Rare Nikon goodies at Grays of Westminster

This video from Matt Granger has enough cool Nikon stuff to get its own post and not be part of the upcoming Weekly Nikon News Flash - check out all the rare Nikon goodies at the Grays of Westminster store in London:

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  • Wilson

    I wish I had millions to spend on Nikon gear, that’d be a fun day at a camera store, I’ll have one of everything

  • Spy Black

    Only a Nikon lover like myself would actually sit and watch all 36 minutes of this. I usually can’t watch more than 10 minutes of any web video…

    • Same here, watched the whole thing even with the horrible audio. They should redo this video and cover all the goodies they have in the store. Great stuff!

      • Kneedeep

        Really a fantastic store, always worth a visit when in London! Gray always has great stories if you are lucky enough to catch him. The shop is also one of the best places to pick up newly launched Nikon products. I happened to be there when the 400 f/2.8E started shipping, the stack of 400s was incredible to see. Definitely the place to pre-order new stuff.

        • Mr B

          Agree – they seem to be able to obtain kit really quickly but they run a waiting list that prioritises Nikon Owners Club members (run by them and chargeable).The service is good – don’t be put off by all the self-praise on the website. Prices can be competitive. However, watch out for a sting in the tail. They charge extra for delivery and insurance – this is usually in excess of £20. Not usually an issue on expensive kit, but worth remembering if you are ordering over the phone (they inform you of this at the end of the call) and you are running to a tight budget.

  • Michiel953

    Got a lot of (film) Nikon stuff from Grays. Not cheap, but always quality above the rating and great, friendly and courteous service. Would love to visit the shop some time.

  • cdstum

    Grays has a wonderful collection of new and rare retro Nikon gear and the staff are knowledgeable with excellent customer service. However I find it an uncomfortable shop to visit as they don’t like people coming in to look around and seem more interested in selling you membership to Nikon Owner magazine (run by Gray’s wife apparently). If you visit dressed in a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and don’t think Nikon are the best at everything then it’s not the place for you.

    • Someone

      Awesome comment.

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