New Nikon D7100 and D5200 price drops

Starting today, the new price of the Nikon D7100 body is $896.95 ($300 off) at B&H, Adorama and Amazon. Some of the D7100 listings include different lens and accessories bundles, some with savings up to $730, 2%-4% back in rewards and free expedited shipping. The price of a refurbished D7100 is now $799 at B&H and Cameta Camera. Grey market D7100 camera is now $778.81.

The Nikon D5200 two lens kit also has a new $420 price drop at B&H and Adorama (now $696.95). For comparison, the D5200 body only is $496.95, refurbished D5200 body is $429.95, the grey market price is $399.99.

Check out also the latest Cyber Monday deals at B&H, AmazonAdorama and eBay.

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  • Michele Perillo

    This looks like the start of the replacement process… I wonder what can I ask for my two years old D7100 and how much the new model will cost. Hope it will have a nice buffer!

    • Eric Calabros

      just needs to be D750 with DX sensor, and D9300, a D810 with same DX sensor (but 8fps, 5 seconds buffer). Then 2015 will be a great year

      • Michele Perillo

        Oh, yes, to be able to wipe off that smile from 7D users’ gloating faces

        • stormwatch

          What smile from 7D (MKII) users faces? Except those (8) 10 fps 7D (MKII) is a complete waste of time and money, it still sucks big time in IQ and video recording is still adventure in a bit warmer spaces, because it overheats like crazy, just like the old moire super king 7D did many years ago.

          • Wade Marks

            The 7dii is actually a great camera…not only with hits 10 fps, but the fact that its AF is so accurate.

            Right now the 7dii easily has the best AF on the market, short of the 1DX. It’s a revelation to use it…

            That’s not to say Nikon isn’t great as well…it certainly is..but I don’t get why some people have to bash another brand to feel good about their own choices.

            • stormwatch

              Great for speed, and that is where the story ends.

            • Wade Marks

              Speed and accuracy of AF are not insignificant. How many times do you see people criticize cameras for the lack thereof?

            • stormwatch

              AF is not much of use when IQ sucks. What do you get with it? Only 10 properly focused bad IQ pictures which can’t be pushed in pp. Try to recover shadows with that sensor and share us your experience. I know it already, but it’s more interesting to see it personally.

            • Wade Marks

              I can easily use the opposite argument. What good is IQ when a picture is out of focus?

              And keep in mind that not everyone needs to dramatically recover shadows in every picture. It’s great to have the extra DR but it’s not like it’s the single greatest requirement to a great pic is to be able to push shadows in pp.

              It’s funny but with the advent of the Sony sensors with great DR at base ISO I see allot more lifting of shadows in theoretical tests than in actual picture making. It’s a great freedom to have and I’m sure many use it to great gain but it’s gotten hyped up just like megapixels and other factors easily reduced to a number.

            • stormwatch

              No, you can’t use the opposite argument because Nikon AF is as good to the one of Canons and in many situations better. I read same hype in the times when Nikon had perfected 12mpix Cameras but Canon users were telling that even the 550d has 18mpix and even propro Nikons just 12.

            • Wade Marks

              I can use the opposite argument if you are going to use the 7d ii for its intended purpose, BIF, animals in motion, sports, etc.

              I guarantee you that the 7dii will give you far more keepers than any current Nikon camera, with the exception of the D4s at triple the price.

              Now sure Nikon has great AF in their cameras, but similarly the IQ in Canon cameras is more than adequate for most purposes. The Nikon DR advantage is over hyped.

            • Andrew

              You lost me when you said that the 7D II will give you far more keepers. Far more inferior IQ, you call that keepers? I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt without chipping in on this discussion, but not anymore. Go to DPReview and see the bland pictures the 7D Mark II produces, I do not call those keepers.

            • Wade Marks

              The thread has gotten hard to follow but if you read the context what I meant was that the 7dii will give you more keepers with fast sports and action. As to the “bland” pictures from the DPR samples:first that’s rather subjective… Second this is only one source…I can show you samples from other photographers that are quite impressive.

          • David Peterson

            Yeah, you’d be mad to buy a 7Dmk2 for the image quality. Spending money on Canon is just money down the drain.

            • Wade Marks

              Nikon is a magnificent brand. But why bash Canon? Why so insecure about your choices?

              There are many many people using Canon and taking great photos including some of the best and highest paid pro’s in the world. Why the need to downtalk Canon to build Nikon up?

              Yes, Nikon leads in some areas…but no need to get juvenile about it.

            • stormwatch

              Nikon users are actually much more tolerant, you should take a look what canon users speak about Nikon. But that doesn’t help them in the IQ department anyway.

            • Wade Marks

              More juvenile reminds me of children when one gets called out on doing something wrong…and the response is…well, my brother or sister did something worse.

              Bottom line: Nikon and Canon produce amazing equipment. That’s why they are the world leaders in what they do by far. No need to knock one brand to build up another.

            • stormwatch

              They are not world leaders anymore, it’s a Sony actually, with Nikon just a bit behind, but with the canon on the third place.

            • Wade Marks

              Actually Canon and Nikon are still the world leaders in camera sales. Sony is not even close.

              You may place Sony as the leader in your subjective ranking, based upon your opinion of their innovation…but in sales and profits, Sony lags far behind, and Canon and Nikon are still numbers 1 and 2 respectively.

            • David Peterson

              People can take great photos with a point and shoot even.

              And people are sticking with Canon because they’re locked in with a large lens investment already, and Canon bodies are “good enough”.

              But leakage will happen….

            • Wade Marks

              Many people stick with Canon because they actually like the brand and find good reasons to stick with it. Please don’t pretend to speak for all Canon users out there. That’s presumptive, naive, and just plain incorrect.

            • Andrew

              When you start calling people names, it is time to call it quit. Go back to your Canon forum if you cannot converse without calling people names. It may make people associate you with the names you are calling others unless you have a just cause for calling those names; but I do not see such cause in this instance. So please put an end to it. At this point you have made your point, you do not need to say much more.

              A lot of people are having fun this holiday season, if you bought the 7D Mark II and you think that the IQ is acceptable then good for you. But if you start saying that the auto focus is better than anything else out there except another Canon camera, then you should realize that you will start provoking people to respond to you and some will bash Canon. Many people are buying the 7D Mark II because they are either loyal to the Canon brand or they like its sports possibilities. If someone is shooting sports in a venue where the lighting is erratic then the 7D Mark II is the perfect camera.

      • stormwatch

        And without THE filter.

  • Jon McGuffin

    The D7100 is such a great value for a camera and now it’s just gotten that much better. I don’t know how/where you can get more bang for the buck. Whenever I get an itch to look at Fuji, Olympus, or Samsumg NX-1 I remind myself, what can those systems do my D7100 can’t? The answer is inevitably virtually nothing and it comes in a package that isn’t “that” much bigger and yet has access to a full arsonal of wonderful glass and flash systems. It just doesn’t get better and I think any serious entry level enthusiast should start right here.

    • Eric Duminil

      I totally agree that the D7100 is a wonderful camera, especially at that price.
      What I also love about my Fuji X100s in comparison to the Nikon DX line is :
      * 1/1000s flash sync
      * silent shutter
      * aperture dial

      * infrared capabilities
      * it is small enough to make a difference : I always bring my X100s with me.
      * it looks old and broken (I added duct tape), so people tend to smile while looking at it

      But sure, when I need some fast telephoto or very wide angle, Nikon bodies come to the rescue!

    • David Peterson

      Once the various 3rd party manufacturers start to swing behind the various mirrorless formats then Nikon (and Canon) are looking doomed.

      For instance, I’d love to get a Sony A7r and A7s (or heck… even the new A7mk2, they’re all lovely cameras!). But what lenses can I natively use with it?? Very very very few! :-/ And what about flashes and other accessories? Limited options there too.

      At the moment Micro Four Thirds is the only really mature mirrorless system.

      • Andrew

        I always love these grand predictions about a camera manufacturer like Nikon being relegated to a minor status in some segment of the photographic market. Look at the D810, look at the D750, they have consolidated Nikon’s hold on the professional full frame DSLR market. Whether you are a nature photographer or wedding photographer, these are awesome photographic tools.

        Look at the Nikon 1 series since their release about three years, they have enabled Nikon to develop and improve on its Mirrorless camera technology where anything is possible in the future. Now Canon does not have a Mirrorless camera which may hurt them in the future, but it seems as if Canon does not need to innovate that much to get its users to buy its cameras. So I really do not see how your prediction about the future makes any sense.

        • David Peterson

          You forgot about Canon EOS M.

          Though really, both that and the Nikon 1 cameras are rather weak sauce.

          • Andrew

            I don’t think you got my main point 😉

            The Nikon 1 cameras have some awesome specs that are somewhat overlooked because of its small image sensor – though this sensor size allows for much smaller form factors. Nikon will no doubt eventually scale the sensor size up to that of a full frame sensor. But in addition, Nikon has the technical expertise to incorporate innovative features that may supplant its competition – in particular Sony which is quite aggressive in this space. But regardless, competition is good.

            • David Peterson

              I don’t think you got my main point either 😉

              Also Nikon can’t put an FX sized sensor in the Nikon 1 cameras as the mount is too small.

              Instead they have 1″ sensors which I feel are lagging a bit too far behind and are not yet “good enough”. Though maybe…. Nikon is playing a very long game, and by the time DSLRs are finally gone for good that 1″ sensors will have reached that point. And people will get to enjoy both the benefits of them being “good enough” and the small size which 1″ sensors allow.

              I believe that is the future for 4/3″, but at least that day will come a lot sooner (is already pretty comparable to APS-C). And people can always reap the benefits of their much smaller sized lenses (as physics means there is always going to be a limit as to how small you can make FX lenses).

              And on the topic of lenses…. that is a big problem with Nikon 1 at the moment. A lack of both high performing lenses, and a lack of affordable lenses.

              Plus, the cameras were overpriced at launched I reckon.

              But hey, people can still make nice stuff with it, I found this article which I read yesterday quite interesting:


  • whisky

    i wonder what nikon intends to replace these units with … and when?

    • Well it does seem that the D9300/D7200 is indeed on its way. Jan-Feb 2015?

      • That’s the plan 🙂

        • Tadao_Isogai

          Late Mar ’15 (like ‘D800s’ rumors in late Mar ’14)

      • Photobug

        Should hear lots of rumors just before the CES on the D7200. They now have the D7100 at the correct price point, a few hundred dollars below the replacement – D7200. My gut is that the D7200 will go up a $100 or stay at the same price, $1,199 as the D7100 was last summer. The Yen devaluation could hold the price, too.

        • With the kind of specs Admin put up on Nov 3, I am not too sure if the new D9300/D400 would be priced around the $1200 mark. Those specs @ $1200 would be a steal… unless, there are two cameras – D9300 (with the rumoured specs) priced between $1600-$1800 and a ‘lesser’ D7200 priced around $1200. In what respect is the D7200 a lesser camera? My guess is as good as yours 🙂

          • EnPassant

            If you read about their previous predictions you would not put much faith in that magazines editorial speculations. They have no more inside info just because they are Japanese, just guessing like everybody else. There is a reason the rumor rating is just 30%. I would say that is even quite generous. Anyway, within three month’s we should know better.

            The question one should ask; What is most likely, an expensive pro build camera for a small number of action photographers, or an enthusiast camera that is cheaper and will sell in far greater numbers and, while not having same build and control layout as D810, performance will be almost as good as Canon 7DII, only 8fps versus 10fps, but with a better 24MP sensor?

            Also, with exception for the D70s upgrade Nikon never released their DX/APS-C Semi-Pro and Enthusist camera at the same year.

            • From what I understand, the Japanese magazine mockup of D7200 is used in the Nov 3 post only as an illustration… it is an old pic. It is not the source (even though not very reliable as admitted) of this information.

              In any case, Nikon now has a camera DX -> FX at every price point, except something between D7100 (approx. $900 now) and D610 (approx. $1600). If the rumoured specs come out in the D9300, for $1200, it would make a lot of people happy, including me… but I still think the pro-DX and the D610 would be very closely priced, with the pro-DX on the higher side. I find it hard to believe that a competitor is priced at $1200 when the 7DM2 is priced at $1800.

              You said above that the FX market is bigger than a pro-DX. Sure.. it could be, but that is considering there is no pro-DX in the market to generate data upon which one could draw some conclusions. If all that is sold in the market is FX, of course the buyers will buy FX, and of course the market for FX is bigger. Which market is bigger if you have a D9300 and a D610 closely priced, and a D750 just above that?

              DSLRs are an ecosystem and FX comes with more costs, more storage requirements and computing requirements. For a lot of people, D810-like IQ and performance in a DX is a bigger attraction than FX. A real pro-DX on the market would sway people. In any case, an EXPEED 4 pro-DX is missing in Nikon’s list.

              That’s why Nikon needs to (and is trying to) sell as many D810 and D750 and D610 as they can in the next 2-3 months.

              Yes, we will all be wiser in the next few months… 🙂

            • EnPassant

              That is correct. I saw it as a good opportunity to remind how unreliable that magazine is when it comes to rumors. They for sure was wrong about the name, as the camera that came last year was D7100, not D7200.

              My opinion about the rating is for the rumored specs. Except for those already in D7100.

              The price point between D7100 and D610 both selling at reduced prices will soon be filled with a D7200 (or D7500?) selling at introduction price. Maybe $1299 or even $1399 as D7100 I think started selling for $1199? The stronger dollar may change that for USA however, while prices will be increased in other countries.

              First, D9300 it seems is the new D9000 that was D400, or the D300s replacement. Why would Nikon give their DX flagship such an odd name? It is made up by someone thinking cameras are being replaced on a yearly basis and therefore should have the same mumber in the name as the current D3300 and D5300. But it is absurd thinking the entry models should decide the name of the top model among DX cameras.

              Anybody thinking Nikon will build a D9300/D9000, which would be a Semi-Pro DX camera with D810 build, and sell it for $1200 is dreaming. Such a camera would cost at least as much as the Canon 7DII, likely even more.

              Nikons strategy I think is to offer a camera that is almost as good as Canons more expensive and higher class body. Look at how D750 is competing well with Canon 5DIII. (admittedly at the end of its life and expected to be replaced next year.)

              A D7200/D7500 could as I said compete good enough with 7DII at a lower price point and still allow Nikon to raise the price!

              Nikon surely do a lot of research themselves and know exactly how much their cameras sell.

              When D300 was released 2007 it was their only DX camera with 12Mp and it was a big hit. But next year Nikon released D90 with 12MP as well and 2009 also the new D5000 got 12MP. The upgraded D300s still with 12MP didn’t sell nearly as well as for most people the cheaper models were good enough as cameras with same image quality. And 2010 came the death blow for D300s in form of the 16MP D7000. The reality is that today mostly dedicated action photographers would pay extra to get a D300s replacement over a good D7100 replacement. A D7200/D7500 will sell in at least ten times greater numbers than a “D9000”. If Nikon only can make one, which one do you think they will make?

              FX surely takes more place physically and is more expensive. But except for the 36MP of D810 most cameras, FX and DX are 24MP. So no difference. And from the current cameras the lowest 16MP can be found in the FX cameras D4s and Df!

              The most pro looking APS-C(DX) camera is Samsung’s NX1! Give Samsung a few more years fixing their system and it can be a serious threat for Canon and Nikon, stealing market shares even from their FX-systems.

              The problem for Nikon, and Canon is that their APS-C/DX DSLRs are not built for use with a smaller sensor like the mirrorless/CSC(Compact SystemCamera) competition. They are using the full frame flange distant mount which is constricting smaller wide angle prime constructions for the smaller sensor. That is the reason Nikon didn’t yet make any WA prime with tradition lens construction as such would be as big or larger than comparable angle primes with same max aperature.

              Nikons DX DSLR-cameras should actually be seen as budget, alternative “FX”-cameras that got a crop sensor and smaller mirror and prism/mirror-box. Therefore it doesn’t make sense to pour too much money into what is actually just a FX support system with great limitations and using old technology. I and many others are still waing for the day Nikon decide to take the bull by the horns and present a serious DX CSC system instead of that mismanaged Nikon 1 stuff.

      • EnPassant

        The second alternative is much more likely than the former as the D7100 will be two years old since its announcement February 21 2013. And except from the fact that D7100 swithched release dates with D5300 and therefore was half a year later than usual this series of cameras have been on a quite steady 2-year release schedule since D70.

        In a video interview November 22 Nikon’s Swedish Product manager had the following to say about the D300s successor:

        A simplified translation:

        From 2.45: Asked about D300s successor 3.00: -We have been going in for making god APS-C cameras but moved more and more to FX-format. 3.10: -The market for a D300s successor is not especially big and the market for FX-cameras in same price class is considerably bigger.

    • Photobug

      Easy, the D7100 is 22/23 months old so the D7200 is due. Logically the price has dropped. Having owned the D7100 for 14 months it’s a great DSLR and at this price a real deal for those D3xxx/D5xxx owners who want to upgrade.

  • wot

    yen depreciation continues

  • Canon, Nikon is coming to rp u anly like these fgts

  • Nikon vs Canon is like

  • Marc

    I had ordered the 7100 from B+H for $949 only to find out this morning it dropped to $895. Canceled the order quick but have not reordered yet. Anyone think this is the last price drop until the D7200 is announced or think Cyber Monday will bring a better deal? Any chance it goes back up again to 950 or 1200??

    • Neopulse

      Might drop more, just recently the prices dropped on a few things more. So might still happen if their sales quota hasn’t been met yet.

      • Marc

        So the 1M question…order it or wait a bit longer to upgrade my D5100.

        • Neopulse

          Wait to get to refund first. But just to let you know, chances are it will only drop between $20-$50 more like it did with some cameras already. So balance that in your head.

          • Marc

            I didn’t think it would drop much further, and your insight only helped verify that. But 50 bucks is 50 bucks one way or another. More $ I can spend on glass. All I have is the 16-85. Could use a 35mm prime or 55-300.

            • Neopulse

              But, MAYBE it will drop that much. But like I said, get the refund back first (if you’re tight on cash as it is) and then purchase it. If by tomorrow morning you didn’t get the refund yet call and ask to speed up the process if possible. And also the D7100 is very worth it. It’s a well balanced camera.

            • David Peterson

              In your shoes I would suggest not spending another penny on a camera body. And instead get good glass, such as a Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 (is a great lens, I used it as my main one for the shoot I filmed today!) and a Nikon 85mm f/1.8G

              Or perhaps a Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 and a Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8, depending on your shooting needs.

              Then in a couple of years from now…. your lens investment will still be holding its value, but you’ll be able to pick up a D7100 for next to nothing 😉

            • Marc

              I’ve strongly considered that. The Tokina is high on my list. But I’d really like to go to AZ next summer and visit the Page area. The weather sealed body and external controls are very appealing in the slot canyons. As is the higher ISO performance and improved dynamic range. Call BS on me if I’m wrong, but I thought the 7100 would be a better performer in this environment.

            • David Peterson

              It would be a better performer. But…. I’d much *much* rather go there with your D5100 + Tokina UWA + Nikon 35mm f/1.8G, than go there with the D7100 and only that one lens which you have currently.

              That is a decision which isn’t even close, I waaaay prefer the former over the latter!

            • Marc

              Interesting advise. I’d like to pick your brain a bit on your lens suggestions. Would you mind shooting me a direct email and we can take the conversation off the general discussion. thanks!

            • David Peterson

              Have emailed you 🙂

    • rich

      some/most stores have price protection. If the price drops within 15 days or a month they return the difference. But you need to check their policy. discontinued items, etc don’t apply usually.

      • Marc

        Was looking at at B+H. They’ve extended their holiday return out to Feb 1. I could leave it in the box until then as an insurance against another price drop. Best case they take care of it over the phone, worst case send it back and start over IF the difference is worth the hassle.

  • jr456

    You see what is happening here…sliding those prices down to make room for the D9300/D400.

    • EnPassant

      It was more than a year ago D5200 made room for the D5300. And D7100 is only making room for its D7X00 successor.

  • David Peterson

    What I want in a successor to the D7100 (which can then be my upgrade from my D5200 which I film with):
    The video features from the D750, the flip out screen of the D5200 (or at least the tilting screen of the D750), full sensor read out, internal 4K recording, ProRes recording (or a similar good codec), 10 bit 4:2:2 video, focus peaking.

    This would be a dreamy camera! I think this is a reasonable list that is within the reach of Nikon to do if they want to really knock it out the park and grab the lead in the video market.

    Taking all the good bits from the Samsung NX1 and putting it in the D7100 would be nice! As if only the NX1 was a Nikon F mount instead, then I’d buy that camera in a heart beat.

  • Spy Black

    Wouldn’t both these cameras be cheaper over at 6th Ave Electronics?…

  • cheeseme

    @wademarks:disqus having just viewed all your comment history on disqus, I can see you truly are a knob who seems to want to cause arguments on every thread you ever post on, you get off trying to make other people feel small.
    I imagine you must have been bullied at school, and have no friends or family willing to spend time with you in real life. Please get grow a brain tumor and die.

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