Weekly Nikon news flash #405

The Nikon D750 seems to be out of stock in many stores in Germany and the current wait time is 1-2 months. Really strange development on one of the best selling Nikon cameras (maybe a replacement is coming soon?).

New low price for the Nikon D810 (gray market): $1,899.

→ Another strange development - two days ago Nikon Japan introduced a new D5300 kit with the new AF-P 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens (the D5300 was announced in 2013 and is still available for sale).

Nikon received the "iF Design Award 2017" for five products.

Nikon no more - Northwell Health secures naming rights to Jones Beach Amphitheater.

CIPA published their 2016 report and 2017 outlook.


New version (v1.5) of the free Nikon CCD color mode IIIa/Ia presets for Nikon cameras has been released (download | samples: original photo on left, preset mode version on right). Here is changelog:

  • Minor changes in the preset's profiles - optimized LCH-curve and chroma-curve.
  • Added a separate version of the preset for the new Nikon cameras using the latest hardware version of the current Picture Control - D5, D500 and later (Camera compatible only in Capture NX-d).
  • Added a subversion of preset with support for compact Nikon cameras Coolpix series (NRW raw support).
  • Added experimental subversion of preset for generation 1 Nikon digital cameras (all cameras with a CCD sensor, and D2X / D2H) - to work with the non-picture-control cameras in the Picture Control system.
  • Preset is no longer disables ADL (Active D-Lightning) and does not reset the previously generated exposure compensation, it was in previous versions. It is done for easy use in the previously edited NEFs. To disable ADL now serves as a separate add-on "ADL_EV_NR_off". It also disables Noise reduction to speed up software. I recommend to disable the ADL in the camera, and use it only in the program on the need for a complex dynamic range scenes.

→ Only two weeks left to enter the Nikon Photo Contest 2016-2017 (deadline was extended, now open till February 27th, 2017). Here are the entry categories:

  • Nikon 100th Anniversary Award Theme: "Celebration"
  • Next Generation Award Theme: "Future"
  • THE OPEN Award Theme: "Future"

All categories in photography and video will accept entries from any digital device, including smartphones except for Nikon 100th Anniversary Award.

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  • Brent

    The year is 2025, flying cars abound. Still no release of the infamous DL.

    • Allen_Wentz

      We better get self driving cars before we start flying them where every fender-bender would kill all occupants plus folks on the ground…

      • Farhad H.

        How about self-picture-taking cameras?

        • silmasan

          Cameras taking pictures of themselves? Nah.. I don’t think they’ll be that self-aware until about ten years later…

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    • Jeffry De Meyer

      Is all the noise for the dl line because they weren’t released or because people are genuinely interested?

    • Andrew

      Nikon engineers are too busy fitting the D810 36 MP image sensor into the upgraded D760 camera even as the D820 will sport a new 46 MP sensor. No time to release the DL as they are likewise busy upgrading them before launch as it is time for an update 😉 They are just too busy all-around. Ah, I nearly forgot about the anniversary Df 2. But wait, isn’t it time for a D7200 upgrade?

  • maxx

    Beginning to feel stomach acid…

    • sickheadache

      …as the stomach churns.

      • …as the stomach churns, so does the head.

  • teteouu

    It seems Nikon forget also this firmware download program …
    Article from NikonRumors (2 years and 1 month ago)


    Hope Nikon DL will be released … :/

  • masterac

    how can you get an award for a product that is so bad ?
    talking about the key 360.
    -you have only 24p for a camera that is made for sport,
    -it way too easy to turn on so light touch on one of the 2 buton is enought ( why not a hard press combine of the 2 ?)
    -the app keep losing the camera even when i can already acces it,usualy if i am in setting i will lose connection every 10 second.
    -the battery light indicator, you only have 2 color, green is 100-30 % then it goes to red…so you can’t know clearly how much battery you got, you can have 31% and think you are at 70.

    • Pretty sure it is a product design award (industrial design), it doesn’t take into account the software interfaces.

      • masterac

        well design isn’t good a t all like i said, if it suppose to be the shape ? because design also impact interface on a product that small

    • nwcs

      Most of the time these awards are just a mutual admiration contest. They invent so many categories so everyone can win and they get more sponsors.

    • Athanasius Kirchner

      They’re infamously dubbed the “everybody wins” awards. Between these and TIPA, I can’t decide which of the two is more irrelevant and absurd, sometimes with made-up categories just to give a neglected company an award.
      Just treat them as what they are, a joke.

  • masterac

    d750 is same for amazon france, 2 month of waiting, but available in amazon italia and usa

    • yes, strange…. I was told that Nikon Europe pulled all the available stock

      • masterac

        depend if they still have stock, then your info is correct

        • well, in several EU countries the D750 is out of stock in some stores – see the other comments

          • KnightPhoto

            Would be great to see across the lineup upgrades this year: D750, D810, D610, hopefully the D5 sensor in a lower cost body with good AF, maybe MF for the high pixel model to replace D3X (like Hassy and FujiFilm)

          • br0xibear

            A few places in the UK, including Nikon Pro dealers, have the D750 in stock.
            Apparently more stock is due on the 17th of Feb, whether this is the last of the stock, I don’t have any information about.

      • Jeffry De Meyer

        Oh are they pulling out of the european market, great.

      • Andrew

        Yeah, but they will show up as “brand spanking new” refurbished cameras no doubt 😉

        • Yes, this is the next step if Nikon really wants to clear their inventory.

    • Diogo Correia

      Is not available in Amazon Italia but yes in Amazon Spain 😉
      France, Germany, UK and Italia Amazon’s not available,
      Canada not avalaible just the body itself.
      I waiting for the D760… never more :/

  • Fly Moon

    It seems that Nikon forgot that they have released D5500 and D5600!!

    Why would they still sell D5300 as if it’s a new/different product?

    • KnightPhoto

      I’m making as assumption here that Nikon still has D5300 bodies kicking around but no more stock of the non-AF-P 18-55 lenses. Ergo the need to kit up the remaining D5300 bodies with the AF-P lens (which is a lot better all-around lens anyway)!

      • Spy Black

        What in particular makes you say this new lens “is a lot better all-around lens”?

        • KnightPhoto

          My own experience is limited to trying at a Nikon show on my own D500, my sample images with the AF-Ps were very sharp. Other than that am going on Thom’s recent reviews, MTF charts, faster AF, Nikon marketing materials, and a personal preference for foldable lens that stow more compactly at least at this end of the lens lineup.

          As soon as a D5x00 comes out with 4K I’d like to pick one up with an AF-P 18-55 as a B/C camera. I’m also keeping an eye out for a D5500/5600 on the used market – I like the touch screen interface so I personally wouldn’t reach back to D5300.

    • Price 🙂 D5500 and D5600 too expensive and small changes.

      • yes, I think they are preparing this set for the emerging markets (mainly India)

        • Fly Moon

          Is that like what Apple is trying to do with iPhones?

  • sickheadache

    I have seen pictures of those DL models, will be release March of 2017. Right? Remember kids Nikon got some problems, Earthquakes, Floods, Mothra, Godzilla, The Smog Monster. We expect too much from our lil nikon.

    • MonkeySpanner

      I can see those other things being problems – but smog monster? Really? Don’t we know how to defeat him already?

      • sickheadache

        Beijing ..Truly has the Smog Monster. They being bone heads keep feeding The Smoke Monster.

      • TwoStrayCats

        It used to live in Los Angeles. It seeks strong economies with lots of industry.

    • nwcs

      I’ll wait for Gamera… He loves kids.

  • PabloNY

    I can’t believe how secretive Nikon is.
    No one can even crack its OS for hacking like magic lantern canon.
    Almost a whole year ahead we know about Apple products; whithin a week their os gets jail broken…
    Nikon should be in charge of national security lol

    • nwcs

      Actually, you need to check out Nikon Hacker. They have a magic lantern style crack of some of Nikon’s firmware.

      • Max

        Is it worth playing with?

        • RC Jenkins

          I haven’t messed with the Nikon Hacker projects in a while, but it was *much* more limited than magic lantern–no comparison.

          Magic lantern opens up very fundamental aspects for drastic improvements to functionality, while running off a memory card for most Canon models. It’s fairly universal for Canons and powerful.

          Nikon hacker is entire firmwares for each specific model (very limited list, mainly entry-level bodies), and doesn’t really add a whole lot. You might get something like ‘remove maximum video recording length.’

          • Thom Hogan

            The limitations of hacking a Nikon DSLR versus a Canon DSLR really mostly boil down to this: Canon allows execution of code outside the camera’s firmware, Nikon doesn’t. So any change you make to a Nikon has to fit within the memory reserved for firmware. Given that Nikon doesn’t leave much room for expansion of firmware, you can’t start changing their firmware without removing things. Nikon themselves has run into that problem from time to time with their own firmware updates.

          • Max


        • nwcs

          I don’t know. They don’t support the D5300 which is my only Nikon camera at this point. But some people use it in the astrophotography circles to fix some Nikon problems with deep sky photography.

  • Captain Megaton

    D750 has been functionally out of stock in Japan since Christmas. I thought it was due to the rebates, but they ended mid January and the camera is still unavailable at most online retailers.

    • John Matthews

      I wouldn’t say ‘functionally out of stock’ given how many on the list in the link below have stock, although Amazon.co.jp having only one item in stock atm and *some* others not having it in stock is interesting.


      • Captain Megaton

        I chose my phrasing carefully. You will have considerable difficulty actually buying a new D750 in Japan.

        The current list “selling” price of the D750 is about 165,000 yen. Yodobashi, Bic, Map, and Amazon are all out of stock, with 1-2 months backorder. The “amazon” listing you linked to is a small 3rd party reseller of no repute, selling for 13,000 above the current going price.

        Likewise while kakaku shows many stores to have stock, if you go to the linked store listings you’ll see anything listed at normal price is backordered. Again, you might find one or two in stock priced well above the yodobashi, etc. list price.

  • Aaron Pepelis

    I’ve been putting off getting a D750. The prices are just way too tempting. I need a better back up to my D4 than my D3.

    • nicolaie

      You’ll drop the D4 after getting the D750.

      • TwoStrayCats

        The D4 is built well enough to take it. If you drop a D750, you’re asking for trouble.

  • Martin

    I don’t know where you got that info abt D750 availability in Germany. It’s plain wrong. D750 is available in most of the online stores here, as ever: https://www.heise.de/preisvergleich/nikon-d750-gehaeuse-vba420ae-a1164870.html

  • TwoStrayCats

    What’s this new D810 for $1899?

  • sickheadache

    This is my own prediction.

    D760 36mp
    D620 24mp (oil version avail)
    D820 54mp
    D5X 70mp

    I am willing to bet 5 dollars…I got one of these actually right. lol

    • RJ

      Got to agree with you there sick. Love the oil option too. There is enough sensor tech out there now to put clear gaps between sensor sizes. +42 mp for top end, 36 mp for prosumer mid range and 24 mp for prosumer low end.

      I have been looking at the competition and Nikon have a big issue. They have to address the Pentax K1 at the same price as the d750, before Pentax address their lens range problem. Guess it will be a race.

      I need to upgrade in this price point for personal use. Money is ready, it’s either going to Nikon for D750 replacement, Pentax K1 or the wild card, Leica T which has very clean pixels and photo merge can bridge the pixel gap.

    • 54 MP is what you get by scaling a 24MP DX sensor to FX. 50MP would be D500 sensor scaled to FX, which might make more sense from Nikon’s point of view (also, it’s newer technology). 80MP, roughly, would be the latest M43 sensors scaled to FX. This might allow sensor fabs to improve economies of scale the way Apple does with displays.

  • Fly Moon
  • Delmar Mineard Jr

    Peter, are you hearing anything about a D760?

    • no

      • undergroundman

        Say Nikon does announce a D760 (or a D620 or a D820 or
        whatever prosumer model update) at the end of February? What is a likely timetable for availability? When, based on recent past model rollouts, might it actually reach consumers?

        • DafOwen

          On D800/UK:
          – Announced 7 Feb 2012
          – I pre-orderd mine (Amazon UK) – 9 May 2012
          – Dispatched 20 June 2012

          … but the D800 was slow to trickle through and NIkon UK messed up the pricing.

          • undergroundman

            Thanks very much for the feedback.

            The only Nikon body I ever bought upon announcement was a D7000 here in the USA. Floods or whatever screwed up the supply chain and it ended up delayed for months.

            I realize it’s unknowable how long a particular model will take between announcement and shipping. Guess I was hoping for assurance–which I didn’t get from you or anybody else–that it could go quickly!

            I photograph mostly birds with a D400 (with Nikon replaced shutter) and a 200-400mm Nikon zoom. I’d like to have the upgraded focus of the D750 but it’s a 2.5 year old camera now and I’m a guy who keeps them for a while. Trying to be patient.

      • br0xibear
        • JoeFunny30

          Nice, still time to sell my d750.

        • I hate to say this again, but they are full of shit and have been for years just like few other websites. They basically copied the info I posted here a while back. I will put 0 credibility at this clickbait website and should probably ban it here all together.

          • br0xibear

            Fair enough….it popped up in search.

            • yes… together with the latest D5700 rumors LOL

            • br0xibear


  • DafOwen

    Looked up stock numbers for some London/UK shops (Body Only):
    – D750 : Awaiting stock (None online or shops)
    – D810 – 8

    – D750 – 4 in stock
    – D810 – only 1

    -D750 : Awaiting Stock (Says available 17th Feb)
    -D810 : In Stock 3+

    Wex; Jessops;
    -Both in Stock

    • DafOwen


      – D750 – 3 in stock
      – D810 – 9 in stock

      -D750 : In stock (3+)

      So seems that UK shops are getting new stock in, although not much…

  • DFogle

    Just purchased a d810 and wondering how much longer they will take on creating a replacement, or a more professional d750 with the d810 goodies..? The max shutter speed, higher base ISO etc kept me away from the d750 which I’m sure is nice.

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