Deal: free MB-D12 battery grip with the purchase of a Nikon D810 camera

The deal with the free MB-D12 battery grip ($363) when purchasing a new Nikon D810 camera is back at B&H, Adorama and Amazon. The different online stores also offer additional free items with any D810 purchase (batteries, memory cards, camera bags).

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  • Dennis Miller

    820 must be on the way

    • Visar Sulejmani

      Yes, this is going to be an expensive end of 2016 for me.

      • Shutterbug

        Probably Q1 2017 – takes them a while to wind down and get rid of inventory. 2016 would be nice though.

        • Visar Sulejmani

          You’re probably right. Considering a high demand and the lack of many units after the Kumamoto earthquake, assuming this sensor suffered a delay because of it, will mean Q1 2017.
          I’m curious if Nikon will announce a D750 successor as well, to compete with the 5DIV, as the D810 successor is likely aimed at the 5DSR.

        • jmb2560

          Agree : Looks like a CES intro (early Jan 2017) with FCS in Feb/Mar 17

    • Wade Marks

      It’s funny…now whenever any Nikon camera goes on sale or promo, the response will be that it’s replacement is near.

      • Andrew

        If it happens around the replacement window, then it is only logical to make such an assumption 😉 It subsequently creates anticipation and excitement especially in light of the innards of the D500.

    • Stuart Crowther

      Didn’t we do this yesterday……oh that was 760
      : )

  • Sports

    This offer was available in Europe (Denmark at least) for a while, but not now.
    The D810 successor must be using a new grip, maybe the same as the one that D500 uses.

    • KnightPhoto

      Same grip as the D500 would be great. I just bought one as I wanted to use EN-EL18/18A on my D500

    • MB

      It is probably doable but Nikon will never do that, if they wanted they could have made D500 compatible with MB-D12 but no, they prefer to squeeze a bit more money from us…

      • FountainHead

        Just shooting themselves in the foot, driving business to 3rd party manufacturers

        • IronHeadSlim

          Edit: stupid reply

      • Kiboko

        Then we would have missed the joystick and iso-button on the grip! I am glad they made a new grip for D500. And hope the next FX will use the same grip as D500.

  • doge

    If only this deal were reversed.

  • Another mistake? New Nikon D810 camera listed for 550 EUR on Amazon Germany:

    • Markus Lutz

      Same guy has sells the D750 for 600€. The business seems to be located in Germany, but somehow this smells fishy: On checkout it says “This item cannot be shipped to your address” (I live in germany)

      • I see, so it is not a company listing.

      • Jeffry De Meyer

        I don’t understand how amazon allows this, I come across them all the time.

        • Alderes

          Amazon actually isn’t allowing it, as stated in their T&C for sellers. I did report to them on this one and they deleted the account, but it keeps returning under various labels. The deal itself is also not conducted via the Amazon platform but outside of it, i.e. you are ask to contact them directly by E-Mail, so you are not protected by Amazon. I suggested to Amazon to insert a ” report fraud suspisuon” on their pages but haven’t seen it yet.


    Obviously, Nikon wants to clear out its D810’s to make room for the new and improved Nikon 1 V4… 😉

    • jmb2560

      Perhaps they should bundle the 810 and V3 together… that’s killing two birds with one stone!

  • TwoStrayCats

    The add shows used ones for 1,989 euros. This has got to be a mistake.

  • br0xibear

    No promotions in the UK, apparently the first batch of the 105mm f/1.4 in the UK is Aug 25th.

  • Admin, I haven’t seen any rumors about the D810 successor. There isn’t any news coming out yet? I’m impatiently waiting.

    • I haven’t seen any rumors either 🙂

      • br0xibear

        I think it’s a D760 at Photokina.

  • sickheadache

    The New D810s/x/xs/sx/820/900 …not till Jan 2017..did I cover the possibilities with new camera? lol And that is a good deal to one of the best cameras on Planet Earth, maybe Mars also.

  • saywhatuwill

    Yes, I’m jealous.

  • Bijan Choudhury

    Hi Nikon Rumor team.
    Do you think there is any chances of a Nikon Df2 with 20-24 MP resolution and improved usability( like Auto ISO button, better AF and even better manual focus facility)? Of course no Video.
    And still anlittle lighter than Nikon Df. And perhaps a hybrid VF like Fuji X-PRO.
    Maybe …

    • vriesk

      And a grip that lets you hold anything bigger than 50mm f/1.8 without risking the camera and/or wrist injury.

  • Cool…glad I got mine a month ago and didn’t get anything for free.

    • Alderes

      I guess this is due to murphy’s law, isn’t it?

  • waterengineer

    So take the battery grip, sell it for say $250 then buy a perfectly suitable Chinese copy for $75. Score!

  • caffeinedrink

    Looking forward to the D810 replacement. Im guessing it will be 50MP or more… I hope it will have more focus points and more accurate focusing. I really wish it would have a tilt screen for getting down low to the ground for subjects like insects and plants or up high over stuff, and a touch screen for focus point selection. Please Nikon, can we have focus peaking finally! I’m guessing Nikon has to pay a license fee to whomever hold the patent rights for focus peaking…it can be really useful, I wish Nikon would add it 🙂

  • Clifford Martin

    Wish it was a Free MB-D18 with the purchase of a D850.

    Frankly I think Nikon should have put the D850 into the form factor of the D5, with the vertical grip and ability for the higher fps rate built-in.

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