Nikon Coolpix A camera is now officially listed as discontinued

Nikon Coolpix A Sony RX1 Fuji X-Pro1 size comparison 2
Nikon Coolpix A Sony RX1 Fuji X-Pro1 size comparison
The Nikon Coolpix A camera is now listed as discontinued on the official Nikon Japan website (it was already removed from their online store few weeks ago). It seems that all the good deals are also gone: B&H still has few at $449, eBay prices start at $399.


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  • Spy Black

    Replaced by the J5…

  • doge

    I wonder what their next blunder will be.

  • RMJ

    I really hope there will be A2.

    This was really nice (but of course overpriced).

    • or Coolpix B?

    • MonkeySpanner

      A coolpix B with 24MP sensor and expeed 4 and (hopefully) N1 AF speed. Could be a big hit.

      • Licheus

        For $1,199 like the A was?

        • MonkeySpanner

          No, the A was overpriced a launch. I think they could have sold a lot of them at $799.

  • whisky

    now out with the V3 and in with the V4 please.

  • Aldo

    At a thousand bucks it needed to have interchangeable lenses… but the ones from the nikon 1 wouldn’t fit… and the f mount are not compatible being mirrorless… nikon took a gamble and it doesn’t seem to have paid off.

    • JJ168

      Should it launched with lower price say $500, we may discussing the replacement right now.

    • MonkeySpanner

      I think the problem with the coolpix A was 1) price 2) kinda odd focal length for most people. If it had been a 22mm f/2 and intro priced at $700 – it would have been a sensation. I am glad I got mine at $330. At that price it is a smoking deal. If I wanted a DX 18mm f/2.8 prime for my DSLR, I am sure it would cost more than $330, but Nikon doesn’t even make one.

      • dclivejazz

        Focal length was the deal breaker for me, even at the reduced prices.

        • MonkeySpanner

          18mm is not my favorite FL on DX. Not quite wide enough to be really wide, and not long enough to make nice head and shoulders shots most of the time. But I have come to like it well enough.

          • NTM

            Looks like you are speaking about a 50mm.

      • Aldo

        it is a better deal than buying the equivalent focal length… good point.

  • Jason Hermosa

    I love this camera. I’ve been bringing it with me everywhere. I got it for $320 from Cameta and I paired it with my EyeFi card and it’s awesome. It has the convenience of bringing a compact with the capabilities of my D7000 + wifi. I’ve been bringing my D750 with a 24mm 2.8D on it so this was a perfect replacement since I’m used to that focal range by now. I really would not have wanted this to be an interchangeable lens camera. This way, it fits in my pocket perfectly.

  • Lokutus12

    was shitty anyway….please more tiny sensor compacts from nikon.
    1 inch sensors are so hippster….. vomit….

    • Sandy Bartlett

      Same sensor as he D7000. Not small and highly regarded.

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