Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.20.0 and Wireless Transmitter Utility 1.5.3 released

Nikon released new versions of the Camera Control Pro 2.20.0 and Wireless Transmitter Utility 1.5.3. List of modifications after the break.

Camera Control Pro 2.20.0 modifications:

  • Support D5500 has been added.
  • With continuous shooting using the D4S, D810, or D750 with image quality set to a NEF (RAW)+JPEG option, and the Transfer only JPEG to PC option set to On, the transfer of JPEG images to the computer would be terminated before all images in the series had been transferred. This issue has been resolved.
  • Support for OS X version 10.10.1 has been added. Mac OS X version 10.7.5 is no longer supported.
  • If an application other than Camera Control Pro 2 was brought to the front, and the Camera Control Pro 2 window was minimized, under OS X version 10.9, images sometimes could not be transferred. This issue has been resolved.

Wireless Transmitter Utility 1.5.3 modifications:

  • Support for OS X 10.10.1 has been added. OS X 10.7.5 is no longer supported.
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  • Thats great news! Now if they could also update the Nikon app to control your camera from your phone … like being able to modify aperture, speed and iso would be a good start!

    • Photobug

      Oh my you are asking for a lot adding control of the aperture, shutter speed, and other functions. It sound nice but the complexity it adds will drive up the cost.

      • Nighkon

        what complexity!

      • I know! And who cares about those settings anyway 🙂

      • Duncan Dimanche

        Add what cost ?! It’s a pretty simple thing to do. And if they don’t want to do it then let the others work on it by making it open source…. (Never happening)

        • You can use “qDslrDashboard” app, not very ergonomic, but you have access to a lot of settings

    • Duncan Dimanche

      I’m on you with that one… The app is plain useless. Really. Can’t change any settings what so ever. Juat like the sony wireless app… samsung is showing the way with those wireless app.

      • Canon got it right too!

    • JW777

      It adds a little bulk, but CamRanger does it all for $299.00. It’s become indispensable in my work flow with my D810’s

  • Patrick Baldwin

    This update to Camera Control Pro drops support for the D700 for some unexplained reason I was told by Nikon UK in an email today! So anybody who needs that shouldn’t update.

    • David Grossklaus

      Strange – Nikon Article 63212 for the release of this software fully shows that the D700 is supported. Which one is correct?

      • Patrick Baldwin

        Hopefully the article. I just happened to be in discussion with Nikon UK that day over an install problem with Control Pro and in the last email sent to me it mentioned the latest version but warned me that my D700’s wouldn’t be supported. I didn’t check any further because I perhaps naively thought a Nikon tech would know what he was talking about and I don’t use my D700’s for tethering anymore. I did think it odd though at the time.

        • David Grossklaus

          Upgraded the version to 2.20.0 and my D700 works just fine. I use this software to setup/adjust settings and such. Especially to coordinate time with laptop/internet. A quick note about ControlMyNikon 5 (which I also have and use). I am using this software for remote shoots and for copystand applications. Very easy to control camera (focus/settings) and control input/output with files. I can then send the files to a central drive where lightroom can import them. Both of these software packages serve a purpose in my workflow.

  • silvio grosso

    What about ControlMyNikon 5 ?
    Compared to Camera Control Pro this software looks much more powerful (there are so many further features available).
    Not to mention it is much cheaper than Camera Control Pro…
    Has anyone of you tried it ?
    The upcoming 5.1 version is going to support both the D810 and D750.
    To my knowledge, to date, ControlMyNikon works only on Windows (No Mac and Linux versions)

  • Particle

    Hi NR. Don’t know where else I could have asked this, but why are you expecting a possible rumor today?

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