Nikon D750 reflection/flare issue – possible solution found

A month ago I reported about a new Nikon D750 issue that is present when shooting backlit subjects - if the light source is just outside the upper parts of the frame, you get some strange internal reflection/flare issues (see those flickr samples: -1- |  -2- |  -3- |  -4-). This issue has been documented and reported by many websites in the past few weeks:

A member of the Polish forum found a possible solution (see detailed translation and pictures and also this thread) - you just need to place a small non-reflective plate/tape right in front of the mirror:

Nikon D750 reflection flare issue solution

Red arrow - you can see the light reflecting off the AF sensors
Green arrow - curtain that does not (fully) hide the reflection when AF sensor is mounted too shallow
The blue arrow - shutter's frame forming a shadow on reflection (flare)

Here is a video demonstration on how the problem disappears after covering the small gab under the mirror:

There is still no official response from Nikon (as usual). Here are few additional videos illustrating the problem:

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  • ValenzTa

    Million Dollar Question, may be dumb but it’s still a question. Does it only affect when taking pictures using Live View Mode???

    • Eric Calabros


    • rt-photography

      you cant see it through the viewfinder. its happening under the mirror

  • Camaman

    Sorry, but is this Nikons 1st DSLRrr or 51st?

  • gabriel bratescu

    I can duplicate the issue on the lower part of the frame. I put a flashlight in a cup, pointing up, and then searched the flare in live view. Tested on D750 with nikon 50 f1.8. The only difference is that it is less noticeable and it appears closer to the edge of the frame. The lens hood doesn’t solve the issue.


    New body new…………QC issue.

    It happens almost every time now.

    The only real surprise is that Nikon still manages to find new ways to screw up.

  • Marcelo Tezza

    Its intriguing to see people again defending Nikon…
    If its the first batch only, so Nikon knows the problem and remains in silence, AGAIN. This is a situation that i just can’t accept, more then 2 times in a row with Low QC. To me Nikon is dead… I will be with sony until this name: Nikon Ressurect to be what it used to be. Robust, Reliable, Professional. This Bullshit thats happening is because of this dumb people who accepet this kind of QC problems as a normal thing, and let the us be fucked for it. NO! No more of this shitty problems. Nikon is worrying too much about money, their money in the their pockets.

    • mikeswitz

      See ya. Oh, wait till you see Sony’s customer service. But at least now you will be bothering Sony Alpha Rumors instead.

      • rt-photography

        sony are doing quite well so dont put them down, the in camera stabilizer in the A7II is amazing and will get a lot of nikon folks moving over so dont ridicule others for moving. if the A7SII has the stabilizer in it as well then ill definitely get one for video.

        quite a few pros have already left to sony and many have taken sony as their 2nd setup and I wouldnt be surprised that many more leave.

        btw, you do realize youre bad mouthing a company that makes sensors for the nikon cameras so you lovingly cherish, right?

        without sony nikon would be nothing. its also the reason their sensors are better than canon. Sony is the reason they succeed.

        • HF

          My impression is you have an agenda. You are rumbling the whole day about Nikon. I have both, Nikon and Sony A7ii. The latter is not coming close for handling and event work (for stills it is more than sufficient, as are most cameras, however). Nobody plays it down, but a company needs to have time to check and investigate. Only because you don’t have anything important to do you wait the whole day for a response from Nikon? Additionally, there are other sensor manufacturers, too, by the way. The Toshiba sensor in the D7100 is great and still class leading in APSC-bodies (compare to A6000 and new NX1 over at DPREVIEW). Many cameras have issues, minor or major depending on personal preference and importance. IBIS for A7ii is reported to have a bug, Xt1 and A7/r had light leak, A7r shutter shock, 5diii light leak (even with activated LCD display on top), 1dx lubrication problem, ccd sensor problems (2005), OMD EM1 shutter shock and long exposure…. There are and will always be problems. I’m sure Nikon will react and we should pay attention to the way how they do it. If they don’t react appropriately, then all the furor is deserved. Until then give them some time. The way they reacted for the D810 minor long exposure problem already showed a big improvement.

    • ValenzTa

      Take care dude, enjoy the Sony line!

    • John

      Please just go away!

      • rt-photography

        you go away. if NR posted it and sees it as an issue, that to me says it all.

        too many nikon fanboys get offended if you say anything bad about nikon.

        • John

          Wasn’t talking to you but you can bugger off too. Neither of you have a D750 so Nikon isn’t hurting you at all, yet you would think they have set out to personally ruin your life.

          • Marcelo Tezza

            No, i have a d7000 with heavily backfocusing and sensor dust even after 40.000 shots. i have to clean it about every 2 weeks because at f/11 is clearly visible within a week or two. I though i was unlucky, when i dicovered it was too late and here in Brazil Nikon assists is terrible, other than that this cameras costs too much, here we pay 3 to four times what you pay in the U.states to have the warranty. So many people like me ask friends to buy it from another country and bring to us. Imagine what a disaster it is… Then think about every customer that have any kind of problems like this then Nikon. Nikon knowing any problem should make a recall, like sigma did with their 150-600 last week. Nikon has a name and i have 4 lenses from them and again 4x times the cost and its very dificult when you are not rich here. So it is hurting me and hurting all of the customers in the world for its bad service…
            I always liked Nikon, thats why i choosed to buy d7000, but this Silence is about real problems is ridiculous. You probably never had a problem with Nikon, or is just a love-blind. I’m feel bad for the other people who dont deserve this behaviour from the companys, not only Nikon, but, Nikon is shooting itself in its foot too many times…

            • John

              Isn’t that the risk with grey market? You save money up front but no warranty. Not sure how Nikon is the bad guy here.

            • Marcelo Tezza

              John, not sure if you understood, but i wasnt the only one…
              I think you are making yourself stupid with this comment.
              Is not my fault its nikons fault, because it did not aknoledged the problem, warranted or not i would not get my camera free repaired…

            • John

              Not sure why you are calling me stupid, you bought a camera with no warranty and are now crying about it. Stupid is as stupid does.

            • Marcelo Tezza

              This was a mass failure for the first Batchs.
              Nikon should have made a recall…
              Can you understand it or not?
              If not i will just ignore anyway…

            • John

              Ignore me all you want, you should not have purchased a grey market camera if you wanted recourse, and you call me stupid. Nice.

  • ValenzTa

    So after an extensive review this afternoon i could not find the flare in mine. I did the test outside in every angle you can imagine, against the sun and also inside using LED lights and Halogen lights. No flare, only the usual ones. I hope the problem does not start to show up later.

  • Philbert

    I think this is the smoking gun for my D750. I wondered about this when I saw it. Perfect position for the flare. Looking for a new camera body from Nikon. I do love how the D750 feels with the f4 lens. Thanks to all who found this. I have a lot of Nikon gear and want to stay with Nikon.

    • mikeswitz

      rt-photography, you are not fooling anyone.


    After I put a UV filter on my lens the problem went away. For now it will do until Nikon addresses the issue. I hope this helps out someone else out there.

  • Matt012

    Good news…..D760 is probaly comimg soon

  • koenshaku

    Nikon really needs to get it together… That said the 5DMIII launched with a light leak issue also that was resolved by electric tape.. Still can’t get anything better for the price.

  • Philbert

    Soon isn’t soon enough, but fingers crossed that this can be resolved quickly. You can only repair so much in Lightroom and many of us don’t have the time to fix the images.

  • ValenzTa

    Whats QC?

    • rt-photography

      quality control. tolerances are crap. theyre trying to recoup money from the huge loss at the factory flood in thailand. cutting corners because theyre in the shits now and stock is down the lowest its ever been in close to 4 years. 7 bad revenues in a row. and what you see is evident.

      **SB900 that overheats. SB910 released and SB900 owners ignored. buy the SB910 is the solution.

      **D800 AF points not working nikon ignoring the problem

      **24-70 stiff zoom ring and fragile body build. a pro photog bought one new from the box with the affected problem. no solution from nikon.

      **D600 oil splatter. released a D610 within a year. ignoring affected D600. class act law suit started and media and finally banning of D600 in china finally brought nikon to cave in and replace D600 cameras with a D610.

      this light leak is spreading muuch quicker than the d600 because the problem is the light leak will show up and you cant see it in the viewfinder to change the angle. only in live view is it noticeable.

      the problem is severe but its not constantly affecting pictures/videos. but its there and shouldnt be at all.

      this will escalate and nikon will have no choice but to acknowledge and fix the problem.

      • Jeff Hunter

        Lighten up! Life’s too short to obsess about stuff you have no control over. Go out and take some photos with your favorite camera! Do you really want to spend all that much of your time obsessing over gear when you could be out experiencing life via photography? All you gearheads baffle me!

        • rt-photography

          youre a hobbyist and take pictures for recreation. many who started the posts and like me are working pros who make a living through our photography. if I was a hobbyist/amaetur/enthusiast I too wouldnt care but there is no margin for error in the pro sector.

          having to shoot an event and knowing that your gear is defective and might fail when you rely on it in the most critical times is like russian roullette.

          there is no room for this error in the professional section. gear must be reliable and do what its supposed to. there are no second chances and you cannot tell the BG the issue with these images they are looking at is the camera having a light leak.

          with every camera ive owned since 92, ive never had a camera react like this. and it isnt bad if its an image here or there, but when its with video, the whole clip has to be erased because there is nothing one can do with that clip.

          so you can take life in an easy manner, I take photography serious. its my job. so you can downplay as much as you want, this isnt going away anytime soon and will get worse before it gets better. nikon will step in soon enough.

          I know its hard for you to hear bad comments about nikon as I too was a hardcore fanboy like many here. the equipment nikon sells are just gear I use to make money, I no longer have sentiments or sympathy for them. they are just a greedy company in my eyes and many others here who express their displeasure with nikon and theyre products. mainly QC and being overpriced.

          overpriced is something that will be chosen by the public. people dont buy and nikon makes sale. theyve been on one year long sale nonstop which says prices are too high.

          QC. enough said already.

          • Michiel953

            Sounds like a lot of sentiment to me.

            • rt-photography

              Heeeeellll no michelle. I want to see nikons ceo bow! Haha. That will be the greatest day ever! Haha

              Like toyoda from toyota did.
              Theyre stubborn as hell those japs because to apologize is to show failure and theyre too proud to say we fucked up.

              It will happen. Most like no bow but they will apologize. Youll see.

            • Michiel953

              Business slow?

            • rt-photography

              weddings in winter arent slow, its that summer its crazy busy. now its in cruise control but business is fine.

            • mikeswitz

              Gimme a break….you have no business. If you did you would have a website. You also have no cameras.

            • rt-photography

              switz, you got me again. youre sharp. merry christmas

            • John

              Now we see, you are a race hater that doesn’t even own a D750. Such an angry little man.

            • rt-photography

              race hater? cmon johnny boy. come back with something better.

            • John

              Your comment was hateful.

            • rt-photography

              how so, would like to know. I only gave facts. is it not true that when a ceo has to bow and apologize it is a shameful display and his honor is have seen this?


              you tell me where my comment is hateful? the fact that people expect their cameras to work with no issues, their flashes to not overheat, their focus areas to work, their lens zoom ring to work smoothly and without friction? if you have extra money to throw around, thats great. more power to you. most who buy these expensive peices of gear save a long time to buy it and they expect it to work perfectly.

              I see no hateful post. facts are facts

            • Michiel953

              You’re from the deep and ignorant South I think. Kentucky by any chance?

            • rt-photography

              not even close..take another guess..

            • mikeswitz

              I would bet Eastern Europe. English is not his first language….or even his second…..

            • Michiel953

              Well, ignorance and bias (and anger) are found everywhere I guess.

            • John

              This post is hateful. Grow up.

            • rt-photography

              buzz off. go eat something with your family.

            • John

              Haters gonna hate

            • Jeff Hunter

              Japanese CEOs are the ones that have a history of public apologizing, U.S. CEOs practically NEVER!

            • rt-photography

              it may be so. all I care is for nikon to acknowledge and fix the issue. nothing more.

          • Jeff Hunter

            As I said, lighten up! I’ve owned Nikons since 1969. You had to wind them up back then sonny. And you had to walk 5 miles to the store, usually in the snow ;-), to buy film and you only got 36 shots per roll. And for every ISO (ASA back in the day) change you needed, it required a different roll of film! Imagine that!

            Video? What was that?

            There were no computers to fix mistakes or to make enhancements. What you got was what you got. And you never knew what you got until at least a day or even weeks later if you were traveling. There were no LCD screens to preview what you just shot. Your only alternative in 35mm was a Forscher back. And the little Polaroid image from that odd piece of gear (God bless Marty) was the size of a 35mm slide.

            Kids today!

            • rt-photography

              reminds me of my grandpas stories..were not in the past. were in the future. what was, was. its not relevant. paying thousands of dollars for equipment that are making our work useless. video or stills.

            • Jeff Hunter

              I’m only 60 young man. You have a good weekend. And do some de-stressing. It’s good for the heart and prevents high blood pressure.

          • mikeswitz

            Still trying to find which end of the camera you are supposed to look into? Can’t you see everyone here thinks your nuts. You never, ever make any sense, have a really poor command of the language, the same as all your little imaginary friends. And of course you never posted a picture or video anywhere.

            • rt-photography

              all of what you say is true–BUT DONT YOU EVER TALK BAD ABOUT MY IMAGINARY FRIENDS ;ׁׁ)

      • ValenzTa


    • Too Troo

      Nikon does not recognise the term either.

  • Any chance that this could be easily fixed by drawing on the reflective surface with a black Sharpie?

  • alan johnston

    Just returned my brand new d750 for a full refund and complained to Nikon UK. So do not hold your breath for a d760. There reply was :-Thank you for your email.

    I am sorry to learn about your disappointment with our products.

    I would like confirm however that we are aware of the this effect and Nikon considers it to be within the quality standards.

    When photographing scenes with an extremely bright light source (such as the sun or high intensity
    lighting) is at a certain position along the top border of the frame, this sort of visual effect is
    common and may occur when shooting using any digital SLR camera.

    Therefore it does not indicate a problem with the camera’s design and we do not plan to implement any measures to address this.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us again should you require any assistance.

    Kind Regards,

    • rt-photography

      no need for a D760. all worldwide branches get theyre direction from japan so if japan says zip it, the protocol is to say “business as usual” I promise you they will cave. the problem is too severe to ignore.

      • Phil Harris

        If the problem is “severe” how come none of the reviewers had noticed it, nor most users?
        I have around 6,000 images with mine and not one incidence of it.
        I did manage, after an hour of trying, to get it to happen at a very precise angle with an LED torch, one degree either side and it’s gone, then I put on a lens hood and guess what? Completely gone.
        This is hardly an issue at all, let alone a severe one.
        I know you love to have a dig at all things Nikon, but this one really is a waste of all our time.

        • rt-photography

          sweet! im going to sleep well tonight knowing phillips camera is down thousands more to check.

      • mikeswitz

        fortunately you are not too severe to ignore.

    • Simon Goldsworthy


      A couple of questions:
      Why not just exchange the camera?
      Why were you complaining if you had returned the camera?
      Do you have the actual email from Nikon service? What you’ve posted is riddled with spelling and grammatical mistakes.

      All the best

      • rt-photography


        youre now under investigation by simon. anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. now answer all of simons questions including what did you eat today? when did you take a dump? why are returning a perfectly capable camera? dont shoot with the sun out at all. only at night. and why are you pointing it up or straight ahead? didnt you know the sun might cause this flare? dont ever let it happen again or well have to book you, understood?


        • Simon Goldsworthy

          God bless and merry Christmas to you too.

          I could have just said I find the post a bit incredible and not written by an English speaker, but I thought I would try to be polite. Sorry Alan, RT is being a Grinch, so I can’t be polite.

          • rt-photography

            I have faith in some people that what they write is the truth. Im not skeptic all the time and need verification. and here there doesnt need to be verification. he returned it, left a complain and received a reply. its a non issue as far as I see it. I didnt think nikon would reply with a solution and their reply is exactly what I would have thought as it sounds very corporate to me. this is not the reply many are waiting for, but it will come. they will fix the issue.

            • Simon Goldsworthy

              Do you believe in Santa and his elves too? Life must be so disappointing for you.

              I’ve dealt with Nikon UK on numerous occasions for service. They can be a bit terse on occasion, especially if they think you are trying to pass off impact damage as a warranty repair, but they are unfailingly polite and unwilling to assert a strong position otherwise. To put it another way, they only tell you to do one if they think you’ve dropped it and they don’t do anything creative until the international press release has been issued. They can also spell.

            • mikeswitz

              alan johnston is one of your little imaginary friends. funny he has all the same spelling and grammatical errors you do. Also logic fails “both” of you.

      • alan johnston

        Wow, you must be very clever.

    • Guest

      Obviously this is fake!

    • jtan163

      Be interesting to see how much if any press this matter gets and if it does get press, if Nikon changes their tune.
      Love to know as well if this was the local office making something up in the absence of direction from Japan, or if this is official corporate guidance.

    • Thanks for the update.

  • Renato Uchoa

    Reported here is not a d750 only many d slr have this included 5dmkiii.

  • Michiel953

    Not owning a 750 I decided to find out if my 800E (being a Nikon, albeit made in Japan) suffers from the same problem. I’m now in urgent need of a powerful searchlight that I can shine at it from strange angles.

  • If this is what you’re worried about, God help you. Put the lens hood on (like you should) and shut up.

  • Philbert

    Don’t we have two issues here on flare? We all deal with “lens flare” and know how to manage that with lens hoods and proper angles when you are dealing with back lighting.

    This is “sensor flare” that we don’t see until the image is processed. You really can’t control this and must rely on the proper camera design.

  • d810_shooter

    Do there exist any Nikon cameras that are not defect-free or trouble-free at all anymore ?

    Nikon is so doomed. This is a sign of very bad QA. Issues like this on a US$2300 camera is a bit off…

    • maybe i am lucky, but within last 22 years shooting with Nikon i never had any issue with camera….
      For example from last couple of years at least Nikon D3s, D4s, D700, D300 without any problems ….

  • Joseph

    Can anyone replicate this with a 14-24? I can definitely see some landscape photographers being affected by this.

    • Joseph

      I also have this other weird thing that happens sporadically with my 750. Check out the lines at the top of the image. No complaining here though, just find it a little weird.

  • Nikon never HAS gotten it right. I got an F2 in 1979 and the film advance sprockets would stretch the holes in the film by at least a half a millimeter. You could see it on proof sheets if you used an eye loupe. So distressing I couldn’t make photographs for three days. And now THIS!

    • neversink

      Pete. I owned four versions of the F2… I beat them to hell, but they always worked perfectly. Never saw a stretch mark in any of my negatives or positives that went through any of my F2 sprockets. That’s about the strangest complaint I have ever hears. It sounds like your sprockets, for whatever reason, were slightly too big. The biggest problems I had with any of my F2 bodies was the failure of the internal light meter. They were all sensitive in those days. My meters on my Ftn, my F2s and F3s all failed at one point or other. I always used a hand held meter back in those days…

      • You didn’t see the stretching? Maybe you just didn’t look hard enough…

        • neversink

          I realized you were being sarcastic…. I answered much too seriously!!!!! Happy Holidays!!!!

  • HF

    Another summery from a more rational perspective:

    • John

      Amen, brother! Nasim really nailed it!

  • Kiboko
  • Capo99
  • Why are people shooting into the sun again?

    • unfortunately it seems this is not only caused by shooting in sun direction. We are actually heavily discussing this in Czech Nikonclub and people are complaining this flare appears also when shooting under the standard spot light. For example portrait at the table under light, which is pretty normal situation.
      Thus I see it as a big problem. First time i thought they are dummy and shooting directly straight the sun… No, the problem appears under pretty normal conditions as well 🙁
      I do still hope this is production problem as this problem appeared quite lately after the launch and not every piece is having such problem.

    • rt-photography

      1-its for creative reason. Try it. With proper fill light you can create beuatiful images. But you might not know since youre asking. Better than shooting with the sund in the subjects face and them squinting.

      2-this is happening from side lighting. You can shoot with the sun out of frame and still catch it. You can be in the shade but the sun from 45degrees from you and you can still catch it. Its not a small angle. You can see the videos for yourself

      • I was being sarcastic; I’ve been a full-time professional photographer since 1989.

  • alvaro

    Where is Nikon.? Absent like d600 issues.

  • D700s

    I was waiting to purchase a D750. Now I’m glad I did. Thanks to everyone for their attempts to find fault in the new camera. Since I don’t see this as being an issue, I’m now certain this is a camera I want. If this all you can come up with then the D750 is a winner. Just got the nod from my wife to purchase my after Christmas gift and this will certainly be it. 99.9% of the owners being thrilled/satisfied is enough for me.

    • I’m sure the camera will work well for you…most of the time. 🙂

      • D700s

        Thanks Pete. From what I’ve seen I’m sure it will work all the time. Looking forward to the low light focussing. Cheers

        • Yes, the low light capabilities look pretty useful. I occasionally shoot some indoor events like banquets and so on and find my d700 searching for something to focus on. I miss some shots that I’d probably get with the D750. Happy New Year.

  • neversink

    I don’t have a D750, as I didn’t have a D600, but I am still appalled at the silence from Nikon on this issue. It is obvious that they seem not to have learned any lesson from the D600 issue and all the pending lawsuits that finally forced them to deal with the oil and dust problems of the D600. The silence from Nikon is much more upsetting than the problem inherent in some D750s. It shows they don’t care about fixing the issue or about their customers. As a long term Nikon user who has literally spent six figures over the years on Nikon equipment in my 40 years working as a photographer, I am so sick of Nikon’s lack of caring and their apparent disloyalty to their customer base. This is not how you retain customers.

    • neversink

      I borrowed my neighbor’s D750 – I don’t see the flair anymore than I do on any other camera when pointing it into, or at a slight angle from the sun. I used my old D700, a D800 and a D4 with many lenses. I also pointed the lens at bright point sources of light… There seems to be no difference between any of the four camera models. However, perhaps my neighbor’s D750 came from a so-called “good batch” of camera bodies.

      • mikeswitz

        neversink–what I was saying before. Please see Photography Life post. This has been perpetuated by the usual trolls. The meme is over.

        • neversink

          Thanks mike…. it appears that this time Nikon has perhaps been the victim of their past problems…. We shall see if any more of these complaints pop up or if this is what I suspect now, just another internet scam….

  • Thomas Lethoncestbon

    I use my hand and the line disappears. No big deal.

    • HF

      In my opinion the lens shade is oftentimes too small, especially for zooms covering wide to tele. It would be interesting to try different shades to see the effect on the fare problem, here.

    • rt-photography

      sweet! now Ill shoot my weddings with one hand holding on the right and one hand in the air over the lens. the BG will think im trying to be superman trying to fly.

      • Thomas Lethoncestbon

        Don’t be silly. You don’t shoot all the weddings moments with the sun in your face Superman.

        • rt-photography

          your technique has its place, but not in the fact paced work of weddings. ive shot family formals with them being backlit. im shooting 30º to the sun so it wont flare hard and use flash to fill but this is common. many weddings are shot outdoors completely and I can see this being a huge issue. and it doesnt matter what direction, the sun will find its way in.

          its only a matter of time till nikon acknowledge this and come up with a solution.

  • Mario

    Very easy to spot the issues. It took me 10 seconds yesterday. Nikon 50mm, f/1.4. Just turn on life view and move the camera vertically towards the light source (in this case the sun). The camera is amazing but I am not sure how this issue will affect its name and reputation, I am tempted to return it and wait for D760 which will probably come out around summer. “D600 and D610” docet.

  • Philbert

    Excellent example. Thank you.

    So what we see is “sensor” flare, not “lens” flare.

    Does Nikon have a migration policy for D750 to “D760” that doesn’t require an outright new purchase -or- will you send in your D750 and it will come back a D760 internally w/o a name plate change?

    The Nikon technical team is spending some quality time this holiday watching this issue and the budget team may have some huge headaches.

  • 250ninja

    Imaging Resource has a pretty comprehensive test and write up about this problem

  • Claudio Costerni

    About the D600 (and many other cameras), after have seen here down, the movie of Robert Martinez, titled “Nikon D750 Dark Band on Top Lens Flare issue”.

    Is not true that the D600 is immune from this widespread and unacceptable issue, that I call BOXED FLARE.
    Many cameras have it, less or more, probably all brands.

    Everyone can-must do the same quick test also on the low side of the
    frame, possibly using a lens with a longer focal length,
    for example, the 105/2 D or the 180/2.8 and see what happens!
    And then, look carefully at the other two shorter sides also.

    Think about what happen shooting in portrait mode.
    Other than nice flare!

  • Claudio Costerni

    I would add that Fujifilm X-E1 and T1-X does not have this problem, I have them, I mount original Fuji lenses, but also Nikon, Canon and others.

  • true

    Guys, think about it. When the D810 thermal issue was found out, it was swiftly handled. Why is it taking nikon long to address this D750 issue? hmm?

  • Giani Barbulescu
  • mascarenhasbh

    Very disappointed !!!

    D600 = the oil spill .
    D800 = problem in focus.
    D750 = flare problems
    SB900 = heating

    SHAME !!!!
    Not paid a high value to be produced in thailand and have that poor quality control.

  • Thomas Lethoncestbon

    Happy New Flare !

  • FattalError

    I seriously doubt about that only a few and only D750 is affected with this problem. When i tested my D750 i found that when you aim at light source with luminofor – fluorescent tube and alike, you will not get this flare at all.

  • Gary D

    I bought the D750 from E-bay for $1599, gray market. I would never send
    it for flare recall servicing as I do not do flare inducing against
    light photography. As previous poster has observed , messing around with
    a brand new DSLR by a rookie technician at a service center is not a
    good idea as they do not have the same experience and quality control as
    the original factory in which it was assembled. I would rather live
    with the non-existent flare issue as it is the same as the bending
    issue with the iPhone 6 Plus. People go out of their way to create

  • Philbert


    Got my D750 back from Nikon on Friday the 13th – my lucky day!
    The following was done by Nikon:
    1. Replace front body.
    2. Replace rubber grip.
    3. Adjust auto focus operations. [Didn’t know that was needed.]
    4. Clean image sensor.
    5. CDK flash operation.
    6. General check and clean.

    No mention of any software updates. Cost was $0 for everything.

    So far so good. I sent it in using the Nikon supplied UPS label on 1/26. Always good to have a backup camera or two.


  • Philbert

    Question to D750 users with repaired sensor flare cameras.

    It appear to me that my repaired D750 is underexposing high contrast photos by at least 2 stops using matrix metering. High contrast defined as bright light (not direct sun in viewfinder) in about 25% of the viewing area. I shoot the same picture with my D90 and it is spot on.

    As best I can remember, the D750 didn’t have problems with high contrast photos.

    Any thoughts?

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