WEX Photographic and Jessops confirm: Nikon D5 will come with free Sony 32GB XQD memory card and reader

WEX Photographic confirms on their website what I already reported here on NikonRumors: the first Nikon D5 shipments will include free Sony 32GB XQD memory card and reader.

Jessops has a similar note on their D5 listing:

Note that the Nikon D500 listings at WEX Photographic and Jessops do not mention anything about free XQD cards.

The new Sony XQD M-series memory cards are currently shipping in the US.

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  • T.I.M


  • Eric Calabros

    Sorry for off topic. apparently DL compact series don’t have Flat profile, which is disappointing. Those of you guys told Nikon representatives that 3min video is not enough, please tell them to add flat to DL too, maybe with enough of “not enough” comments they update the firmware. Thanks.

    • whisky

      they may be saving that for the V4/5.

  • Aldo

    I remember when I first pointed out the difference in pricing and bundled card reader (along with spec differences) with the 1dx mark ii… people here said “it didn’t matter”… well if nikon is sticking in a card reader last minute… I guess it does matter.

    • Rudi

      Why do you think last minute? They already had it with D4 before anybody was talking about…

      • Aldo

        There were no reports of the card reader being included when the camera was announced… refer to previous posts.

  • AlphaTed

    At Mike’s Camera, they handed out this flier during the launch event.
    Only for pre-orders, no reader, but G series XQDs (64GB for D500, 128GB for D5).

    • Patrick O’Connor

      I don’t remember what it was specifically, but there was something like that at the launch event I attended as well. The Nikon rep said something about it being a joint offer from the host and Nikon.

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