ViewNX-i 1.2.0 and Capture NX-D 1.4.0 released with Nikon D5 support

Nikon ViewNX-i & Capture NX-D logo
Nikon released ViewNX-i and Capture NX-D version 1.16.010 with support for the Nikon D5 camera. Here are the direct links:


Nikon Wireless Transmitter utility 1.6.1 was also released:

  • The D5 and D500 are now supported.
  • The WT-7 and WT-6 wireless transmitters are now supported.
  • Turkish is now supported.
  • Added support for OS X 10.11.
  • OS X 10.8 is no longer supported.
  • Fixed issue that allowed users to choose the “Applications” folder as a destination for pictures copied from the camera in transfer mode, in spite of the fact that the “Applications” folder could not be used to store images.


There is also a new firmware update version 1.01 for the Nikon WR-1 wireless remote control transceiver (see also this support document).

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  • Jean Fotomode

    I presume this update will support the D500 nef’s !

    • this is what it says:

      Supported digital cameras

      All Nikon digital SLR cameras from the D1 (released in 1999) to the D5 (released in March 2016)

      • All Nikon 1 cameras from the V1 and J1 (released in 2011) to the J5 (released in April 2015)

      • All COOLPIX cameras from the COOLPIX E100 (released in 1997) to models released in January 2016

      • Jean Fotomode

        Yes l saw that but when the D810 came out, the Nikon software was already updated for the D810 nef’s. So maybe they did the same thing without saying it ? Will see. Thanks :0

        • could be, this update was posted with today’s date

    • yepits me

      ya gotta read man.

  • Jean Fotomode

    A great add to the tool bar. now we can pass directly from NX-D to Capture NX2 with a button. The fil will be transfer in .tif So l tried it and work perfectly. Very glad.

    • peter w

      Has the software improved in speed?

      • Jean Fotomode

        Yes Peter, under my computer with OS X 10.11.3, it is now faster but after viewing 10 files, it stop to close by itself. Very good improvement at last.

        • KlaxonsFive

          I confirm. ViewNX-i is working much better, with El Capitan and the tool bar seems accepting links to other softwares than Capture (I use DXO optics), which is cool.
          Was waiting for 6 months. Was worthy to wait but it remains toooo long.

  • AlphaT

    So, the NX-D can no longer be installed by itself, forcing you to install it’s buddy ViewNX-i.
    And of course ViewNX-i is one jealous app, and will automatically uninstall the older version View NX 2.
    But alas, they still play well with CNX 2.

    • Molesworth

      You can download and install NX-D 1.4.0 separately (without NX-i). Visit Nikon’s download pages.

      • AlphaT

        Ah, I missed it, didn’t see it the first time I looked. Good.

    • I added the direct links for each instalation

  • Sebastian Rasch

    Why the big step from 1.3.0 to 1.16.0?

    • Allen_Wentz

      Not all software upgrades are released to the public, but they still need to be properly tracked as versions.

      • Sebastian Rasch

        Yes sure, I knew that but Nikon never before made jumps as big as this one. Normally they release consecutive versions. Seems a bit off to me this time.

    • Molesworth

      That version (1.16) refers, for whatever reason, to an installation package that includes both NX-D (1.4) & View NX-i (1.2).

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