Updated/rumored Nikon D7500 camera specifications

A quick update on the rumored Nikon D7300 D7500 specifications:

  • 20MP sensor from the Nikon D500
  • ISO range: 100 - 51,200
  • 4K video
  • 51 points AF
  • 8 fps
  • Tilt screen
  • SnapBridge

Update: the new camera will be called Nikon D7500.

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  • DigitalFilm

    OK, a dumbed down D500 for poe’ folks.

    • ben132401

      those comments are getting old

    • Aldo

      Not saying it’s you, but people who talk down lower tier gear are usually ‘not-so-good’ photographers. Of course you can be the exception.

      • TouchmymonkeyUK

        I own a D500, don’t talk anything down because i’ve owned some of the lower tier stuff and i’m a crap photographer lol

        • Aldo

          You know I usually find very interesting images from the photographers who insist to call themselves ‘amateurs’ and are humble about their work. I wouldnt be surprised if you are one of them. Ive found that the ones who quickly pull the ‘Im a pro’ card are the ones who lack creativity… and the really good ones don’t even talk about this.

          • dr fresh

            Nice !! Couldn’t agree with you more 🙂

          • TouchmymonkeyUK

            I am an amateur, i just go out and take photos of what i find interesting and refuse to get into that “Pro” delusion and think i have to take photos of specific things in specific ways.

            I do it because i enjoy it, i can walk round London and see more than most of the people who walk round it day in day out.

            It keeps me off the streets lol

            Nothing special but here is my Flickr. Nothing great but i like them.


      • DigitalFilm

        Not saying it’s you, but people that dont like facts, are not truth seekers

        • Aldo

          I wasn’t disputing your ‘facts’, which quite frankly sound more like alternative facts. I was merely pointing out that people who usually discredit the lower tier lack creativity the most.

    • dr fresh

      I would hardly call the 7000 series dumb down in any respect. the images from my 7000 and 7200 are flipping outstanding!!

  • onthedot

    Nikons model lineup is clear as mud to me. Why not just make everything fx format and be done with it? Is the fx sensor better for dynamic range? It seems like Nikon should make a consumer (d5xx), advanced (d8xx), and pro (Dx) and be done with it.

    • ben132401

      i didnt get what you mean

    • Piooof

      Because a lot of people invested in DX lenses and still want a DX body. Because DX is cheaper to manufacture and provides a ‘low-cost’ entry point into the Nikon lineup.

  • Nikon User

    Tilt screen or articulate screen style like the D5600? If so plus 8 FPS without sky high pricing I am in.

  • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

    Nikon next announcement: D5X, D510 same specs but the the backlight can change color!
    Also new entry entry level D2400!
    And yes! You guessed it right: no d810 replacement!!! Way to go Nikon! Great restructuring!

  • Brian

    Will they ever get the buffer right on the 7000 series?

    • Bob Thane

      The D7200 has a 27 shot buffer if I recall – more than competitive. Of course more’s always better, but it’s certainly nothing to complain about.

  • Tom Taubert

    Let’s not buy anything. Take a break. Save our money for rent just in case. Save the planet from a few billion more images that pollute our senses.

  • James Jackson

    I don’t get it. Just seems like a gimp d500. I think Nikon should keep it 24mp and gear the processing towords image quality instead of speed and low light. So you can have the d500 for top notch speed and low light, and the d7300 for top notch apsc image quality. Right now a gimp d500 just seems silly since the d500 isn’t really that expensive if you get it used or on sale.

    • sandy

      This uses the D500 sensor for 4k video and framerate.

  • Sammy01

    Huge mistake using the 20MP sensor if that’s the case. Birders won’t like it. Less experienced cashed up photographers won’t like it. It’ll push people towards Canon or to the D5500 and below where they can get more MP. Personally I’ll just buy another D7200 on close out, or wait for the next camera. The megapixels do matter if you crop.

    • Eric Calabros

      If people are so stupid to change brand because of 4mp difference, let them go.

      • Piooof

        They’ll not change brands; A lot will buy their first DSLR, and it’ll be a Canon. And besides, yes, people can change brands when they understand their current brand does not offer what they’re looking for (large dynamic range and color sensitivity between base ISO 100 and 800, always correct focus and exposure in video, articulated touchscreens, reliable teleoperation through a smartphone, good but affordable lenses). If you don’t care about video or weird shooting angles and insist on shooting dear superlative glass, go Leica. Otherwise go Canon. That’s the flowchart I may end up drawing for Christmas 2017.

    • docnorth

      The megapixels do matter if you crop, but to get the shot right matters much more and that’s the cornerstone for any birder. Besides my old D90 I have the luck to regularly use a D700 and sometimes a D810. The D810 gives me more keepes thanks to its AF, despite the fact(s) that I am more expirienced with the D700 and it has higher frame rate and less megapixels (i.e. it may forgive a small focusing error). The marketing is another story and the less experienced cashed up photographers aren’t likely to buy a value for money DSLR but rather an overpriced mirrorless.

  • Andreas Vesper

    no problems with the specs, sounds a bit like a mixture between the existing D7200 and the D500, probably in a D500 type body. The only thing that bothers me is – uhh – Snapbridge again, but maybe Nikon recognized that the current implementation relying heavily on Bluetooth LE and actually stealing WiFi is not highly appreciated by those users, who are working with mobile data transfers. I would highly appreciate if Nikon allows again turning on / off WiFi using the setup menu of the camera as it worked with the D5300, D5500, D7200 and the D750 good enough considering the outdated WiFi module being used in those cameras.

    A firmware upgrade for the D5600 and the D500 that offers WiFi via setup menü would be highly appreciated, as well! Listen to your customers, Nikon!

    • nhz

      If D500 type body means D500 weight, IMHO this isn’t good; hopefully D7300 won’t gain weight compared to D7200. Otherwise it is starting to look like a lower spec D500 for those who cannot afford a real D500.

      • Sawyerspadre

        It seems like if they are using a flippy screen another option would be to essentially use the D750 body shell.

    • Max

      A D500 type body?
      It will have a d7xxx series type body because it is a d7xxx series camera.

  • Senor Magnifico

    Cosmetic face lifting of d7200 with fewer pixels

    • dr fresh

      Fewer pixels will equal cleaner pics

    • Shutterbug

      What an uneducated response – have you bothered to do any research whatsoever?

  • Thom Hogan

    So buy a reasonable panorama kit and be happy.

  • Reilly Diefenbach

    Another great camera from Nikon!

  • Bill Ferris

    So, will the 7300 be Nikon’s first body update of 2017? I suppose it makes sense, if the goal is to build some excitement and interest. The D7300 is their top consumer DX camera. If that announcement were followed by a D820 announcement and then by something totally new, Nikon would be working their way up the product pyramid to a pinnacle moment. That would make sense. A refreshed D7300 would also have broader customer appeal than an FX body.

    Another approach would be to lead with their biggest news of the year. Lead with a product that gets everybody talking…positively.

  • So how is this different from th D500?

    • darkedgex

      Fewer focus points, less ISO range, a higher FPS than the D7200, but still lower than the D500, likely using the EXPEED 4 instead of the newer/shinier EXPEED 5. I’d also not be surprised to see it has a smaller internal buffer than the D500 (which, while I haven’t used it, I’m told basically has an unlimited buffer).

      I’d be happy if I was wrong on that last point.

      • Allan

        Is there a precedence for Nikon using an old EXPEED processor/software on a new model, when a newer EXPEED exists on other new models, especially in the D7xxx series?

        • MonkeySpanner

          I thought the same thing. I think I have seen that once they uncork a new processor – they use it in all new models.

          • darkedgex

            Thinking on it more, I have to be wrong. I doubt they could do 4K video with the older EXPEED 4.

  • darkedgex

    I have a D7000 and will likely upgrade to either this or a D500 in the next year. That said, I wish DSLR companies would move away from catering to specific video resolutions (4K, 1080, etc). And instead design their gear to capture video at the highest resolution the processor they’re using can get. I know some of the lower end and mid-range kit uses SoC solutions where some of this stuff is baked in, but it’d be nice if I could capture 5K video, for example, and crop it or resize it however I like (just as I can do with photographs).

    Yes, they’d still need quick selections for folks that just want to shoot 4K and be done with it. But for those wishing more creative control, the added resolution would be a nice choice to have.

    • dr fresh

      Am I the only person who wants a camera that delivers stunning image quality and could give a rats ass about video??

    • Sawyerspadre

      I think what you are seeing them do, when they choose the video output is exactly what you are asking for. The video resolution that the sensor and processing can do, is the one they hype.

      I don’t think it’s a situation where there is a lot of extra processing power going to waste, over and above 4K. If there was, you would probably see the whole sensor being used and downsampled to 4K. That would provide the DOF and true FOV for the focal length.

      That said, I am no video expert.

    • dr fresh

      F video, lol f it in the A.
      to me cameras should be cameras and video cameras should do… you guessed it video

  • Mike A

    This is seems to be a minor update. No fix for live view autofocus (leverage on sensor focus)? Any other innovation? This update makes Nikon look old and tired.

    • Max

      Have you seen the updates to the d5500 and D3300?

    • Sawyerspadre

      Where did you read what features the camera doesn’t have….

    • dr fresh

      Yeah guess after 100 years of making legendary camera gear they have become old and tired lol what he he’ll do you call an innovation?? Theses are cameras remember? There made for taking pictures.
      Please Name one ” innovation ” that would impress you.

      • Mike A

        My A99II impresses me. I also own a D810 & D500 (had a D700). I really like both my Nikons, but my A99II is liter, smaller, faster and most importantly – more fun to use.

        What it would take for the D7300 to impress – First and Foremost, make DESIRABLE products and STOP LOSING MARKET SHARE TO CANON which includes some serious DX lenses (a bit more serious than consumer grade zooms. Kinda rough when you need to go the Sigma/Tamron to get quality DX Glass), something more innovative than a minor corporate parts bin upgrade (D7300 = Snapbridge & D500 Sensor slapped into a mid-level body).

    • sandy

      Are you F’n kidding me?? 8 fps, decent buffer, 4 k video, pro level AF, D500 sensor, tilt screen. This will be the best IQ, best AF sub $1600 camera on the planet. This is a huge upgrade.

      • Mike A

        No, I’m not kidding you and don’t care enough to do so.

        As for the D7300, you’re living in the past. The Sony A6300/A6500 beats all of the D7300 specs you’re touting (and it’s basically a 2 year old cam). The D500 sensor is good. But, It’s not superior to Sony’s 24MP A6500. A6500 has, On-Sensor Autofocus, Superior binning 4K, better dynamic range, better resolution and better signal to noise. Sorry.

        Geeze, 8 fps is so 2014. Have you seen what the OMD EM1 II & GH5 are giving their customers? That’s company innovation.

        I own a D500 & D810 and like them a lot. But, the D810 is a bit dated now. I also own an A99II and it blows both my Nikons out of the water.

        I’m a Nikon fan and want them to STOP LOSING MARKET SHARE TO CANON. It’s not going to happen if they don’t stop these lame refreshes (D7300 = Corporate Parts Bin Refresh or Snap Bridge + D500 Sensor + Basic Nikon Mid Level DSLR Body). Blah…

        Nikon’s old claim to fame was image quality (D3/D300/D700 through D810). It won’t be going forward because Sony isn’t going to let Nikon take their best Sensor tech to market first anymore.

        I really hope the D810 has something more than a 40 something MP sensor and a flippy screen.

        Nikon needs to start innovating fast, give us some serious DX lenses, fix live view af, offer a quality mirrorless solution, modernize software and UI, etc before Canon does it first.

  • It’s actually a 21 mp sensor.

  • Isaac Fulford

    I wonder if the D7300 would get the 91k pixel metering system along with the group AF, and improved 3D tracking. That would make a compelling upgrade from the D7200.

  • Analyzer_Pro

    Going from 24 to 20 mp are bad news for landscape photographers! I am very disappointed from this. Although the 20 mp sensor may be little better than the 24 mp, i would prefer the better resolution.

    • Nyarlathotep

      Difference between 20.9MP and 24.2MP is relatively minor, not like the step from 6MP to 10MP. It’s effectively a 7.2% drop in linear density going from the 24.2 to the 20.9. Put another way, if you were to print at the same print density @ 371 DPI it would result in a 10″x15″ print from the 20.9MP sensor vs. a 10.8″x16.2″ print from a 24.2MP sensor.

      • nicola foulkes

        That’s the point, for landscape shooters d7000 & d7100 owners you wouldn’t notice the difference. So it is not an upgrade.

    • dr fresh

      And that’s what you get with 20mp. You get low noise and clean clear prints.

  • Aldo

    Right on. It’s great stuff… thanks for sharing.

    • TouchmymonkeyUK

      No worries. Doesn’t matter what i take photos of as long as i’m taking them.

      I look at it this way. Sometimes i take photos of things that only i see at that moment and nobody else in the world does, they just walk on by.

  • Juan Arroyo

    A d7300 ? theyre taking a step back not forward ..that camera is not going to sell well !! they need to come out with a bang not a bust !!!!

    • dr fresh

      What the WHAT???

      • Juan Arroyo

        What the what ????

        • dr fresh

          Talking bout a step backwards ? How in earth is the D7300 going to be a step backwards ?? That makes no sense.
          At least with the money YOU will save by not getting one you can buy a tshirt 🙂

          • Juan Arroyo

            Hey Dr sour don’t get jealous cause your fat and im not !!! You make no sense !! N by the way I will buy a shirt so I can give it to you so you’ll cover your gut !!!!

            • sandy

              Personal attack? Classy, man, classy.
              This is going to be the best $1300 dollar camera on the planet. Pro level sensor, AF, IQ, 4k video, tilt screen, 8 FPS. Are you kidding me??

            • Juan Arroyo

              Sorry!! Just saying they should concentrate on the high end dslrs first theres to many of them ,, just like the d 5600 the older one was better !! That’s all n sorry again !!!

            • dr fresh

              Sorry bout that Jaun :):)
              But the d7000 line of cameras are ALL dope ass cameras and really are high end dx systems so that’s exactly what your asking for. In the coming years bet nikon will have 3 dx and 4 full frame and a
              FX and a DX df style cameras…. how sweet would that be a dx df 🙂

            • Juan Arroyo

              I hope so !! That would be nice , I love nikon dslrs they have the best styles when it comes down to camera body’s!!!

  • Winslow H

    If it didn’t have 4k people would complain…it does.
    If it didn’t have a tilt screen people would complain…it does.
    If it didn’t have a decent frame rate people would complain…it does.
    If it didn’t have good image quality people would complain…it does.
    It was never going to have the D500 AF…it was unrealistic to even think it.
    If three megapixels is a deal breaker…you are giving those three megapixels way more credit than they deserve.

  • brian valente

    Fantastic! this is the camera i’ve been waiting for!! great new 20mp crop sensor, fast af, it will be great for wildlife and……. oh wait. I already have this camera. it’s the D500

    • sandy

      Now I’m gonna have it. For $1200.00

  • I’ll look forward to a D3xxx or D5xxx series with that D500 sensor too, hopefully. It’d make a great 4K vlogging & B-roll camera, in a lighter package (and with a fully articulated LCD) compared to the D7200 / D7300 / D500 body style…

    • dr fresh

      I doubt that will happen

      • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

        Not for a while un/fortunately.

  • sandy

    Man, tough crowd. Are you F’n kidding me?? 8 fps, decent buffer, 4 k video, pro level AF, D500 sensor, tilt screen. This will be the best IQ, best AF sub $1600 camera on the planet. This is a huge upgrade. DPR 90% for sure. Most of a D500 for about $1200. My D7100 is so going to be gone. I honestly wonder about the accuracy of this because it’s so strong an upgrade.

    • Piooof

      D7200 already has a 51-point AF. There are multiple versions of this module but it may be exactly the same. The D7200 sensor is better for low ISO uses than the D500’s. And the D7200 has a decent buffer and 6 fps. So unless you’re dying for a swivel screen, hardware improvements may not be that ‘huge’ at all.

      Nikon, this is a list of things I expect in a 2017 camera:

      – truly tactile interface
      – focus peaking
      – automatic HDR merge from an exposure bracketing sequence
      – automatic focus stacking from a focus bracketing sequence
      – automatic panorama from an image sequence (why do I need an hour on a computer for something my phone does in 5 seconds?)
      – geotagging that *really works* with your smartphone
      – correct AF and exposure in video
      – and… (probably forgetting stuff!)

      Most of these things are software (firmware). They don’t show in ‘rumored specs’. But they need to be in the final product. DSLR are looking increasingly dumb compared to other image producing objects (phones, MILC). This would be ‘huge’, even, and especially if the hardware doesn’t significantly improve.

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      Good call hope we see that Nikon sells the remaining inventory of the excellent D7200 and this one D7500 will be priced slightly above the D7200 price upon release. Expect the UK price to be around £1199.99 – £1299.99 which will be not bad considering the tech in the new release and we can upgrade our D7xxx to the D7500 at later date once our currents ones break down and price of the D7500 to fall back over time.

  • nukunukoo

    One thing I’m almost certain, and that the successor won’t be using the 20MP sensor but the Sony sensor of the a6500. It’s way cheaper and the D500 sensor only makes sense if the D7300/D7500 has a very high FPS (in which case, will need the more expensive shutter mechanism).

    • dr fresh

      Why would it require a different shutter mechanism? ?
      I’m thinking we will see:
      -New 20mp sensor w/ 7200 shutter.
      -exceed 5
      -7200 AF system
      -tilt screen

      • nukunukoo

        Just thinking that the speed gains of the lower-resolution sensor won’t be utilised using the D7200 shutter that tops out a 7.5 fps. There are no real-life IQ difference between the two sensors so there’s the logic.

        • dr fresh

          Ehhhhh yeah I don’t see the logic in that 🙁

          • nukunukoo

            Costs. You don’t want the D7500 to cannibalise the D500. So you need to keep BIM margins as large as possible, thus… (1) the sensor is more expensive than the Sony (custom is more expensive that the mass-produced sensor used by Pentax, Fuji and Sony) and (2) Since time immemorial, even before Digital, a faster shutter is significantly more expensive (faster is more prone to breakage especially during burn-ins, so the yield is not as good as more “conventional ones. I many, if not all cases, shutter materials are also different, using more expensive but lighter components). Those are just two but you also have to factor in faster electronics and support for UHS-II (which most likely won’t be used in the next iteration). =)

          • nukunukoo

            Costs. You need the price difference between the D500 as wide as possible. (1) Using the custom 20MP sensor is more expensive than the mass produced Sony sensor that also used by Pentax, Fuji and Sony. (2) A faster shutter mechanism is designed and built differently and has lower production yields as well as more lighter (read: expensive). (3) Faster electronics if they up the FPS but less likely to impact costs. Like my earlier post, there MUST be a need for using the 20MP sensor. A more pragmatic possible reason would be that Nikon needs to use its inventory and investment on the 20MP sensor. But if the FPS remains the same, it’s pretty pointless and would that make the IQ of the D7500 a downgrade in resolution to make it less appealing to the market.

          • nukunukoo

            Costs. You need the price difference between the D500 as wide as possible. (1) Using the custom 20MP sensor is more expensive than the mass produced Sony sensor that also used by Pentax, Fuji and Sony. (2) A faster shutter mechanism is designed and built differently and has lower production yields as well as more lighter (read: expensive). (3) Faster electronics if they up the FPS but less likely to impact costs. Like my earlier post, there MUST be a need for using the 20MP sensor. A more pragmatic possible reason would be that Nikon needs to use its inventory and investment on the 20MP sensor. But if the FPS remains the same, it’s pretty pointless and would that make the IQ of the D7500 a downgrade in resolution to make it less appealing to the market.

            • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

              Some good points – couple of keys 1) the cost over D7200 and D500 2) differences between D7500 and D500 – are there any improvemens over the D500, e.g., Video, etc 3) 3) what are the things taken out. 4) is 8 fps in APs mode or 1.3x crop mode – probably 6 fps in aps but 7 with extra grip and 8 in 1.3x crop. There is a danger that if the D7500 is a good camera that punters may opt for the D7500 instead of the more dearer D500 – however any sale means that any punters are likely to buy more Nikon stuff, e.g., lenses, flashes than being %^^%%^ off and going to a rival.

              Good on Canon introducing that EFS macro lite lens yesterday – hope we see more innovative things and more revamps like improving the DX range from Nikon.

  • David Peterson

    A D7x00 series finally at last with a tilt screen, no more bad back ache!

  • Mario Aguila

    20mp? No thanks. D7200 all the way

  • Looking at my receipts: $1722 for a combo of body + grip on Amazon.

    • ZoetMB

      Grey market? Looking right now I see $2046, $2617 w/16-80, $1997, $2597 w/16-80, $3999 w/ the sports/wildlife kit, $2715 with 18-300 and a bunch of accessories, $1500 used, etc. Nothing new in the $1700 range. You got a deal.

      • New. Around black Friday. I did get a deal! Actually better than that, because I complained about the deal changing slightly the next day, and after haggling for a bit, they decided to just send me a memory card. I got two out of the deal!

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