Weekly Nikon news flash #412

PhotoBert CheatSheet for Nikon D500 camera (more models available here).

→ New: electronic dry cabinets for photo gear.

→ STC Optics, the company that makes the light pollution clip-on filter for DSLR cameras, introduced a new 6-stop ND clip in-body filter. The price is $80.56, shipping will start in mid-April. Additional information can be found at PhotoRumors.

→ Check out this D7200 digital SLR camera camcorder with 33MP sensor listed on eBay for $186.

→ Downloadable Nikon Picture profiles are available on this website.

Imaging Resource re-published their interview with Sony after pulling it out two weeks ago. The new story line is that "Sony camera engineers are able to work with Sony's sensor engineers, to develop unique system architectures that take advantage of their unique integration capabilities, when creating their own cameras." The previous version of the commentary can be found here.

Nikon announced the creation of a new Optical Engineering Division:

"This new Optical Engineering Division is an organization that aggregates lens, mechanical and system engineering functions related to optical equipment and optical solutions. Superior technology and knowledge with respect to optical engineering maintained in each division will now be accumulated and evolved in the Optical Engineering Division to develop optical products that create new value."

I Built a Panoramic Photo Rig Made of 6 Nikon DSLRs, and It’s Awesome

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  • Eric Calabros

    “deployment of resources to the area as necessary so as not to miss any business opportunity.”

    You didn’t need to establish a new organization to not miss business opportunity of DX prime lenses, did you?

  • T.I.M

    I thought April fool was only once a year.

  • Manuth Chek

    Even only one 16mm would be a runaway.

    • Eric Calabros

      16 is truly a mystery of century. Nikon didn’t make it, Canon didn’t make it, and no third party maker even think about it.

      • Max

        always mistifies me

      • BVS

        I think this may apply to more than just the 16. As much as we all bemoan the lack of more DX primes by Nikon, if Sigma and Tamron, who seem more than eager to exploit any weakness in Nikon’s lineup, don’t make them either, it must mean there’s a good reason why they don’t exist.

  • Manuth Chek

    Please tell me that D7200 is an April fool prank.

    • BdV

      No. Neither is the lawsuit against Nikon for trying to sell anything with a similar name.

      • they quote a selling point as having an “external led”

        • BdV


  • ArkadiiShapoval
    • ArkadiiShapoval

      Also I’ve funny review of Polo D3000 (16 MP and the same lenses) – sample images from this camera are awful http://radojuva.com/2014/12/polo-d3000-chinese-devil/

      • Max


    • vwking

      If you read the fine print on the eBay page, it is actually 3.3MP

      • ArkadiiShapoval

        Weird, Polo D3000 has 2560 Х 1920 (5 MP original picture size). I think eBay made mistake in discription (3.3 MP = 33 MP?)

    • T.I.M

      The name “sharpshots” kills me!

  • Max

    That D7200 sucks lol

  • Erick Tessier

    The Nikon announce should have been placed before the fake D7200 so discussions would have been of greater interest.

    • ZoetMB

      No, the D7200 article shouldn’t have been there at all, IMHO. It has absolutely nothing to do with Nikon. If Kia released a D7200 car model or if Pioneer released a D7200 A/V receiver, would we see an article about that as well? If Samsung releases a D5 washing machine (whether it’s a model that blows up or not), are we going to have to read about that as well? When I first saw it, I thought it was another April Fool’s joke story.

      I realize there hasn’t been a lot of Nikon news lately, but IMO, this particular story is like SPAM. And why would this quality site give those idiots any respectability?

  • DSP~

    Sadly you cannot report this D7200 “thing” as a fraud. eBay is just not providing any option to correctly report and write a short text with reasons.
    -> No 1080p like stated on the body and the description (just 720p). No actual 33 MP. It’s not a SLR. No 24x zoom (just 16x).

  • T.I.M

    Let’s make it clear, people who buy that kind of junk cameras deserve it.
    There is also people who think that by giving $1 for a piece of paper with numbers on it will get them back $10,000,000.00

  • Max Dallas

    Sweet. I cornholed the market on D7200s by buying all of them. You’ll have to come through me to get one suckas.

  • ZoetMB

    Panorama photo rig: If one is shooting action, I understand why you would need multiple cameras. But if it’s a nature scene or other still life, just pan the camera and use stitching software. I’ve even done it without a tripod and gotten good results. I don’t remember whether the attached photos were done with my D70 or D200, but all were accomplished without a tripod and without any kind of panning rig. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c1087ea7672a69a987ad41d606d2823727b4fa7cf56c5c658ea2671afc00cfa2.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0fd4b7ce0b69247fa4df9cba7ee6b889d952e6f07e6183bf61f2463ee2f40a51.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b1867a33f2e7a43230d21ea4388a1fe351287f796dc76615b81abe9d18fd46dc.jpg

    • Allan

      Excellent examples. Thanks for posting them.

  • DafOwen

    Wooo – those picture profiles look interesting/fun
    Shame my camera is away being serviced.

  • Spy Black

    DX is SOOO 2000s…

  • The camera has an “external LED” wow !!!!!!!!!!

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