Nikon D5 shipping date confirmed: March 26th

Nikon Japan issued a notice confirming that the Nikon D5 camera and accessories will start shipping on March 26th, 2016.

I received some information that the D5 will ship with the rumored firmware update that will allow 4k video recording for 29 minuted and 59 seconds.

Here is the full list of new products expected on March 26th:

I expect the first Nikon D5 shipment to include free Sony 32GB XQD memory card and reader.

Amazon currently lists the D5 shipping date as March 24th.

The Nikon D500 is expected to start shipping at the end of April.

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  • Ray Justice

    March 26th is a Saturday…Day before Easter…

    • T.I.M

      Great, maybe Nikon will deliver the D5 in a basket with chocolate eggs !

  • Shark

    but will it overheat…..

    and what about this:

    Update: the 30 min 4k video in the D5 will probably be achieved by recording 10 sequential files @ 3 minutes each

    is this true or not?

    • Jason Ortiz

      Most likely. That’s how the D500 records 4k.

    • akkual

      It’s probably file size limitation. Nikon hasn’t been able to transfer everything on exFAT yet or some other HW+SW restriction limits the size of files (e.g. filesystem inodes need to be kept in working memory to meet the BW required for 4K or something like that). 4K is hideous format in terms of BW and processing speed requirements.

    • AliFontana


  • T.I.M

    OMG !
    STOP !
    The D5 is a pro camera that also take videos, pro will NEVER make a long video scenes, most scenes are under 1mn length, and then, everything is put together when editing the movie.
    If you plan to make a 5 hours boring movie about your uncle’s birthday then use a $150 video camcorder, not a Nikon D5 !

    • IronHeadSlim

      I wanted to set it up in the back of the middle school auditorium and film the entire play, with a 200mm f/2.

      • wapiti

        I will have to use it for only nude scenes

        • T.I.M

          In that case, 30mm scenes is way too long…

        • IronHeadSlim

          Well, Nikon is pleased to announce much better skin tones, so….

        • ZoetMB

          Do you really think it’s appropriate to be making a “nude scene” joke when he’s talking about middle schoolers?

          • Patrick O’Connor

            It’s probably never appropriate but I doubt any middle schoolers are reading this blog. Though judging from some of the comments, it’s not impossible. 🙂

      • KnightPhoto

        In that situation you are definitely better off with the external recorder. So set up the rig as planned at the back and the external recorder will be a better place to intake the giant volumes of storage that 4K is going to provide in that situation – i.e. the recorders take 512GB SSD drives etc. The D5 will work just fine in this regard and the logistics of the recorder help you.

        I think for many other situations that are a little more run and gun, the 3 minute limit is an issue. Even if Nikon could manage 5 minutes for the D5 in 4K that would be a difference, but I think at least 10 would be a much better.

    • Allen_Wentz

      Lots of reasons someone might want to have longer record time than a pro “scene.” Documenting wildlife or unplanned human behavior of any kind one often may not know exactly when the “scene” will start or end. It gets shortened in post.

      • T.I.M

        Yes, that’s why there is camcorders that can records for hours and hours….
        The D5 is just not made and designed for that purpose.

        • Allen_Wentz

          Sure there are, but I do not own the kind of camcorder that has 500mm Nikon glass on it, nor do I want to.

          And yes the D4/D500 _are_ made for folks like me who are still photogs but sometimes want to capture video taking advantage of the many thousands of dollars of high quality glass we already own.

        • ITN

          Camcorders don’t give shallow depth of field easily and they have poor image quality in low light.

    • Eno

      Speak for yourself please!

      • T.I.M

        I am, can you ear me ?

    • ITN

      I think you’re wrong. E.g., interviews often require continuous recording of the whole thing, and DSLRs are often used for these (specifically for their low light image quality). The person doing the recording can be also doing the interview in which case they don’t want to be burdened by stupid technical limitations of the camera. There are other applications as well where a long continuous recording time is mandatory (concerts etc.). If the camera has a 3 min limitation then it will be not usable for many professional applications of video. The whole point of DSLR video is that one doesn’t need a separate video camera; a 3 min clip limitation disqualifies this camera. Short clips may be ok for movie production but only a tiny fraction of these cameras will be used for that (one of the reasons studios used the 5D series is that it’s lightweight, cheap and has shallow depth of field; the D5 is not cheap therefore it’s not going to be used for situations where a disposable high quality video camera is needed). I’m afraid Nikon will have to solve this problem.

      • Patrick O’Connor

        I don’t think the kinds of situations you, and others, are discussing require 4K. And in most of those situations, an external recorder wouldn’t be too cumbersome to use.

        • D700s

          Moot point now.

          • Patrick O’Connor

            True, but I get tired of reading about problems that only a little thought would resolve. I read somewhere that photographers were “problem solvers” (I think it was Joe McNally) but it’s impossible to roll up your sleeves while wringing your hands.

            • This last part would make a nice graffiti.

            • Patrick O’Connor

              Feel free, I read that somewhere too! 🙂

        • ITN

          In some cases having a 4K original can be useful in the applications I mentioned. E.g. you can include a number of singers in a choir, or decide to frame just one in a close-up which you decide to do afterwards, in post-processing, if you have sufficient resolution in the original. The same is true in interviews / panel discussions; if the wide view is 4K, perhaps it is sufficient for the close-up as well. Personally I think high quality FullHD is more than good enough for the final output but people who actually do documentary videos / interviews for a living tell me they would like to use 4K so that they don’t need a separate second video camera for close-up shots while one camera is recording the overall view of the panel/discussion. At the same time the data storage required and processing time with 4K can be daunting. An external recorder is one more device to carry and support – it may be no big deal for a movie crew, but for a documentary photographer/videographer who needs to be able to move and set up quickly, it’s one more thing to worry about, with cables, batteries etc. In my opinion, integrating video in what is primarily a still camera (D5) only makes sense if it leads to less stuff to carry.

          • Patrick O’Connor

            I feel bad for my reply to your comment since you obviously put a lot of time into its composition.
            Anything worth doing is worth doing right and whatever the difficulties in its pursuit, the price of a job well done.
            See what I mean? Given my point, the effort to make it was embarrassingly easy. 🙂

    • ZoetMB

      In narrative film, that’s absolutely correct. But it’s not correct for documentaries, concert footage and event video, especially when it’s not a multi-camera shoot. I do a lot of concert photography. My clients want some video for their websites, but won’t pay for a full video rig and team. So either I have to put up segments of songs or edit by skipping a verse or finding another edit point.

      Having said that, in most cases you just stop and immediately start recording again and you can usually do that in a fraction of a second.

  • Clifford Martin

    What about the rumors that the D5 will ship with Gen 2 XQD card and reader, like the D4 did with Gen 1 XQD?

    • Yes, I think this is still happening. Will add to my post.

      • When you do please post if you know if the XQD also applies to the D500 since many will certainly ask.

        • Zoot

          And WEX make NO reference to anything free being offered with the D500. They do offer a percentage reduction on XQD cards for purchase with a D500. This would seem to imply that the D500 will not come with the freebies which accompany the D5.

        • I don’t think they will do it with the D500.

    • Zoot

      WEX in the UK are advertising the D5 with: “Free Sony 32GB 400MB/S XQD card and USB3 Reader (included in box)”.

  • Clifford Martin is showing the D4 will start shipping on March 24, 2016. It makes sense since March 25 is Good Friday, a holiday in the United States and March 26 is a Saturday, when there aren’t normal UPS and FedEx deliveries (only extra cost special deliveries).

  • Dave Marshak

    #6 on the wait list for one in my neck of the woods. Supposed to be 15 on the way so I’m hoping I’ll have it in my hands right away!

  • Is there any chance we’ll see any more “real world” photo samples or reviews/discussion before then? I mean, someone (Joe McNally, Bill Frakes, etc. et al) would have one of these things in-hand by now… no???

    It seems to me there were a couple of those “hey I’ve been using this new D4 for a month now” kind of hands-on reports on various nikon ambassador blogs before the D4 actually started shipping to the rest of us… this time four years ago.

  • Russell Ferris

    I’ll buy this 4k camera just to broadcast on twitch

    • T.I.M

      twitch ?

      • TylerChappell

        lol, it’s a millennial thing, you wouldn’t understand. ;P

        • CERO

          Thats like buying a CANON 5Ds 50Mpx for instagram.

          • PhilK

            Yet that doesn’t stop the incessant demands for such things.

            Why anyone would want or need to use a D5 to record a 2 hour interview in 4K is a bit of a mystery to me at this point. Sounds masochistic tbh.

            I’m going to demand that either my next car comes with a built-in food-processor and pedicure station, or I’m taking my business somewhere else!! 😀

            • CERO

              not 2 hours, just more than 5 minutes.
              Also id love the pedicure set!

            • outkasted


  • stq66

    Any news about the D500 shipping date?

    • T.I.M

      I just talked to my mailman (actually a mailwoman) she don’t know when the D500 will start shipping.
      But she think I should receive my D30x30 just in time for my birthday (May 25th).

      • Patrick O’Connor

        Off topic. You’ve written before that you live in Florida. Have you ever been to Dry Tortugas Nat’l Park? I read an article about it and thought it might be worth visiting but would like the opinion of someone who’s been.

        • T.I.M

          No I never went lower than Miami.
          If you plan to visit Florida, October to May is the best season.

      • CERO

        I hope reviewers can still get a piece. Id love to see how it performs before starting to save money to purchase.

  • AliFontana

    Nikon users sukk dikk

  • jonra01

    How about that, on my birthday! This will be a camera release I’ll remember for a long time.

    • ZoetMB

      Only if you bought and receive one on that date.

    • T.I.M

      I wish I knew ahead the day I’ll die.
      I could celebrate my death day every year.
      1 new camera as my birthday gift
      1 new lens as my deathday gift !

  • Hey Peter, now that the D5 is set to ship, any rumors that the Df will get a refresh with the D5 sensor and perhaps a different AF module?

  • saywhatuwill

    Cameras sold in the US, Canada, and any other country that doesn’t have that ridiculous import rule where 30 minutes of video it’s considered a video camera should be able to record at whatever amount of time pleases the photographer.

  • Politics_Nerd

    I can’t wait to get the D500.

  • Ray Justice

    And the countdown begins… T-minus 30 days

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