New Nikon ViewNX-i version 1.2.5 fixes image corruption issue

Nikon released ViewNX-i version 1.2.5 for Mac that addresses the image corruption issue when using Nikon Transfer 2 with macOS Sierra (previously reported here):

  • Image data copied using Nikon Transfer 2 under macOS Sierra version 10.12.2 could sometimes be corrupted.
  • Nikon Transfer 2 would quit unexpectedly when users attempted to transfer photos or movies.
  • Users could not select slots in the Source panel when transferring pictures from cameras with two memory card slots.
  • Pictures taken using the Smart Photo Selector available with cameras in the Nikon 1 series would be transferred as individual images rather than as a group.
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      • Aldo

        younger than the moon…


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          • Mikycoud

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          • fanboy fagz

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            • Aldo

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            • Michiel953


              Mean anything?

  • fanboy fagz

    does it fix QC issue also?

  • Ronald Ojcowicz

    I would like to see also some new features in this soft. Not only bug fixes

  • PabloNY

    Inside hidden in the code of viewnx there is mention to a new 72mp D8XX.
    Just kidding…and wishing…

  • KlaxonsFive

    It should have been a good news except that this updated version does not accept cards readers as source with macOS Sierra 10.12 or later …
    As we are now at 10.12.3, ther is still some path to do !
    I am …. I am so sloooooow !

    • Yeah, I’m on the 10.12.4 Public Beta and I’m getting the same error (well, mine is in English!). 🙂

      Thanks Nikon – fixed the image corruption issue and introduced a new one! Nicely done!

  • JoCarpenter

    Wow, about friggin time.

  • Kivdul

    Thanks Nikon, that’s enough excitment for 2017, that and the new battery.

    • fanboy fagz

      And the sandals

  • Mikael Biilmann

    I’m on Win 10.
    Am I safe…???

    • Aldo

      You are not…. but if you give me your ssn I’ll make it right.

      • Nimloth

        No system is safer than the meatbag operating it. 🙂

  • doge

    Is everyone excited for Nikons 100th anniversary camera they’re about to announce?

    • Yes, I am… I am wishing a digital Nikon SP or something similar 🙂

      • I’m having a feeling that, if it is a take-off of the SP, it will be named a Ds.

      • Chewbacca

        If nikon is going to keep the 1 inch sensor line maybe this would be better than the previous approach.

  • umijin

    Unfortunately, Transfer doesn’t recognize files on my SD cards on my new iMac. Only some of them – not all. What’s up with that? The files are certainly there.

  • whisky

    why is Nikon software still a thing?

  • Fly Moon

    They need to just t give up and bundle another software with their cameras.

    Nikon’s software looks like 1990’s compared to the others.

    They probably test it first on Windows 95 and Mac OS 7

    • RC Jenkins

      They already do…for example, Nikon Capture NX-D is based on Silkypix. Not saying it’s good…just saying it’s not all in-house developed. 🙂

  • bgbs

    that’s it? That’s all it fixes?

    • Spy Black

      No, it adds new bugs…

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      Yes lets act as if people use it.

  • umijin

    I’m finding other issues with this release. transfer doesn’t find all the images on my card, and ViewNXi doesn’t rename files. And it’s achingly slow compared to the ViewNX2.

  • Starting with 2014 the ViewNx software become rubbish!

  • Dennis Scannell

    I just downloaded and installed the ViewNX-i 1.2.5 package top my MacBook Pro and opened the new Nikon Transfer 2 to download selected photos from my iPhone, but the app doesn’t load a single photo from my iPhone into the Thumbnail field. 100% USELESS!!!

  • Richard Coward

    I just downloaded and installed ViewNX-i v1.2.8 ( load from 11th July 2017) and it still refuses to run. I have a 2017 MacBookPro with enough power and memory!

    What great alternatives can you guys recommend to replace ViewNX-i?

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