Chasseurs d’Images interviews the president of Nikon France *UPDATED*

A few weeks ago the French magazine "Chasseurs d'Images" published an interview with Benoit Dieuleveult, President of Nikon France. After some readers helped me with the translation (thanks), here are the most interesting parts of the interview:

  • Nikon has plenty "good quality sensors"
  • They stopped the DL cameras because they were late (too late to stay competitive)
  • There will be important Nikon products release soon
  • They are working on a small camera to compete with smartphones (see updated translation below)
  • Nikon will not quit the camera business and they are spending a lot of money on research and development.
  • Regarding the Nikon D820, an excellent advice to everyone: "Mais il vous faudra encore un tout petit peu de patience pour avoir plus de details!" (You must have a bit of patience for more details)
  • Regarding Coolpix camera: "R&D effort is geared toward markets with the greatest potential, which is the reason for significantly reducing the Coolpix product line"
  • Regarding 100th anniversary: "As for all good celebrations, let us keep the moment of surprise!"

Here is another translations:

  • The only mention of smartphones is in a sentence ending with a question mark (hard to overlook that really), so a question posed by the interviewer, to be answered by the Nikon guy.
  • The relevant bit of that sentence is: "; peut-on tout de même espérer, a court ou moyen terme, un appareil Nikon pour la poche, capable de combler l'énorme vide entre smartphone et reflex?".
  • Near literal translation (which makes for ugly English): "; may one nevertheless hope, in the short or the medium term, for a pocket-sized Nikon device ("appareil"), capable of filling ("combler") the enormous gap between smartphone and slr?"
  • The Nikon guy answers by evading the question and elaborating on R&D efforts, ending with "L'avenir est donc très ouvert", ("the future is thus very open") adn stressing that Nikon will (of course ) go into every relevant opportunity that future will offer.
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  • Andrew

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  • luan

    They should make a smartphone with a FF sensor lol

  • Daniel Högberg

    I dont know about the other people here, but for me a camera that would ignite my interest and make me spend money on a camera again would be an aps-c compact with a bright (maybe f/2.0) fixed 35mm lens. Fast and accurate af and PASM-modes. That’s all I need, the screen does not need to be super high rez. But it seems like no manufacturer dares to release it.. would become the first “camera for the people” since the “kodak-moment”- time.

  • Daniel Högberg

    And do not understand why the SmartPhone industry don’t upgrade to a larger sensor? Something like the amazing 1:1/7 sensor that was in the Panasonic LX3, except with more than 10 megapixels? That would be a game changer image-quality wise, and still wouldn’t make a huge difference in phone thickness.

  • peter w

    google translate does present some sort of help on that… ;).
    Generally, we Dutch understand many languages, and make severe errors in all of them, including our own.

    • Michiel953

      Haha; spreek voor jezelf… lol!

      • peter w

        zeeker 😉

        • Michiel953

          Gaan we weeer…

  • Ric of The LBC

    They cannot afford some milk, cereal and PB&J sandwiches but those kids have iphones + the data plans.

    this is a fact.

    • I’m sure some of them do. Old phones that no one wants any more are given to people for free. They’re distributed through the health and welfare system. It’s better than putting them in a landfill. They have to income qualify. The wireless carriers offer a limited number of minutes to these folks. The chances of someone actually getting a job because an employer can CALL them is higher than if they don’t have a phone. Do some people game the system by not disclosing all of their income. Yeah, that happens. It’s called fraud and they usually get caught. I hear about that when my wife gets home from work each day. She works at health and welfare. Do some of these folks that DO income qualify get more than one and give the extra to their kid? Probably. But, what are they getting? A phone that nobody wants anymore and some free minutes from the pool of wireless capacity that’s there all the time.
      When rich people game the system, they often take thousands of tax dollars out of the pool. This, too, is a fact. Who makes up for that? You and I do. So, when you want to gripe about someone getting something they aren’t entitled to, direct your passion and energy toward something that matters.

      • Ric of The LBC

        Middle school kids are not waiting for call for a job. Nor are they getting used iPhone pluses or the large Galaxy phones. These are all new phones.

        Again, fact.

        • If you and your tribe want to believe that, go ahead.

          • Ric of The LBC

            not a matter of believe. Several eyewitness accounts.

            You are saying it is not true or I’m lying?

  • Brent Rawlings
  • Nakayamahanzaemon

    Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, a Japanese newspaper, published an interview of Mr. Ushida, Nikon’s President, last week. Only one of all 5 questions Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun asked is about camera.

    According to it, Nikon is going to install industrial lens technology in the DSLR. A mirrorless camera is also coming, though he didn’t mention what type of mirrorless it is.

  • Allan

    The link doesn’t work.

  • thanks, I will mention this online

  • Terry

    Seems like something that might compete with the Sony RX100 line.

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