal. Not stellar, but nice.

        • Nemmondom Meg

          I am not sure i think if it is factory refurbished, than they replace the moving parts.

        • Marek Kunicki

          Refurbished bodies aren’t the same as used bodies.

          They’re either returns, or products that needed a repair/didn’t make it out of the factory on the first run. A refurb body is not going to have 150k clicks, that’s a ridiculous thing to say.

          For example there were lots of refurbished D750’s- bodies that Nikon caught with the shutter issue before releasing from the factory (or recalling before sold), in which case they had replaced the shutter with new ones. Because repairs were made they were not allowed to be sold as new.

          My refurb D750 had ~150 clicks on it.

          • Rick Ram

            ridiculous is that a person would compromise something new for something refurbished especially where a business is concerned because users don’t buy a d810 so they can snap pictures of their wife and kids….Of course it may not be so ridiculous when you try to compare something new with something refurbished as if it’s in the same category but if a person is at the edge or their funds that may make sense but to me personally it would not compromise my equipment on some gamble especially where my business is concerned because my clients expect the best of the is a VERY EXPENSIVE hobby and if one has to save a few dollars over something new then they simply don’t belong in this business and it would make more sense for them to purchase a 3300 and call it acceptable quality and charge 200.00 for a wedding and their are many photographers that do that and call them self’s photographers.. so maybe ridiculous is a strong word and interpreted different by different people

        • Petr Mesi

          Replaced shutters cost $350

        • Ben Cushwa

          One big thing that a lot of people don’t consider when buying refurbished is the extended warranty, or lack thereof.

          On the one hand, not having that warranty could end up costing you down the road. If you need an expensive repair, all the money you saved could be lost.

          On the other hand, having a superior piece of gear for the same price may allow you to get a shot that you wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. There is no warranty for missed shots.

          I’m a fan of refurbished gear, but I also largely have inexpensive gear and am not a full-time pro shooter. Everybody’s needs are different.

  • Spy Black

    I wonder if Nikon will make an F-mount swan song with a DF2, then move on to a new mount with an FX and DX mirrorless system. I know there’s some more F mount bodies coming, but it would make for a good transition into the next century.

    • Eric Calabros

      As always said by Peter, no rumors means no announcement. Two days left until establishment date and still no news/rumors. So nothing gonna happen. Whatever is the next announcement, they don’t want it to be recognized as anniversary product.

      • If there is an announcement on Tuesday, the Japanese sites would have reported it already by now – they aways get their leaks 2-3 days prior to the announcement. Unless Nikon went completely underground…

        • Captain Megaton

          Yeah it’s about time for the first leaked product shots of the D820 to hit the ‘net.

          • Yes, and it is not happening. Unless Nikon is going to distribute all the marketing materials at the last moment, I am starting to believe there will be no announcement next week.

            • tomskyphoto

              They’ve already announced their 100th anniversary commemorative items, haven’t they?

            • tomskyphoto

              So that’s it. Doesn’t matter – I’m still happy with my current set of Nikon cameras.

            • We will find out on Tuesday if that’s it or they have “one more thing”.

            • MB
            • I may use that one on Tuesday 🙂

            • HD10

              You mean Monday midnight in the US right as Tuesday would be too late already?

              No new Nikon announcement will be fine with me but there will be a lot of angst NR followers on that day.

              Delaying the product announcement and release will also not do any good for Nikon’s sales figures during the year it will be celebrating its 100th Anniversary.

            • I believe if there is an announcement, it will be tonight around midnight EST (July 24th) or around noon in Japan (July 25th) or early morning European time (July 25th).

            • Rick Ram

              I agree…i would be very surprised because nikon is still struggling with how the d850 will fit into their arsenal of camera…according to the rumored specs a 45megapixel camera with a new processor and a sensor like the d5 would blow away a d5 and that would hurt their d5 market…ideally if Nikon wanted to do it correctly they would release a d850 along with a d6 with 60 to 70 megapixels…this would make everyone happy so with that said i believe Nikon will release the so call d850 next year along with a d6 or some incredible miroless camera

        • MB

          Nah … you are right … no rumors 2 days before the announcement means no announcement at all … Would be a bit of anticlimax for most Nikon fans, but on the other hand one should not mix business with pleasure and 100th anniversary should be all fun … and no joy 🙂

          • There were only a few times when the Japanese websites did not get any info in advance – the D500 for example. I think that Nikon can do a very limited press material distribution to avoid leaks like they did with the D500. So there is still hope.

            • Glen

              If there is an announcement it seems highly unlikely the camera is already in volume production or I think there would have been more leaks. That means even if it is announced tomorrow availability will not likely be until September.

            • yes, that’s why I think a “pre-announcement” is a possibility

      • Spy Black

        I wasn’t so much meaning right now as in general. I think Nikon needs to look at the mirrorless shift as Canon did back in the late 80s when they switched to EOS. This is their chance to finally leave the F mount behind and create a new mount for their future. At the same time they could create one last swan song to the F mount with an unbridled Df2.

    • Michiel953

      Nikon is not saying goodbye to the F-mount, not for mirrorless. Wanna bet?

      • tomskyphoto

        If they stick with F-mount they’re dead. Dead as Pentax already is – left to rot and die on the dwindling support of a continuously shrinking user base. Wanna bet?

  • HD10

    Peter would you have any idea whether Nikon’s 100th Anniversary announcement on Tuesday will be made in Japan or in the US? This has a bearing on what time the announcement will be made. Thank you.

    • It is done at the same time – usually around midnight EST, unless they have some live event which I am not aware of.

      • Michiel953

        That’s the preceding midnight, or the following? in other words, how does that translate to CET time?

  • Amir

    As Thom Hogan once said,’there are best camera bodies/lenses of Nikon currently in the market’.What are you waiting for?Go out and shoot.Don’t think by knowing/buying/renting new cameras/lenses,your photos will be masterpeice!Even some of 20 years old lenses work just fine.

    • Michiel953

      My 35/1.4AiS certainly doesn’t work fine on my D810. Perfectly allright for 400ISO b&w work on one of my Nikon slrs though.

  • Amir

    Seems Nikon will give birth to the new baby in private clinic,not public one.Would be something considerable to be announced.

  • spicynujac

    Any real world comments on the Nikkor 50mm 1.8 vs Sigma Art 50mm 1.4? All the reviews praise the Sigma as blowing everything else away, but unless you’re pixel peeping is it really much better? I have seen some samples where I can’t tell a difference between the lenses. For a quarter the price and a quarter the weight, I’m thinking the Nikkor is the way to go.

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