I still have no clue what Nikon will announce at the CP+ show next month

I took a few days off from [NR] to cover Leica's big announcement this week, but now I am back. I still have no clue what Nikon will announce at the CP+ show in Japan at the end of February. The general list of expected products I did back in December is still valid, but I have no specific details. If anyone has some reliable information on what is coming next, you can contact me here.

There were some rumors online that Nikon was supposed to announce a D810 replacement this week - I even received few tips about it. As a rule, with so much fake news and clickbait articles online, I do not post on the blog any random rumor I receive in my mailbox (there are plenty of websites that do just that).

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  • Any chance for a full-frame D500?

    • there is a chance, but not for the CP+ show, maybe later in 2017

      • Chris

        I think so too. Nikon might first upgrade d610.

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      • Nyarlathotep

        Do you think they would move the D750 replacement to the D500 style body and ergonomics? And then maybe later in the year spice up the 610 replacement a slight bit?

        • I doubt it, but now really everything is possible – nobody knows what strategy Nikon will take in order to get out of the situation they are in right now. It used to be easy to predict their next announcement but this is no longer the case.

          • Wade Marks

            Nikon and other camera companies have experienced a huge disruption in their business, so they are still finding their way. Often we expect companies to be perfect but they are led by normal, fallible human beings.

            I’d say Nikon at this point isn’t really sure of what will work, and is trying their best, like all the camera companies. Predictability works when the market stays the same; in the world of dedicated cameras that decidedly is not happening.

          • Zenettii

            Makes you wonder, with the D810, D750, D500 all being “big success” stories for Nikon. How is it they are in “this position” Clearly decent camera bodies and lenses are not enough to keep up with better financed competitors.

            Nikon do produce some good products, unfortunately they spend so much cash on crap thats not needed as well (websites, software, stupid pet cameras) They need to spend more effort trying to convert people from competitors on to their cameras, just produce a good product isn’t enough, you need to find some big names and convert them, and make it very public.

    • Bob Thane

      The D5. 😉

      I really don’t see them releasing a 10+fps camera in a small FX form factor. Maybe a new D810/D750 with the D500’s AF system and 7-8 fps, but more than that and the D5’s out of business.

      • Hoping for the d810 replacement with 4k video and more pixels. Lol. Fingers crossed for the wish list.

    • Allen_Wentz

      An FX on the _exact_ D500 body model makes total sense. Just a small amount physically larger, slower fps and with dual XQD. And obviously costing more than the D500.

      Not a D5 replacement, but an FX sister to the D500. And ideally it would come in h and x versions.

      • silmasan

        Dual xqd sounds pretty tough…XQD + SD will be more friendly for upgraders I think.

        • Allen_Wentz

          There is _nothing_ friendly about putting in two different card formats, one older and slower in a new camera. Cards are not that expensive, and anyone with any sense buys state-of-the-art latest cards for their state-of-the-art latest camera.

          I HATE the lame SD slot in my D500. It slows operation and forces me to maintain two different cards formats for one camera. Dumb! And one certainly does not want to use old by-definition-slower cards from one’s previous camera in a new camera.

          • silmasan

            Technically I agree with you 100%. But Nikon have done the one XQD + one CF/SD for several models now (possibly meant as a transition): D4/D4s and D500. Even the previous D8xx series are in CF + SD configuration, not dual CF.

            • Jaroslav Charvát

              Isn’t the D300 also SD/CF?

            • silmasan

              D300s CF/SD. D300 & D700 are 1-slot only (CF). Though unlike D300, D700’s module actually has (unused) room for SD.

          • ITN

            Most users don’t need to use both card slots and have an abundance of older cards (in particular, SD) around. So they can get the camera with less initial investment than if they were forced to go with XQD from the beginning. They can then gradually transition to XQD, if they want to. However, I do prefer a dual XQD card configuration for my own use.

            • I likewise prefer the dual card slots but dual XQD not necessarily, primarily cost reasons. However most users do need, and it would be wise to use dual cards slots for redundancy backup.

            • Just Me

              I would imagine most users of cameras with dual slots like, if not need, both of them.

            • porsupah

              Not necessarily – but that depends on how the cards’ interfaces work. On my D7100, writing to both cards actually writes to one card first, then the second, cutting the continuous shooting rate significantly, rendering that write mode useless for my purposes.

              Does the D500 (or even D5) write to *both* cards simultaneously? I’d be delighted to hear that confirmed.

            • Just Me

              I can’t imagine they do. Even if they did, I would think it would cut down on the write speed.

              In my case, I either use the second card for overflow or write raw to one and jpeg to the other, in which case, writing jpeg wouldn’t be as much a strain. Since I typically take more than one shot of everything, when working, I don’t worry about writing the same file to two cards.

            • ITN

              I am unaware of any slowdown with dual card write (backup mode) in the D5. I suspect the D500 may not achieve the full performance of the XQD card if the SD card is slower than the XQD. However, with the D5 you can use two identical cards.

            • ITN

              I have not lost an image due to card failure so the probability must be quite low with high quality cards. However for critical situations writing simultaneously to two cards is the right way to go, in my view. Most of the time I use the second slot in overflow mode, ie. it is used when the other card is full. These are not so critical shoots and I enjoy the convenience that I don’t have to worry about cards becoming full when a good subject or moment presents itself. I switch the full card out when there is no time pressure. So yes, I take advantage of the dual cards. But Canon and Sony have fairly large market share and most of their mid level cameras do not have dual card slots so many people clearly don’t care about this much. If dual slots were seen a critical feature, Nikon would sell a lot more cameras.

            • Just Me

              There’s quite a bit of room between “critical” and “don’t care about.”
              I very much care about dual cards but if Nikon only made single card cameras and Canon only made dual card cameras I wouldn’t switch for that.

        • Brett Russo

          Once you go XQD you will never go back!

      • SK_HDP

        With 4K video preferably

      • Brett Russo

        They will never do this, This is exactly why I returned my D500, and I have a D5 and D810. This is what they do. They will NOT make a camera that solves all problems, Sport/Action big buffer VS Landscape/portrait BIG mp crap buffer frame rate! They wont shoot themselves in the foot.

    • sickheadache

      Alan I got a message from the President of Nikon…Akihiro Nikon and he has said..that Nikon is Not…BK…Special Orders do Upsets us All! And He added, Have it your way does not compute. lol

    • TwoStrayCats

      Absolutely, Its called the D5.

    • koenshaku

      Seeing that the 5D Mark III didn’t make any waves they’re probably taking their time with D900 which would normally be do. When that drops we will likely see a D7300 with a 36mp sensor, then D620 if they don’t just do away with the D6xx series entirely since the omen of the oil.

    • David Peterson

      Yes, it is called the “D5”

    • KnightPhoto

      I went D700 ==> D4 for my low light work, but D5 is $8500 here. I hope to be going ==> D820H this time around 😉 (i.e. D5 sensor in a D500 style body)

  • Andrew

    First of all, congratulations to US President Donald Trump this January 20, 2017!

    • kind of unrelated to the topic of this post, unless you want to talk about those KeyMission 360 cameras at the inauguration

      • Andrew

        It is indeed an historical event that happens once every four years or 1,460 days. And hopefully we will see some great pictures taken this day with the Nikon KeyMission 360 camera.

        • DLynch

          Just looking for conflict, typical Trump supporter!

          • Fueling the fire, we reall

          • Didn’t you just say “this is not the forum for this topic”?… Fueling the fire dude.

            • DLynch

              Yes sorry you didn’t comply, I was trying to get the moderator to do his/her job. Your response was just another Trump like response. Peace out.

        • Citizen Kang

          There’s a leap year in there so the number of days is 1,461.

          • Jaroslav Charvát

            Fun fact: in any four consecutive years there is always a lap year, so technically, any four consecutive years amount to 1461 days.

            • Citizen Kang

              Yeah. I was going to state that, but I didn’t want to make him feel stupid.

            • porsupah

              Nearly. =:) There isn’t a leap day in century years (1800, 1900, etc), unless it’s exactly divisible by 400, in which case there is.

            • Citizen Kang

              I did not know that. I learned something new today. Thank you.

            • jimmy

              Bring on 2100. The first 4 year block that only lasts 1460 days in 2 centuries. Assuming Trump and Putin aren’t riding through galaxies naked on spacehorses while recording the eternal fires of the hell they once called earth on a Nikon 360 mk69.

      • doge

        It was kinda cool. But I was hoping I could switch my feed to look through any of the cameras whenever I wanted. I didn’t like that I had to be stuck with what USA today thought was the good feed to stream at the time.

        Oh well.

        I did like how they projected the other main feed into the 360 camera feed. that was kinda cool.

      • BPhoto

        Too bad Nikon is a Japanese company, otherwise it would soon be great, again. 😉

    • Eno

      I have nothing against Mr. Trump but you comment has nothing to do with Nikon cameras and has no place in this forum!

      • DLynch

        I have alot against him but I agree this is not the forum for this topic.

        • Eric Calabros

          and I’m a non-American DJT supporter, but I also think that was a dumb comment 🙂
          Lets Keep NR the Unlike-DPR place to discuss Nikon gears.

        • Mr_Miyagi

          I agree. A while back I criticized a commenter here for making a nasty O/T remark about DJT, but the same also holds for flattering remarks. As I wrote before, the subject here is photography, not politics. Let’s keep it that way.

      • Andrew

        If there is a single person whose actions can affect a company’s finances, the nation, and the global economy, then it is the president of the United States. So to intimate that, that person – in this case President Trump (and not Mr. Trump as you stated) has nothing to do with Nikon is to take a back seat on economic though and issues. The day that person comes to power is breaking news. So no, I do not agree with your assessment on this matter!

    • say no to fascism

      • Andrew

        I agree with you and that is why I am optimistic for the future. We have seen how politics has impacted the world economy, affected Nikon sales, but more importantly has created great poverty both here in America and abroad. So as photographers we should not only appreciate nature but also people 😉

        • Wade Marks

          A few thoughts.

          1) Politics has always impacted the world economy.
          2) The overall trend line for the country and the world is greater economic prosperity. We just hear more about the bad.
          3) Surely you cannot blame Nikon’s declining sales on US politics or politicians. That’s the advent of the smartphone, which has impacted every camera company. Of course on a macroeconomic scale it has also generated far more jobs and revenue with the smartphone industry, along with apps and accessories.

          • Andrew

            Without doubt the iPhone has affected sales. But it should also have expanded the market for more people to embrace photography thereby resulting in greater sales as they upgrade to more capable cameras.

            But as we all know the global market was destroyed by banks and financial traders pushing securities in the housing market which resulted in multi-trillion dollar bailouts by governments.

            So yes, I blame the politicians for not allowing those fraudulent traders to go under as they caused many people to lose their jobs and homes as the economies tanked – only to be reemployed into lower paying jobs. And thus losing their discretionary income which could have been spent on their hobbies.

            • Wade Marks

              That’s quite a stretch. The iPhone/smartphone camera revolution has cut off the upgrade into dslr cameras…before smartphones, many would buy a point and shoot from Nikon/Canon and then go into the upgrade path into dslr’s. Now that does not exist. Smartphones not only killed point and shoots, they killed the first rung in the upgrade ladder. And companies like Apple make their iPhone cameras better every year…that’s the upgrade path most follow.

              As for the financial collapse due to the mortgage/housing market collapse in 2007/2008…that was awful…but I don’t see how Trump’s team of Goldman Sachs execs running his economic plan and already promising to ease regulations for banking/investing/mortgages, etc…is going to help…it’s just going back the way it was when conditions allowed this to happen.

              Trump talks one game but we will see if he does another…so far it looks as if he’s going to do the opposite.

            • Andrew

              Wade, I up-voted you because of your well thought out response. I agree with you that Smartphones did decimate point and shoot cameras, but what it also did was to dramatically expanded the market of people who use cameras on a much more frequent basis.

              Practically every youth and parent has a Smartphone and use its camera feature quite extensively. All of a sudden, hundreds of millions of people around the world are capturing pictures with their Smartphones. That should by itself expand the market for more capable cameras with features that cannot be matched by Smartphones. You get superior high ISO performance (instead of the grainy pictures on Smartphones in low lighting conditions) and also the powerful Zoom features which Smartphones lack.

              But the collapse of the global economy for many families has made a lot of people in this expanded market of new camera users refrain from upgrading to a more capable camera such as a higher end compact zoom or DSLR camera.

            • Andrew

              Now with regards to President Trump, I have listened to his speeches and not the spin that the corrupt media puts out and on the whole I am quite impressed. He is a successful businessman that we have all become acquainted with over the past 20 years and now all of a sudden he is being made (by the media) to be someone completely different. I just don’t buy it.

              What you may not understand about President Donald Trump is that he is a strategist. He is making all of the US trading partners nervous in order to strike an economic deal to his liking. He called out China, Japan, Mexico, NATO, and even said that he will put a 35% tax on German luxury cars. You know he is not going to do that – but only to put pressure on them. He said that the US does not need NATO because he wants NATO to contribute more to their defense. He is operating as a business man and most people just do not get it.

              He ran against the Republican establishment, ran against his opponents, and ran against the press, and succeeded. Now that is pretty impressive. I am not partisan, I looked at the different candidates and I found him to be quite impressive.

            • ZoetMB

              So you think the people who lost their jobs and homes are the ones buying $500 to $800 smartphones and those are the people who aren’t pursuing their photography hobby and that’s why Nikon is in trouble?

              That’s patently ridiculous. The fact is that Nikon had its best year long after the economy tanked. And the Apple iPhone (and Apple in general) was an unbelievable success right during the recession. Even I thought Apple was going to tank during the recession, primarily because of their reputation for being the high cost provider. But they didn’t.

              Nikon’s best year was fiscal 2013 (ending March 2013) when the imaging division grossed over $9 billion (translated to U.S. dollars). The fact is that Nikon is losing share. Losing share has nothing to do with the economy. It has to do with brand choices that consumers make. Canon seems to be doing fine.

              It is true that there are many people who live week to week and haven’t shared in the growing economy. It’s also true that most of the growth has gone to the rich. But it’s also true that there’s still plenty of money and plenty of spending. Just look at the size of Amazon’s business and go to a city where people are doing well and check out restaurants, clubs, bars, clothing retail, what people are paying for concert tickets for big acts, airline bookings, etc. The auto companies had a record year. There’s plenty of money available to be spent.

              What’s happened is that for the average person, a cell phone camera is “good enough” because it’s far better than the typical amateur camera of the past. They don’t have any desire to pursue higher end photography as a hobby. High end photography was always a niche. The mass market took bad snapshots on disposable and other low-cost cameras or on Polaroids. Don’t forget that the best camera to own is the one you have with you and people always have their smartphones with them.

              So yes, the finance executives who caused the crash should have gone to jail. The bailouts never should have permitted payments of bonuses. But that has absolutely nothing to do with the current state of the photography market. The smartphone has everything to do with it as it was a disruptive technology. The camera makers should be thankful that they had some years of growth via digital cameras before the smartphone happened.

            • Scott


            • ZoetMB

              Brilliant retort. You should teach or write. Was it hard typing all those z’s?

            • Andrew

              You make some good points but let me start with where we disagree 🙂

              You have completely misunderstood the business model of Apple. Apple’s success is guaranteed because the consumers need Smartphones and Apple is selling these phones through telecom companies who put these people on payment plans. And because of the appeal of Apple’s products, telecom companies around the world were anxious to carry the iPhone which in turn generated massive sales for Apple. Their phones are sold in the US, China, Russia, Europe, practically everywhere. It is a market that has simply exploded.

              And you have mischaracterize my argument, but maybe you are trying to say that the people who buy Nikon cameras are people who do not own homes and cars but are apartment renters traveling to work on public transportation! I know that is not what you are saying but please do not take a person’s statements out of context.

              There were a lot of people in high paying jobs at places like HP who were earning $150,000 a year and were fired because of the global financial crisis of 2008 and had to settle for salaries below $50,000. This same scenario played itself out in different salary ranges. Then after the financial collapse the price of gas peaked at $4.11 in 2008 and averaged at about $3.50 in 2014. Many Americans had SUV automobile and gas guzzlers which consumed a lot of their disposable income.

              It is well known that the official unemployment rate in the US of 4.9 is a sham. The real number is estimated at 9.9 percent and many feel that it is much higher. About 35.4% of Americans are receiving federal welfare aid because of their low income. And when you include Social Security and Medicare that number grows to 49.5% for part or all of their subsistence. To put these numbers into perspective, 82 million Americans are on welfare.

              To say that the employment situation in the nation does not impact non-critical consumer purchases of items like cameras is not an argument that an economist would make. Or to say that by expanding the market of camera users to hundreds of millions of people around the world as gifted by their Smartphones would not expand the demand for higher-end cameras because of those desiring to upgrade to more capable compact zoom or DSLR cameras is also an untenable argument that an economist would not make. So the bottom line is that Nikon’s sales has definitely been impacted by the persistent economic problems resulting from the Global financial collapse.

              You make some good points that may consumers would be satisfied with their smartphones. But you should also take into consideration that we are living with a different generation of users (than the Polaroid generation) where youths by the millions are blogging on social media sites and are more technology savvy and inclined to be interested in photography as a hobby. But many of them are unemployed and cannot afford to purchase a higher-end camera as their interests have grown. So for them, as you correctly stated, the iPhone is good enough 😉

            • ZoetMB

              You completely missed my points, but it’s all moot anyway. Anyone who analyzes the photography market will tell you that market saturation and the smartphone has hurt the market. DSLRs were always a niche just as the SLR was. The units (if not the profits) were in point-and-shoots and according to CIPA stats, those have declined from 100 million units in 2011 to around 12.5 million units in calendar 2016 with Nikon selling only around 1.43 million in the first two quarters of fiscal 2017. (As of 11/7, Nikon was still projecting 3.45 million units, but they won’t come close to that.) Nikon’s DSLR sales peaked in fiscal 2013 (ending March 2013). The recession ended four years earlier.

              The economy certainly plays a role, but it’s a small one compared to the onslaught of smartphones. Worldwide car sales hit a record in 2016, although in the U.S., they were only up by 0.4%.

            • Andrew

              ZoetMB, you make some good points backed with factual data. So I concede this argument to you. Thanks.

      • D700s

        We did. Hillary is gone.

    • RONIN

      You could have written it this way to make it within the topic:”First of all, congratulations to US President Donald Trump this January 20, 2017 for choosing Nikon over Canon” — or something like that

      • Wade Marks

        To steer clear of the politics, it appears that Trump has not yet chosen an official White House photographer. This would be another break with tradition.

        Here’s hoping he chooses someone…then we can see if that person uses Nikon or Canon 🙂

        • Actually I was trying today to find out who the official photographer is.

        • Piotr Kosewski

          Maybe he’s looking for someone with an US-made camera and that’s why it takes so long. 😉

        • jimmy

          Has to be an American camera company, none of these foreign brands. Apple! he will employ the worlds best iPhone photographer. It’s gonna be so great.

  • Andrew

    Nikon has an opportunity to meld the D750 ergonomics and D500 innards into one great camera called the D7300. If they do, the mass market pricing of this camera will make it an appealing and indispensable tool for professionals and prosumer photographers around the world. And it will undoubtedly be a best seller.

    • Allen_Wentz

      Sorry but melding D750 ergonomics + D500 innards into a D7300 makes no sense. It sounds like you are just trying to make two pricier good working bodies into the cheap, non-pro-body D7xxx series. No thanks, D500 rocks for DX already.

      FX D8xx in x and h versions with D500 body ergonomics makes sense. And not particularly cheap.

      • Andrew

        I had changed my thoughts before reading your comments so I pretty much agree with you ;-). The D500 is everything one can aspire for in a DX camera.

  • Eric Calabros

    Nothing will surprise us, even a well designed Df2. Unless they break the ice and release a DX prime.

  • T.I.M

    I turn 50 in May, it’s time for my D30x30….
    Thank you Nikon.

  • MonkeySpanner

    D7300 with a racing stripe?

    • sickheadache

      Pink Racing Stripes

  • Thom Hogan

    AFAIK, best possible scenario is the DLs, a DSLR, and two lenses at the moment.

    • Plug

      300 f2,8E FL and a fisheye replacement I hope.

      • Eric Calabros

        Fisheye? I know absolutely no one waiting for its replacement.

        • Spy Black

          It would be sadly hilarious if they did…

        • ITN

          I want one. Canon’s got an interesting fisheye zoom and Nikon’s current AF 16mm fisheye isn’t one of the better performing 16mm fisheyes that they’ve made.

          Anyway Nikon usually makes some products for a wider mass market, and some for special purposes and small markets.

        • Pat Mann

          The current fisheyes have horrible CA – they really do need upgrades to do well with current higher-resolution sensors. Though I wouldn’t make them the first two to renew. What Canon has done with their 35 f/1.4 and 16-35 f/2.8 should move Nikon – these are core pro lenses around which people choose systems.

        • whisky

          i’ve been waiting a few years for a good fisheye zoom. just say’n.

        • KnightPhoto

          Might as well pile in – would love a Circular to Rectilinear Fisheye Zoom!

          Maybe f/3.3 to keep it’s size, weight, and cost to a minimum? But don’t skimp, make it sharp and very good IQ.

      • NikonFanboy

        or imagine 300mm f/2….

    • Any idea/clue on the DSLR?

      • br0xibear

        It’s CP+ in Japan, it’s their 100th anniversary year, they just announced their new 100th logo and website…
        Baby D5 (D500 with the D5 sensor), the 100th anniversary camera will be later.

        • Sounds good! Maybe for their 100th anniversary announcement they put extra effort to keep it secret.

          • Winslow H

            It will probably be a D7300 which is really a D7200 with snapbridge if they follow what they’ve been doing.

          • ZoetMB

            The last thing Nikon should be doing in this market and their current state is trying to keep cameras secret.

            • Espen4u

              Yes, a lens roadmap would be nice. But to announce the dl’s so ahead of time was unwise, kind of.

    • Shutterbug

      What DSLR do you think, Thom?

      I’d be surprised since Nikon has never announced a DSLR before with zero rumors.

      • Well, we still have over a month 🙂

        • Shutterbug

          Haha true, true

      • Dino Brusco


        • zipduck

          oh there were tons of rumors, we just thought they were all bullshit.

          • Wade Marks

            The rumors were never specific like the ones that really do predict a new camera release, just random stuff predicting the successor to the D300…eventually it came true. It’s like a stopped clock getting the time right twice a day…

          • sickheadache

            They were all about that Freaking %*()() )%*#)QU D400. Unless U all live in a cave with no internet…Japan is never ever,ever never going to have a camera with D400 …EVIL NUMBERS!

            • ZoetMB

              And unless you live in a cave you should know that Nikon has issued plenty of cameras with a “4”. D3400, D4s, D4, D40x, D40, F401, F4e, N4004, F4s, F4, L340, L840, P340, S6400, S4400, S3400, S9400, S4200, S4300, S4100, L24, S4150, S4000, S640, L14, L4, P4, S4, 4600, 4800, 8400, 4100, 4200, 5400, 4300, 4500.

              This “4”= evil thing as far as product branding is concerned is a myth that won’t die in spite of the facts. The reason why there was no D400 was because Nikon’s strategy at the time was to push buyers to FX. When that failed and they were releasing the D5, they wanted to be consistent and they didn’t want to make the new DX seem like an old model so they jumped to the D500 nomenclature. Only now they’re screwed because if/when the do a D6, they can’t use D600 or D7/D700 or D8/D800 combos.

            • sickheadache

              Zoet…You Really Have Gone where no Man has gone before. Pull back on that caffeine….It has been stated by Nikon themselves, that NOW GET THIS…400 ….not all those wonderful numbers u pulled out ur hat …will never be used. Evil Number…400. NOT 5400 ..and so on. OK back to normal…Oh did you see what 42% means in the United States Today…Empty Seats…wait for the Tool’s Spin.

            • Thom Hogan

              Please provide the citation for your assertion.

            • sickheadache

              Let me spin this on you…Please Provide the date when the D400 will be released. IF you say…Never Date…I believe u. Got it now.

            • Just Me

              The number they (kinda) don’t like is 4. In Japanese it’s pronounced shee: the same as “death”, although they’re spelled differently. They have another pronunciation, yone, which they commonly use in its place.
              400 is no more or less significant than any other number including 4.
              Most Japanese don’t care one way or another just as most Westerners don’t really care about 13.

      • sickheadache

        Thom has…unless I am the only one who can read them tea leaves…a new high 54mp camera is coming soon.

      • Thom Hogan

        Sure they have. In recent history, the rumors tend to fly late in the cycle, probably because Nikon isn’t actually getting to final prototype until just before the announcement. Since Nikon started punishing the third party leakers and bringing some things in house, we get maybe one and no more than two months of any rumors with some substantiation, and even then barely any information.

        But note what this practice did to the DLs. The DL leaks started with the prototypes getting into the hands of photographers shooting the marketing/ad campaign, which was extremely close to the actual announcement. You have to wonder what THAT did to Nikon’s already secretive stance.

        Finally, note that Nikon tends to pass around the official launch materials to subsidiaries in rotation. We get the fewest leaks from Japan shoots, the most from European shoots, something in between from North American shoots.

    • zipduck

      Hoping for DLs, D820, and maybe updates to the 14-24 and 17-55?

      You know what else would be interesting? 35 DX VR.

    • NikonFanboy

      i bet u know more….NDA is keeping u quite/..

      • Thom Hogan

        Yes, an NDA would keep me quiet. But I’ll repeat for the 1000th time: I am not currently under NDA for any camera company. The last one I signed was with Fujifilm, long ago expired.

        • br0xibear

          lol…but the person who told you is under NDA, and you don’t want to get them into trouble…which is a good thing.

          • Thom Hogan

            I long ago published my stance on sourced information that is not yet public. It’s basically the same as mainstream press: if a source wishes to remain anonymous, I honor that request, to the point of also deleting any such information that might identify ID on my drives and servers. I also don’t disclose detailed information presented by a single source until I have multiple independent sources for the same information.

            The hardest part is determining that a second source is actually independent, and not a relay of the original source. While I was correct in late 2015 saying that a D300 replacement was coming in early 2016, I hesitated to provide two key details that I had learned because I was afraid that they originated with the same source.

            • br0xibear

              It’s a fair and ethical stance to take.

        • NikonFanboy

          Oh thanks…sorry I forgot

      • No, if he is under NDA he already broke it with his comment. Thom likes to throw us a bone and them step back 🙂

        • NikonFanboy

          Well in that case we are back to square one…don’t know what is at stake cp+ show next month:((

          • correct, nobody knows for now

            • silmasan

              Except Nikon (I hope :-D).

  • jeffp3456

    Maybe, nothing?

    • Unlikely, but possible. Maybe they are keeping everything for their 100 years anniversary. This could explain the lack of rumors, just like there was nothing at the CES show.

      • 100 years, 100 Mp? 🙂

        • Dino Brusco

          Yes, why not ? 😉

        • Thom Hogan

          Certainly a story that has some compelling bits to it. But I’d think that would be risky on the image quality standpoint, and that’s one of the things that Nikon has going for them: no one can argue that from D3400 to D5 that there’s a dud in the group (though some might get upset by the D5 at low ISO, but that’s not what it was intended for).

          • Few years ago Nikon released the D800 as an alternative to medium format. Now medium format prices went down with the latest offering from Fuji, so it will be interesting to see if Nikon will fire back in that segment.

          • I was joking, of course, but point well made. I’m totally enamored by the 16mP of my Df.

      • Thom Hogan

        I find that difficult to believe. Postponing launches until the end of the first quarter of their fiscal year has strong financial implications, especially given that Nikon is already struggling to make numbers and hold market share.

        I will point out once again that the shows tend to have a unseen protocol functioning: the biggest launches tend to be made just pre-show. The launches that companies think will get more lost in the noise or aren’t as important to them tend to get launched far earlier than the show. It’s old Trade Show 101 to try to have the story that goes “hot” on day one of the show, not a story that’s been circulating for a month. Often companies will move outside the usual pre-show window so that they can look like they’re owning something.

        To some degree, that’s what Fujifilm just did. The GFX is old news, though some of the details were missing. The X-T20 and X100F were long ago leaked and expected. But by putting all those things together with a few other odds and ends, Fujifilm holds the marketing court for a bit. I suspect right up until Canon’s announcements.

  • silmasan

    A rehash of the D800 release time… probably the flashiest before July, when Nikon will have a Df2/digital SP or whatever that special something will be.

  • jmb2560

    Your honesty is highly appreciated. No need to make up something just to create the buzz (as we can see in other rumors-type of sites).

    • I think in this “business” long term reliability is much more important than a short term fame. Of course I have made a few mistakes in the past 10 years, but I think I can count them on the fingers on my right hand.

      • Thom Hogan

        Making mistakes isn’t the problem. It’s what you do about the mistake that creates the problem. Like ignoring the mistake or repeating it.

    • The other problem is that Nikon has made many changes in their operations and I know for a fact that some of my sources no longer have access to the information they had a few years ago. You can see that even the Japanese websites that usually leak every single camera and lens very often do not have any reports on upcoming Nikon gear.

      • Eric Calabros

        and I wonder why they bother? these changes in operation creat unnecessary costs,.. to get what? A bit stronger press buzz for a bit longer time?

      • Thom Hogan

        Yes, that’s very true.

        Funny thing is, as Fujifilm and Sony have proven, leaking actually helps create the buzz around their products, and often in ways that the Japanese marketing departments just are incapable of matching.

        Nikon seems to think that their marketing department is capable of delivering state-of-the-art results. They’re not. Moreover, they’re somewhat inept at their marketing, as we often see information on subsidiary sites that is wrong or incomplete just after launch.

        But the real issue is this: by not involving real photographers earlier in the process, Nikon is walking a thin line. They’re not getting feedback into the development process early enough, and as photographer needs change, Nikon is not meeting them fast enough simply because they don’t see them.

        There was an article on Petapixel this morning (might have been yesterday, I’m trying to catch up on reading) from a former Olympus m4/3 Ambassador that’s gone Sony. He made the comment that Olympus never asked him for any suggestions on the cameras he was fronting. None. Nikon is getting into the same habit.

        • Sony may have leaked info before, but now they are more tight lipped than Nikon. I have not seen a good Sony leak/rumor in years. I do agree that when they started, the leaks were flowing, but this all stopped a few years ago. Fuji seems to be very easy on leaks and it seems that they don’t even care.

        • Allen_Wentz

          When I went to a seminar my local store sponsored for its D500 buyers, two reasonably senior Nikon reps participated. The participant D500 buyers included a range of photogs from pros to first time DSLR buyers. Every time a D500 user started providing feedback one of the reps would arrogantly override the commentary.

          It was perfect small focus group, a PRICELESS market feedback opportunity! But the Nikon-ingrained arrogance of the Nikon reps meant they took back zero to Nikon. As a business management person I was appalled.

          • Thom Hogan

            Some stores are now reporting to me that they’ve not seen a Nikon rep for months, and that they’re being told they won’t see one any time soon.

            But there’s no business case for taking customer input/complaints back up the chain. The only thing I can see that NikonUSA measures on is sales.

  • Maybe the shipment date of their 1″ sensor cameras! hahahaha…

  • JPhO

    Really hoping for an APS-C mirrorless with F-mount, 4K, and IBIS, and/or D7300 with 4k and IBIS.

    • nwcs

      You’ll be waiting quite a while…

    • ninpou_kobanashi

      I vote down on the IBIS. I have it in my Sony and iPhones and it’s wonky.

      Maybe IBIS that actually works properly would be nice. Right now, it’s called VR. (^_^)

      I also vote down on the APS-C. I vote up for continued support for 4K and maybe a LOG recording format.

      • JPhO

        I have it on my Olympus and it’s one of the best features I’ve used. Highly useful even with fast lenses. I really want to be able to get IS for the Sigma 18-35 and 50-100 1.8’s.

        • Wolf33d

          Exact. ninpou doesnt know what he talks about.

    • Noor

      I read that @JPhO:disqus, and I, too, want a unicorn.

      • JPhO

        Glad we’re in agreement.

    • A D7200-level APS-C mirrorless would be good.

  • Mike Ver Sprill

    D900 please!! Fingers crossed for a 42 – 50mp low light beast!

    • Aldo

      Low light beast must be lower mp count. Eg d800/d4.

    • zipduck



      pick one

      • Thom Hogan

        Another pixel peeper shows up. With modern Exmor-type sensors, the primary component of noise is photon randomness. Thus, capture area is the thing you should be looking at, and it is equal in this instance.

        While the 12mp Sony A7s does indeed have some benefits at extreme ISO levels (and particularly for video), the 42mp A7rII holds its own very high into the ISO range. Why? Because when you compare same sized output from the same capture area, you tend to get the same results.

        • zipduck

          So let me get this straight – you’re saying an A7rII, downscaled from 42 to 12, will have similar noise performance to an A7s. That would be “same sized output”. I’ll take your word for it.

          But at the same time, I’m not sure how that disproves my comment – you’re still choosing lowlight over resolution, you’re just doing it in post. You can’t have both.

          • silmasan

            Point is… both can be done with the said hi-res camera.

            • zipduck

              No I get his point (and he actually makes a good argument for owning a high res camera overall) but a 50mp file with the 100% noise performance of say, a D5, is still a few gens off. That’s just physics. He’s arguing you can downscale and get similar results, but that’s still not having both, that’s having the option for either. i.e. “pick one”

            • silmasan

              Yes, “both” not necessarily simultaneously… or in other words, two options to “pick one” from within –waitforit– the SAME camera! ..hehe.. just to annoy you some more as I am bored… :p

              Don’t worry though, even if they were able to give D5-matching high-ISO performance somehow, chances are Nikon will limit the available ISO settings anyway to protect the D5 (even with much lower fps). I bet the product managers also love your “pick one” mantra!

          • Thom Hogan

            No, that’s not what I said at all. Pick an output size, please. Say, 8×10″ print. The light collected by both sensors is the same, the basic noise is the same. The A7rII version of the print would probably have more acuity, as it’s downscaled, or it’s printed at higher DPI.

            We’re in the same place we were with film. Magnification from capture to output is the primary differentiation.

          • Tony Beach

            Is the OOC JPEG a form of “post?”

            A better way to compare high resolution with low resolution is to say you make a choice of resolution or speed since smaller files take up less of the camera’s bandwidth (so all things being equal you get more fps and a bigger buffer) and the resulting smaller files can be moved around more quickly. Noise per se has nothing to do with it, “post” or otherwise (other than, as Thom pointed out, at extremely high ISOs).

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    “I still have no clue what Nikon will announce at the CP+ show next month”

    I came here today to find out “what Nikon will announce at the CP+ show next month” (^_^)

    My D800 is beat to hell and I wanna replacement this year. I hate buying at the end of a lifecycle, but maybe a D810 will have to do. Gah.

    • nwcs

      It will be a whole lot cheaper than whatever replaces the D810.

      • ninpou_kobanashi

        With that kinda comment, I’d have to say that money is not the primary issue for me.

        Also, I’d factor in the fact that if I bought a D810 this year, I’d probably end up looking again in ~2 years.

        However, if I got in with a later model, I’ll hold it for at least 4 years.

        • Just Me

          If money isn’t an issue, why do you care if you upgrade again in 2 years?

          • ninpou_kobanashi

            Haha, I’d love to be able to say that money in not a factor at all, but I won’t lie.

            When I said that it wasn’t the primary issue, I mean that I don’t mind spending the extra to hold me some more years with the newer model. Buying both a D810 and the DNEXT seems wasteful and unnecessary if it can be helped.

            I’d rather spend that money on another lens or lighting.

            • Just Me

              That’s good. Now I don’t have to be as envious of you! 🙂
              Not that I’m trying to convince you of anything but I read a most curious article about a week ago. This guy wrote that he really looked forward to the D800/D800e before it came out but when he got it, he all but hated it. When he tried the D810, upon its release, he loved it! He didn’t explain, so I don’t understand.

            • ninpou_kobanashi

              I think he was tainted with all the initial production problems of the D800: focus system out of whack. I actually love my D800, but I am envious of the D810 features:

              The big ones for me for the D810 are:
              exposure smoothing for lapses
              lower base iso

              What I want from the newer model is:
              AF down to EV -3/-4
              Newer AF System with more cross sensors
              Expeed 5
              4K@60 if I can get it, but most likely it will be 30

              My D800 has been repaired once (HDMI connector was loose due to abuse) and it needs to go in again (viewfinder popped out).


    • Well, this was also a call for help to the people who do know – it has worked in the past 🙂

      • ninpou_kobanashi

        We all hope it works 😉

        • like I already said – Nikon did make a lot of changes in their structure and how they operate in the past 12 months… things are not the same as they used to be

          • Noor

            What you’re saying is your mole is gone?

            • I have more than one 🙂

            • Uh, sir, your mole, it….moved…

            • ninpou_kobanashi

              Ug, my brain is shut down. I was thinking moles on the face and the little furry buggers 😉

    • Thom Hogan

      Certainly the D810 is near end of life cycle no matter whether Nikon launches a replacement in February or August.

  • Aldo

    At least someone was honest today.

    • Just Me

      You just can’t help yourself, can you!?

    • Allan

      LOL. I’m still smiling at that witticism.

  • Ian Price

    I trust that the D810 replacement will have a better sensor in one way or another… But I’d really like to see the anti flicker system that the D5 & D500 have for shooting under artificial lighting, a much improved AF module that actually works in low light, and a U1-U2-U3 preset system. I loved having U1 & U2 on my D7000, the shooting banks on my D810 remain unused after 2.5 years of ownership.

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      I would love the automatic micro adjustments on the next model

      • The automatic AF adjustment was kind of a let-down on the D500. It’s just live view focus that *tries* to verify phase-detect focus. It is not infallible, in fact it is almost more trouble than it’s worth. Simply put, I can still calibrate my lenses faster using the “oldschool” method of trial-and-error using a solid tripod and a static, high-contrast subject.

    • silmasan

      I’m sure anti flicker (“flicker reduction” on Nikon) will be standard from now on. Canon have it on their new bodies since 7D II, 80D and up.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Nikon 720, 4 lenses 720 degrees of view.
    No way to get the images off of the device or start recording

  • Let’s be real, even if you guys have no clue of what Nikon is going to release, you can basically guess what the next body will be. Higher megapixels, with good low ISO performance and seeing it’s the 100th anniversary it’ll have good AF.

    But with what the competition is releasing as well, the question is, does it really matter? It’s basically another year another canikon. It’s up to the point where if you’re still worrying about image quality as an excuse for not being professional, then maybe photography isn’t really for you.

    Nikon has to innovate ergonomically; specifically speaking, make a truly light weight camera. Otherwise it’ll just be another nikon that dxo mark will highly rate but it won’t sell because it’s basically the same camera that has a bit better ISO and a bit higher megapixels in a big heavy body – the formula for basically every Nikon pro dslr the last 3 generations.

    If Nikon actually wants to make waves, they’d release a light weight camera. But they won’t, and then people will wonder why they’re losing market share (even though they have the best sensors and get the best reviews on do mark – lol).

    • “A truly light weight camera”…?

      Okay, let’s try and put this dead horse to rest, one more time:

      Put a vertical grip on an A7R II, plus two batteries, and it becomes heavier than even a Nikon D810, let alone a D750. A D750 is actually lighter than an A7R II and something like three or four Sony batteries, LOL. (All of which will still die before one single Nikon battery dies, if you’re shooting stills.)

      Most of the weight savings that mirrorless has to offer is a farce. It comes in the form of slower lenses and/or compromised optical performance overall. Or, with bodies, you give up structural integrity and various performance aspects. (Original A7-series bodies, for example.)

      If, on the other hand, you compare the latest high-grade Sony lenses that are actually sharp and fast, …they’re just as heavy as (or heavier than) their DSLR competitors.

      So for the last time: If you want to save weight: use a smaller sensor and/or slower lenses. Those two factors make a far, FAR greater difference than whether or not your system has a mirror.

      With that said, I’d still love to see Nikon make more fixed mirrorless and ILC mirrorless cameras. Mirrorless does allow for plenty of advantages other than weight savings.

  • R47_R47

    As someone who just got into photography, I’m hoping for some new cheaper DX lenses, (>$500), especially primes (since there’s only the 35 for DX). The 35mm prime looks like something I really would like, but it seems a bit too tight. A fast DX 27mm would be perfect, as long as it’s not too expensive.

    • Adam Brown

      Nikon has a 28/1.8…
      Not cheap but not ridiculously expensive. Only about 100 grams more than the 35mm DX.
      This is why they don’t make many DX primes, because the full frame primes work just as well.

      • KnightPhoto

        And the DX wide-angle primes wouldn’t be smaller due to the long flange distance of the F-mount.
        So yes I agree your 28mm f/1.8 FX lens example is a good option.

        That being said, if Nikon offered some AF-P wide angle primes for DX that would be a good thing. Even if the F-mount constrains the minimum size they should go ahead and test the market and these would also be good for video AF assuming OSPDAF is coming, which I imagine should be at some point. Looks like Canon is starting to do this with their STM primes that have IS combined with their dual-pixel sensor technology.

    • Allen_Wentz

      What Adam Brown says below. When the D100 then D2x came out I added 10.5mm DX and 12-24mm DX to my 35mm film kit and continued with the full range of commercial DSLR photography.

      More good inexpensive DX primes similar to the 35mm DX
      would do good things for Nikon from a marketing standpoint, but as a photographer they are not strictly necessary to capture competent pix because such a full range of FX glass exists.

      And if in the future you add a second body (mandatory if you ever do work for pay) you may choose to have both FX+DX kit, in which case all your FX glass is doubly useful. DX glass can be used on FX with appropriate cropping but tends to be limiting, while FX glass on DX bodies usually excels.

      My specific suggestion if you are intent on primes would be the 20mm f/1.8G (better) or the 20mm f/2.8D (likely available good used).

  • Carlo

    Nikon will just announce the DL is DeLayed

  • Thylmuc

    Before the digital camera era began, there were camera systems consisting of some cameras, lots of lenses, and lots of accessories. People tended to buy a camera once in a (long) while, but also spent money on the accessories. So, when the manufacturers had sold the customers a camera, they would still get revenues from accessory purchases.

    When the megapixel race started, this changed. The manufacturers (and the customers, as can be seen from the comments above) totally focussed on the “next camera” having more pixels, faster frame rates, wider lattitude, etc. The idea of a camera system was lost.

    Now that the megapixel race seems to come to an end (“enough”, circle of confusion, costs for high resolution lenses), people no longer buy the “next camera”. They might spend their budget on accessories, but there aren’t any. It turns out that the camera industry has not found convincing answers to the question how a “camera system” may look like in the digital age, beyond grips and batteries. The only fresh idea I have seen was in the Fuji GFX with ist detachable EVF that can be made tilting and swinging with an adapter “EVF-TL-1”.
    Without ideas on how to generate additional revenues from accessories, they are a bit stuck. Such system cameras do presently not exist, hence, first, they have to be developed.
    Some ideas?
    -revive exchangeable viewfinders
    -Offer different, attachable “operating shells” that could e.g. be attached on the upper side of tha camera, for different operating paradigms
    -make the LCD screen detachable, offer an intermediate mounting Frame that makes it tiltable
    -a “box” for attaching a camera to a Printer without a PC, with ease of operation
    -sell specific firmware functions, make firmware improvements a long term project
    -offer custom firmware (I’d love to see a reduced menu where I don’t need to scroll for years)

  • mas921

    which ever DSLR they release, i just hope they introduce better video features, video AF would be a good start…

  • Piotr Kosewski

    Canon is rumored to show a mirrorless 6D variant. I would expect Nikon to do the same.

    • Doug Laurent

      I would love to see a Canon 6D variant done by Nikon!!!

    • Adam Brown

      I’m starting to think the lack of serious mirrorless is hurting Nikon dSLR sales — in a twist of irony.
      What I mean — more and more even dSLR buyers are considering mirrorless now or in the future. So even if they are buying dSLR now, they look at Canon, and they see Canon is creating a mirrorless path where they can keep their lenses. They look at Nikon and don’t see any clear pathway to mirrorless.
      A full frame mirrorless Nikon, fully compatible with f-mount (whether f-mount camera or simple f-mount adapter), would give a reason to continue buying Nikon dslrs and lenses.

  • Doug Laurent

    It’s only 5 years after the D800 series started. As the D300 replacement took 7 years, it will be 2019 until Nikon releases a D820/D850/D900 with 4K video and more megapixels.

    • silmasan

      That’s only because the D400 was wiped out from the map.

      • nwcs

        I bet Nikon now feels like they missed an opportunity by not making the D400. It would not have changed their overall fortunes but clearly it would have helped them. They underestimate the demand for DX just as they do for DX lenses.

  • peter w

    In Holland, one of the major shops has an outlet offer for D810. 300 € less than the normal price, and 200 € less than the price of december. No idea what it means, if anything.

    Still 600 € more expensive than East-Asian models sold through British websites. the difference (normally 900€.) is bigger than just taxes, so Nikon supports this one way or another.

    • Pippo

      I push trigger on lifecycle ends D7200 European model for Asian gray price. If price increase from Feb 1st still actuall, I’m be a winner. D500 will be better, but twice expensive. My D600 lacks on sports shooting.

  • Just Me

    I’m very happy with mine. The only thing I could wish for is EV -3/-4. I always forget my cameras even do video! 😉

  • Just Me

    Hit the gym. I can’t help you on the video angle.

  • Laud Farter

    Given Nikon’s track record and lack of direction over the past 5 years. I bet even Nikon has no clue what they will do tomorrow, let alone next month.

  • Not really. The D5 has AA filter, lower DR at base ISO, higher FPS count, rugged (compared to D500), and expensive.
    I’m actually with him, I’ve always wanted an all-rounder camera and a D500 spec with a full frame sensor is not a bad idea (but might be bad for the sales of D5)

    • ITN

      The AA filter is necessary with such a low pixel density as 20MP FX has. With 36MP you still get moire when photographing textured shirts for example but it is less prominent than it would be on a 20MP. The D7200/D500 can be without AA filter due to the high pixel density, lenses and technique (shutter speed, focus errors etc.) acting as low pass filters in most cases.

  • TwoMetreBill

    Compared to the competition, the DL series is so pathetic, one can hope they’ve given it a decent burial.

    • Allen_Wentz

      Really? Which DLs have you personally tested?

    • Markus

      The 18-50 is unique, so what do you talk about?

  • KnightPhoto

    Just curious, I think the D500 video is great. 4K at crop when I need it (I don’t mind the crop at all, very helpful for wildlife videography) and the stabilized 1080P mode for casual handheld use is a lot of fun. So what is not to like? And surely no one is saying FujiFilm video is better than Nikon…

    • Crop 4k for my use is a hindrance. And looking at reviews, xt2 video is better than d500. 4k (no crop) better colors, af during videos.

      • KnightPhoto

        Interesting. I’ll have to read up on XT-2 focus during video. The FujiFilm AF during video, it must be CDAF like Nikon or have FujiFilm now implemented any OSPDAF?

        Even Canon’s “dual-pixel” OSPDAF during video can be distracted by hands waving around etc., so I’m not sure if any serious users use AF during video.

        What I generally do on my Nikon’s is establish focus before initiating the clip and I use AF-S rather than AF-C, so that focus point does not change during the clip and distract the viewer. The other thing I do is if there is going to be changing subject distance during the clip, is stop down enough so that there is sufficient DOF to cover the range of movement.

        One area of interest for Nikon video, is the new AF-P lenses. By rights these lenses should be much better suited to AF during a clip without distracting the viewer. I intend to try it out, those little AF-P lenses look handy for travel/video uses.

  • KnightPhoto

    And on the DX lenses topic the new AF-P lenses are definitely offering some real advantages, very nice and compact, sharp, fast AF. Sure as I’ve commented above, some AF-P DX primes that are fast would be a nice addition, and would compete with FujiFilm’s nice set of primes, but as I’ve commented above they aren’t going to be as small due to the F-mount flange distance, but probably still a worthwhile addition to Nikon’s system.

  • Allen_Wentz

    The only important thing I would change on the D500 would be to have dual XQD instead of compromising the camera with an SD slot.

    Personally I do not find 1.9 pounds to be “so heavy” in a pro body. Perhaps future materials usage will allow a fully pro body at lower weight, but probably not by all that much; the consumer-grade D7200 is 1.5 pounds.

  • Yep, the D500 is decidedly *only* a telephoto action sports / wildlife beast, not a lightweight DX travel camera option. But hey, that’s why they also make the D7200 and D5300 / D5500 etc. Now all they need to do is update the rest of their DX line to have good quality 4K video.

    • KnightPhoto

      Agreed, would love a D5700 with 4K. Would be a great B-cam super lightweight video rig, or as for you C-cam time-lapse rig, and for many a super lightweight DX cam with the two AF-P lenses.

      I will say my D500 made a great travel rig on several trips this summer. Combined with a 16-80, 58G, and 300PF I was actually pretty happy with the combo.

      • I also love the 16-80 E, that’s a fantastic lens that does a lot of justice to the DX format. It epitomizes my argument that it’s not about mirrorless if you want to save weight; the more significant factors are sensor size and aperture. By going with 1.5x and f/4 at the long end, it’s one of the lightest and smallest lenses around and it runs circles around the Sony Zeiss 16-70 f/4.

        Taking heavier gear on travel / vacation is easy, it’s just a matter of how long / far you’ll be carrying that gear on your back. I’d be happy with a D500’s weight / size in some cases, but if I have to hike 10-20 miles up a mountain, ehh…

  • EnPassant

    I have no idea what’s coming from Nikon at CP+. But for what it’s worth here are my Nikon predictions for 2017 in no particular order:

    D7300 (With D750 build and generally updated)
    D760 (Now with the 36MP sensor from d810)
    D820 (Using Sony’s 42MP sensor or a new/updated version of the 36MP sensor able doing at least 8fps. A camera with a 50MP or more sensor could be presented when such a sensor is available. Maybe next year.)
    Df2 (Propably using the 20.8MP sensor from D5 and mostly based on D750 body with some parts from the D5 and D810 cameras similar to Df. Release at or after Nikon’s anniversary date in summer. Possibly autumn like Df.)

    8-16 fishey zoom (Similar to Canon’s lens.)
    16-35/2.8 E VR (the 17-35/2.8 really need a modern replacement.)
    Df2 kit lens (Nikon could of course sell the Df2 with the same lens as Df, but could also design a new one.)
    AF-S Micro 200 E
    300/2.8 VR E,
    DX 18-200 P (Almost every year Nikon release a new DX kit-zoom.)
    Surprise lens. Maybe another compact FL E lens or a 10mm prime, or 18/2 or 28/1.4?

    Flash: SB-X000
    Maybe Nikon’s DL compacts finally coming.
    Not expected: anything for Nikon 1.
    A mirrorless system effectively replacing Nikon 1 could be presented.
    But I rather think that (or actual delivery) will not happpen until next year.

  • Robbie Green

    There’s an eBay seller who apparently has a lot of D810s, and is currently selling them for about $200 less than the other grey market eBay sellers. The current price is $1,949.

    I’m wondering if this might signal a new model coming soon. Does Nikon usually do a grey market dump/purge of the previous model before announcing something new?

  • Espen4u

    A Fx 16-35/2.8E would be nice, and a sure sell (and canon have it). And why not a 450/4.5E PF (or 500/5.6E PF)? DX 23/1.8 (or 18/1.8)?

  • Mehdi R

    Time to D7300 announcement.

  • audio

    Nikon 1 V4?

  • macman

    A 14-24/2.8E would be nice, or a D850 with 36 Mpix and 8 FPS plus D5-AF, coming together with an D850X with 52 Mpix, 4FPS and D5-AF… plus an DF2 with 24 MPix, D4S-AF and Slim-line-Outfit

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