Nikon D500 delayed till the end of April

Nikon Japan announced a delay for the release of the new D500 DSLR camera. The new shipping date for the following products is end of April, 2016:

Product name Release Date
D500 Late April 2016
D500 16-80 VR lens kit Late April 2016
Wireless Transmitter WT-7 Late April 2016
Multi-Power Battery Pack MB-D17 Late April 2016
Semi-Soft Case CF-DC8 Late April 2016
Strap AN-DC17 Late April 2016
USB cable for the terminal cover UF-7 Late April 2016
Stereo mini-plug cable for the terminal cover UF-8 Late April 2016

Nikon uses a lame excuse for the delay: they cannot satisfy the demand and need to produce more cameras for the official launch (quote from Google translate: "because we cannot offer the number required for the sale, we will postpone the release date").

The camera was initially scheduled to start shipping in mid-March.

The shipping dates are already changed on many of the Nikon D500 pre-order pages: B&H | Adorama | Amazon | BestBuy | WEX (UK) | Jessops (UK) | Amazon (UK)

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  • neversink

    Seriously, today’s digital cameras aren’t really cameras anymore. They are are image-capturing-computers. They are so much more complicated than a box with a film plane, shutter, simple electronics for flash and a lens mount, They run on sensors, software and all sorts of digital cards make their engines run. Complexity becomes more challenging and complex with each new iteration. Just like new computers and new OS for computers, there will be glitches in first batches of a new model. I love digital, but have to accept the fact that they may not be perfect out of the box. We should all go back to film….. but I doubt we will, including myself….

    • redhed17

      I’m sorry, but you just don’t accept problems as the norm. You sometimes can understand when there are problems, depending on the problems, as long as you are informed of the problems, they own up to the problems, and they quickly rectify any problems.

      But you don’t get to a frame of mind that problems are expected imho, as that puts less pressure on manufacturers to deliver the products at the quality and build they should. They may start to cut costs and actually start using customers as Beta Testers, which is not on. :-/

  • AYWY

    The question of course, is whether the Pentax full-frame will actually exist in the market before the D500. 😛

    • Sawyerspadre

      As I am sure that the birders who have a D500 on pre-order will cancel their D500 order and snap-up a Pentax FF! If they wanted a decent Full Frame, they could have moved to the D750 or D810 long ago. 😉

  • jonra01

    Does anyone really know if the delay is for the Nikon Japan release or if it is for all sales regions? The release says “Nikon Japan announced…” That could mean corporate headquarters for Nikon is talking about all regions or it could mean that the Nikon Japan division is talking about their delivery date.

    • squoop

      BH is showing “expected availability: end of April 2016”, but Amazon still says “This item will be released on March 15, 2016”. Not sure if the latter gives any glimmer of hope as I doubt BH made the change because of what they read on NR.

      • Amazon will update their listing, there is no hope here.

    • I talked to Nikon USA yesterday and today. They have no official word of the delay. She said it’s still Mid March in US. Let’s hope it’s true

    • No, they are talking about the production which impacts all regions.

    • jonra01

      I notice that Adorama has also changed the delivery date to April, 29.

    • Bill Graham

      According to my local dealer it’s USA as well, they’ve been told by Nikon USA not to expect any D500s before mid-late April.

      So I told him to put me on the list for the D5.

  • Tyler Evert


  • Gael C.

    Fine. If they can avoid repeating the D800 bottleneck…

  • mikeswitz

    Fuji announced a similar delay for the X-Pro2 for similar reasons

  • burkeseim

    pre-ordering is a big deal, and Nikon is feeding the hype with their launch events. I’d rather see them officially delay delivery than have small initial allocations & frustrate photographers. Smart move, Nikon.

  • PhilK

    And they moved UP the shipping date of the D5 by a month.

    Perhaps they are simply pushing harder to court the professional market at the moment.

  • Pat Mann

    I pre-ordered, but I still would like to be able to buy some wide DX primes, like a 16 or 18 f/2 and a 12 f/2.8. Or at the very least they should release a DX hood for the one FX coverage lens that makes some sense as a DX wide prime spite of the overdesign, the 24 f/1.8.

    • What does a “DX hood” mean?

      Also, there’s also 20 f/1.8, which is a actually somewhat wide (30mm equiv.) on DX. 24mm is 36mm, which is rather normal – you already have the 35mm f/1.8 DX there.

      • Sawyerspadre

        I think he means a narrower hood to suit the narrower FOV of DX.

        • Hmm, what would such a hood comply? Less lens flare?

          I think it’s a much better bet to 3d design and print one as DIY, rather than wait for Nikon to ever do that…

          • Sawyerspadre

            I don’t know what you would really gain. I would say they should work on wider, compact DX primes. 12 or 13, 16 and 18 would be a good start.

            1. Sharp
            2. Compact
            3. Reasonably priced
            4 2.8 or faster. If f2 is twice the price and much bigger, I would make f2.8 first.

            • Agreed, I don’t see either what a different hood would accomplish.

              And good priority list.

          • PhilK

            Yep, or let a 3rd-party do it. Like the companies that make replacement tripod feet for long Nikon lenses.

          • Pat Mann

            That would certainly be a lot easier than ordering it from B&H and having to wait all that time. And when the bayonet failed, you could just make the necessary adjustments and print another. I’m sure the materials and finish from a DIY print are far superior to those of a Nikon hood.

      • Pat Mann

        The 35mm f/1.8 DX and FX lenses are normal lenses on the DX format, roughly a 50mm equivalent. I don’t know what made you think I have the 35mm f/1.8 DX lens, but I don’t. I almost never use a 50mm-equivalent focal length except for some specific still-life applications where I find that perspective appropriate. I do have the 35 f/1.8 FX lens that I use frequently on my D810.

        The 24mm f/1.8 is a 36mm-equivalent on DX, which to me is close to 35mm, my most typical walkabout prime focal length, a slightly wide focal length that covers almost exactly half the area of a 50mm-equivalent lens. The 20mm is somewhat wider, but is a larger lens with a 77mm filter, not what I want to be walking around with in a compact DX system, and the focal length doesn’t fit in with a good range of real DX prime lenses, which would include a 35-equivalent, 24-equivalent, and 18-equivalent (24, 16 and 12mm in DX focal lengths).
        By a DX hood, I mean a lens hood that would shade the lens appropriately when used for the DX format. Nikon pretends it is appropriate to use the lenses in both formats, but doesn’t provide hoods for both formats. The FX hood provided with the 24mm lens leaves a lot more area than necessary outside the DX frame unprotected from direct light sources within the field of the lens that are likely to produce bright reflections or flare from internal elements on the image. You can jack up the contrast or the clarity to compensate for flare, but it’s not the same as minimizing flare in the original image. Because the 24mm FX lens is unnecessarily large for the DX format because it covers the entire FX image circle, the hood for the 35mm FX lens, which would provide roughly the right protection for the 24 in DX format, doesn’t fit it.

    • Allen_Wentz

      It seems to me that the kind of image capture that really needs fast wide-angle primes is best served using FX anyway. On a high-ISO-competent DX camera like the D500 the 12-24mm f/4 DX or the much heavier 14-24mm f/2.8 FX zooms both do a competent job for everything not needing super fast glass.

      I do believe that having a truly pro DX body like the D500 will drive many pros to have both DX and FX kit.

      • Pat Mann

        I just would prefer the smaller, lighter, more economical system that the DX format has the potential to deliver. “Best served by FX” is easy to say if you have a lot of money to devote to photography. I don’t.
        Based on what’s being provided by other makers, particularly Fujifilm, for APS-C, there’s no reason that sticking with the smaller format should limit me to unnecessarily large and bulky FX lenses that aren’t very wide plus slow DX zooms for wide shooting. Telling me I should use a lens like the 14-24 on DX shows you have absolutely no understanding of my objectives for my camera system.

        • Allen_Wentz

          You are of course correct that I have absolutely no understanding of your objectives for your camera system. However I do understand financial limitations: I preordered a D500 not a D5 despite my preference for the larger pro body.

          You are also correct that Nikon is derelict in not serving up wide angle DX primes. Perhaps success of the D500 will prompt Nikon to better servicing its DX customers with wide lenses.

  • PizzaKing

    That was unexpected…:D

  • Ordinary Citizen

    What about the flash sync comparison? The D300s has a 1/250 second
    flash sync with 1/320 second option (reduced flash range). Also any
    word on Auto FP High-Speed Sync (used to Illuminate Fast Sports Action)

  • John Picking

    Has anyone been to a D5/D500 launch party yet? Anyone know what the door prize is?

  • badster

    Hopefully the lengthy delay means they are writing the code to control menus with the touchscreen. The beta versions were only letting you use your touchscreen to view photo’s. How they can create such an awesome piece of hardware and make a bone headed blunder like that is beyond me.

  • Frank Castle Sr

    Geez. What a buch of baby crying whiners. I think Nikon can ship the camera whenever the eff they want to. Don’t want to wait? Then buy something else. Morons.

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