Nikon Capture NX-D (Mac) Version 1.3.1 released with a fix for the files deleting issue

Nikon released Capture NX-D (Mac) Version 1.3.1 with a fix for the files deleting issue I reported on few weeks ago:

Renaming folders created in root directory (under startup disk) has been made unable in order to prevent images stored in the folders from being deleted.

Nikon ViewNX-i & Capture NX-D
The latest ViewNX-i & Capture NX-D (Mac) Version 1.15.120 instal can be found here (this combined package installs the latest ViewNX-i and Capture NX-D versions together).

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  • Fly Moon

    Does anyone actually use this software?

    • nwcs

      I’m sure some do. It’s free after all and not everyone wants to pay for Lightroom. I use it at times when I don’t like the rendering Lightroom gives me. NX seems a bit better at rescuing shadows than Lightroom.

      • doge

        Same. I just downloaded it because my version of Lightroom doesn’t recognize my D5500 files and I don’t want to give adobe any money for their stupid subscription model crap.

        I definitely miss adjustment brushes. Maybe they’re in there, I need to use it more I guess.

        • nwcs

          I think adjustment brushes are going to be part of the next notable update of NX.

      • Fly Moon

        Cool. Good to know.

      • Eric Calabros

        It’s definitely better for shadow recovery, and its color noise reduction is much less destructive. Obviously Nikon color scientists know the data very well, its performing the process that lags behind. the software code is not efficient in any way.

        • nwcs

          And it leaves us with a big “if only” to apply to both Adobe and Nikon. If only Nikon made it easier for people to use their process. If only Adobe (or other) could work the raw file as well as Nikon…

      • peter w

        There is more out there than just Lightroom.
        It happens to be my choice. Many things in Lightroom are better than Capture NX2. However, I was happy with Capture NX2 and never with Lightroom.
        I think Capture One Pro is even better at colors and details, thought personally I can’t properly master its colors in the free try period. The steep price makes me hesitate. My biggest problem is color temperature / white balance. All converters seem to interprete this in a different way.
        When the user interface of DxO gets better (instantenous reaction to pulling the sliders), I’ll try that again. Photo Ninja has a great, innovative high-light recovery, it has great automatic colors, but if you think these are off, it seems inconsistent, the sliders just don’t do what I expect them to do in a month of learning time. Also, it fails at dust-removal (version last year).
        I guess there are more talented/experienced people that don’t have a problem at all at finding the right colors with any of this software.

    • phteve

      Just downloaded and tried it… but maaan this UI is strange
      Maybe it’s because I am not used to it, or software isn’t Nikons strong point..

      • nwcs

        It’s based on SilkyPix which is actually fairly powerful but the UI is Eastern-world-centric. I congratulate Nikon, though, on taming it. I’ve played with the full SilkyPix and it’s not easy to work through the translation and UI. It’s only rival in UI weirdness is PixInsight which is just bizarre.

    • Spy Black

      Depending on the nature of the image, I jump between LR, Capture 1, DxO, and this app (on a PC). Sometimes this app is just what I need, especially on J4 images.

      • Ric of The LBC

        I’ve been a diehard Capture NX user. Last year I’ve mostly transitioned to Lightroom but still fall back on NX when in a hurry. The cataloging just pisses me off.
        My daughter has recently been playing with my old D300. I’m going to set NX-D on her computer. We’ll see.
        First world problem

  • Gregory Roane

    Okay: What is the “glitch-period” that one has to wait before purchasing anything new from Nikon? 6 months? 12?

  • Allan

    Nikon’s command of the English language leaves something to be desired.

  • Ric of The LBC

    Dem Macs be nothing but trouble.

  • whisky

    yes this particular product is free — but for some it’s been costly, and perhaps even catastrophic to run. the message it sends to consumers is use Nikon’s poorly designed products and sometimes you might get good results, and sometimes … oh well.

    not a very satisfactory testimonial for perishable product.

    to the best of my knowledge, Nikon’s never produced software robust or reliable enough to run on the “enterprise” level. their long history of failing to maintain a timely compatibility with the evolution of dominant OS platforms makes them appear flippant, unreliable, and even risky. while some people are happy to accept this free risk, others are not.

    thanks for fixing the obvious, but it begs the question how can an imagining company hope to ever be valued post image-wise if their software and compatibility policies remain in the stone age? JMO.

  • Focuspuller

    How about a fix for the “Pathetic Replacement For Capture NX2” problem?

  • MonkeySpanner

    Speaking of software – almost overlooked because of announcements D5 and D500, Nikon also announced snapbridge. Not much info out there on it right now, but it looks like exactly what I have been asking Nikon to produce for a few years now. Looks like after it is set up, it automatically transfers images to connected device. No more clunky interface (wmu). Nice. Can’t wait to try it out. Oh, and it uses Bluetooth.

    • yes, it was rumored for a long time:

      it should be part of all future Nikon cameras

      • MonkeySpanner

        I hope it is good. I have been using an eye-fi card in my second SD slot exactly because it just does a continuous jpg dump.

      • MonkeySpanner

        All future Nikon cameras? Meaning it will be in d500?

  • Fly Moon

    Who names their files like this?


    Isn’t that weird?

    • doge

      It’s awful.

      • Fly Moon

        And nobody from their Management or Marketing say anything about this?!! That really tells me that it’s not a professional process to develop software at Nikon if a simple thing like this is overlooked. This is 2016 not 1977!!

    • nwcs

      Same people who insist on enforcing DSCXXXX.* file names for their cameras and FAT32 for the disk format.

      • David Weinehall

        FAT32 is presumably to ensure compatibility for people who insist on using outdated operating systems…

        • Fly Moon

          Are they using Windows 95? hahaha

        • nwcs

          Definitely. They’d have been happy with FAT16 if it weren’t for bigger memory cards, lol.

  • vousplaisentezouquoi

    The most tricky software for photos that I know ……

  • the las udpdated version of Capture NXD 1.3.0 for windows has errors too that the previous versions. I like Capture NXD because when you lose the fear it is very useful. I only wish it would have zones seleccion and moe fast.

  • Sebastian Rasch

    New version, but still no native support for OS X El Capitan. It’s getting ridiculous.

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