New $100 price drop on refurbished Nikon D750 cameras

Refurbished-Nikon-D750-deal-Adorama Refurbished-Nikon-D750-deal-eBay
The price of refurbished Nikon D750 cameras dropped by another $100 to $1,599.95 at Adorama and eBay ($400 off the regular price of $1,996.95 and $50 cheaper than the grey market version). Few other refurbished listings:

Refurbished Nikon gear is also sold at AmazonB&HCameta Camera and BuyDig.

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  • Eric Calabros

    So it wasn’t mistake, they really try to get rid of inventory. But, why there is no leak about the upcoming replacement?

    • TwoStrayCats

      They’re holding info close before Photokina. Too bad the “refurbish specials” don’t include D810’s…

      • Eric Calabros

        How can hold info these days? Even Apple is struggling with that

        • Sawyerspadre

          Apple has a big network of suppliers and contract builders and a lot of people focusing on what they will launch.

          Apple probably sells as many iPhones in a week as Nikon sells in total of most camera models.

          • TwoStrayCats

            Yep. And the fabricators are in China.

    • BVS

      Well, D750 was announced at the last Photokina, so maybe they’re planning to announce the successor at this one?

      D500 wasn’t leaked, so maybe they’re getting better at it?

        • Andrew

          Of course hindsight is 100% perfect. But the blunder was to say that “I have not received any good intel” and yet one of your sources is working at Nikon. Your headline could have read “Looks like Nikon is coming out with the D400/500”.

          But I perfectly understand you position as the D400/500 would be a very big blunder to make if you were wrong as it has been a highly anticipated (or should I say requested) camera.

          But the more important question is whether there is anything you could have done to assertion that the three tips did not come from the same source. And whether there are steps you could take (or put into place) in the future to prevent misinterpreting a good lead as a bad lead other than a confidential trust-worthy contact.

          I know you are in the media business where the rule of the game is different though I would not encourage anyone to break a non-disclosure agreement.

          • Proto

            This portal is Peter’s. No regulations. He can do what he wants! He is not aiming for Pulitzer in journalism.

            • Andrew

              My remarks to the admin is one of intellectual curiosity and nothing else 😉

  • doge

    Your link to the 200-500 says it’s $1,399.95 and it’s backordered. Which is weird because if you search for the new version it’s in stock at $1,396.95

    edit…Now it says the refurb unit is unavailable.

  • David

    Newbie question regarding the D7200: why include the WU-1A wireless adapter, given that the camera comes with wifi built-in?

    • Spy Black

      Because you can sell it on eBay for an additional discount on your camera. 😉

    • Andrew

      It might be an issue of speed. The WU-1A has a data rate of 54 Mbps but the D7200 specs simply states built-in. So call someone at Nikon and ask what the data rate is on the D7200, then post the results here 😉

  • Photobug

    Excellent camera. Watch out for early 2017 for news on its replacement. $50 off now will be followed by another price drop on Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales.

  • Mark

    A new idea about Refurbs: Why not extend the Nikon Warranty beyond the 90 days found on the current Refurb models. Give it six months rather than the one year of the new items. It will add value to the Nikon brand overall, and show a bit of goodwill on the part of a company that is struggling as of late.

    • TwoStrayCats

      Exactly. Especially if you consider their warranty service to be marginal, anyway.

  • EnPassant

    Just noted the two biggest online sellers in my country were out of D750 stock. Just a temporary coinsidence or a sign a D760 is actually coming to Photokina?

    With a normal upgrade schedule and no earthquakes we would already have the D810 successor and expecting a D760 for Photokina. But with the D3400 coming extremely late the same propably applies to other releases as well as the market is slowing down with less sales.

    I think a D760 release at Photokina or later this year still is a possibility. And the big new thing, as the D750 already is such a well rounded camera, will be the upgrade to the 36MP sensor used in D810. That 36MP sensor is much cheaper to make now than when it was introduced in the D800, hence why Pentax used it for K-1 and the Sony A7R first version now is on sale for about the same price A7 was introduced at.

    The D810 successor will propably be upgraded with a new high MP (50+?) sensor that may not be quite ready yet. Therefore release will be 2017, Nikon’s 100 year jubilee year.

    • David Peterson

      I really hope Nikon keeps a lower megapixel camera in their line up! As for many people less megapixels is a **GOOD** thing.

      If they make the D760 36megapixels (I hope not!), I hope they still keep the 24megapixel sensor from the D750 used somewhere.

      Maybe in the D620. (but that would lack some of the higher end features of the D750, like the flip out screen and deeper bracketing)

      Or a DF mk2 perhaps with the D5 20megapixel sensor (but that would lack video :-/ And I like the awesome video from the D750).

      • Eric Calabros

        Canon is going to put 30mp in its supposed-to-be-wedding-camera body. So 36 is no longer “too much for my work”.

        • Proto

          36 is already much. More MP will just adds storage and memory cost that i prefer to do without.

          • sperdynamite

            I feel like 16 is the sweet spot for my weddings. If only the DF had the D750/810 AF system *sigh*.

      • TwoStrayCats

        I don’t mind the higher MP count as long as i can “dial it down” if I don’t absolutely need it. I have no desire to store 150MB tiffs on my drives.

  • David Peterson

    Yet another price drop…. ! $1,599.95 now. Maybe a new permanent low is coming after all. This should significantly push down the secondhand prices as well! Would like to get a D750 myself for real estate photography.

    • Proto

      Or wait for D900 : )

  • Spy Black

    I wonder what gray market goes for now.

  • Ritvar Krum

    nikon and its refurbs, because many people just buy above 2000$ FF cameras and make few hundred clicks, then change their minds to give them back for jaround1/2 price even though it is actual model… right?

  • BigIUFan

    They’re gone from both Adorama and Ebay at this point.

    • BigIUFan

      Correction. Ebay still has them. Sorry.

  • sperdynamite

    Do you have a post about what’s coming this Fall? I’m going to need another FF body (for weddings). An updated D750 w/ the D5 AF would be cool, or a fully realized DF w/o shite AF. Hear anything?

  • Matt Klaski

    Any idea why on Kenmore camera (and on the camera company . Com) it’s says that rebate deal -$300 will expire on 9/3/2016?

  • This is normal – Nikon rebates are usually valid for a month and get renewed every month. There is a small chance that they may cancel it, but I doubt it.

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