Another new Nikon camera registered at the Indonesian Communications Agency POSTEL

A new Nikon camera was registered today at the Indonesian Communications Agency POSTEL under the code name N16D3. We also still have the N1546 and N1610 cameras that have been registered for a while and are not yet officially announced. Basically, we are expecting three new cameras from Nikon in the next few months.

Update: the Nikon Coolpix AW130 and P900 cameras are made in Indonesia.

Via Nokishita

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  • D850 or go home

    • Stuart Crowther

      N16D3 = Coolpix P950….sorry, maybe the one from Thailand N1610 : )

    • maxx

      For me a D820 is enough

      • Do I hear a D815?! GOING ONCE! …going twice!

        SOLD to the man with the dreams of an incrementally better camera, for an undisclosed sum.

        You may collect your winning bid east of the sun, and west of the moon.

      • Chris W

        But it has to be around 45 meg, to make any difference, & compete with Canon EOS 5DS. I’m still waiting for an alternative standard zoom, like 28mm – 105mm f2.8. That 70mm is too short for me.

  • Does anyone know from previous cameras what cameras are manufactured in Indonesia, Thailand and China? Also what is the status mean?


    • Stuart Crowther

      Indonesia makes some coolpix like P900, Thailand makes D series like D610/750/810/7200/5600 etc, China makes Nikon 1 and some coolpix.

      • Borgar Tessem

        Indonesia is also the place for the Nikon 1 AW1

      • Gilboa

        Nikon’s high-end D810 is manufactured in Thailand! Surprised to read that, I thought that was made in Japan like the D5 and I think the D500 too.

        • Borgar Tessem

          D500 are made in Thailand

        • Stuart Crowther

          D800 and D800e were made in Japan.

  • VanHoff

    3 new keymissions to rule them all! :v

    • doge

      I’d like a KeyMission270. I don’t need 360. that’s too much.

      • manattan

        Just put a piece of black tape on the 360 and you’ve got your 270.

  • Thorndike

    It will all just be SnapBridge upgrades für the current camera line up. If Nikon will ever have a new camera with real WiFi gain?

  • Max

    Come on Nikon! Give us a D810 with Snapbridge! Yeah!

    • Winslow H

      And a D500 sensor…

      • paige4o4

        Isn’t that just a D500, then?

        • Winslow H

          No, it will be the bridge to the next 100 years and everything anyone could ever hope for.


      And with d5 focus system

  • doge


  • Bill Ferris

    I’m guessing one will be the D610 (now in centennial gold!), another the D810 (also now in centennial gold) and finally the D750…in centennial gold with sparkles. :o)

  • eric

    if the d820 comes out and its the same camera as d810 except with wifi i wonder if people will complain.

    • Ric of The LBC

      Complain? In a comments section of a rumor site? Ny-Kon could release a camera that gave Beejs and there would be complaints that it was to fast. 🙂

    • Thorndike

      Nikon only has SnapBridge which has nothing to do with WiFi

      • eric

        think again dude, the d750 has wifi

  • Ric of The LBC

    Brikk Df2!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr_Miyagi

    What is the particular significance of registration? Would Nikon be required to register a camera model BEFORE it began production in Indonesia, or would it come AFTER production started but before the camera was about to be announced for sale?

  • Scenic Spartan

    Imagine if Nikon releases the D850 and D7300 with snapbridge as the only new feature.

    I wouldn’t be that surprised.

    • eric

      i think this could be exactly what they do, especially if they decide to shift focus into mirrorless models.

  • Thinkpad_T60

    DL 18-50 or go home

  • MB

    This one is supposed to be made in Indonesia … as far as I know only cameras made there were some Coolpix-es …

  • boulderghost

    Don’t care. I just bought a D810 for $1800. I have a GH5 on the way. That should give me the best video and the best stills, with backup for both. All for @ = $$$ as the NEW d820 with snapbridge and one extra fps….

    • eric

      great camera, what a steal! it will be good for a long time. i use my d810 a lot and never had any issues with it.

  • captaindash

    That P900 has become the darling of the flat earth crowd who use it to try and prove the world is a flat plane.

  • Gilboa

    I wish they’d hurry up and release those 3 cameras, so I can finally know if its just low-end compacts/DSLRs or hopefully a D820, D760 and D7300. I’m in the market for a new higher-end DSLR (had a mirrorless for the last couple of years, but miss the big bright optical viewfinder and excellent battery life of a quality DSLR) and have had my eye on a D500 for a while now, but would still prefer a new FF instead…thus the waiting.

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