New Nikon wireless remote controller registered in Indonesia

A new Nikon wireless remote controller with the code name N1544 was registered at the Indonesian Communications Agency. The controller will be made in China and will most likely be for a new Nikon camera that will be announced at Photokina.

There are already two cameras recently registered at the Indonesian Communications Agency: N1546 and N1538.

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  • doge


  • Noor

    It would make sense this would be for the D750/D810 updates, right? But wouldn’t (I’m thinking out loud here) these cameras support the SB9000 natively out of the box?

    • Shutterbug

      Nikon can’t keep a new camera under wraps to save their life, I doubt it’s a D750/D810 replacement. I hope you’re right though, it would be a nice surprise.

  • br0xibear

    I think it’s a D760 at Photokina, there’s very little D750 stock at the UK Nikon Pro dealers…but knowing Nikon it could be that underwater Coolpix that everyone’s been asking for, lol.

    • Ric of The LBC

      in pink!

      • br0xibear

        And white, because they want to keep Apple happy until they buy Nikon, lol.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Isn’t one of the coded numbers the D3400’s?

  • animalsbybarry

    What would be nice…
    New high end ff high res mirrorless camera

    Full wireless remote control with wireless lcd screen

    Full tie in to robotic camera head, and / or camera drone or camera buggy

    This combination would allow full camera use in locations where the photographer cannot go

  • C_QQ_C

    A D500S repairing a.o. the crippled WiFi , introducing a new controler ala Camfi at the same time ? 🙂

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