Refurbished Nikon D500 camera: $1,599.95

Adorama got a batch of refurbished Nikon D500 cameras and is selling them for $1,599.95 with free expedited shipping ($397 or 20% off from the regular MSRP of $1,996.95). This refurbished D500 camera comes with a 90-day return-to-manufacturer warranty. Limited supply available.

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  • PabloNY

    Bought from buydig for $1470, can’t beat that!

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  • Nils

    Ok, so if I buy this and send it in for repair to Nikon Europe (because thats where I live), will they repair it at my own cost, or would they deny repair alltogether?

    • fanboy fagz

      I think they only accept warrantied cameras from the country it was bought in. Lenses are ibtl warranty for 1 year. No matter origin bought. Personally i ALWAYS buy grey and mack diamond warranty. Nikons service is garbage and many have fallen with the bullshit assessment from nikon as impact damage when it didnt. I buy cheap as grey, add mack diamond and im covered for impact as well for 3 years. Saved my ass many times

      • Nils

        Thanks for your reply.

        Do you have a link to that “diamond warranty” thing you are talking about?

        • fanboy fagz

          few things. you need to purchase it and register it with mack within 30 days.

          im not certain the exact policy number you would need. but since youll be using it out of US you need the intl version there are two guys ive bought from on ebay. imo best prices vs anywhere on the net. check for yourself.
          maybe the 1812 policy but not sure

          goto their site and write them, or on their fb page for the policy you need.

          you need to make sure the seller u bought from is an authrized nikon retailer. but it doesnt matter if the item is refurb or grey just authorized.

          the d500 grey model has been found for $1500/1600 linked here. the mack policy will cost around $200. and you get 3 years of full warranty. shutter breaks, screen breaks. water damage, impact, its covered. ive had my shutter mirror and aperture mechanism replaced in my D3 and D3s from wear. saved my ass a lot of money. I dont buy any lens or body without buying it as well.

      • Aldo

        On the other hand, I’ve had nothing but good experiences with nikon repair center here in LA. One time they went as far as to replace my sensor eventhough my warranty was expired. You can argue that a sensor shouldnt fail within 3 years of ownership but still.

        • fanboy fagz

          but of course there are people who have good experiences .a large number do. thats a given. its the relatively high amount of those who dont thats more important. its too high. even 20% unhappy is too high imo.

          dont know the actual numbers @thom hogan would know best.

          • Aldo

            You got a point, but by the same token one can argue that no warranty will have 100 percent satisfaction. Obviously for gray market it’s a no brainer because you have little choice. It also depends where you are in the country. For someone like me, buying US market makes sense, since I have the repair center next door.

  • FountainHead

    Refurb, or Nikon dumping below MAP?

    • PabloNY

      One I got was refurb, 5000 activations (exchanged it ) and it came in Nikon white box with 90 day warranty.

      • decentrist

        with PayPal you have 180 days on any purchase

    • Can’t tell, but we are getting closer to the end of their financial year, so they may want to bump up they sales numbers.

  • Howard Twaddell

    just ordered one! hope i dont regret buying refurb. upgrading from D7100

  • Politics_Nerd

    It’s been under $1500 before. I am currently in the market for one of these, but can afford to be patient because my son doesn’t start in Track and Field until next school year. 🙂 I am hoping for it to reach $1400 actually. I’m willing to buy a used or grey one, of course. :::watches ebay:::

  • CERO

    Bought it last year for 1500 USD via (as new, 0 clicks)
    Good price but still not the cheapest.

  • Aaron Pepelis

    Walmart had a few new D750s today for $1509. I ordered one. it was the USA model.

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