Nikon D5 and D500 100th anniversary sets to be announced next week

Next week Nikon is rumored to announce their Nikon D5 and D500 100th anniversary limited edition sets that were on display at the CP+ show in February. The official announcement could be tomorrow, April 3rd. The new financial year just started for Nikon and I expect several more announcements to happen soon.

Update: see the official announcement here.

The 100th-anniversary logo on the cameras will be printed on the left of the top LCD (the area intentionally covered with the strap on the pictures above). A new camera strap, Nikon camera pins and several special edition binoculars will also be announced. Shipping is expected to start around September. No pricing information yet.

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  • Abhinav

    Man we are not camera collectors… this announcement is so BORING

    • EcoR1

      And still people usually talk mostly about cameras in this and other forums. Some would actually think that these days people collect more cameras than pictures.

      • jeffp3456

        I fear that about myself!

    • T.I.M

      It’s Sunday, go out and take pictures.

    • This is a rumor of an upcoming announcement 😉

      • Thom Hogan

        No, this is a rumor of an already announced product that will eventually be re-announced.

        • Mr_Miyagi

          You mean re-announced after Nikon first announces it has cancelled it like the DL line?

        • they did not really announce it, they just had it on display

  • Stanky Eggo

    The charcoal grey body and lens look OK but what might look cooler would be body or lens in Vantablack.

    • T.I.M

      Look much better than the FA gold edition!

      • jeffp3456

        I thought that the Df gold edition was stunning!

  • Peter Depkat-Jakob

    Ridiculous for a 100th anniversary…..

    • Yes, kind of cheesy. My hopes for a digital Nikon S are gone… Maybe they will have the really goof stuff in June and this is just the warm-up…

      • Allan

        Goof stuff now, good stuff in June.

        • This would be a good deal if Nikon doesn’t try to profit from its anniversary – they should sell them for the same price as a regular D5/D500.

          • CaMeRa QuEsT

            Why shouldn’t them? They sure can find 100 oil sheiks willing to buy them. Oh, wait, they only like to buy gold cameras…

      • Spy Black

        Let’s hope they start pulling rabbits out of their hat in June. They surprised everyone with the D500, let’s hope for something like that again.

        • jeffp3456

          My fear is that the rabbits will be pulled out of the other end.. Hope I am wrong.

          • silmasan

            The other end… i hope you mean out of a sock? (I mean I’m concerned about the rabbits).

      • Let’s hope. If not, wow.

    • dr fresh

      What would impress you ??

      • Peter Depkat-Jakob

        A new and innovative product. Maybe an 18-50mm equiv. 1″ compact with a production capacity bigger than 3? 😀

        • dr fresh

          A new product? ? Theses are cameras and camera lenes a limited edition color is pretty much all one can do to celebrate there DOPE ass Premium product line.

          But you want a new camera…a 1″sensor camera??? How does that make sense?

          • Peter Depkat-Jakob

            You blame me for hoping for a new and innovative product instead of a box with known but differrently painted and assumingly over-expensive gear?! 😀 Take off your anniversary Nikon glasses XD

  • ZZ

    Yawn …… zzzzz

  • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

    They should have made a D850 100th year anniversary since it would have been a true 2017 model and not just older cameras.

    • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

      Also, made the D850 2017 with the special strap and cap for the first whole year and then just sell it with a regular strap. No need for special colors…
      Maybe a 100th logo on the body too… but no…
      no no no…
      this is Nikon…
      they do things differently…

  • voidshatter

    Shipment in September? Really? That would be near the announcement of a D5s already!

    • dr fresh

      Yeh…were you going to get either one of them?

      • voidshatter

        Yes, I’m getting back to Nikon. Just completed my 1.4G set, and now looking to get the holy trinity anniversary set and the D5.

  • DSP~

    Are users of the D5 and D500 really the people who want a “collectors edition” camera set?
    These cameras are workhorses and I guess they are mostly used that way as well. No need for a fancy strap and case.
    Why not do a DF anniversary set or even an announcement for a DF2 wich many people seem to wait for?

    • whisky

      no, but collectors want limited edition items — even if they come at premium expense. they also make prestigious gifts.

      these are not meant to dig Nikon out of their hole, but rather, to maintain their brand ranking. JMO.

  • MB

    I kind of like the color, not that I would pay extra for it, but it would be nice if this is a regular Nikon color … a bit flatter maybe … would be unique and recognizable…

    • Michiel953

      “A bit flatter” (maybe?)… Right… Sigh…

      • MB

        That bad, huh?

  • Tim

    If this is all Nikon has to celebrate 100 years, then how can they expect us to celebrate along with them? It simply reinforces the downward spiral that they are experiencing.

    • dr fresh

      What do you want ?? They make cameras and lenes !!! What do you want ???

  • Allan

    Your website broke the internet. I can’t access the homepage.

    • yes, I know – power outage by my hosting company

      • Allan

        I hear there’s a power outage in Moscow.

        • here are the updates:

          it’s still cool that we can comment even when the site is down 🙂

          • Allan

            Different server at different location?

            • I will just go to a different host. Power outage should not bring an entire data center down. They should have generators and backup systems. Not acceptable.

            • Allan

              In 2017, I think this is a reasonable expectation.

      • T.I.M

        Fixed now for me (but my email page at Xfinity is still down)

        • Yes, everything came back online an hour ago.

  • Allan

    …and we’re back.

    • Yes, sorry about that (it was out of my control)

      • T.I.M

        Peter, it’s OK, you have the right to enjoy a private life once in a while.
        My email page is still down, same host ?

      • Allan

        I got reacquainted with life and my wife.

        • Same here – just realized my kids have grown up 🙂

  • Max Dallas

    Nikon – Innovate, improve and release faster or someone else will get my money. Stop patting yourself on the back about the the first 100 years if you want to have a chance on a 2nd 100 years. Do your job.

    • dr fresh

      Please go give your money to pentax 🙂

  • AYWY

    First corporate announcement to come in the new financial year – Nikon Corporation announced today the establishment of the Optical Engineering Division. (See corporate website)

    “This new Optical Engineering Division is an organization that aggregates lens, mechanical and system engineering functions related to optical equipment and optical solutions….. All the functions related to the manufacturing technology of optical components, which were previously owned by Nikon Corporation and our group companies, have now been brought together at Tochigi Nikon Corporation.”

    For e.g. microscopes and camera lenses were in separate divisions. Now everything related to lens optics sits together.

  • NikonF5AE

    Official Nikon 100th Anniversary Cameras and Lenses announced in Japan:

  • Senor Magnifico

    OK, it is good for collectors. What is new about serious photographers?

    • dr fresh

      Yeah they can use them as well

  • Ken Cave

    It’s a shame Nikon does not have a DX lens set to boast about.

    • sandy

      But great that they have best FF lens set on the market.

    • dr fresh

      So true so true! that’s a BIG opportunity for them.
      A new line of DX primes and 2.8 DX zooms would be so sweet.
      dare we imagine a HOLY TRINITY OF… dx. that would be super sweet

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