Nikon D5 manual, NEF Codec now available for download, first D5 sold in Ireland, first unboxing video

Nikon D5 camera manual
The Nikon D5 manual is now available for download (you can change the language on top of the page).

Nikon NEF Codec
Nikon NEF Codec was also updated to version 1.28.0 for Windows 7 SP1/8/8.1/10 with added support for the Nikon D5 (see also this PDF on how to correct the display of NEF/NRW thumbnails in 64-bit Windows 7/Windows Vista).

Update - first Nikon D5 unboxing videos:

The first Nikon D5 cameras were already sold in Ireland:

First Nikon D5 owners in Ireland 2

First Nikon D5 owners in Ireland First-Nikon-D5-cameras-in-Ireland

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  • Chandra Venkataramani

    The manual still says 3 min limit on 4K videos. I thought they were going to update the firmware prior to release

    • it does 4k video?

      • Chandra Venkataramani

        Yes, It does. The D500 shoots up to 29 min. The D5 does only 3 min chunks. It was supposed to be a firmware update prior to release to allow the D5 also to go 29 min

        • longzoom

          What is the necessary to update that parameter? To burn the sensor and create dead pixels? In reality, what scenes do you need to filming longer than, say, 1 min? Come on, gentlemen, it doesn’t pay to overheat the sensor!

          • fanboy fagz

            wedding ceremonies.

            • longzoom

              Agreed, it gonna take way longer than 3 min. So this camera is not for FILMING such the event! Simply like this. Another solution could be used without any problem, every cameraman has the second camera, even third one. I do.

            • Michiel953


            • fanboy fagz

              your opinion-boooring

            • akkual

              4K wedding recording is just unnecessary wasting of earth’s resources.

            • ZoetMB

              While I realize that your post is partially a joke, one might make the case that a fancy wedding is unnecessary wasting of earth’s resources. And since memory cards are re-usable, aside from the electricity needed to charge the battery (and possibly run some lights), which of earth’s resources are being wasted?

              I would contend that keeping one’s computer on to write stupid posts is also “unnecessary wasting of earth’s resources” and certainly 90% or more of YouTube videos might be considered a waste as well as almost every Tweet ever made. But it’s not any one thing that one person does that’s wasteful, it’s the sum of their carbon footprint that matters. Maybe I play my music system more than average, but I drive far less and live in a smaller space, etc.

            • fanboy fagz

              oh shut up, dont decide what I need and what we use in our industry in my country.

          • You might be shooting a reboot of “Rope”.

          • Allen_Wentz

            Obviously operation that allows sensor-burning would be a bad design. However the idea that a photog should only shoot <1 minute scenes is absurd. Very often the action one wants to video starts too quickly to wait for the action to start videoing, so a video needs to be running just waiting for the action, and then be cut in post.

            • longzoom

              D5 is not a dedicated VIDEO camera. It is world top machine for stills, with some limited video functions. Its very sensitive sensor designed for extremely high ISO, and can’t be used for long video needs. The rest of yours, gentlemen, is, mostly, trolling or demagogue.

            • peter w

              I’d say, for still stills the D810 would be the top world machine. And, if I would interprete ‘still’ like the Dutch ‘stil’ (meaning silent), the top world machine would be a Sony.

            • longzoom

              My 810 is great, but is not up to D5 in high ISO. Sony is great, again, but its DR is not as wide as 800-810 one. Today, at least.

          • silmasan

            Also don’t use the shutter too much and too often. It might die one day.

            • You said it much better than what I was planning to say.

          • bestermann

            I need even more than 30 min when doing home porn with ur mama. Only thing overheating is her when I’m giving it to her hard.

          • ZoetMB

            We’ve been through this already many times. If you’re making a traditional narrative film, 3 minutes is probably fine. But when you’re shooting interviews, documentary footage, concert footage, wedding ceremonies, etc., 3 minutes is not enough unless one is shooting with two cameras.

            Also, even when making narrative films, while the final result may have very fast-paced shots, those generally are composed of longer shots that have been cut up in editing. Those longer shots could well have been over 3 minutes.

            But it’s a moot point once Nikon provides the firmware upgrade. While I don’t know for sure, I suspect that they might have already done so, but just didn’t bother to update the user’s guide.

            • longzoom

              Correct. But D5 is not a dedicated video camera. Top machine for stills, what it is. Extremely sensitive sensor of it is not designed for long video. That’s all.

        • QuantalQuetzal

          D500 splits the video in 3 minute chunks, as well. It must be, due to file system limitations.

          • peter w

            You think they trust D500 users not to find out?

            • QuantalQuetzal

              Nikon never said that the D500 won’t split the video. Nobody really cared to ask, though.

              With the D5 it’s different though because of the previous 3 minute limit.

        • nwcs

          The 3 minute chunks have to do with Nikon still using FAT32 for their file system. Max file sizes can be a bear.

          • peter w

            If the files could be merged seemless on a computer, there was never a problem?

            (I don’t use video on a scale that this would bother me, and I don’t intend to buy either of the camera’s, so I didn’t study this).

      • Scott

        Not this conversation again.

  • dgr

    Who’da thunk it. There is a camera in that there box.

    • Think… thought….thought.

      • chkchkboom

        It’s a colloquial phrase good sir

        • Meaning slang. I also searched online a bit and came across this which I think fits very accurately…..
          There are numerous idiomatic expressions that use bad grammar, but which are so well-established that we repeat them without fearing criticism. We collectively understand that it’s bad grammar, and that makes it okay. For instance, we don’t say If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it because the expression is If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The word ‘ain’t’ is acceptable only because the saying is so ingrained in our culture.

          The same goes for thunk, in my opinion. The expression is Who’da thunk it?, not Who’d have thought it? But outside of that particular wording, be careful about using thunk.

    • Sorry . I checked about the origins of this phrase. It is correct. Apologies.

  • I really don’t understand the hype of unboxing videos – it’s either you have one or you don’t.
    If you don’t are the videos there for you to recant how you ‘unpacked yours’?


    • DuncanM

      “Stop liking what I don’t like!”

      • captaindash

        That’s not what coloretric said. He/she asked a question.

        • He πŸ˜›

          • captaindash

            I don’t assume. Now it looks like I called you a he-she. If so, then you can have a lot of fun all by yourself.

    • Scott

      The vicarious thrill of a new toy. It is an interesting phenomenon and I sometimes find them entertaining… sometimes.

    • Michiel953

      I have a few boxes. They’re all empty.

      • Zoot

        As the President of the Actresses Society said to the enquiring Bishop.

        • Michiel953

          Did they also say “Nikon” on the side? Probably.

    • Ben Bibikov

      Since Hollywood movies suck these days, people have found other entertainment avenues.

    • CERO

      These boxes actually are helpful to know if you have all the parts and how they are arranged. Very useful to find if you buy something on ebay and then find you are missing something or something is messed up.

      • TylerChappell

        Finally someone gets it. I’ve had to rely on unboxing videos before when selling past electronic items that I had either upgraded from or no longer needed and had kept the boxes for.

      • captaindash

        That’s interesting. Never thought of that angle.

      • I’ve thought of that angle as well but to be honest – if you are getting a D5 you ought to know what is included in the box (by now), even if you are coming from another manufacturer. It really isn’t rocket science. Still you have a valid point.

        • CERO

          perhaps not for the D5. But for every day computer hardware, it is very useful.
          Specially when theres stuff that might be missing from country to country. Example. Asus motherboards having SATA 3 cables in some areas and SATA 2 cables in others. And in some 3rd countries.. having no sata cables.
          Worse. Some cases having no parts that are described as “optional” in tiny letters and you have to buy them separately. This could cause stupid slowdowns as you will need to buy such optional parts later and not at same time.

    • David Weinehall

      Not all unboxing videos are created equal. Just check the Nokia N900 hackerbox πŸ˜›

    • ZoetMB

      The web is incredible for the amount of trivial time wasters that it generates. Who ever would have thought that people could make money letting other people watch them playing video games? Or that people cared so much about idiot cat videos? Or all these unboxing videos. Or some idiot who spent more time drinking beer than doing academic work producing “angry critic” reviews of comic book movies.

      If people put the same effort into understanding the world that they do into creating this crap, we’d never support any of the idiot politicians who are running for POTUS.

      But your post has inspired me to produce a video that should make me rich: I’m going to make an unboxing video of unboxing a box of boxes. And inside each of those boxes will be another box.

      • Pretty sure unboxing boxes has already been done πŸ˜›

        • ZoetMB

          I used to be ahead of the times — now I’m always behind.

  • Tenzin Samjung

    Did anyone noticed on the video there was also a Lexar card along with Sony?

  • usa

    so that’s how to open a box!

  • Tenzin Samjung

    Did anyone noticed in the video there was also a Lexar card along with Sony?

    • nick

      It looks like there is two xqd cards in that box a lexar and a sony + a reader. Can anybody confirm this?

    • Clifford Martin

      The unboxing video is from Italy. In the United States, I was told by a Nikon tech rep at a launch event, the Sony XQD won’t be in the box with the camera. The Sony XQD cards, with reader, are being given separately to the dealers to give with cameras during the first week of sale. That said, there isn’t anything to stop the dealer from putting the card inside the D5 box themselves, since the box isn’t factory sealed.

  • Scott

    Is that one guy in a bathroom?

  • This is killing me, the D5 is the first camera i’ve ever preordered and I just realized how impatient i am. Ugh.

  • congratz, and bit envy πŸ˜‰ enjoy the machine….

  • Stephen Corby


    • Aldo

      Of course we are jelly… but for many of us (like me) this camera is overkill… not to mention it also kills the wallet … the d750 is more than enough… if anything Id like to add a d810 in the future.

      Nikon has delivered the d700 replacement in 3 cameras. D810…d750.. d500.. you just have to pick which one is the right one for you… and who knows maybe theyll give us a mini d5 later =)

      • Duncan Dimanche

        yes and for many pros this camera will be just perfect

        • Aldo

          Many pros are also using something else… remember that the d810 is also the flagship of studio and landscape… The machine gun becomes more and more specialized with very iteration… at the same time the ‘prosumer’ models become more potent.

          • MattfromNikon

            The D810 has among professionals been a lot more popular as an overall camera compared to the D4s. You can always down-sample the images from the D810 to make the image more crisp and sharp. Down-sampling done right can hugely improve the noise characteristics of an image, and in case of the D4s vs the D810, this pretty much eliminates the D4s’ advantage in noise performance.

      • MattfromNikon

        Just my opinion, you should get rid of the D750 and add a D810. The D810 can do everything the D750 does and even better.

        The D810 has a better overall sensor performance, better image quality, better buffer, faster shutter 1/8000sec., faster framerate at 7fps, better build quality, more effective controls and buttons layout (Nikon pro buttons & controls layout), uses a CF card (like all the other pro-bodies) for faster processing. The D810 generally speaking feels more solid and also the D810 was developed from the already very popular D800/D800E pro bodies.

        Reliable peace of equipment and hasn’t had any recalls.

        The D810 is better in so many respects thus making it the more popular camera for professionals and photojournalists. There is a reason why the D810 costs one grand more and it’s not just because of the 36MP.

        sensor rating from:

        • Aldo

          You make very good points… I shot with a d800 for a year so I know what to expect more or less… I just like the d750 too much to let it go. I know the d810 would bring more to the table… but sometimes more is less in my case. Workflow is agile… I have very good low light performance with minimum post. Everything just seems to click… at least for the work that I do. I do want to add a d810… but I don’t think I would trade it for the d750 just yet.

          • MattfromNikon

            The D800 was also very good when it came out. The D810 was developed from the D800/D800E and they made it even (much) better, faster and better buffer and sensor performance. You would be amazed at the difference between the D810 and the D800. The amazing 36MP offers superb cropping possibilities and you can also shoot at lower resolutions. You need a fast computer for efficient post edit and fast workflow. The D810 doesn’t require any extra post editing compared to any other camera, and the down-sampling to a smaller resolution is just a few clicks in PS (this process can also be automated in LR and PS) and you will get a down-sampled image of let’s say approx. 20MP which is much more detailed, crisp and has a better contrast and less noise compared to the D750. But the D810 at full resolution do require quite a good hardware on your workstation so I fully understand if you’re not ready to upgrade.

          • dclivejazz

            The D750 and D810 would make a good combo for event coverage, using a different lens on each. I still use my D610 with a D810 myself, since I didn’t think the IQ of a D750 necessitated an upgrade from the D610 and mainly have relied on my D8xx’s.

            Both the D750 and D810 will probably be updated soon, so it might be worth waiting to see what the new models offer.

          • silmasan

            Yeah, agree with dclivejazz — we’d be wiser to wait up just a little bit more…

            Also, may this year be the death of CF and all those F*&^%N rudimentary PINS!! (Just had it happen on mine, bent pins–and since somebody else has handled the camera, I refuse to take the blame)

            Hopefully D500’s XQD+SD slot goes to the next D8xx. And touchscreen. Likely the whole body design too.

            • Aldo

              CF pins are an accident waiting to happen… It happened to me as well on a canon camera I had long ago.

            • ZoetMB

              I really don’t understand how one bends a pin unless they stick the card in the wrong way and try to force it. I’ve been shooting digital since the D70 and have never had a bent pin, a bad file (lost image) or a bad card. I do reformat the card every time I put it back in the camera for another shoot.

              Having said that, it’s certainly okay with me if they upgrade the storage system to a more modern one on future bodies.

              Back in the film days, every once in a while I’d accidentally (and stupidly) open the camera when it had film in it. I guess that’s yesterday’s equivalent of a bad card.

      • Ric of The LBC

        Df is enough. πŸ™‚

  • Dino Brusco

    Calibrating BATTERIES (pag. 378) ??? What’s that ?

    • Harold1966

      Accuracy for battery level in the display.

    • Thom Hogan

      Been in all the D# models and their chargers. These are big, multicell batteries, and to get accurate power levels from them you sometimes have to recalibrate them.

      • Dino Brusco

        Thank you, Thom, it’s first time ever I heard of this. I have never owned a Dx model, though.

        • IndyReader

          It’s not limited to only those. If you use it, the F6’s EN-EL4 battery charging has the same option.

  • Arash Nikkhah

    Will wait for D5s …

    • Or rather… will wait and see what the D5s brings to the table.

    • Adnan

      You should wait for D8x πŸ™‚

    • Max

      4k at 60p for 15 minutes.

  • Clifford Martin

    The D5 manual isn’t showing up yet in the Nikon Manual Viewer app on my iPhone.

  • Aldo

    So… is it safe to speculate that d750 is also better than d5 at low ISO? (since d750 sensor almost has the same DN as the d810)

    • Stephen Corby

      It’s safe to assume that the DR is better before ISO 800, but that might not coincide with better IQ.

      • Allen_Wentz

        Exactly. IQ is _not_ solely about the spec of any individual parameter. I would be extremely surprised if D5 is not more competent at capturing images than a D750 in any situation.

      • Aldo

        fair enough

    • jtra

      D5 starts to be better than D750 at ISO ~1273 and higher,Nikon%20D750
      D750 has 2EV advantage at ISO 100 to D5, but only 1EV to D4(s).

      • Thom Hogan

        Well, okay. It MIGHT have a 2EV advantage provided: (a) that the scene had that extra range in it; and (b) that you exposed correctly.

        The latter seems to be an interesting one. The D750, in my opinion, tends to overexpose with the matrix meter. The D5, at least in initial impression I and at least one other has seems to underexpose with the matrix meter.

        • Eric Calabros

          Nikon wants people to use it in a similar way cinematographers shoot with digital: underexpose and lift the shadow. is it the end of ETTR?

          • Thom Hogan

            Let’s hope not.

    • MattfromNikon

      The only thing the D750 is better at, is having more issues and recalls because of shutter mechanism issues πŸ™‚

      • You don’t just think that you have a half empty cup. For you it’s a full empty cup. And you are mattfromnikon. No wonder we get problems in every camera.

        • MattfromNikon

          Hahaha, is the D750 your first full frame? “Myself I have only 4 followers on Flickr….hahaha”

        • MattfromNikon

          Hahahah I am “umeshhw” and I have only 4 followers in my Flickr account…hahaha. My first FX I could afford was a D750 πŸ™‚

          • What difference does my follower count makes? It’s my photos that counts. I don’t upload my pictures online for fame. They are for my clients whom I direct to my page. Mattfromnikon name has significance because of FROM in your name. So are you FOR nikon or just a troll?
            There are many people who had problems in their cameras. Compared to D600 you are fantastically placed. How has your D750 troubled you? And for a first timer FX owner, were you expecting D6 level performance from your D750 to give such bad rating to your D750?

            • MattfromNikon

              Listen buddy! Just worry about your own photography and your clients. The D750 never bothered me in anyway because I don’t use it for my work. I am working for a few news agencies on a freelance basis and I shoot with a D810 and a D4s / D3s. In the past I have also done product shots for Nikon. The D750 has too many problems and recalls and it is not a reliable camera in my opinion and it also has a small buffer and badly placed buttons & controls for efficient shooting. With the D750 you have to take your eye away from the viewfinder or dig into to the menu system to make certain changes in the settings. Good luck with your clients πŸ™‚

            • Yeah sure. You are the coolest.

            • ZoetMB

              While I agree that the D750 doesn’t have the pro controls that I prefer, the fact is that any good photographer can get great results with almost anything. There was a post on here not too long ago by a guy who made astonishingly beautiful photographs with a D7xxx series. I’ve captured some great images with my iPhone camera.

  • Onnik J. Krikorian

    I like this Nikon D5 unboxing video: πŸ™‚

  • MattfromNikon

    Hahaha…The “ISO performance” of the D750 always pops up every now and then. Actually the D600 has a slightly better ISO performance compared to the D750 when we compare the RAW sensor performance. All these enthusiast bodies: D600, D610 and the D750 share the same sensor and RAW performance πŸ™‚ If you shoot SOOC Jpegs then the D750 gives you cleaner image because of a newer incamera Jpeg engine (newer firmware). But if you shoot RAW and apply your own noise reduction then it doesn’t matter.

  • Looks like a truck wedge πŸ˜‰

    • CaMeRa QuEsT

      And is made to work as one in a pinch.

  • DT

    Unboxing videos? Still? How attention needy are some people? Dear God, that is nothing short of sad…

    • Stephen Corby

      What’s worse: Making an unboxing video? Watching an unboxing video? Or complaining about people who make and watch unboxing videos? Only time will tell…

    • TylerChappell

      You’re a moron. Unboxing videos will help a person repackage their D5 when they go to sell it a few years from now and have forgotten exactly how it was packaged.

      • captaindash

        Somebody needs a hug. *hug*

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    Any news if the D500 will come with a reader and card too?

    • personally i doubt. D5 is in totaly different price range and XQD not always included….

  • Adnan

    To increase better DR is it possible if one shoots in Adobe RGB in camera (standard / neutral) and 14 bit RAW settings while processing in LR ?

    • Patrick O’Connor

      The camera’s color space setting only affects jpeg files. If you’re shooting RAW (and you should be), it doesn’t matter. Likewise, processing RAW files in LR maintains the full sensor color gamut. Color space doesn’t come into play until you export the file.

  • Hopefully the D500 is coming soon in Italy, I want that camera so bad hahaha!!

  • Chandra Venkataramani

    Has anyone who pre-ordered the D5 in the US got shipment notification from your vendor?

    • Nick

      Both my local store said tomorrow, Friday the 25th is delivery day to them.

    • Hugh

      I ordered my D5 from B&H 2 hours after the link went live and today they told me end of NEXT week is when I can expect it to ship. I was hoping for tomorrow. I was expecting them to have a shipment on release day based off the volume they must do. I would imagine they are one of if not the largest retailer of Nikon in USA.

      • Joe Schmitt

        Ordered from Amazon and just received an email this morning that they’re experiencing a delay with my order. No firm delivery date was given.

        • Chandra Venkataramani

          I ordered from Amazon as well. I haven’t got any email from them. When did you order it? I pre-ordered on Jan 5th, the day it was announced.

          • Joe Schmitt

            February 8th was my preorder. I noticed that the release date earlier this week was 3/24 but then they updated it to 3/25. The email doesn’t have a firm delivery date on it. I had to formally respond to the email to let them know I still wanted the product.

          • Joe Schmitt

            Chandra…any update from Amazon for your order?

            • Chandra Venkataramani

              Joe – No. Nothing yet. My credit card has not been charged either. I called Amazon and they said that Nikon always gives them less than what they need to fill all pre-orders. Having said that, she said that the email like the one that you got was sent proactively to the people who they didn’t think they could fill in the near future. She kind of used 2-3 weeks as that near term window. If they felt that they could fill the order within the next two weeks, they didn’t send that email they sent you. So, I’m hopeful mine gets filled soon. The same thing happened with my D800. It just say there on release day and I found one in stock at a nearby Best Buy and went and bought that. When I went to cancel my Amazon order, it had shipped the same day. So, I ended up selling one of the units.

            • Chandra Venkataramani

              Just got an email from Amazon with a delivery date of Tuesday March 29th. It looks like they will ship on Monday (one-day shipping)

            • Joe Schmitt

              Awesome news for you! I originally preordered within minutes of that going live. About a month later I wanted to take advantage of a financing offer and had to cancel my order to do that. That’s why I’m behind. πŸ™ Sold my D4S a while back so I can’t wait for the D5!

            • Joe Schmitt

              Just got an order update email from Amazon…my D5 will be here on Tuesday! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!

            • Chandra Venkataramani

              Wow!! That moved fast!! Congratulations!!

            • Joe Schmitt

              Thank you! And you too! Enjoy the D5…I know I will! I’ll be putting the new AF system to the test with my new puppy. We’ll see if it can keep up with his quick movements. πŸ˜‰

    • Yesterday morning I received a “NPS Priority Delivery Confirmation: D5″ from Nikon stating:
      ” ……. Depending on your Nikon authorized dealer’s location and internal workflow, delivery could take up to 7 business days. …”

      Usually those are sent out basically confirming that they are sending, or have sent your item to the dealer, so I expect a shipping notification sometime today.

      • I was just told on the phone by B&H that I am in their first delivery, but they will not receive that delivery until thursday of next week

        • Just got a shipping notification from B&H, Monday morning delivery! #BOOM!

  • KnightPhoto

    I can’t find where it says how to use D5 automatic fine tune? Is it in there?

    • JWG

      Menu Guide page 110.

      • KnightPhoto

        Thanks I don’t think I downloaded the menu guide, just the User Manual. I’ll go get that one thanks!

      • Mr_Miyagi

        The procedure that’s described there essentially automates the Dot-Tune scheme. Kind of a kludge, but not unexpected.

  • yes πŸ™‚ I already added it to my post

  • whisky

    how disappointing. i thought for sure he’d pull out a Canon. πŸ™‚

    • ZoetMB

      No, but it should have been a Canon t-shirt.

  • bestermann

    I like that the D5 gets some time in the sun… Before the 1dxII hits and absolutely destroys it, plows it in every hole and comes on its sensor . Not that Nikon sensors would need additional lubrication lmao

  • malchick743

    BTW if anyone is interested the SF-5000 manual is also available

  • D700s

    Just checked my D5 order at B&H. “In stock, order sent to warehouse.” Looks like Monday or possible Tuesday arrival.

    • D700s

      Just got shipping info. Delivery Monday which means I can pick it up at UPS at 9:00 AM. Just in time for my next trip.

  • whereisaki

    Is there a different user manual for the Without Warranty model?

    • ZoetMB

      Yes. It’s the one where at the bottom of every page it says, “If this doesn’t work, don’t come crying to us!*”

      Then in the back it says:
      *Ha, ha. You shouldn’t have bought it grey market, even though we push a ton of equipment through that channel.”

  • Brian

    My dealer still doesn’t have the D5’s

  • Interesting. The manual says that with the SB-5000, AF-assist is much restricted compared to SB-900/910. These can full all focus points 20-135mm, whereas SB-5000 is restricted to center “column” 24-49, a bit wider 50-84, and all points only for 85-135. Nothing below 24mm.

    Interesting… almost like the SB-5000 is a lower end model, to be followed up with SB-9000.

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