$50 off the Nikon 1 V3 camera for Mother’s Day

It is not much, but I believe this is the first Nikon 1 V3 price drop since the camera was introduced in March last year: $50 off with a free camera holster at B&H or a free 1 year drops & spills warranty at Adorama. The Nikon 1 V3 grey market prices now start from $600.

The rest of the Nikon specials for Mother's Day are the generic Nikon instant rebates on combo purchases (the D7100 savings are now up to $680, Adorama offers a free Nikon WU-1a wireless mobile adapter):

Nikon-DX-rebates Nikon-FX-rebates

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  • Spy Black

    Mom’s been waiting for this moment…

    • Aldo

      My mother would take the money for the casino instead…

      • Spy Black

        The 50 bucks?…

  • whisky

    it’s on “special” at Amazon too.

  • good price

  • doge


    • Andrew

      Mom is worth every penny!

  • mikeswitz

    My mom only shoots with a Speed Graphic.

  • KT

    I would have thought with the J5 hitting the shelves that they would be more generous with their rebates !

    • MyrddinWilt

      Maybe. But it is quite likely that they have the demand curve for N1 cameras dialed in by now and they make pretty much exactly the number they will sell. Since the V3 is surely going to be replaced very soon, they could be running out.

      While there were some really good deals on V1 refurbs, those have not been repeated. It is quite possible that Nikon are taking advantage of a new printing technology that makes it much easier to move product from one market to another by printing boxes on demand.

  • Spy Black

    The gray market V3s come without the GR-N1010 hand grip or the DF-N1000 EVF, and of course, no warranty. Better to buy a new J5 instead. Cheaper, no less. There’s not much difference between a stripped V3 and a new J5.

    • MonkeySpanner

      Except that the J5 could have higher IQ.

      • MyrddinWilt

        The V3 has the option to add an EVF, the J5 does not. Which is kind of odd. It makes no sense having the only differentiator between two models so far apart in price to be the ability to add accessories. Just mark up the accessories.

  • Nikon1isAwesome!

    With the J5, I have zero interest in the V3…..

    • jojo

      Wouldn’t you prefer a camera with sensor cleaning?

      • Nikon1isAwesome!

        Yes I would. I don’t plan to buy the J5. What I mean is that the J5 gives me hope of the V4 being a lot closer to what i want. Thus far, I have had no real reason to upgrade the V1.

  • Pat Mann

    Hoping the V4 gets it all right.

    • vwking

      The V3 is the camera I carry with me all the time. Even when I am
      hauling all my other Nikons. If they can improve image noise, especially at high ISO, a competitive advantage of the Nikon DSLRs, it’ll be highly desirable.

  • Cary

    So for more or less the same price, you could get a V3 with 10-30 lens or a D7100 with 18-140 lens. Clearly the V3 will sell itself.

  • DLynch

    Even $500 off is a joke.

  • hmm

    I am looking at picking up the v3 for my wife for general photography/video. However, I don’t want to buy the v3 only to have to v4 come out shortly there after..does anyone have any idea on an expected release of the v4? Or what would be the suspected upgrade?/worth the wait?

  • T.I.M

    I have 12 Nikon lenses, mostly pro lenses made in Japan.
    I noticed that my few “made in China” Nikon lenses requested much more AF fine-tune than my “made in Japan” Nikon lenses.
    My Nikon China lenses are the AF-s 50mm f/1.4 & f/1.8 and the AF-s 105mm micro VR.
    (I also have an older AF-S 105mm micro VR made in Japan)
    For years I thought that it was because of a “lower quality” in Nikon China factories.
    Well, few weeks ago I found out why there is so much difference in AF fine tune between Japanese and Chinese Nikon lenses:
    western Japan and China does not have the same power frequency…. (110v 60Hz in western japan, 220v 50Hz in China)
    The difference in voltage (110v vs 220v) does not matter, what matter is the frequency !
    I’ll explain after my lunch break (you won’t believe it…)

    • T.I.M

      I did calibrate all my lenses using the fine-tune function on my 2 Nikon D800 (made in japan) but few weeks ago, when I received my brand new Nikon D7200 (made in Thailand) I was surprise to see that now, my “made in China” lenses only required a very little AF fine-tune when tested with the D7200, a miracle ?
      Well, not really a miracle, after being assembled, all Nikon cameras and lenses need the autofocus to be calibrate at the factory, with a special machine that is build in Japan by Nikon.
      So that Nikon AF calibration machine had to be modified to accept the 220v/50hz voltage in China factories.
      The voltage in Thailand is 220v/50hz (same voltage & frequency as in China), and that is the reason why my Chines Nikon lenses did not need much AF fine-tune with my D7200 (made in Thailand)
      That is also why my Nikon AF-S 105mm micro f/2.8 made in Japan was much sharper than the one I have made in China (the one made in China require -18 AF fine tune to get sharp)
      So because of the difference in power frequency between western Japan and China you need to match the camera and lens countries (made in China lens with made in Thailand camera, Japanese made lens on Japanese made camera) or else you need serious AF fine tune.

  • KnightPhoto

    Thanks for pointing out Bill Claff has done his PDR analysis – comparing the J5 and V3


    Bill is showing 1.5 stops DR improvement at base and .75 to .66 stops in the rest of the ISO range – indeed significant. Looking promising for a V4 if they can get the config. of controls/features right.

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