New Nikon EN-EL18b battery to be announced soon, expect “surprises”

The Japanese website Nokishita reported on Twitter that Nikon will soon announce a new EN-EL18b battery. It is not clear which existing or new cameras will be compatible with this new battery, but the current EN-EL18a model is used in the top-of-the-line Nikon D5, D4s and D4 DSLRs.

Update #1: the new battery is already listed here.

Update #2: the EN-EL18b battery is already listed on Nikon Europe website. Still not clear why this new version was introduced.

Update #3: the new battery is scheduled to be released on March 10th.

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  • Whatever camera will use this new Nikon EN-EL18b battery, will be high end. Unless Nikon is releasing an improved version for the D5 and not for a new model.

    • br0xibear

      Maybe instead of a 100th Anniversary camera, it’s just a special edition battery ? lol
      (baby D5).


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    • Eric Calabros

      What in EL18b needs improvement?

    • Well, it might be only a new battery for existing cameras or they could release high-power grip with D820.

      • sickheadache

        Oh No! Stop! Not another Grip. Nikon Please no more over priced Grips. Gripes.

        • Thom Hogan


          • Is this a delayed ‘Bingo’ Thom, I feel this should have come about a decade ago haha

    • ITN


  • Yach

    D5s already ?
    Or new battery for new line of D610/750/810 which all use EN-EL15 ?
    Or mirrorless full-frame ? 😀

    • sickheadache


  • Yeah, It has to be the D5s, so soon is crazy, but I think they failed with the reports of low iso on the D5 and this would be a fix for it

    • Mikael Biilmann

      Love how Nikon issues new cameras instead of issuing software updates in their existing cameras.
      Well, off to buy a well-used D600 for 700 $.
      Just for my Zeiss 85/1.4 on my D5300.

      • Max

        Interesting. I’d actually love to see some portraits from that combo of yours.

        • Mikael Biilmann

          Had my little light D5300 with my 18-55 VR 2.
          Couldn’t focus where I had my AE-AL til focus.
          Too cold. (I live ikke Greenland), so got home, and found out, that you have til change a menu-point inside the menu… hmmm. Look forward til my cheap D600.
          Will test my Zeiss 85/1.4 tomorrow with my D5300.

          • Max

            Awesome. I want to get the 58 1.4 so I can use it on both my D610 and D5300.
            But that Zeiss 85 on crop – please post something when you do!

      • Thom Hogan

        Well, when you get the hardware wrong, kind of hard to fix it in firmware.

        • Mikael Biilmann

          Too true.
          Seems like Nikon’s software dept is nonexisting.
          My wmu stopped working when my Nexus 5X got past Android 5.5
          Their fear of losing face is losing them their face.
          I worked in a heliport some years ago, and a group of Japanere tourists were delayed because of fog.
          Their guide wanted me to apologize in front of the group.
          I afsked: “Why??!”
          Look at their abysmal foray intro formula One!
          Toyota and Honda!

          • MY OB

            Nikon software is a massive FAIL!

            I loved the functionality of Capture NX2. Why they let google scoop up NIK is a mystery to me, but a massive loss for Nikon!

            The current hemorrhage that is Capture is an absolute DISGRACE!

            It would be nice if they got their act together!

            • ITN

              I agree NX2 discontinuation was a major loss.

            • Mikael Biilmann

              Amen brother.
              Software… yeeah, only to wake up our cameras.
              What more you want?
              Next 650-850-some lens (good-un) will come!

  • Doctrsnoop

    wouldn’t it be just a marginally higher capacity batter? I can’t imagine what else it could do, or needs to do. The cynic in me says it would be a battery type in a D5s that would be tougher to crack for third parties.

    • paige4o4

      This is what I’m thinking. There’s no reason to get overly excited, is Nikon probably just refining their battery tech somehow, like adding capacity or making them charge faster, or just increased life cycle, etc.

  • drororomon

    Maybe it could be underwhelming like another 300-500 mAh more juice for the longer 4K video recording time in the D5 post firmware patch.

  • D5x

  • I’m hoping it’s for a D5X

    • sickheadache

      D5X 70mp and fast as a 1978 Mercedes Benz Diesel. Non Turbo of Course…lol

      • I’ll take 70 mp in a D5X and 42 mp in a D820 (per the rumor).

        • Eric Duminil

          Why do you (think you) need 70 mp?

          • I do a lot of studio beauty photography

            • Eric Duminil

              Thanks for the reply. I guess my question was more : what does 70mp give you that 36mp doesn’t?

            • Busch

              34 MP?

            • Eric Duminil

              Problem is, those are not the best 34MP because of diffraction, lens blur, motion blur and noise. But you still need twice the storage and twice the CPU to process those files.

          • sickheadache

            because sooner or later it will happen in full frame. So jump on board..or hang with the big babies of yesteryear, whom seem like 12 mp is a cool thing.

            • Eric Duminil

              So what? Depending on your needs, 12mp can be more than enough. It was enough for all the pros 10 years ago.

            • ITN

              Well, it wasn’t, many needed more. 12 MP is a little soft even in relatively small prints. 35mm film was scanned at 20-30MP and medium format film from 30 to 80MP or as needed.

              However, you are correct that few applications require more than 36MP. Wall size prints (several square meters) with subject matter such as landscapes which can benefit from a lot of detail. However, that may be better done using medium format rather than 35mm.

            • Eric Duminil

              True. “all the pros” should have been “many pros”. It depends what you mean with “little soft” and “relatively small prints”. 12 MP is 300dpi on 14”x10”. If the picture is sharp, 300dpi is more than enough. All others things being equal, I don’t think it’s possible to find any difference between 12MP and 36MP when printed on 15”x10”.

      • Peter Allinson

        Sony coming out with 72mp alpha 9 that shoots 12 fps. Nikon needs to get moving

        • ITN

          I don’t think they will, any time soon. That amount of data would create a bottleneck in processing in the camera and post-processing, and there is very little need for it. It would just be a pain. Maybe in 10 years.

          • harvey

            Olympus EM1.2 can do 60fps with 20mp.

  • zipduck

    The good news here, if this is a new flagship, is used D5’s (and D4s?) will hopefully go down in price.

  • George

    This is the state we are currently in. Nikon wants us to get excited for a battery…

    • ZoetMB

      Since Nikon hasn’t announced the battery, that’s obviously not the case.

      • George

        Well, it has made it to the Nikon Rumors site which has been awfully quiet for some time now. The way the post is made makes you believe that you should really be excited for a Nikon battery. It’s funny that we discuss for a battery instead of the actual product -albeit rumored- that this will go in.

    • sickheadache

      But it is a beautiful lovely, exciting sleek and sexy Battery.

      • George

        That’s right! It has curves. So, we should be excited!!

  • Please no surprise regarding batteries… after the latest firmware upgrade in my D810 third party bateries magically dropped their capacity to 80% 🙁

  • AYWY

    So a DF2, or one of the D810/D610/D750 successor could see a notable change that warrants a new battery.

    Hey at least we can be assured that Nikon won’t just turn up at CP+ with KeyMissions. 😛

    • fanboy fagz

      maybe theyll show up with sandals, or a selfie stick

    • Spy Black

      Maybe they’ll just show up with the battery…

  • Doug Laurent

    Let’s hope the new battery has 4K video, focus peaking and other features pre-installed.

    • VanHoff

      10 bit 4:2:2 Full frame capture at least :'(

      • Eric Calabros

        I’ll change my name to Always Wrong Calabros if they give us 10bit 4:2:2

        • BVS

          Doesn’t D5/500 already do 10bit 4:2:2 with external recorder? Shouldn’t be that much of a stretch to do it internal, right?

          • Thom Hogan


            • TheInconvenientRuth

              I’m still waiting for a battery that will finally have both sharpness and pleasing bokeh.

          • Eric Calabros

            No, thats 8bit 4:2:2

    • Fly Moon

      And articulated LCD!

    • Jaroslav Charvát

      I think that the “expect surprise” is not related to the battery itself, but rather to the lack of other rumours, but with the anniversary coming and several bodies just in time for replacement…
      “There aren’t many leaks but there must be something coming. There must. Let’s expect some surprise. And while ENEL18 battery is used in that particular line of bodies, and there is no need for a replacement just for the existing ones…” How about that?

      • The “surprise” was also part of the original tweet, maybe they know something we don’t.

  • RC Jenkins

    The ‘surprise’ is that the battery just got delayed to Feb, 2018. 🙂

    • Fly Moon

      Delayed to June 2017, then to Oct 2017 then to Feb 2018 😉

      • Thom Hogan

        Still not quite right: announced in February for June shipment, then delayed to fall, then someone mentioned next January 15/17, then…

  • Mikael Biilmann

    I am DeLayed.

  • Dino Brusco

    [silly mode ON] Yoohoo, (also) Nikon F7 is coming with GPS recording, 11 fps, E-lenses compatibility and new D5/D500 AF module [silly mode OFF] ( I say / hope ALSO because of the F6 / D2x identical battery module, but this is really a LOOOOONG shot)

  • Kyle

    Nikon D400 and V4 will use this battery. Lol

  • Tadao_Isogai
    • Mike Gordon

      HAHA! New camera, LOL. From this UL report, Nikon moved the manufacture to Sanyo from Sony. Sony sold their battery biz to Murata last summer. Nikon moved suppliers, folkes nothing to see here…

  • John G

    The current En-EL18a D5 battery, like other Nikon models, already includes 6 contacts for communicating with the D5 microprocessor. The battery also uses a plastic (non-RF blocking) door. Perhaps this new battery would incorporate a bluetooth/wifi or GPS capability along with the battery? Yes, it would undercut their way-overpriced dongles.
    The electronics to support this new capability are getting very small.

    • Very interesting idea. That would be surprising from Nikon, but welcome!

    • Thom Hogan

      Highly doubtful.

      • manattan

        It also does not make any sense. If you changed batteries then you would have to set up Bluetooth again… but then again isn’t that how you said Snapbridge currently works 😉

  • sickheadache

    For the new D620, D760, and D820

  • Frank D Karlsen

    Lets hope they take a Fuji, and pops out a medium format 😀

  • sickheadache

    How “Soon” is Soon?

    • Elvin Tan

      Sooner then then DL !

      • sickheadache

        Oh tihs were are d’kcuf.

  • mariusvr
  • Lucytech

    well one thing is clear – D5 was and is a flop (those who needed speed and buffer went for D500 and those who could not accept crop sensor level DR range at low ISO sad “no, thank you”)… so no wonder, that nikon will haste (less than year since D5) to freshen things up with and “S” or “X”… but seriously no other body (than D5 type) can use that battery

    • sickheadache


    • Wade Marks

      Totally unfounded claim. You do not know the sales of the D5. You are just going on your own personal opinion, probably formed by reading a few naysayers on internet forums. Have you even used a D5?

      And it’s not like Nikon could change course and conjure up a new version of the D5 that quickly, esp .one requiring a new image sensor. Even if they wanted to replace the existing D5 with a new sensor, they probably would have had a hard time doing it in less than 1 year, esp. with other models expected this year as well.

      • manattan

        I think Lucytech is right that Nikon will likely be releasing a D5X instead of an 810 replacement, unless they keep the 810 replacement with the old AF system.

    • Bob Thane

      So what you’re saying is, the D500 meets low ISO high fps needs, the D5 meets high ISO high fps needs, and the D810/D750 meet general work needs with lower fps and decent results at all ISOs.

      Seems like Nikon segmented things well.

      • No, I don’t think they segmented them well. Apparently they segmented the D5 in the “high price” category, and Lucytech is still bitter about that.

    • NikMan

      that might be the dumbest thing I have ever read in the comment section on this site, …..

    • Tom Bruno

      “well one thing is clear – D5 was and is a flop…”
      Troll alert! 7 posts. Go back to where you’re from.

  • Thom Hogan

    Photo shows an EN-EL18a.

    • mariusvr

      Yes but they have got the better specifications listed and it is the 18b page. Hope it is for a new camera, but it could just be an improved capacity compatible with existing lineup.

      • Same specification, not better.

        • CERO

          Makes you wonder if they are going to block or do some sort of battery change.. Just like how the D500 does NOT like en-el15 v1.. and v20 is the way to go.

        • mariusvr

          Sorry for confusion, the page I looked up the old specs had the 18 specifications listed (not the 18a).

          Exciting news if the specs are right. (no reason to release a new battery with the same specs, unless it is for a new camera)

  • Wally Kilburg

    I use the EL-18’s in my D810’s battery grip with the BL-5 accessory. It lasts a very long time. Excellent accessory.

    • interesting and great point, I had no idea you could do that

      • Michael Cary Arellano

        Neither did I until after I sold my D810 and bought a D5. Big factor in that decision was the weight/size of the 810+grip that I needed to shoot weddings all day with the frequent vert. orientation. Doh!

      • Elvin Tan

        it also gives u a slight FPS boost on the D810

        • manattan

          The battery is actually interesting as it suggests that the “810 replacement” is a D5X type of camera. Remember that the existing 15 battery cannot drive both a full frame high res sensor AND the D5/500 AF system. So what this battery suggests is that Nikon will be releasing a D5 type of body instead of a D810 type of body, BUT everyone will get everything they have been asking for (high MP, the D5/500 AF system, etc.). Always trade offs.

          • 24×36

            Why do you think the 15 battery cannot drive both the FF high res sensor and the new AF system?? I have seen nothing to suggest such a limitation anywhere.

    • 24×36

      Me too. My grip never leaves the camera – it’s my D4x basically.

  • MonkeySpanner

    Wow – this is exciting poop. A battery.

  • bgbs

    What could be so surprising about a battery?

    • It may belong to a new camera… why would they just release a single battery, given that the previous model has been working fine for 3 generations of cameras (or over 6 years)?

  • 72mp obviously requires a better battery.

  • Wade Marks

    Why do so many think a new battery means a new camera? Perhaps they are just releasing a newer improved version of the battery for existing models….hence the same model number, only a change of the suffix from “a” to “b.”

    I can see them releasing a new model of some camera, but this new battery does not mean a new version of the D5 or whatever model it would be called.

    • zipduck

      New batteries means new cameras. I can’t remember off the top of my head if a camera company has ever updated *just* a battery for use with existing cameras. For example the EN-EL18a was an upgrade of the EN-EL18, and it came with the D4s.

  • A new battery (2500mAh: supports the idea of a “D5x” or whatever they choose to name it (Df II) at ~46MP. Higher capacity battery for a unit that would replace the D3x ‘full size’ full frame body.
    If it is intended not for action photography maybe and just maybe (super speculative) it might have an EVF/Mirrorless. But I give that about an 17% chance of happening.

  • RMJ

    Oooh… Could it be for the long waited F7 ? We haven’t seen new film body in long time !

  • Johann

    The European website list it as an accessoire for d4/d4s/d5

  • TwoStrayCats

    We want a camera so vast in resolution and frame rate that the battery needs to be a Sears DieHard with belt clips.

    • Tom Bruno

      Hah! Good one! Made me laugh.

  • George

    So, it is a 2500mAh, 10.8V high capacity battery. Where is magic on that?

    • No magic at all. That’s exactly he spec of the ‘a’ version as well.

  • This is not better specification. The 18a is also 2500mAh.

  • Nimloth

    I would be surprised if the battery caught fire inside my camera…
    Really. I don’t wish to be surprised by a battery. I just wish it to work, as it should, for as long as possible.

  • Captain Megaton

    Nikon has *something* for CP+. Not just a battery. Not just a new D5300 kit pairing. Not just an DL status update.

    Just the sheer amount of nothingness since the D500 would tell you it should be something big.

    I’m going to predict a D900. Substantial update to 810, half of a D5 for half the price … slower with but with lots more pixels. Yep, it uses the EN-EL18b battery so battery life is off the scale.

    • Allan

      Your glass is half full.

      • Captain Megaton

        “With what?” is the more pertinent point.

        • manattan

          LOL. Probably Captain Morgan

  • Scott M.

    For the grip that goes with the new 24mp 100th aniversity FX Nikon Df2, which incorporates all the good features of the D5 and D500, including 10fps, Amazingly fast and acurate focus and no video. Panda version also. (Uses dual XQD cards too)

  • sickheadache

    I got a text from a girl i know in Sendai, who works at 7-11 next to the Nikon Factory, says it is the new D3500 and D5700..NOW I am not sure if this just a rumor and the real thing!!! lol

    • I know her as well, but she told ME that it’s for the new D870 with soap dispenser and heated shutter button.

      • zipduck

        I wouldn’t mind a heated grip when shooting in the cold!

    • Max

      The D3500 will probably come with a firmware update and a newly designed eyecup.

      • Mikael Biilmann


      • Mikael Biilmann

        Oh no, they didn’t already issue an 3500?
        No autofocus and no memorycard access?
        The Google cocky camera?

        • Max

          There is no memory card in the D3500. That’s just way to modular for an entry level camera. It has built in 16Gb of storage and you have to use snapbridge.

  • meatpants

    It is the battery to be shared between DF2, and a like-bodied, special edition 100th anniversary film camera…
    I can dream can’t I?

  • jagigen

    EN-EL18 had 22Wh capacity. (2000mAh)
    EN-EL18a had 27Wh capacity. (2500mAh)

    I would guess this 18b have 30Wh and 2700 mAh cells.

    • Shaul Boilov

      and a 15$ price increase…

      • jagigen

        Of course.
        They did put a lot of research into the higher capacity and they need to make a return. 🙂

  • Ralph Aichinger

    Speedlight battery? Finally a LiIon powered Speedlight?

  • Trent Mitchell

    Either a full frame mirrorless DL style camera or mini D5 workhorse will need one of these batteries i’d reckon. I can’t wait. I’ll take one of each.

  • Jirka

    Maybe they will introduce D820 with redesigned grip (little bit bigger so there will be space for bigger battery instead of small one). That would be awesome.

    • Mark Cort

      Well the D810 has been listed as discontinued. I’m hoping of something special from Nikon for its birthday. Mirrorless Df please. This battery will be too big for a Df mkii though.

    • Busch

      How much bigger do you want? It already can hold the EN-EL18(a) battery with the optional door cover.

      • Jirka

        i mean.. bigger grip which is already present, not additional grip for vertical holding.

    • 24×36

      There’s already space for the big battery in the grip. You just need the appropriate battery door cover to clip the big battery to. I use nothing but the big battery in my D810 grip.

  • Gabriel Border

    What ever the new body is. Hopefully it won’t have a built in flash. I love the look of the D500 on Canon goods for the blunt prism on top. No need for a built in flash.

    • totally agree

    • Busch

      “I love the look of the D500 on Canon goods for the blunt prism on top.”


      • Gabriel Border

        Typo “D500 and Canon” I like flat and pushed backed a prism can be…specifically where the logo is. Nikon F5 too. This comes from getting annoyed when tilt shift knobs get obstructed buy a stupid built in flash prism.

  • I use these in both the D4s and D810s

  • Mike Gordon

    New camera, LOL. From the pinned UL report, Nikon moved the
    manufacture to Sanyo from Sony. Sony sold their battery biz to Murata
    last summer. Nikon moved suppliers, folkes nothing to see here…

  • whisky

    i hope it’s more than just the EN-EL18x knock-offs from Amazon hurting Nikon’s honey pot.

  • Clifford Martin

    Could the new battery be a reformulation or other changes needed to better comply with TSA and airline regulations for LI-ion batteries in checked luggage? Or maybe some safety improvements in the housing to keep the batteries from catching on fire?

  • KnightPhoto

    Maybe new battery is for a new Medium Format Nikon Camera?

    Heck the new Hassy and FujiFilm cameras are likely based off Sony sensors, why not a Nikon medium format camera too? I.e. instead of a D5X/D820 pairing, how about a Nikon MF / D820 pairing for the high megapixel shooters?

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