Everything you need to know about the new Nikon D750 DSLR camera

Here is a long list on everything you need to know about the new Nikon D750 camera. Feel free to add to the comments section if I have missed something. If you have any other questions, you can post them in the [NR] forum.


Nikon D610 vs. Nikon D750


Nikon D810 vs. Nikon D750

The Nikon D750 is only 10g lighter than the D610. The Nikon Df remains the lightest full frame Nikon DSLR - it's 40g lighter than the D750 (camera size comparison via camerasize.com)

Nikon D750 is labeled as "Enthusiast" camera on Nikon USA website (together with the D610 and Df).


Nikon D750 sensor

Nikon claims that the Nikon D750 has a newly modified sensor - from the press release: "The Nikon D750 features a newly developed 24.3-MP FX-format CMOS sensor". They made the pitch of each individual pixel larger (source). The D750 sensor does have an AA filter.

The Nikon D750 is the first full frame DSLR with a tiltable screen and built-in Wi-Fi.


carbon fiber in the front


alloy frame on the back and top

The Nikon D750 has an alloy frame on the back and top and carbon fiber in the front (remember that rumor back from 2010?), from the press release: "adopts durable carbon fiber for the front body and front cover, and resilient magnesium alloy for the rear cover and top cover".


Nikon D750 AF system

The D750 has the same AF and Power Aperture feature (for smooth transitions during recording) found in the $1,000 more expensive D810. There is a discussion on dpreview about the spread of AF points in the D750's viewfinder being smaller than the spread in the D810's viewfinder - I don't think that's the case, but I could be wrong.

Nikon D750 AF points:

Nikon D810 AF points:


The Nikon D750 buffer information can be found here:

See also this detailed buffer comparison from Photographylife:

DSLR Image Type FX Buffer DX Buffer Cont. Shoot
Nikon D610 NEF (RAW), Lossless compressed, 12-bit 21 55 3.5 sec
Nikon D750 NEF (RAW), Lossless compressed, 12-bit 25 100 3.8 sec
Nikon D810 NEF (RAW), Lossless compressed, 12-bit 47 100 9.4 sec
Nikon D610 NEF (RAW), Lossless compressed, 14-bit 14 34 2.3 sec
Nikon D750 NEF (RAW), Lossless compressed, 14-bit 15 48 2.3 sec
Nikon D810 NEF (RAW), Lossless compressed, 14-bit 28 97 5.6 sec
Nikon D610 NEF (RAW), Compressed, 12-bit 26 73 4.3 sec
Nikon D750 NEF (RAW), Compressed, 12-bit 33 100 5.1 sec
Nikon D810 NEF (RAW), Compressed, 12-bit 58 100 11.6 sec
Nikon D610 NEF (RAW), Compressed, 14-bit 14 54 2.3 sec
Nikon D750 NEF (RAW), Compressed, 14-bit 21 100 3.2 sec
Nikon D810 NEF (RAW), Compressed, 14-bit 35 100 7.0 sec
Nikon D610 JPEG Fine (Large) 51 100 8.5 sec
Nikon D750 JPEG Fine (Large) 87 100 13.4 sec
Nikon D810 JPEG Fine (Large) 100 100 20.0 sec

The  D750 could have the best high ISO performance in the entire Nikon DSLR lineup, here is a quote from nikon.com: "the D750 even surpasses the D810 in image quality at high sensitivities, and the large pixel pitch delivers advantages in definition, depth, tonal gradation and clear color".

High ISO comparison between the D610, D750 and D810

High ISO comparison between the D610, D750 and D810

Check also Matt Granger's high ISO comparison between the D610, D750 and D810 (the ISO comparison starts at the 3:33 mark):

The Nikon D750 does not have sRAW format.

Nikon-D750-U1-U2-user-settings  Nikon-D750-no-AF-ON-button
The Nikon D750 has U1 and U2 user settings but no AF-ON button.

It seems that the fps rate of the Nikon D750 is 6.5 with or without the new MB-D16 battery grip but I cannot find any reliable source for that.

The Nikon D750 uses the EN-EL15 battery - the same battery is used for the D810, D800/E, D610, D600, D7100, D7000 and V1 cameras.

Nikon D750 shutter unit

Nikon D750 shutter unit

The fastest shutter speed of the Nikon D750 is 1/4000 sec. (the D810 has 1/8000). The flash synch is 1/200 sec.


Advanced Multi-Cam 3500-FX II AF system unit

The Nikon D750 can lock AF in low light at -3EV with the Advanced Multi-Cam 3500-FX II AF system that is used in higher end models.

As some readers have already noticed, the D750 (left) has a smaller top LCD screen than the D610 (right).

The Nikon D750 is made in Thailand:

Here is a demo of the Nikon D750 tilt screen in action (starts at the 0:31 mark):

For more information, see also this specifications comparison between the Nikon D610, D750, D810 and Df cameras.

The Nikon D750 brochure can be downloaded here.

Several D750 promo and hands-on videos are available here.

The Nikon D750 is now available for pre-order. Shipping will start at the end of September.

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  • Jason Schultz

    Ugggggggg………….. Seen Canon’s 7DMII upgrade??????????

    • Steve Marsh

      What has the APS-C 7DMkII got to do with the FX D750?
      There’s no point comparing them. Totally different cameras.

    • Vern

      Yep I’ve seen it. So has Nikon.
      Come February and Nikon will have an answer to the 7DMkII. No doubt it will be around a 24MP sensor with at least 8fps and a few hundred $$$ less than the over-priced Canon.

  • Price dropped $200 w/instant rebate for D610 at Adorama and B&H.

  • br0xibear
    • Steve Marsh

      All I really want to know is how it sounds doing 6.5fps.

    • mikeswitz

      Thanks broxi, where do you find these things?

      • mikeswitz

        thats for both videos.

        • br0xibear

          No problem.

    • Thanks broxibear!

      • br0xibear

        No problem.
        I haven’t had the time to find out more about the D750. Not only is it my Birthday this week, but there’s also the “small” matter of the Scottish Referendum for Independence taking place on the 18th.
        I’ll be voting “Yes”, if there are any other Scottish voters reading this, or who post on nikonrumors, I wish you well whichever way you decide to vote.

  • Evan

    Wait, I’m a little confused. The “autofocus system” image up above seems to suggest that all the focus points are cramped in the center (i.e. like the D6x0 line) this isn’t true right? That would be a dealbreaker for me…

  • Abraham Collins

    If the screen can’t be faced forward then I don’t see much use in including articulation.. Should have just left it fixed.

  • Cam

    Ok, So all the comments were bumbing me out, and i was even moping about ditching my D4 .. blah blah … and “is canon way better then us” and all that ..

    But I just checked out Canon Rumors and read their 7D thread .. and the good news is …. They complain about their stuff ALMOST as much as we do!!
    So i dont know, I guess the grass is not THAT MUCH greener .. and all our cameras prob out shoot us most of the time.. and we just need to relax.. breathe, log off NR and go take some more pictures ….


  • hahaheehee

    Shutter sound? As quiet as D810???

  • gedunk

    Dear Nikon
    I do NOT want to “upgrade” to FX. I was hoping for a more robust build DX body, and (hopefully) a few first-class DX lenses to match. No soap I guess.
    Since moving to FX would require several new lenses anyway, I have decided that you no longer have the desire to build what I want/need.
    You have been coasting on loyalty to your name and old reputation, but it has become clear that unless I spend more than I want for what I don’t need, you no longer care about the prosumer.
    See ya later Nikon. It was a nice 26 years.

    • Michiel953

      26 years in APS-C! Wow!

  • Joseph

    I honestly feel like Nikon has something else coming for Photokina. I’m probably wrong about this hunch, but it seems to me Nikon can’t afford not to have an upgrade for DX users.

    With Canon releasing the 7D Mkii and Samsung coming into play with their NX1, Nikon’s current DX lineup looks very outdated. Who knows, maybe Admin was right with his guess on Nikon giving up on the APS-C market due to mirrorless systems taking over. But to me it seems that Nikon wouldn’t just stand by and watch their share of the APS-C market dwindle away all because they simply won’t develop a DSLR that caters to user wants/needs. From a business standpoint, it makes no sense…

    • I think we will just see an updated Nikon 1 lens roadmap.

      • Joseph

        How often are you “surprised” with new product releases? Do new products generally have rumors that go along with them? Or is it possible that Nikon could’ve possibly kept something totally “secret” up until Photokina? I know anything’s possible but just wanted your side on this.

    • EnglishPaul

      I don’t think Nikon have abandoned the APS-C market, they’ve update the D3xxx and D5xxx series cameras recently. I’m confident they’ll update the D7xxx series soon now that they’ve completed the FX line. Aside from some vocal enthusiasts advocating for mirrorless I don’t really see it gaining much traction amongst the average consumer. Most people wanting a ‘proper’ camera get themselves an entry level DSLR with kit lens for £300-£500 and would never consider mirrorless at twice the price. If they become enthusiasts they’ll have to go high end APS-C, mirror less or FF. By the time the dust settles the D610 will be £1100 and an option if you’re thinking of mirror less. I know which one I’d pick. I think Nikon are playing a good hand.

  • Neopulse

    Have to point out to something obvious to many, but maybe some haven’t noticed.


    Nikon FF: 5 cameras – D610, D750, Df, D810, D4s

    Canon FF: 3 cameras – 6D, 5DMKIII, 1D-X/C

    Nikon APS-C: 3 cameras – D3300, D5300, D7100, (missing spot),

    Canon APS-C: 4 cameras: SL1, T5/i, 70D, 7D MKII

    Nikon has a decent selection of FFs at reasonable prices. Plus is it me or does Canon still incorporate AA filters in their sensors? Or is it of a different design?

  • Have anyone notice the 1/4000 shutter speed?? That’s the only thing that let me down!

    • What can’t you do with 1/4000 that you can with 1/8000?

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    although the impression could reasonably be that that Nikon is eventually maybe ditching the high end DX, i believe that later on, Nikon will at least once (even if t would be the last time) release a 7D MkII competitor, i believe the 9300 likes is on the works even if it will be the last high end Nikon DX. Around first half of 2015 would be my guess. Right now Nikon is seriously lagging behind in terms of AF, processing power, framerate, and buffer performance (ie the main sports demands)

    I’d guess that maybe a new AF breakthrough for Nikon will be introduced with the “9300” (if Nikon is not over with FX for 2104/15 until the appearance of “9300”

  • simeyesky

    Do you think they did consider, at some point, an identical body to the D810, with similar features except: 16Mpix sensor, 8fps (and video-oriented enhancements), and at same price?

    I could definitely imagine a FX product lineup with:
    – a flagship body (D4-like, superior body, still highest frame rate, and possibly a D4x hi-res variant)
    – two “light” pro bodies (D810-like, landscape/studio oriented and sport/action oriented)
    – an “enthusiast” body (D610-like, as an affordable allrounder Fx option)
    – oh and a “pure photography” tool in there, why not

    • EnglishPaul

      Nikon would never make a camera like that as it’s a sure way to cannibalise the D4s. I don’t blame them either. They have to be commercially successful at the end of the day. I think we’ve ended up with a well round FX line up with something for everyone all be it at a price. You’ll never see Canon hitting 1DX sales either BTW.

      • simeyesky

        Well, it would in fact be a kind of D700 remake (which many where still hoping for, I guess.)

        But, this also means that there will never be a hi-res D4/5, no need for that kind of beast?
        Maybe they did it “wrong” when releasing the extreme 36mpix in such a body (nobody would buy a D4x when the D810 exists.) And Nikon cannot release a “too” good action camera within a D810-like body anymore for the reason you mentionned.

        I still think there is a good opportunity for the next generation to push the extremes into two D5 versions, two “not as extreme” D8xx, and a range of lower end options with attractive features.

        • EnglishPaul

          Yes I guess it would be a D700 remake but I think from all accounts Nikon are a bit chastened by that experience commercially.

          I have a D800 and it is a great all round camera. Once you get used to the quality of those high res images I don’t think you’ll go back! I see the D4/5 line always being a step behind in resolution with an emphasis on speed, FPS and durability. I expect the D5 will be a 24MP camera with 10-12 FPS. The D8xx will stay the high res king with IQ to challenge MF maybe moving to 50 MP.

          Put my crystal ball away now. LOL.

          • simeyesky

            Although they try to provide a spreaded price range, the FX line is still a matter of specialized tools (except the “welcome to FX” D6xx.)
            On the other hand, the DX line is more linear, the D7xxx being better than the D5xxx, which is better than the D3xxx (this keeps the upgrade path clear for the customer.)

            So I guess there is room for a D9xxx that would come with global improvements over the D7xxx in a solid body.
            However, the Canon’s 7D being an action camera, Nikon might be tempted to provide a direct competitor.

            My entry level crystal ball is not reliable though, I guess I’ll just wait and see.

  • ValenzTa

    Are we expecting another DSLR from Nikon at Photokina?

    • no

      • ValenzTa

        So I should go ahead and buy the DX 7100 or the FX D750 without concerns that a new 7200 will be out in photokina? I just need some peace of mind since I will invest in this couple of days. Thanks Admin!

  • br0xibear

    First Nikon D750 Hands-On Field Test

  • bertbopper

    No round pro eyepiece. Bummer! And too small, too light. I really want my 1kg D700 feeling back. The D800 is still closest, yet still too light and too flimsy. We had some fallen D800’s that had severe damaged magnesium frames resulting in out-of-focus problems, where the structural integrity of the D700 is unbeaten. Drop one and continue shooting.

  • Who really gives a care that Nikon made a DSLR that’s a little slimmer? Really? I would rather pay $3K for a high-speed, low-light equal to the D810, in terms of pro-build and cost, than have a D610 upgrade. The guys in Nikon’s product development group should be fired, they don’t know what the hell they are doing. No reason they couldn’t have made this:

    – $3K
    – Pro build
    – 8-9 FPS
    – 24MP
    – Low-light performance one stop less than D4s

    Basically, a lower 24MP, high-speed, low-light-performing brother to the D810 at the same price point. One would compliment the other, depending on needs. I would like a comparable equivalent to the Canon 5D MkIII, Nikon…not another full-frame enthusiast camera.

    • EnglishPaul

      Sounds more like a D4X at half the price of the D4S.

    • Sounds like a D810s, which should be basically the easiest engineering job ever.

      I’ll make the engineer’s job even easier. How about 6 FPS at 24 MP, which both the D810 and D750 can already do, then go 8ish FPS at 20 (1.2 crop)? Or add a grip and go 8 across the board?

  • Dr_Bonk7

    I think for me, right now, I’m at a “go/no-go” place regarding equipment. I’m not yet invested too heavily in Nikon lenses, but enough that it would hurt to jump ship at this point. It seems to me that if I’m going to take the next steps in my photography and get my act together to go pro, the answer isn’t a single body, but two bodies…maybe one as a primary go-to, and a secondary. I guess I just don’t see how Nikon, or Canon or any other DSLR player can build “the” camera that does everything for everybody. Am I a little disappointed in the D750? No idea; haven’t shot with one yet…all I know at this point is from what I’ve read from you good folks, and just about any other site I can scour for info.

  • Rolf

    One thing that bother me more than anything else, is the 1/4000 shutter speed. It can not even freeze hummingbird wing motion in broad daylight. I usually need to shot at 1/6400 to stop the wing motion.


    • Thomas Schlorke

      feeling really sorry for you.

  • ElDuderino

    Nikon Europe lists the D750 as Professional (!) in this DSLR-Finder:

    I don’t really mind the category, next week I’ll have one for myself and I think I’ll be really happy with the features.

  • Brendan Davey

    http://www.brendandaveyphotography.com has some long exposure samples at 3200ISO, the D750 kills everything…

  • Chris

    I did a ton of research on what camera to buy for shooting sports (Mainly dogs running/jumping and some typical sports). I purchased the D750 (and Tamron 70-200 2.8) last night and I’m loving it already. I shot a quick video demonstrating the buffer performance while writing to 1 card, then to 2 cards (Not super fast SDHC cards): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1wXGdaNvko

  • Olga Celle

    Has anybody heard about a reflection coming from the mirror into the sensor that appears in the image? Or this is a malicious rumor…?

  • Doc _ F

    Has anyone else had problems with the rear screen on the D750? Used on a surf beach with mist. Camera did not get wet. After a couple of hours flip up screen went intermittent, then stopped working for 3 days. It then spontaneously recovered and now seems fine. The camera continued to work during this time. Nikon Europe’s response was

    “I am sorry to learn about the problem you have experienced. I would like to confirm that the D750 camera is weather-sealed to certain extent, however depending on the actual conditions some moisture ingress may occur. If the mist was slightly salty, it may have affected the camera’s circuitry and due to presence of seals it evaporated with delay”

    I was under the impression the D750 was “Tough and durable: protected by a tough, weather-sealed body, the D750 is ready to take on any environment”?

    Any thoughts?

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