Nikon Coolpix A camera listed as discontinued in Japan, you can still get it refurbished for $299

The Nikon Coolpix A is listed as a "former product" on Nikon Japan, which means that the model is/will be discontinued. Adorama is already sold out of the $299 refurbished Coolpix A, but you can still get one at Cameta Camera (refurbished with 1 year warranty and free shipping):

For $15 or $20 more Cameta Camera also has two different Coolpix A kits with some extra accessories

B&H currently lists the Coolpix A at $479.

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  • preston

    I picked up the Adorama deal before they sold out. Great camera at that price! Also, the Bower filter adapter tube is a no brainer for $8 on Amazon (it’s $13 on B&H). It is solid metal and threads on both sides fit are high quality. I already had a 52-77mm step-up ring in order to use my 77mm polarizer with the 35/1.8 (dx) and 50/1.8, so wasn’t bothered that the Bower adapter tube was only offered with 52mm. At this price this is the 28mm equiv dx lens that we’ve been asking Nikon for, and it just happens to come with a camera attached!

    • preston

      Or you could buy the Nikon brand filter adapter for this camera for $89. Your choice 😉

      • pedantic_brit

        Thanks for alerting me to the Bower filter adapter – 52mm is much better than 46mm for me. Sadly Amazon is now the same price as B&H – still a deal though.

    • MonkeySpanner

      “At this price this is the 28mm equiv dx lens that we’ve been asking Nikon for, and it just happens to come with a camera attached!”

      That is exactly the way I approached this deal. If Nikon made a 28mm equiv prime pancake lens for DX it probably would not be any better than the coolpix A. I also picked it up at $329. A spectacular deal.

  • Fox “News” Lies

    Shows that Nikon executives make awful product decisions.

    • saywhatuwill

      Like Hasselblad.

    • Skepticboy

      Considering they priced it more than the near identical and better Ricoh GR, yeah bad choice by Nikon management

  • Aldo

    Officially a flop ?

    • Andrew

      A version 1.0 is never a flop. But I must say, if they had designed the camera attractively, it would have sold much more. But at $1,099, the Coolpix A was always going to be a hard sell.

    • If Nikon lost money on the Coolpix A, then there will be no Coolpix B to replace it. That would confirm a “flop”.

      Functionally as a camera, it’s quite good. There are a few tricks to getting the most out of it, though out of the box results are impressive.

      • mikeswitz

        What are the few tricks? Thanx in advance.

        • Auto White Balance (AWB) is not that great, so doing a Preset manual White Balance actually improves the captured range of information (I shoot mostly RAW, so this may not work as well on JPEG). Recent Settings is a faster dive into the menu system than Shooting Menu, and if you usually change the same settings, those recently changed appear at the top of the list. If you find the settings you use fall into two mainly used settings, then saving to U1 and U2 can speed things up, but watch to make sure ISO changes. Info ( i ) button is often faster for quick settings changes, though only covers some settings.

          I tend to run -0.3 exposure compensation to prevent blown out highlights (Histogram is showing you JPEG settings). Set Picture Control to Neutral (NL) to give a flatter image, though mostly it allows you to see some shadow details on the LCD screen; Standard previews darker shadows. I keep Active D-Lighting off.

          I tend to use AF-S because the autofocus tends to lock quicker, though AF-F is better with moving subjects. Big hands and a small camera means moving the focus location off center is a bit cumbersome, so I tend to keep the focus in the centre. I use the Wide setting on Autofocus, and the focus assist is off to speed up the autofocus slightly. Macro switch really slows all this down, so I only use that when I cannot get closer on focus (this was improved on firmware update). Face-priority is fast and will move the focus point off centre quickly. Hitting the OK button will bring the focus point back to centre after moving it with the control pad.

          I have the Function (F) button on the front of the Coolpix A programmed for auto exposure lock (AE-L), since I nearly always shoot in aperture priority. The lens is really great at f5.6, though I like to shoot most of the time at f2.8 or f4.0. I do compose often with the external viewfinder, and it’s just possible to see the green autofocus indicator in the corner of your vision.

          Hope that helps. I would imagine many already know these settings.

          • Mike M

            Not sure why you’d care about AWB if you only shoot RAW. The RAW information (other than the embedded JPEG preview) ignores WB. Most post processing programs do apply the WB, but changing it is non-destructive. At least in every Nikon I’ve ever used, I’d be surprised if the A was different. I suppose it means less twiddling in post, but to me setting the PRE balance in the field is as much or more twiddling. Not to lessen all your good info, if anything I think JPEG shooters would need to be more worried about white balance.

            • Setting a preset white balance speeds up the editing process. The other issue is that the RAW files are “cooked” on the Coolpix A, and many other current Nikons. Give it a try, and if you don’t see any difference, then leave it set on AWB.

            • Setting a preset white balance speeds up the editing process. The other issue is that the RAW files are “cooked” on the Coolpix A, and many other current Nikons. Give it a try, and if you don’t see any difference, then leave it set on AWB.

            • S0lidSnake

              Do you have a source on that? I’ve never heard that before.

            • I suppose it may depend a bit on which editing software you use, though when I use Lightroom or Photoshop the preset white balance definitely speeds up editing. I suppose you may be able to find some videos on YouTube about that, since it seems that there are many people posting those sorts of things.

          • mikeswitz

            Thank you. Great post. The camera is a little gem for the current price.

          • mikeswitz

            Thank you. Great post. The camera is a little gem for the current price.

    • Greentablet

      Total flop.
      Aside from the capable if leftover D7000 sensor, they seemed to do whatever they could to get this wrong.

      Awkward focal length? Check.
      Slower lens than competitor? Check, Fuji f/2.0.
      Dodgy AF? Check.
      Middling ergonomics? Check.
      Ridiculous price? Check.
      Ridiculous accessories prices? Check, feat. $400+ viewfinders.

      What a trainwreck.

      • What you and many seem to forget is that a Coolpix A will fit IN YOUR SHIRT POCKET. The Fuji X100 is a half inch more in every direction. And, it’s 50% heavier. Why aren’t you complaining that the Fuji XT 100 doesn’t have an f/1.4 lens? You complain that the lens is the wrong focal length and speed, yet when someone talked up the Ricoh GR you said you “Would be all over that”. Need something wider than 18mm? TAKE ONE STEP BACK, you have feet, don’t you? Someone else wants one with a 30mm lens. Another person wants one with a 14mm lens. Now, was this camera too expensive? Yes, its intro price was ridiculous. Is the finder over priced? Yes. They should have just bundled the thing with the camera in the first place rather than suffer the additional costs associated with stocking charges and carrying a separate asset. But, if you assess the camera on the basis of what it is, it’s a very successful camera. It’s the first DX camera that fits in a shirt pocket.

        • Greentablet

          So successful that nobody bought it above $600, whereas whatever the latest Fuji happened, it could sell for twice that.

          Glad you’re happy with your purchase.

          • I never said it sold well. I said it’s a successful camera on its own merits, those being the ability of a shirt-pocketable camera to make excellent quality photographs. Evidently the market isn’t looking for that at that price. The Fuji is still $1,300, so price doesn’t seem to be the biggest factor. One more stop of lens speed? Not sure that does it for most people. Built-in viewfinder is great, but you COULD always use the accessory finder from Nikon. That tells me that folks don’t care about having that degree of image quality from a cameras that is as small as the Coolpix A. Being that small necessitates enough compromises that add up and ultimately don’t offer a package that makes sense to enough people. By the way, I’ve used the camera and liked it, but I don’t own one.

        • Aldo

          For me it was the facial distortion that the 18mm lens would cause… I don’t mind walking to recompose my shot.

          • That’s true for any wide angle on any camera. Unfortunately, there are no 85mm (equivalent) fixed lens compact cameras on the market.

            • Aldo

              I think the ideal focal length for this camera would have been just barely wide enough for a selfie.

            • Be careful what you wish. We may just see a Nikon with a flip-around screen and APS-C sensor, though I would not be someone buying that.

      • El Aura

        Some people prefer 28 mm, some 35 mm. Some prefer a faster lens, some prefer a more compact camera. There were already two 35 mm focal length equivalent large-sensor fixed-lens cameras (X100, RX1). Offering a different product, more compact, wider lens to attract customers with other preferences is not a bad tactic per se. And there is lot of precedent for 28 mm equivalent fixed lens cameras (the whole Ricoh GR line, even going back to the film days, the Nikon 28 Ti).

        If people wanted a 35 mm equivalent f/2 fixed lens camera, there was already one on the market.

  • Paco Ignacio

    I would like to see the Ricoh GR at this price 🙁

    • Greentablet

      Would be all over that.

  • Espen4u

    Good enough camera, but they should’nt have branded it Coolpix.

    • Andrew

      Nikon had to have branded it Coolpix. And they did likewise with the P900 83x (2,000mm) optical ultra-zoom camera. They needed to give the Coolpix name some respect and it is working.

      • nzswedespeed

        …At the cost of this camera… Cool pix is for basic point and shoots (a dying market) while this is much more advanced than that. If they hadn’t been so stubborn and put an evf as well as calling it the “Nikon A” or something, I believe it would have been a hit. Canikon seem too stuck in there ways to offer a decent mirror less to actually test the market.

  • pedantic_brit

    Samy’s has it new, in silver, bundled with the leather body case, for $399. As it is new you could add 2 years warranty with a Nikon ESC which can be found as low as $10 at B&H

  • Henry

    Very interesting. I’m looking for a well-priced higher end compact that I can get into concerts when I’m not on the press list and security is strict. This is appealing for the price and features, but I’m hesitant based on what I’ve read about the low-light auto-focus capabilities. Can any of you good people who are experienced with this camera and/or alternatives (X100s maybe?) share your thoughts? Thanks in advance. 🙂

  • Peter

    DF-CP1 is listed on B&H for 99 bucks now.

    • Sandy Bartlett

      Thanks, i snagged one.

  • Henry

    Thanks for sharing your experience @tobiasloehr:disqus. I appreciate it. Nice to see how it worked in B&W. Very interesting tones – and I love the lines and shadows on the second image of feet and the floor. Can I ask – did you use Nik Silver Efex for that?
    I would also be interested to know how these were in colour? I find, even with a FF sensor, that at times with concert lighting I can get strange/overblown colour effects – making B&W conversion a better option for those images. Any thoughts on how the Coolpix A handles the quickly changing bright lights of a rock concert, by chance?
    Thanks again. 🙂

  • Sandy Bartlett

    good review here:

    For the price, its a good camera with a great lens and sensor.

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