Nikon D5600 tested at DxOMark

Nikon D5600 vs. D5500 test results (see specs comparison)

DxOMark published their test results for the Nikon D5600 camera:

DxOMark's conclusion:

Nikon’s strategy of offering similar sensor performance throughout the series of DX-format DSLRs continues with the D5600. In some ways, after seeing such good performance so often before, it’s easy to be blasé or apathetic. Given that the only weak point of the D5600 is that we’ve come to expect more from an update, it is perhaps somewhat unfair to criticize Nikon for releasing the D5000 (and D3000) models so frequently. Nevertheless, with 24-MP in DX format being extremely demanding on lens performance, it is unlikely that we’ll see an increase in pixel count until Nikon updates more lenses, or expands the range of AF-P lenses in the lineup. Needless to say, the Nikon D5600 is difficult to ignore and a solid choice at the price.

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  • doge

    Who cares.

    • Lan Jay

      Agree. Poor Nikon.

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    • Spy Black
    • sickheadache

      Dem dx queens

    • Yup, can’t stop yawning!

  • Eric Calabros

    More than 100 point lower ISO score, and why?
    Would be so fun if they mistakingly test a camera twice and end up with different scores 🙂

    • Shutterbug

      100 points of ISO is pretty much not noticeable on the DXO scale and likely within their margin of error.

      • Eric Calabros

        Curiously that kind of error didn’t exist in testing D5500 which is using A6300 sensor (1438 vs. 1437).

      • Azmodan

        I think all of DxO scores are +/- 10 sigma, they are rubbish.

    • peter w

      I’ld say, if it is about measurements, twice is really not a lot. Let’s start with 20 measurements in three samples (camera’s). Except when the reproductivity is excellent.

  • Eric Calabros
  • Flyespresso

    What would AF-P lenses help with DX sensor resolution in regards to lens performance? I just don’t get that line from their conclusion.

    • pedantic_brit

      Thom Hogan seems to have found the recent AF-P lenses very good optically with fast and accurate AF. In the real world an OK lens that nails focus is going to be better in most cases than a much better lens that is a hair off. And the recent AF-P offerings are reputedly better than OK.

      Every now and then I get tempted to buy something like the Zeiss 135 f2 but with my eyesight i would have few keepers.

      • Flyespresso

        That’s not exactly scientific though–not something DxO would really include (typically) since they are so “clinical”. That’s just a well opinionated (not saying wrong) Nikon fellow.

        Interesting, I do buy it, stepper motors allow more resolution and consistency in the focus motor.

        Yeah I shy away from MF lenses, modern cameras are just NOT made for it. If we still had cats eye viewfinders it’d be a different story… a dot is… just not enough.

        • Mr B

          Nonsense. Modern cameras are well capable of producing superb results with MF. I use a mix of MF and AF lenses and pick the one that can best do the job I want. My favourite lens is the Zeiss 135 f 2. With live view it’s a cinch to nail focus with it. No need to change your lenses just your technique.

          • Flyespresso

            You nailed it, with live view. That’s not the same usage as an older SLR. I can’t be using live view to shoot in the sun high speed activities. I could with an older SLR. Potentially with an EVF, but even then you’re using contrast highliting or focus peeking. I’m not bashing MF or the lenses, I love them, but I’ll just shoot film with my OM2 or F4 and have a better experience 🙂

            • chkchkboom

              Focusing screen? Magnifying eye piece?

            • pedantic_brit

              I don’t think anyone is taking the position that you can’t get great results with MF lenses, just that most DSLR viewfinders are hardly optimized for them – and in my case neither is my dominant right eye!
              Some lenses – such as the Zeiss 135 f2 – obviously justify the work arounds, change in tecnique etc, for some photographers and subjects.
              I shot film with MF lenses for 30 + years and was pretty late to the party with AF but now I ( really) need it.

  • T.I.M

    I own a D800 and a D7200, I have to say that I am very impress with the D7200, its sensor is very clean (high ISO) and dynamic range is also excellent.
    I hope the D800 sucessor will have the D7200 sensor in FX size !

  • Bob Thane

    Usually when this happens I go into the Dxomark measurements and see that the camera is better at some things, but in this case I see no IQ advantage to the D5600 anywhere, at least from their tests. Real-world results may differ, but so far this seems fairly disappointing. Hopefully Nikon can reinvigorate their lower-end soon – incremental IQ upgrades (and downgrades, in this case) and virtually no improvements to share-ability and AF makes it a hard sell over past cameras. Hell, my D5200 still seems just as viable a beginner camera as the new D5600.

    • Bruno Lazaro

      theres very little difference between all the D3200+ and all the D5200+. I dont get why they upgrade those models so much.

      • David Peterson

        Because those models are major major MAJOR big time sellers for Nikon.

        And buyers don’t want to buy an “old” model, they want a current new toy! Thus Nikon needs to keep them “fresh”, at least in the eyes of the novice seller.

  • Wolf33d

    Awesome! Amazing innovation Nikon. Thank you for innovating…

  • So let’s get this straight, new camera same old clothes.

    • Max

      Worse. Some of the latest releases are actually removing features.
      I think this camera only has Snapbridge added that’s it

      • CERO

        and less flash power if I remember correctly.

  • Politics_Nerd

    Canon-80D-competitive focusing system (video) please.

    • Pierre Lagarde

      Not the same price range. The 80D is nearer from the D7200 considering price tag. And D7200 focusing system is brilliant. Though, think it’s right to say that the Canon is a bit better at video and live view.

      • Sports

        For video, it’s one of those very large bits, then 🙂

        • Pierre Lagarde

          Well, not really, they are both cameras for photography. The usage of video with that kind of tools are really overrated. Most buyers have them for photography and only do videos occasionally. Video is essentially an internet trend, not a photographer trend.

          • Lots of pro photogs are now having to create video content as well. If you are a reporter or a everyday professional you might not want to carry multiple cameras for stills and video. Having good video is no longer just a nice to have for Nikon especially when they are struggling.

            • Pierre Lagarde

              I agree it’s not just a “nice to have”, but still it’s just an additional feature that has been enough implemented on photography cameras. If you need to be serious about filming, you better use dedicated tools.

          • silmasan

            I’d like to see the statistics on that (stills/video/hybrid intent). Take one use case, for example: Vlogging, which is only getting bigger these days. As beginners step into the ‘serious’ camera world, they are more likely to consider an ILC (DSLR/DSLM), and as they ask around for recommendations, the more experienced ones will suggest models that are “good” on doing both video and stills. Especially in the range below $2000.

            As we know that the stills part on just about any modern ILC out there has already passed the “good enough” mark for the vast majority of users, the models that offer the most usable video features will steal the top spots of those recommendations. Unfortunately for Nikon, this is where Canon, Sony and Panasonic (GH series) will be mentioned more often.

            • Pierre Lagarde

              Good arguments but founded on biased vision. The vision where those features have some importance for most of the people. Canon is not that good at Video. Not enough to be competitive before Panasonic for instance in that regard. Though, Panasonic sales stay negligible before Canon and even Nikon. If video have this importance for camera buyers, don’t you think they will massively use their money on the best video camera instead of buying the best “stills” camera. I think people are mainly looking for ease of use, and having enough for the money, not for specialist features lost in over complicated tools that won’t be worth the time learning and using. Those features are still targeting a minority. That doesn’t mean they are bad. That just mean that they are more defended than the others on the internet while they are not that important for most buyers.
              In that matter, your exemple with Panasonic is a good one, because if their sales are getting a bit better since few years, it’s exactly because of the opposite reason : it’s because their still photography features are getting more and more decent.
              If you need statistics, you got Amazon… things are just clear ! The cameras that are sold the most all over the world are film cameras, then point and shots and DSLR far behind, and mirorless video oriented cameras far behind DSLRs (Nikon included)… where is video, tell me ? In Go pros or equivalent! These are the real world statistics.

            • silmasan

              Biased vision… “Most” of the people? No, you misunderstood me. It doesn’t have to be “most” of the people, it’s just another growing “niche” (as I said, that’s only one use case). I don’t get your point about those film, P&S stats though. Might as well include smartphones(!) then, which will certainly settle the “most” argument.

              Canon got a good bit of reputation from the 5D III era where they didn’t hold back as much as today. Yes, Panasonic should now stay ahead for well-informed video-oriented buyers, but NOT necessarily for the HYBRID buyers, why? Well because stills quality ofc (sensor size, esp. against full-frame/FX), familiarity/popularity of brand (e.g. what other guys or your friends used). I might’ve sounded too pessimistic above, but indeed Nikon should still have better hybrid userbase than Panasonic with users who are more stills-oriented. Btw, this is what I meant regarding “stills/video/hybrid” intent… usage proportion for these (modern) ILCs, so I wasn’t talking about gopros, handycams etc at all, much less film.

              Nikon D750 was a good move on Nikon’s part to steal some potential userbase from Canon, but they need to do this also on the lower end (e.g. vs Canon 70D/80D and not least because they have better DPAF for video = more points on EASE of use for those unassisted by a pro focus puller). On the other side, Sony and the other m43 cameras now have their 5-axis IBIS, which has proven absolutely useful for handheld video.

              This is speaking from common people’s perspective btw. I agree about getting the best dedicated tool one can get, but the economics doesn’t always play that way for a lot of people.

              If you were following the D750 launch (then similarly D500), their marketing/intro materials were proof that Nikon themselves (finally) saw that they have to defend this growing niche. A much-needed move, regardless of what stills/photography purists say, IMO. I guess they have their own bias too.

            • Pierre Lagarde

              What I’m trying to say is that still camera market trends are not made of details like video features or IBIS. It’s made of what people needs and wants massively. And real sales only show that. And I was talking about cameras. Smartphones are not cameras. You’re focusing on little details all the way trying to give it a global sense. If Canon is sailing more cameras it’s because of reliability, top quality lenses line up for reasonable prices, and having sold millions of lenses by the world in the past years. and their reputation for that is still the strongest. It’s only marginally because some people will say the video feature is better on Canon than on Nikon that people will choose the first. For the majority, they look to what they got for the price. And though Video can be an argument for some, still having a good camera they can rely on is more important. That’s what sales are showing. You asked me for statistics… and you keep on talking about features. What’s the point ?

            • silmasan

              Eh… Smartphones do have cameras (have been for years….). They can do stills and video, and they’re improving as well. Lots of R&D going into those tiny systems. Some are even saying they’ve successfully killed the digital P&S so why aren’t they relevant? Just playing the devil’s advocate. 😉

              Stats… I didn’t even ask you to provide me the numbers, just wondering aloud. It’s difficult to prove either way. Neither of us has done any survey, study or whatever (or have you?). So how can you be sure that only your view represents the “global sense”?

              Yes, your “Canon sells more” arguments are all valid. Tough to beat that rep. Yet why are they reinforcing that rep with key video improvements (such as, can I mention the DPAF feature again?). Turns out that people want that! Oh yeah, “details” matter. And niches = parts of global sales.

              I guess it’s no point going further anyway, since you will stay with your view that video on ILCs is “marginal” (you even referred to them as “still camera market”). And I’ve only changed my view recently when I needed to do video, turning me into one of those silly little hybrid users I guess. 🙂

              All in all… never mind. You’re absolutely right, of course.

            • Pierre Lagarde

              Thank you for my ego, I was beginning to doubt lol… You got my view indeed. I was talking about the real place of video on ILC for the most buyers. Also, think of that, people asking for features are more noisy than people whom needs are fulfilled. That doesn’t mean the askers needs are massively shared by everyone, especially on internet. Most of the time they don’t ask, by the way, they just complain there is no 4K on a camera they will never buy, trying to make think others it’s just a reason enough to say the product is globally failing to reach the needs of the whole world. So maybe I’m overreacting to that ;).

      • Max

        Canon 750D is the competing product. And I think it’s got on sensor phase detect and can change aperture during video. And it’s also more responsive in live view. Even the 1xxxD series if I’m not mistaken

        • Pierre Lagarde

          Well probably, but live view on DSLR is still an occasional usage for photographers, and most of the time any camera is fast enough for the occasions where you really need liveview. Having a fast liveview is interesting on cameras like the RX100 where you can only shoot with it. On DSLR, nothing can be faster than OVF.

          • Max

            It’s fine for shooting landscapes, but in certain circumstances I do wish to use it for street photography but the time between pushing shutter and recording is so long I actually don’t know it happens.

            • Pierre Lagarde

              Probably cameras like X100 from Fuji would be better for Street photography than DSLRs anyway.

      • Azmodan

        A bit better for video focusing! ByTrump standards that’s an alternative fact. It smokes it.

  • JXVo

    Locally the D5500 is now heavily discounted in kits with the new AF-P lenses……much better value IMO. Who needs Snapbridge?

    • Andreas Vesper

      Nobody needs Snapbridge, except those ones, who are satisfied with 2 megapixel images on their smartphones and those ones, who need power burning GPS data syncronization between their phone and the camera. Everyone else – except those who need the time lapse function of the D5600 – would be quite satisfied with the D5500, which provides real WiFi to the users. The D5500 and the D5600 seem to provide exactly the same IQ and I’d choose the D5500 or the GPS-equipped D5300, if I need to have a camera in that segment.

  • RodneyKilo

    D5500 is a great camera. You’d be hard pressed to find better image output in an APS format camera, especially at this price point. It’s lighter and narrower than some mirrorless APS bodies.

    A nice axe for walking around and traveling light. The price is certainly right. This all-rounder, and its “successor” should be a bread and butter model for the company.

  • Instead of updating this serie of camera, the very one thing Nikon should update is their wifi app: just make something plain easy, just copycat the canon app.

    • Max

      Is the Canon app better than the old NWU app?

      • Well at least you can manage aperture/speed/ISO from it

        • Max

          That makes it way better

  • I agree, I shoot in the real world NOT a laboratory

  • Alphaios

    seriously? are they even to be trusted when rating the d500 lower in iso performance than the d5500 or even the d3300… I oftentimes cannot confirm their results…

  • dabug91

    My refurb Nikon D5500 will be arriving tomorrow.
    B&H pricematched Nikon’s 10% all refurbished products sale and I didn’t have to pay tax since I don’t live in NY. So my “new” refurb D5500 was only $503.96. Once Nikon announced the D5600, I knew it wouldn’t be worth it to justify buying it over a perfectly capable D5500.
    I haven’t found the Snapbridge to be dramatically better than the Wireless Mobile Utility app anyway, and both of them need significant improvement.

    • You got a lot of camera for $500. Good play. And, thanks for the heads up about negotiating with B&H on stuff like that. I wondered if they wouldn’t do that…now I know. I’ve purchased directly from in the past with good luck.

      • dabug91

        Yep, but its mostly just to replace our D3200 as the family camera. I got my D750 and D500. ;]

  • jmb2560

    So where’s the beef, Nikon?

    • MB

      No beef … plain chicken …

  • sickheadache

    Everything Old is New Again.

    • Max

      I know and did you see all those disgusting youtubs reviews of the d3400 with the impressed people…

  • sickheadache

    Did Nikon provide Yet another 18-55mm dx lens that flim flopwell says it is the very best lens that Nikon has ever built…what version we on now? 10th in 3 years…lol

    • Robert Williams

      I read one theory as to why Nikon keeps putting out as many 18-55 lenses as they do.
      They’re probably introducing a new model when the production equipment needs to be overhauled. Rather than overhauling with the same equipment, they take the chance to introduce a new model.

  • TinusVerdino

    It’s the same camera as the D5500 with NFC and Bluetooth. So if you are not a compulsive instagrammer no need to get this one.

    • MB

      Its the same camera as the D5200 for crying out loud …

  • Meshtli

    Nikon, where are specifically designed dx primes?! Shame on you!

    • Max

      They won’t happen. Canon also don’t have any.

      • MB

        Nikon has twice as many DX primes …
        Nikon 4: 10.5 Fisheye, 35 macro, 40 and 85 macro.
        Canon 2: 24, 60 macro.
        Actually Nikon is not that bad … if you want something longer go for FX primes … there wouldn’t be that much difference in price and weight if they were DX …. for example 50g 1.8 or 85g 1.8 are cheap and light enough and they work great on DX … the lens I think they should add is a fast and wide DX prime … for example 16mm F2 … and that is pretty much it …

        • Max

          That’s what I’m talking about – a 16 and a 24. Similar in size and price to the 35

          • MB

            That would be perfect… and not available from any other company so it seems like a good business too

    • whisky

      no shaming required. choose the camera to match the project. 🙂

      Fx body with Fx glass for ultra wide, Dx body with Fx glass for super telephoto, Cx body with Cx glass for ultralight and stealth, and Dx primes for normal FOV’s with a Dx body — Nikon or third party.

      if someone insists on a Dx format body to shoot everything with, and is disappointed their tail hasn’t wagged this dog — they’ll be happier with another dedicated one format system. JMO. 🙂

  • Mike A

    Nikons goal must be to become the number three camera company.

    This is really a piss poor update for a company bleeding market share.

  • MB

    And they are wondering why sales are down and people do not buy new models …

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    The Fuji X-T20 with its 4K capability and X-T2-like AF just made this camera irrelevant. Nikon is a year late and two hundred dollars short to this game. Will Canon do better with their next t7i/t7s? I really doubt it. And yet CaNikon will sell 100 times more of these one rung above entry level cameras than Fuji’s and Sony’s combined.

    • nwcs

      Name recognition and market presence means a lot more than people expect. Most people will buy Canon simply because it’s a well known name and they see it in every electronic store. That’s a really big advantage.

  • im back to nikon, got 2 used d800e for 2k! that only had 1k shutter count from amazon and i love it. they say vid isnt great but as a cinematographer im amaze balls by these. debating if i should get a nikon d810 instead but didnt have to. glad i worked and did my research , had fujis love there updates of firmware but the xtrans files is killing me. well im back. question any suggestion of cool websites for picture profile forum etc. wanna get creative. thanks.

    • Max

      What was your biggest gripe with the Fuji files – was it lack of DR in the highlights per chance?

      • i like my xpro2 there is nothing wrong with it but my job demands full frame for fashion editorial, the commercial advertising industry will not understand that cameras are just tools and was always a nikon fan so just needed money for them lenses. =) cant wait for the price drop on the d810.

  • dslrforever

    You’re drunk Nikon.

  • nwcs

    Not much happening in Nikon land lately. Doldrums until March, then?

  • Max

    Considering the jumps in sensor tech (DR, noise etc) made up until 2 years ago and the seeming loss of progress we see now I am convinced there won’t be much improvement in cmos aps-c and ff sensors in the future.
    Better iq will probably come from radically different tech or software…

  • Adnan

    Great! so the newer models are going down in ISO,the very essence that most of us turned towards digital. 🙁 . Bad news Nikon!
    And still no news on real D8xx update.

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