Weekly Nikon news flash #425

→ New Meike Nikon F-mount to MFT lens adapter announced.

→ The Nikon GP-1 GPS unit is listed as discontinued at B&H and is back-ordered at Adorama. Expect a new version to be released with the D810 replacement.

→ Spotted this Nikon 600mm f/4.0 D-AF/i ED-IF autofocus lens at B&H during my last trip to NYC.

Nikon Japan is selling some additional 100 years commemorative items (leather bag, gold hot shoe cover). The 100 years Nikon items available in the US can be found here.

→ New version of ON1 Photo RAW 2017.5 software released. A free trial is available here.

KEH has some new coupon codes for selling and buying used photo gear.

Check out this post on the Nikon ZOOM-NIKKOR AUTO 50-300mm f/4.5 lens from 1963.

→ DC.Watch reviewed the Nikon 10-20mm f/4.5-5.6G and 8-15mm f/3.5-4.5E lenses. Here is a recap (thanks Captain Megaton):

  • Very soft wide open at 20mm, but very sharp at f/8, almost like a different lens.
  • Almost no ghosting, very surprised.
  • Build quality may not compare to high-end lenses but it is also much smaller and lighter. Add VR, and the convenience of a "relaxed" 30mm FOV and "high power" 15mm ultra-wide it is an invaluable snapshot/travel lens.

The 10-20mm lens is currently in stock at: B&H | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Park Camera.

→ Nikon 28mm f/1.4E ED lens reviewed at Cameralabs:

"Nikon's new 28mm f1.4 lens performs better than its 24mm and 35mm f1.4 siblings. It may show some magenta haloing/loCA and one could wish for a better resolution of fine details at the border of the DX image-circle. But this is niggling on a very high level. The lens produces excellent resolution of fine detail in the center, has a pretty soft Bokeh for a wide-angle lens and is resistant against flare and glare. Add a quite and reliable focus, a good hardening against the elements and a moderate size and weight and you get a package that clearly earns a Highly Recommended. So the new Nikon 28/1.4E is well worth its price."

Dpreview and Optyczne also posted some sample photos. The 28mm f/1.4 lens is currently in stock at: B&H | Focus Camera | Park Camera.

→ Some more Nikon management changes:

→ Any Heavy Metal fans here? This Accept video was shot with the Nikon D5 and Nikkor lenses.

→ Any Game of Thrones fans here? About the on-set photographers of Game of Thrones:

"Both photographers carry a wide array of cameras with different lenses on each of them, including Nikon D5s and Nikon DFs, which are housed in sound blimps (A sound blimp is a heavy housing for the DSLR's body that is meant to reduce shutter noise during filming)." (source)

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  • T.I.M

    The AF-i 600mm f/4 is a good lens but SLOW AF (so is the AF-i 300mm f/2.8)
    The only AF-i lens with very fast AF is the AF-i 400mm f/2.8

  • Eric Calabros

    Curiously they don’t change director of imaging business unit.. do they think Nobuyoshi Gokyu is fine? they just let Mitsubishi guys in to watch the financials.

  • Steve

    That gold hotshot cover; that’s a joke right?

    • T.I.M

      No it’s real, I got one for my F6 and use it when the camera is loaded with 35mm Kodak Gold film.

    • Captain Megaton

      It’s a collectors item of course. You wouldn’t to use it as the gold plate would quickly wear off. The ASC-01 on the other hand is quite nice.

  • Spy Black

    The leather bags are probably nice, albeit I’m sure overpriced, but a gold hot shoe cover, ay? Must be a Japanese thing.

  • br0xibear

    BTS footage from that “Nikon created the biggest human camera to celebrate their centenary”.
    (It’s in Italian but you get the gist)…


    • will add to my post, thanks

  • Spy Black

    “Check out this post on the Nikon ZOOM-NIKKOR AUTO 50-300mm f/4.5 lens from 1963.”

    That was good reading, thanks!

  • Proto

    Releasing both D850X and D850S – will be true centennial celebration!

  • Max

    Even the D5 can’t make Accept sound very good.

  • Tadao_Isogai

    From the Accept YouTube video:

    “Cameras and lenses used: Four Nikon D5 cameras, 14-24mm 2.8, 24-70mm 2.8, 70-200mm 2.8, 105mm 1.4, 58mm 1.4. 81,127 still images shot and processed into video sequences.”

  • JXVo

    I want to know how that new 10-20 lens compares to the 10-24 Nikkor and to its competitors from Sigma, Tamron & Tokina. It is lighter and less expensive but the others are all more robustly built. Also the 72mm filter size means I have to purchase at least 1 new filter for it whereas I have decent filters already in 77mm.

    • I was taken aback by the 10-20 being incompatible with my D7000

      • I thought the af-p lenses work fine on older bodies but won’t be able to turn vr off as there isn’t a switch?

      • JXVo

        Thanks for the heads-up. I’d be wanting to use it with a planned D500. I’m guessing it won’t work on my old D300. I presume the issue is new aperture or AF interfaces?

        I’ll make sure to check before I place any orders.

  • prescient

    I returned my GP-1 GPS years ago. I have used my excellent and inexpensive Promote Systems GPSN10 for four years without a hitch. I will be interested to see what Nikon rolls out. Maybe it will be 100th year anniversary gold plated like the hotshoe cover 😉

  • Nikon got a fetish for gold.

  • ZoetMB

    I wonder how much post-processing was done for that “Accept” video and what software was used. Although much of it has that typically murky look of Nikon video, it does have blacks in it that I’ve certainly never seen out of my D800 video even with post-processing. Not even close.

  • Nice picture, did you take it with your Sony camera? (Just kidding, happy 4th!)

    • animalsbybarry

      This is just a 4th of July picture …not my picture

  • I think the news here is that they have a surplus.

    • animalsbybarry


  • br0xibear

    As we get closer to the actual 100th anniversary date, Nikon are ramping up the celebration content.
    The next “We love Nikon” interviews was posted on their website, with Gray Levett, owner of Grays Of Westminster, London http://www.nikon.com/100th/welovenikon02

    Nikon Thailand have released a few 100th Anniversary videos…


  • Nikon or Sony?

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