The first Nikon D7200 books

Nikon-D7200-book Nikon-D7200-book-2
Nikon-D7200-bucher Nikon-D7200-bucher-2
The first Nikon D7200 books are already listed on Amazon:

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  • Nimloth

    Easier to just ask on a forum, and get an answer someone who has actually used the camera for a specific purpose. *shrugs*

  • Sports

    Worrying as it may be, most DSLR shooters have probably an age where they value a well written book on a subject.
    At the same time, they (well, “we”) spend too much time on internet forums, … could be to figure out which book is the best, and which one(s) that just copy the user guide, and in the process introduce a handful of mistakes.

    • captaindash

      Those guides are awful. I’ve never understood why they don’t come with a better book, or at least an online guide or something. I think it’s nuts that the entire video function gets about 1 page in the manual. They put about as much thought into the manuals as they do what colour of stitching to put on the strap.

  • Jeff Hunter

    The Darrell Young D800 book is excellent. I would assume his D7200 book is as well. He writes from his experience with the camera and explains things in context, the Nikon user guide does not. If you’re less than an expert with a DSLR and want to get the most out of your camera, then I would recommend his books.

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