All Nikon D850 YouTube videos are fake/clickbait

There are many fake videos on YouTube about all kinds of "made up" new Nikon cameras. Some of them are based on information I reported here on NR, others are just plain good old BS - they are all made to appear like official Nikon promotions, but I can assure you they are not.

Today any 12 years old can do a video on their smartphone in 15 minutes. I will not post these videos on this blog or discuss them in any way because they are nothing but clickbait and I will not encourage such behavior. Please do not link to the videos in the comments section, social media or anywhere. I also ask you not to search for them on YouTube because by watching them, you are just asking for more similar garbage to be created in the future.

I am only posting this online because I am getting many emails from readers asking me if the D850 is real. If I have something meaningful to report on a new Nikon D850 camera, I can assure you will hear about it here on NR - no need to go to YouTube for it.

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  • Kartken

    Yes, Sir

    • Eric Calabros

      Please upvote this

  • Bobbo

    Remember that time a blog based on rumors had D400 posts as far back as 2009 — including books, pics, etc. — and none of them ever turned out to be true? Clickbait…

    • I am not sure if you are referring to NR, but if you are, I think you don’t understand what clickbait is. If you are not, just ignore my comment.

      • Bobbo

        Umm… I was talking about you, Mr. posts a D200 with a photoshopped “4” on it last October, as well as posts of specs for a D400 regurgitated from other sites, even though you actually write “At that point I have no reliable information on the D400.” Just this D850 post struck me as a bit of the pot calling the kettle black, that’s all.

        • Yes, obviously you have no idea what clickbait is and I don’t feel like explaning it to you. If you don’t like my posts, you can get your Nikon rumors from YouTube.

          • Bobbo

            Clickbait: “(on the Internet) content, especially that of a sensational or provocative nature, whose main purpose is to attract attention and draw visitors to a particular web page.” Like D400 rumors (if you google D400, your page is in the top five results). You might not be as blatant or as annoying as a YouTube vid, but you operate on the same principle. I think I’ll go take some pictures now, as opposed to reading people whining about rumors for cameras that don’t even exist. Have fun without me!

            • That is exactly my point – unfortunately every once a while I have to post about those made up cameras because I get many requests about them – the point is, I did not create those fake pictures/videos, I just reported that they are fake/clickbait. This is not clickbait in my book, but you welcome to have your own opinion.

            • Dsvob87

              Accusing NR of clickbait since 2009 yet here you are, still spending your time commenting on “clickbait”……sad.

            • alex

              I don’t often agree with all of NR practices, but I do agree that there is a difference between this post and actual “clickbait”. NR is not using this post to get views but to inform us on said “rumors”/”clickbait”
              D900!!!!! Now NR hates me again.

            • Ineedmy Bobo

              “I think I’ll go take some pictures now.” Very nice troll there. You waste all your time whining about this site and then you complain about everybody else whining about your whining. Real classy, Bobbo. I think I’m going to go take some photos now while you go crawl back under your bridge.

    • doge

      Nikon has had a D300(s) successor in the works for years now. It just hasn’t shown up, not because it doesn’t exist, but because Nikon is a poorly managed organization.

      Now if it’s actually called a D400, that’s still up for rumor and speculation I think.

      • I suspect that if Nikon did have a high FPS, pro build, cropped frame body ready to introduce, they would purposely not call it a D400.

        • David Peterson

          I think they named it “D7200″….. 😉

          • David, my D7200 is an excellent body but it only shoots at 6 FPS with a barely acceptable buffer although much better than my D7100. I just bought a Nikon P900 (for hiking) and it even has 7 FPS.

  • doge

    You really think someone would do that? Just go on the internet and tell lies?

    • the problem is that I started receiving about a dozen emails a day asking about it….

  • Scott

    I won’t believe it until one is mistakenly left in a camera shop somewhere.

  • Duncan Dimanche

    done it ! i mean I did NOT do it 😉

  • Dsvob87

    Speaking of which, whats the deal with the D810S you mentioned a few weeks ago? Is that going to happen or is their just not enough info on it to be sure?

  • Nikon’s new campaign

  • T.I.M

    B&H have the D900 in stock now !
    (well, actually if you buy two D300, you the third one for free…)
    3xD300=D900 right ?

    • Didn’t you get my last message? This D900 crap is getting annoying, can you stop it?

      • T.I.M

        Ok, sorry, that was the last one for 2015, I promise !

        • thanks

        • Gary

          T.I.M – I actually found that one funny (sad, eh?), but please extend your promise to Peter and let it be the last one for 2015 AND 2016, please 😉

          • T.I.M

            Gary, I don’t have to extend my promise for 2016, because there is no point for me to joke about the D900 after it’s been release !

            • David Weinehall

              Wow, that’s gotta be some record when it comes to breaking a promise quickly.

        • Mike Gordon

          Haha, 2016 is a few short days away…

      • TheInfinityPoint

        This is like the 3rd time I’ve seen you warn him. Just ban him already. Whenever he mentions D900/D850/D400 or whatever I just don’t find it funny, and it wastes the comment space.

  • fanboy fagz

    Bravo Peter! my only reputable source for new gear.

    • peter w

      Hmm, where is the webshop? Until now, I got my new gear somewhere else, mostly somewhere around the corner in my home town.
      Well, better buying a Nikon Rumors D5 than a Youtube D850.

  • stormwatch

    This fake Nikon videos are originating from an indian youtube channel, I think it’s called world of DSLR or something like that. It’s the channel very well known to make video comparisons between cameras they do not have. At first I tought they’re credible, but after a week or so I realised they’re just fake.

    • ninpou_kobanashi

      There was a Filipino comment in one of his/her videos.

  • animalsbybarry

    So can you summarize for us what rumors you think are legit and when you guess we might see them ?

    • Have you seen my latest posts? I think these are plenty of rumors I already reported here in the past few days.

  • mok

    I was looking at such things before. Only not on YouTube but just other pages. But then realised that nr is the only place on earth for such things (rumors) if you want to be informed and not brainwashed 🙂

  • MichaelSNC

    Rock On!!

  • Photobug

    Peter, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Great job in 2015 as always. Looking forward to seeing the real stuff mentioned on NRF.

  • FroBro
  • Steve Perry

    Yup, I keep seeing these posted all over and sooooooo many people falling for them.

    • yes, exactly – this is why I have to post those “warnings” on the blog every once in while

  • Michiel953

    Righto Peter, no worries.

  • Gary

    Peter, from what you’ve heard so far, do you think the D810 will be superseded by a D8xx (from which I infer a variant on an existing model) or a D9xx (i.e. a new line / step change)?

    • I only heard about a D810s – this was a while back and nothing since. It came from a very good source who has been right many times in the past. Either it will happen later in 2016 or they may have canceled that model.

      • Bob Newman

        However good your source, a ‘D810s’ was never a real possibility. The D810 is already the D800s, just Nikon has changed the numbering system and doesn’t do ‘s’ any more (like the D600s was the D610, the D7100s was the D7200, etc) except at the top end. The other reason there isn’t a D810s is that this is the major product cycle. So, we’ll have the D5, mid year we’ll have the D820, which will have a body with the D5 styling cues (the more angular prism, new red flash shape, less sloped shoulders, clear bevel to the front, domed top to grip, etc). All we don’t know yet is the D820 spec, but you can work out a good amount of it. AF from the D5 (as D700 had AF from D3, D800 had AF from D4). Very likely Sony’s 42MP BSI sensor (after Sony Imaging’s 1 year exclusive expires, just as Sony Imaging got the 36MP 1 year after Nikon’s exclusive expires) maybe as often the case, Nikon making it work a bit better. If the D5 is 15FPS, then the D820 will be 7-7.5 (since it has double the pixel count, easy to calculate). If the D5 is 12, it will have 6. If the D5 does 4k, the D820 will too. Other features a bit more difficult to work out. I know it’s speculation, but it’s more likely than a ‘D810s’, however reliable you thought the source.
        I suspect that your source heard something delayed about the D810 being the D800s, and maybe got confused.

        • Thom Hogan

          Not quite. S is still very much in Nikon’s vocabulary. There will be a D5, then a D5s, almost for sure. Also the D7200 wasn’t the D7100s, not by a long shot. The D7200 was the actual total refresh of what started with the D70 (D80, D90, D7000, D7100, D7200).

          But yes, some of the other models are now iterating with different number/name changes.

          I also think it unlikely that Nikon will use the 42mp sensor. It simply doesn’t net them any significant advantage other than perhaps 4K video in a slightly non-Nikon form. Nor does Nikon need the PD on sensor.

          As for the D810s rumor, I never believed it.

          • Unrest

            54mp would be interesting!

            • Gary

              Could someone help me please? My understanding is that at 36Mp on an FX, diffraction effects start to come in at apertures smaller than f8. Does this imply that a 54Mp sensor would suffer from diffraction effects at larger apertures, say anything above f5.6?

              I know that most folk wouldn’t see the deterioration as a) they won’t make prints large enough for it to be visible, and b) they don’t pixel-peep – but I’d still appreciate a better understanding. Thanks.

            • nwcs

              Diffraction is really a lens thing. The higher megapixels just makes the diffraction more apparent.

            • Gary

              Thanks nwcs. So, from a diffraction perspective, doesn’t this imply that a 54Mp sensor would produce a lower quality image when compared with a 36Mp sensor using the same lens at the same f-stop?

              And, if so, what could Nikon do to counteract this deterioration?

            • nwcs

              Higher quality lenses, basically. But in the end all that matters is your final output. Considering 99% of images are displayed on a computer screen I think it’s kind of moot.

            • Gary

              If 99% are displayed on a screen, then why would we need 54Mp 😉 ??

            • nwcs

              Yep. Very few people truly need more than 16 really.

            • Gary

              Thom – I’d value your thoughts on this please? Am I missing something?

          • Bob Newman

            You missed my exclusion of the ‘top line’, obviously. No more ‘s’ below the single digits – there hasn’t been one since they introduced the series based, 4 digit DX, 3 digit FX naming convention, which is a full product cycle now.

            ‘D7200 was total refresh’ – hard to see how. D7200 was one of the smallest ‘s’ revisions ever,

            I would have seen it as D7000 was the total refresh, no D7000s (though only 2 1/2 years in the field). D7100 major revision (51 point AF, 24MP sensor), D7200 was D7100s.

            ’42MP sensor doesn’t net them any significant advantage’ – except that it has the low light performance of the 7S or D4s – that’s a fair advantage I would think – plus it exists and gives them a good frame rate (one more click up the spec). 54MP is possible, but the number of Nikon only sensors from Sony is small – only the D2X, i’d think. As for PDAF on the sensor, easily omitted, it’s just the microlens layer. Sony makes several sensors with or without PDAF. I still think the 42MP sensor is far the most likely, and of course, Nikon will have had a hand in the requirements.

            • Thom Hogan

              I did indeed miss your top line exclusion. But I still wouldn’t put it past Nikon to use s again elsewhere in the lineup, especially as they consume all the numbers in their system so fast.

              Those of us who’ve actually documented every change in the D7000, D7100, and D7200 have a different perspective than others. The D7200, like the D810, is far more of a change than at first seems. It’s a whole is greater than the sum of the parts, thing, too. The D7200 and D810 “shoot better” than their predecessors. There’s more feeling of completion and more feeling of balance in all those small changes.

              I also think that people are getting too hung up on the hardware side of products to describe changes. Sure, if a hardware part changes, it’s an obvious change, especially when things like pixel count or AF sensor count or something similar changes. It’s a hard value you can point to. But high devices these days are far more defined by the software that integrates the hardware. So changes like completely pulling the video settings out by themselves are a lot of work and produce a different feel to the product as well as create new opportunities. You can set a D7200 for stills and video differently. Something as simple as separate ISO was a big change, but it goes much further than that. But that’s all SOFTWARE changes, which aren’t given a lot of credit by folk, especially since Nikon’s marketing doesn’t seem to know how to put such things into spec sheets and marketing.

              As for the low-light capabilities of the A7rII sensor, I’m not really finding it that much different than the D810 sensor, frankly. Not nearly enough to be something I’d want to promote as a model-level feature change. To use your words, more of an “s” change ;~).

              I still don’t believe Nikon will opt for the 42mp sensor. It has cost and yield issues without a lot of gain. Now that Canon is at a higher mp count, that is going to play into things, too. I’d be very surprised if Nikon didn’t at least match Canon with the next D8xx sensor.

            • Bob Newman

              “I still wouldn’t put it past Nikon to use s again elsewhere in the lineup, especially as they consume all the numbers in their system so fast.” – well, they will if they do what some people seem to thing, go straight from D810 to D850 or D900. I don’t think they’ll do that. In a way, Nikon’s comments around the D750 announcement suggest that too, when asked whether it was a follow up to the D750, they said, no it’s start of a new series. New series started at x00, except they’d used D700, so they started half way up. I still think the D750 was originally going to be the D610.

              “The D7200, like the D810, is far more of a change than at first seems.” – yes, but no-one is arguing that the D810 was a major upgrade, it;s a very effective ‘s’ upgrade, just like the D7200 is an effective ‘s’ upgrade to the D7100.

              “I also think that people are getting too hung up on the hardware side of products to describe changes.” – Very likely true but that is the way product specs go. It’s hard for Nikon to motivate a firmware upgrade as a new product.

              “As for the low-light capabilities of the A7rII sensor, I’m not really finding it that much different than the D810 sensor, frankly. Not nearly enough to be something I’d want to promote as a model-level feature change. To use your words, more of an “s” change ;~).”

              – Except an ‘s’ change has never used a new sensor, and this one is radically new in two ways. Remember that Nikon will get more out of it than Sony does, just as they get (a lot more) out of the 24 and 36MP Sony sensors. For instance these DPReview comparisons (on their new comparison tool with equalised exposures)


              Here that the A7RII is about as good in low light as the D4s.


              So, if Nikon as usual extracts a but moire goodness, then it might be close to the D5 (I expect they’ll make sure, not too close). Then there is frame rate, I expect that users will be expecting a higher frame rate – with 54MP it will top out at 5 1/2, assuming 15FPS for the D5. Overall, I think that it’s likely that’s the sensor they’ll use, but we’ll see (After all, the wish to beat Canon applied as much to Sony, yet they didn’t – at least on that front).

          • preston

            42mp doesn’t net them any significant advantage? Replace your engineer hat with your marketing hat and the advantage becomes clear! 42>36 😉

            • Thom Hogan

              Nope, doesn’t gain them anything. Look, I’m shooting side-by-side with the D810 and A7rII, I actually prefer the D810 raw files, and I’m giving up less resolution gain than can be seen by virtually anyone (takes a 15% resolution gain to be meaningful).

              The 42mp BSI sensor is also more expensive to produce, and has yield issues according to sources in Japan, neither of which Nikon wants to here about on a camera that’s a workhorse in their lineup.

              Meanwhile, just using the same technology already present in the sensors Nikon is using to go to 54mp would gain them visible differential from 36mp. And it shouldn’t be any more expensive to produce or have yield issues.

            • preston

              Correct me if I’m wrong, but your reply seems to miss the point of my argument that it would be very easy to market 42mp as an improvement over 36mp. Your reasons included cost to produce and yield issues – neither of which concern the marketing department. It may be true that the cons outweigh the pros, but that wasn’t what I was arguing. I agree that 54mp seems to make a lot more sense though!

            • Thom Hogan

              I don’t think it would be easy at all to say that the D820 is 42mp for 2016 through 2018 when Canon is at 51mp and it’s so easy to get to 54mp with the current sensor tech. 6 extra mp isn’t much of a change from the D810. What they might be able to market more easily is 4K video, which the Sony sensor does.

              Moreover, Nikon execs have long memories and remember what happened to those that approved the 4mp D2h. Pretty much ever since then Nikon has been on a mission to be “more” than Canon in every sensor respect. 42mp doesn’t put them at “more than Canon.” I would further guess that the success of the A7 is also starting to weigh on Nikon. Equaling Sony is also not good enough now.

          • Re “Nor does Nikon need the PD on sensor.” – without knowing what the D5 will bring, the current (D810) live view focusing speed is bad enough that some form of on-sensor PD would be welcome.

            • KnightPhoto

              All that Thom meant is Nikon already has a very good, amongst first to market if not the first(?), on-sensor PDAF when it was introduced in the Nikon 1 system. No need to buy that tech from Samsung. To this day it’s still amongst the best on the market. i use it on the V3 with CX 70-300 and it’s very good. It’s not as good as a DSLR PDAF for extreme BIF but for most BIF and all more normal AF-C situations it cuts the mustard decently.

              Now yes I do agree with your point, frustratingly it should be ALL our DSLRs as a supplemental Live View AF method. It’s a timing thing I expect, Nikon appears reluctant to introduce it on DX/FX DSLRs until it’s even better. I’d take whatever the current generation can do, as that with an Optional EVF for my DSLRs would allow for silent shooting.

            • Thom Hogan

              True, they could use the PD on sensor for Live View. That means they also have to write a new focus system, though.

            • But Nikon should be good at this—it’s just engineering, no long-term vision needed 🙂

            • Thom Hogan

              Good point. The one stumbling block is that if they do it for one, they’ll be pretty much committing themselves to doing it across the line. That blurs their choices regarding DSLR versus mirrorless in future models. Some of us–I think Lloyd Chambers is one proponent–have suggested that Nikon do a DSLR with EVF option/feature, which would certainly benefit from putting on-sensor PDAF into Live View. At that point, though, I’d think that “hybrid” would be Nikon’s choice over “all DSLR” or “all mirrorless.”

            • Interesting point. Personally, I’d like that choice for the future, as the idea of a mirror doesn’t bother me, and it allows Nikon to keep their current investment into off-sensor PDAF. But I guess having both good on- and off-sensor PDAF is expensive (on top of the extra costs that DSLR incur, as you say), so it’s less likely to happen. We’ll see…

  • Paco Ignacio

    Common sense, the least common of the senses

  • Mike Gordon

    Haha, this whole site is made of click bait!

    Afraid of some of competition?!?

    I love the internet, this type of stuff is happening more and more. Don’t look at their click bait, only mine!

    • I made my point and you are entitled to your opinion. No need to discuss it further and troll about it.

      • Mike Gordon

        What trolling? Just stating a fact & enjoy your ad-click$. I do, from my blog. Sure has been amazing how much can be made on referral links…

    • Why do you think canonrumours give rating to their rumours? Even rumours have to have some credibility. NR wishes to have some. You are however free to view and accept over the moon rumours from those other sites.

  • R0gue_4cid

    But what about that PetaPixel sensor that Sony is developing LOL.

    • Petapixel?

      • ninpou_kobanashi

        Ya know, like Mega->Giga->Tera->Peta

  • outkasted

    WTF? ain’t it enough D800 series! for the love of Pete please stop!…ok end of Rant. Now back to the D5

  • DrNo666

    Just looking at the release cycles is not that difficult to guess that besides the coming D5…. D3300 and D610 should be next in line to be upgraded. And that d400 will never come. Nikon to is pushing FX and once d600 was introduced it was clear that they wont give cheap charlies the possibility to get pro body cheaper than the D810.

  • maxx

    NOOOOO 🙂

  • I have a couple of friends are retired Nikon employees who stated Nikon always have several designs and prototypes years before they may be put into production. As expected, the decision is based on when to switch production and marketing for how the new item fits within the product line. Of course Canon can influence marketing and production decisions.

  • rfkiii

    The one benefit to these false reports hopefully being that Nikon sees the interest in such a product and get off their collective duffs.

  • AYWY

    Sony Alpha Rumors upstaged by a newcomer. Who would have guessed. 😉
    SAR needs to start making YouTube videos and buy another farm of cattle to reclaim their throne of bovine manure!

    • nwcs

      FujiRumors has that throne.

  • El Aura

    To nitpick, the D3s, an ‘s’ update, did get a new sensor (as did the D300s), though by keeping the pixel count the same, one could argue that nominally it was the ‘same’ sensor.

    • Bob Newman

      Yes, you’re correct. The ‘s’ has always had the same pixel count. I’m not completely convinced that the D300s has the IMX038, though it’s possible.

  • Yeah, originally I had subscribed to that Nikon Motion channel, but they just put out lies. So I unsubscribed.

    • good idea, we should not support this nonsense

  • Avieshek Rajkhowa

    I came here, there’s nothing about D850 here.

    Is it true, the D850 (or whatever it might be called) will ‘ve a 48mp camera based o the logic of 12>24>36>__ Geometric Progression?

  • iNtervengo

    When will we see a Nikon Phone?

  • TwoStrayCats

    What about a D900? Could that be real? Should I click on those links?

  • BeakerCasual

    You tube needs to solve this ongoing clickbait problem. They could do this by allowing viewers to flag videos as clickbait and then having that flag be a search/filter field for filtering out.

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