New low price: refurbished Nikon D750 for $1,399, grey market Nikon D500: $1,589

The price of the refurbished Nikon D750 cameras keeps going down - now listed at $1,399 from a reputable reseller on eBay (was $1,599.95 just few days ago).

The price of grey market Nikon D500 also has a new low price of $1,589 (was $1,699 two weeks ago).

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  • Patrick

    D750 already listed as our of stock

    • that was quick

      • Patrick

        Yeah, I have been waiting to pick one up for a while. They must have had a very small lot of these…

        • TwoStrayCats

          The sales link says 41 sold.

    • Aldo

      I clicked on it when they had only one left…

    • Proto

      d900 incoming….

      • TwoStrayCats

        I certainly hope so. I have held off for quite a while waiting to see if this event would materialize. Of course, I’m hoping, too, it will have a great build (solid body) and lose the popup flash. But I can’t have everything, I guess. Waiting for a D5X is going to be endless.

  • Spy Black

    So with a 2 year Square Trade warranty it’s $1700. Unless you want to just wing it, you’re not saving much, unless you know of a good third-party warranty for less.

    • doge

      Buying refurb direct from Nikon it’s $1700, so you’re basically getting the 2 year warranty for free. Not a bad deal.

    • Aldo

      You mean the refurbished or gray? I have taken my camera for service three times already. First time because it was locking up and only removing the battery would fix it. Second for for the shutter recal. Last time I took it in it was because they clamped the LCD cable replacing the shutter… and it wasn’t sliding smoothly when manipulating the screen. They put in a new screen with the cable. I guess they can’t just replace the cable. I have nothing buy nice things to report about the nikon service center in Los Angeles. Their great customer service is what keeps me from buying gray. They also replace the sensor on a d610 I had even though it was out of warranty.

      • Spy Black

        I was referring to buying one of these grays with a third-party warranty. Doesn’t really seem to be much savings with this particular warranty.

    • Brett A. Wheeler

      Square Trade is a waste of $. Go to “rip off report” and read the reviews. Hundreds of horror stories out there.

      • Spy Black

        That’s why I mentioned the option of other third parties. I don’t know anything about these warranties, although some here have purchased coverage that apparently has served them well.

      • Proto

        Paying higher for Nikon USA = buying a warranty that often works well

      • bernard

        I’ve bought and used a Square Trade warranty – not on a camera – and they paid quickly and with only a small, sensible amount of paperwork.

        Remember that what you read on these sites, even if accurate, comes from buyers who have had problems, and represents their point of view. Satisfied users don’t generally post complaints.

        No. I have no connection with SQ other than as a customer.

  • MB

    I wonder how low the price will go…
    By the way D750 seams much better deal to me at least…

    • Aldo

      Yes the d750 is slowly taking the place of the d610 in being the best deal for a FF camera.

      • Victoriajgordon2

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    • CaMeRa QuEsT

      It was 1299 gray market 6 months ago, right before the Kumamoto earthquake.

  • JFL

    BuyDig a reputable reseller? You have got to be kidding. They are the living, breathing definition of bait and switch, as I unfortunately found out six months ago. Buyer beware.

    • not on eBay

      • CaMeRa QuEsT

        BuyDig aka Beach Camera consistently and aggressively undercuts everybody else’s prices when it comes to refurbished Nikon cameras, they ship out the same day you put your order in, and at least since Nikon started using a smaller plain white box for their refubished cameras do ship your box factory sealed. I’ve bought from both of their eBay pages (were sometimes their mark-downs coincide with ebay’s sitewide discounts, netting you up to 10% back to your pocket) and from both of their own websites (were they often run product specific coupons advertised on most deal sites) and have never had any problems with the products the’ve sold me, knock on wood. I’ve purchased 6 cameras along with 9 kit lenses from them and couldn’t be happier.

        • I agree, but even if there is an issue with a seller, buying from eBay it’s not a problem – the buyer is always right.

  • Brett A. Wheeler

    Search the internet for “D750 problems”. I wouldn’t pay half of that.

    • Aldo

      Most of those problems nikon will take care of… even gray market or out of warranty or warranty expired. I experienced minor issues with mine but never did the camera stop working and nikon fixed it. I guess if you want a perfect camera then yeah… but then agaib no camera is perfect now days.

      • Eric Calabros

        no camera was perfect in the past. The only difference is that we have internet today.

    • Search my Lightroom catalog for the 300,000 clicks my D750 faithfully delivered, despite multiple impacts on concrete and salt water splashes. I would pay twice that, if forced to.

    • Kyle

      My D750 completely locked up and died with literally 2 days left before my 1-year USA warranty expired. Sent it in and got a whole new shutter mechanism for free! lol Hopefully this new one lasts more than 12 months.

      Also, that lock up happened 15 minutes before I was about to start shooting a wedding ceremony!

      Finished the whole wedding using my Refurbushed D7200 that I got for $899. Glad I had a backup!

      Still love my D750 though.

    • TwoStrayCats

      To be fair, is there any camera body you could search for with the extension “problems” and not find it?

  • UMMM, is that refurbished, USA? Dayum, son!!!

  • In Italy (I’m Italian) price is still 2150€ …

    I bought it 3 weeks ago for 1725€ and the price is still the same…

  • ShaulB

    Looks like the D750 is about to be retired.

  • TwoStrayCats

    I wonder if Nikon would say, “Hey, this camera was dropped and the warranty if voided.” …even though they refurbished it after it was dropped?

  • russ

    I ordered and received the eBay grey market D500 described here. Thanks, Peter, for the heads-up. Two day delivery. Owners manual and warranty card were not included. Otherwise identical in all ways to my U.S. market D500 from B&H. Serial number indicates it was produced for the Australian/New Zealand market. No shutter activations. EXIF serial number matches the one on the baseplate. I’m pleased with the purchase and willing to take the service risk for the $400+ savings. I had planned to use my D7100 as my second DX body for birds and wildlife (D7100 on my 300mm FL and D500 on my 500mm E), but the D500 is so good it spoiled me. I would use the D7100 and come back thinking about the shots I had missed that I would have nailed with the D500. The D500 is unmatched for things that move fast and need reach.


    • KnightPhoto

      That sounds like a great plan Russ. Coincidentally I am using a 500G VR on the D500 and 300PF on my D7100 – small world πŸ™‚ Would love a 500E – how do you find it? Myself I’m pretty torn thinking about either a 500E or 600E to replace my big rig – how did you decide?

      That upside-down turn shot is really cool!

      Interesting your cam came out of the NZ/Australia market.

      • russ

        I purchased the 500E new from B&H. I pre-ordered when it was first announced. Got a really good price on eBay for my 500G VR, which reduced the sting of the 500E. Why not the 600E? For me, weight is a paramount factor. I don’t see any meaningful difference in the optical performance of the 500G vs. the 500E, but I can comfortably carry the 500E for a couple of hours on the trail and I can shoot it hand held. The 500G caused me aches and pains on long hikes and I had to shoot it off of a monopod, so more weight to carry and shots missed while planting and adjusting the stick. For me, the 600E, which weighs 8.4 lbs, gets me back to the weight of the 500G and the limitations that entailed. Also, there aren’t many situations in which I shoot in which the additional 100mm of reach of the 600E will make a positive difference between a keeper and a reject, and when I’m in Florida where the birds are not shy, 600mm is often too much lens. I’ll be interested in what choice you make and how it works out.

  • Isaac Alonzo

    Isn’t the d750 having a replacement in 2017?

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